Crossdress boy’s ultimate romp


He was in his late 20s.. I’m in my late teens. the thought of meeting him really didn’t come across my mind. however I was won over by his passion and sincerity and he doesn’t even mind if I didn’t shave my legs! wow! we arranged to meet at the car park near my place, he asked me to wait for him and he’ll reach in about 45mins. I went straight to my aunts drawer, looking for my favourite pieces of lingerie.. I chose to wear a black lace t-back panty… a black padded bra.. and a pair of matching black stockings (not the transparent kind.. its kinda thick and runs up till only my thighs).I went to shave my legs, underarms and trimmed my pubic hair… as I was trimming I found out that I had oozed a bit of pre-cum due to the excitement.. yes I was thinking this is my first time with a guy.. the thought jus excites me. after my shaving elvankent escort n shower were done I put on the lace tback panty and black bra.. and rolled on my stockings. I wanted to give my guy a pleasant surprise because I told him I will be wearing my normal boy look jus to be safe. however, I went and found a black miniskirt and a black spaghetti top. I put them on and went to style my shoulder length hair which was dyed brown, I put on lipstick and added a bit of foundation, and put on some light makeup, I was really amazed that I could well pass off as a girl! and a stunning one too. I was sure damn proud of myself. after wards I waited at the location we were supposed to meet up. I saw a blue car fitting the one of his description, I flagged at it and it stopped rite in front of me. emek escort bayan The guy said, “are u joey?!” when I replied yes he exclaimed with a smile “wow! I thought u were a girl! oh my god! u r a sexy one!” I hoped onto his car. I sat at the rear because I was shy. he said its ok and asked me to relax and he drove. along the way when we had to stop at traffic lights he would fondle my hard on dick form outside my panty. I was so excited I was short of breath. jus then, a lorry full of Indian workers stop beside us, they were looking curiously at me, because they saw the guy fondle me. I was shocked. as we drove on the lorry was beside us for quite long, the guy asked me to fondle myself as we go and gave me a dildo, I played my asshole with the dildo as I realised we had stopped beside the Escort eryaman lorry again! oh my god! the Indian guys saw it! they were smiling at me and all 4 of them looking at me with hunger! as we reached his apartment, he led me out n locked his car. we went to the lift when he asks me “your first time? dun worry.. no one walks around here in the afternoon.” he fondled me again in the lift and we kissed passionately. once we reached his apartment I went straight to his room.. he came in with a bottle of chilled champagne. he suggested we have a drink first and he fondled me as we chatted. then after downing almost half of the champagne.I was thirsty and excited, that’s why I did. we drank some tequila.. as the alcohol rushes into my head, I felt dizzy, he suggested we shower and he stripped me of my miniskirt and spaghetti top. I’m left with my bra, panty and stockings.. he love the sight and I went to shower with him but I was only showering for him.. I got wet too eventually anyway. after shower he carried me onto his bed.. he asked me to kneel in front of him as he sat with legs wide open, , he ask me to blow for him.

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