Diane’s Fall Ch. 01


This tale will be a multi-part and ultimately significantly long story. It features lesbian D/s themes, so if that isn’t to your taste, you might want to move on.

Thank you to Candace for taking her valuable time to once again edit a story for me. She is invaluable in her help and suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the story, and please feel free to leave comments. I love to hear from readers.


Diane ran her tongue in the area between Kayla’s opening and her dainty little rosebud, working diligently to make sure none of the beautiful young woman’s nectar escaped her notice. Though her knees ached from her position kneeling between the young woman’s legs on the hardwood floor, she ignored the pain focusing her full attention on bringing complete satisfaction to her mistress. Diane ran her tongue over Kayla’s sphincter, causing her to shiver with delight. Once she was sure that she had policed up all the escaping juices, she lapped her way back to the young woman’s opening. There, she discovered the buildup of cream that had accumulated; It had gotten there as a result of Diane vigorously working three fingers in and out of the girl’s cunt while sucking her clitoris to make her come hard. The resulting “girl cum,” as Kayla liked to call it, was always a treat. She had come to love this particular ambrosia most of all, reveling in its taste and texture.

When she had her mistress cleaned up, she sat back on her haunches and placed her hands’ palms up on her thighs. There, she waited for her young mistress to come down from her orgasmic bliss and retake notice of her. Diane knew she had important things she needed to be taking care of this Saturday morning, like every other wife and mother around the country. She would wait patiently until her lover was ready to release her before going on about her daily business.

While she sat there, she thought back to how her life had changed with what seemed at the time a simple chance meeting that had happened two weeks prior. In those two weeks, though, her life had altered inexorably in that time, and all for the better. She was a better mother and wife; she was undoubtedly happier and more sexually content by light-years. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband; she did. He was a good man who worked hard to provide for his family while also taking the time to be a good father to his daughters. Unfortunately for Diane, that left him little time and energy to meet her needs, so the sex they did end up having, mainly as the girls got older, was to her, hurried and dissatisfying. She usually had to wait until he fell asleep before carefully sliding out of bed and heading for the bathroom to take care of her own needs.

Her twin girls had entered middle school, and both made the cheerleading squad. They’d both participated in the sport from a young age on youth and club cheering squads. They’d attended countless cheerleading camps over the years with the competitions seeming to run year-round.

So thirty-seven-year-old Diane had been prepared to check the twins into the camp run by the squad from their feeder programs local high-school. She had planned to fill out the paperwork and then wait in her car when she’d first encountered a striking young Kayla that fateful morning.

She had just signed the insurance paperwork for the camp and paid the girls fees and was placing everything back into her purse when she heard a voice behind her say, “I adore that top.”

She turned to thank the owner of her voice and felt the breath catch in her chest. Standing before her was perhaps the most beautiful young woman that she’d ever encountered before. She was tall, maybe three inches taller than Diane’s five foot five, and had jet black hair that was tied in a single elaborate braid that hung over her right shoulder. She wore her school’s cheerleading outfit, which was emerald green in color with gold piping and trimming. It was the girl’s eyes that entranced Diane in the beginning. They appeared to lack color being as black as night and had an almost hypnotic quality to them. She found herself at a loss for words as she stared into those dark twin orbs. It was only the slamming gym doors that broke her reverie and allowed her to escape the trance with which this young temptress had bewitched her.

“Th…thank you,” Diane finally managed to say. She felt herself flush, and her nipples harden as she struggled to regain control of her body.

The young woman reached up and pulled an errant strand of blonde hair from in front of Diane’s left eye and tucked it behind the older woman’s ear, caressing her lobe as she did. The young vixen then grasped her earring and said, “These bangled earrings are spectacular. Cartier, aren’t they?” she asked.

Feeling a cold tingle radiate down her spine from the gentle and straightforward contact the young woman had made with her earlobe, Diane again struggled to respond, “Yes, yes, they are. An anniversary gift from my husband one year ago.”

“What are these symbols?” she asked as she leaned in close to see the tiny symbols escort bursa carved into each interlocking link. She was so close Diane could feel her breath against her neck and caught the faintest hint of vanilla mixed with sweat, a mixture Diane found oddly tantalizing.

“It’s an infinity symbol, I believe,” Diane replied while quietly trying to take in as much of the girl’s scent as possible. As she struggled to define the smell, it was when she realized that her pussy was wet that the definition erotic popped into her mind.

Diane felt rattled by the interaction and couldn’t understand why her body was betraying her this way.

“Actually, in this Cartier line, the symbol stands for infinite love and worship,” and then once again locking eyes with Diane, the young woman said, “which a woman as beautiful as you, definitely deserves.”

Diane felt her knees go weak and was momentarily afraid of losing her balance. She had never had her body react this way to another woman before. Sure, Diane had the occasional fantasy during her lifetime and had, on occasion, found herself drawn to women in her life. She’d always been able to resist those temptations though, having been taught growing up that such things were inappropriate. This young woman, though, was an entirely different story. Her body’s reaction to the senior cheerleader and been near-instantaneous. She wasn’t sure if the young woman had tried to kiss her at that moment if she wouldn’t have submitted to her desires in front of the crowd of people.

Taking a deep breath, Diane said, “That’s so sweet of you to say and to come from a young woman as beautiful as you, it means a lot.”

The young woman’s smiled at her compliment as it occurred to Diane that she was flirting with an eighteen-year-old girl. She tried to cover herself by quickly asking, “Are you in charge…I mean, the captain?”

The young woman held out her hand, which Diane tried not to seem so eager to take. As she received the handshake, she noted not only her firm grip but the smooth and soft texture of her skin. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be touched by those hands. Felt in places a woman should only reserve for her husband.

The young woman said, “I’m Kayla, and yes, I’m the captain, and I insist on being in charge.”

Diane didn’t know why exactly, but Kayla’s emphasis on the word “insist” sent a wave of desire through her core. Almost on a subconscious level, she was aware that this enchantress was playing games with her, manipulating her reactions, almost attempting to seduce her. She knew she needed to remove herself from the young woman’s presence before her body betrayed her any further, but her legs felt rooted in place.

“I..I’m Diane. The twins, Lena and Lara, are my girls,” she stuttered out.

Kayla smiled and said, “Wonderful, I’ll see to it personally that they get the most they can get out of camp.” And then, turning to the young woman working behind the table, she said, “Carrie, please make sure you get Diane’s cell number.” She then looked back at Diane and said, “I may have a proposition you might be interested in hearing about later.”

And then with a smile, she was gone, bounding off towards the gathered crowd of young cheerleaders and high-school instructors. Though she knew the last thing she needed to do was give out her cell number to

such a temptress, it’s what she did feeling instantly ashamed and aroused at having done so.

Instead of heading to her car as she had initially planned, Diane found a seat in the bleachers. She made sure to sit away from the other mothers, preferring not to have to take part in the pointless dribble that passed for discussion among them.

Nor did she focus on the twins, her eyes found themselves magnetically drawn to Kayla’s imposing figure instead. Imposing not in a masculine way, but in the form of feminine perfection that always impacts those women who don’t feel they measure up. She was tall and lithe with amazingly tanned skin and shapely hips. Her breasts were small, likely somewhere in the mid-B cup range, but fit her frame perfectly. Her legs were perhaps her best feature. They were long and toned and almost seemed to radiate the sun they’d taken in over the summer. Diane found herself wondering about the girl’s ethnic heritage. With the dark hair and sharp features, her first thought was perhaps greek or middle eastern, but something didn’t ring right with that, and then it hit her. The coal-black hair and skin tone reminded her of a pure-blooded Cherokee girl that she’d once met while on vacation down south with her parents. If Kayla wasn’t a full-blooded American Indian, then one of her parents was without a doubt.

Watching the feline way the girl moved reminded her of footage she’d seen of big female cats: Lions, tigers, or perhaps a mountain lion. Her movements were precise and confident, always confident. There was no wasted effort in her actions; every move had a purpose. Just minutes into the clinic, it was clear to see that bursa merkez escort the young beauty enthralled every eye on the floor and in the stands. Diane herself could still feel a steady heartbeat pulsing through her clit. The fresh panties she’d put on a couple of hours ago after showering now felt gummy and pasted to her pussy. The thought of making her way out to her car, where she might find the privacy behind her tinted windows to find some relief, briefly entered her head. As tempting as the thought was, Diane found it impossible to tear her eyes away from Kayla’s erotic form. She exuded sexuality from every pore. It was clear after looking around that some of the older girls and mothers were as taken with her as Diane. You could almost see the arousal in their eyes and the way they moved. Like Diane, many seemed to be pressing their thighs together in hopes of finding some relief.

When the clinic finally broke up into groups, Diane noticed Kayla and her number two, personally swap around specific individuals to make sure the twins were a part of her, Kayla’s group. Both girls looked very excited to be a part of the head cheerleaders squad. Diane couldn’t have been happier for them but wondered what price she would pay for incurring Kayla’s favor. Of course, whatever proposition the sexy and confident young cheerleader might have, she would have to turn her down if it was inappropriate, no matter how hard it might be.

At the halfway point of the clinic, she decided to make her way out to the car to return a few of the messages she’d received that morning on her business line. She was receiving interest on a house she had the listing on and was anxious to set up a time to meet with the potential buyers.

Just as she reached the door, she heard a familiar voice behind her say, “You’re not leaving us, are you? That would be so disappointing.”

Diane turned to find Kayla sashaying up behind her, a faux pouting look on her face. Although she’d had every intention of leaving, Diane suddenly found herself unwilling to disappoint the angel before her.

“Oh no, I was stepping out into the hall to call a couple of potential clients. It was so loud in the gym; I thought the hall might be a better option.” she lied.

With just inches between them, she stopped and reached out with her left hand and ran the manicured fingernail of her index finger up Diane’s bicep as she stood there with her hip cocked and her right arm slung across her upper waist, accentuating her small breasts. Goosebumps covered Diane’s arm as her heart began to pound. She was trying to decide from the young woman’s look whether or not she believed her lie when the Kayla grasped her arm firmly and led her out into the hall.

Once the door had closed behind them, Kayla guided her against the wall before finally releasing her arm and saying, “Diane, I see something in you that I think would make it a pleasure to work with you. I need a mother amongst the parents to act as a liaison with the coaches. Someone familiar with doing things like setting up calling trees and running a group facebook page. The twins mentioned that you were great with things like that, and since we already seemed to have good chemistry, I thought you would be perfect for the job.”

She was so close to Diane by that point that the mother felt dizzy with arousal. She knew with everything in her being that the smart play here was to tell her no. She was dangerous for Diane to be around, life-altering dangerous. Diane knew she was safer around someone with the plague than young Miss Kayla.

Perhaps sensing the blonde’s resistance, the young temptress ran her fingernail back up Diane’s arm and over her shoulder. She shuddered as Kayla lightly caressed her neck before her fingers gently caressed the older woman’s right cheek. Diane closed her eyes lost in Kayla’s touch, and though she knew it was the wrong move. She nodded her head in acceptance.

Leaning in so close to the older woman’s left ear that her plump lips grazed the bottom of her lobe, Diane heard her say in a throaty whisper, “I need to hear you say it, Diane.”

Barely able to get it out, Diane nodded her head again and said, “Yes, yes, Kayla, whatever you need, I’ll do it.”

It wasn’t until much later that Diane realized that was the moment of her submission. Though nothing overtly sexual had happened between them at that point, she was already Kayla’s for the taking. What’s more, both women knew it. Diane didn’t know for sure what form it would take, but she knew that at some point soon, Kayla would make a pass at her when they were alone, and she would willingly accept it.

Leaning back in close to Diane’s ear, she felt her warm breath brush over her skin, sending goosebumps down Diane’s back. Standing there with her eyes closed, Kayla said two simple words that, for reasons Diane couldn’t explain, forced her pussy to clench as she came standing there in front of an eighteen-year-old woman.

“Good girl.”

That’s all it took, and Diane’s bursa escort life was never the same after that moment.

When she was gone, Diane stood there leaning against the same wall she’d trapped her against, trying to regain her composure. When the throbbing between Diane’s legs refused to abate, she sought out the girl’s room. After making sure no one else was present, Diane locked herself in a stall. She removed her pants and underwear and hung them on the handicap railing, Diane spread her legs and used the index and middle fingers of her left hand to part her labia. So aroused was she, that no buildup was needed. Using the same two fingers of her right hand, Diane dragged them through the cleft of her sopping wet pussy and began to frig her clitoris rapidly.

As Diane’s two fingers became a blur on her nub, she began thinking thoughts of Kayla. Her hand on her cheek, her hot breath was falling like tiny feathers against Diane’s neck and ear, and of course, her uttering those two words, “Good girl.”

Just the thought of it sent Diane over the edge. As she continued rubbing her clit, she came so hard she squirted for the first time in her life. Three different jets of liquid erupted from her cunt splattering on the door to the stall. The waves that rushed through her core made her thighs convulse repeatedly. She bit on her lower lip so hard in an attempt to stay quiet, that she made it bleed.

As she sat there, allowing her breathing to settle back to a more normal pace, she held a piece of wadded up toilet paper to her lip in an attempt to stem the bleeding. She knew that she’d never come that hard in her life. You could probably take any five orgasms she’d ever had with her husband, and all together they wouldn’t have equaled the one she’d just had, courtesy of an eighteen-year-old woman.

But God, what an eighteen-year-old woman.

When the clinic was over, and the girls had changed their clothes, Diane waited for them near the bleachers. They hurried over excitedly, both of them trying to talk at the same time telling her about being handpicked to be in Miss Kayla’s group. They couldn’t sing her praises enough as Diane smiled and sit listening patiently, waiting on their excitement to die down. When at last it did, Lena poked her sister in the arm and said, “Oh yeah, we forgot to tell mom that Ms. Kayla wanted to meet with her in the cheerleading coaches office” Lana looked at her mom and gushed, “It’s so cool you’re going to work with Ms. Kayla, Mom. All the other girls on our squad are so jealous.”

After ascertaining the location of the office in question, Diane nervously made her way up a set of back stairs and down a short hall where she found the appropriately numbered door. Taking a second to catch her breath and collect herself, she knocked on the door.

She heard Kayla’s voice from within tell her to enter. Turning the knob, she stepped inside to a sight that nearly stopped her heart. Kayla sat leaning back in a chair, her legs spread wide open as the attractive black girl who’d helped Diane at sign-ins knelt on her knees with her face buried between Kayla’s legs. From where she was standing, Diane could see the young girl’s tongue as it slid up and down Kayla’s very wet looking slit. Carrie was what Kayla had called the young woman earlier. Carrie seemed to be thoroughly enjoying what she was doing and unaware of Diane’s presence. So entranced at what she was seeing, it took Diane a moment to register that Kayla was speaking to her.

“Diane, you with us?” she asked, apparently not for the first time.

Feeling herself blush, she met the young seductress’s gaze. Though her eyes appeared heavily lidded with arousal, she seemed otherwise unashamed at what was happening.

“Ye…yes, Kayla, the girls said you wanted to see me?” Diane said, trying to focus her eyes on Kayla’s. She knew she should turn and leave, but in truth, she didn’t want to. What Diane wanted to do was push Carrie out of the way and drop to her knees to take the young girl’s place between Kayla’s legs. As much as she tried to meet Kayla’s gaze, she found her eyes drawn back to the sight of the seductive young woman’s slick pussy. She felt her mouth water as she watched Carrie latch onto Kayla’s clit and pull with her teeth.

“Carrie, can you step outside and give me a moment alone with Diane?” Kayla said, never taking her eyes off of Diane. The young black beauty stood up and said, “Yes, Mistress.” and then quietly made her way out of the room without so much as looking in Diane’s direction. Diane was disappointed when Kayla lowered her skirt, covering her beautiful mound.

Swiveling the chair around to face Diane, the young woman grabbed a piece of paper off the desk and handed it across to Diane.

Taking the paper and seeing an address on it, Diane asked, “What is this?”

Kayla leaned back and said, “It’s my address; tonight, we’ll be having a meeting to discuss what type of services I will need you to perform. I need you there promptly at seven, and we should finish by midnight. I’ll leave it up to you as to what you tell your husband and don’t worry about my parents. I’ve been living in the guesthouse since I turned eighteen, and the entrance code and directions I’ve given you are to the rear gate. My guests can come and go without my parent’s knowledge, so we shouldn’t be disturbed.”

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