Complexity and Depth – Resurrection


Gasping for breath in the final, frenzied passion of cumming, Mikie’s pussy spasmodically convulsed on my tongue. Her hips ground over my lips as she muttered some orgasmic babble. Steadying herself on her hands, she naturally leaned forward. Darrin had dislodged the General from my pussy, and as he stepped back to observe the result of my first time with a woman, his hand found the nape of Mikie’s neck as he lightly guided her head down. “Mikie, I know how much you love my cum. I’m sure it’s extra tasty mixed with Abby’s.” With her head nestled between my legs, Mikie’s tongue easily slipped into the gaping chasm the General had left behind. She feverishly devoured Darrin’s deposit like it was the last of the frosting from the mixing bowl. Her tongue made laps around my pussy’s walls while searching for every drop of Darrin’s cum enshrined in me. My head was spinning from the wine, sex and the feeling between my legs. What she was giving me was beyond rapturous. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. She was extraordinary. Darrin approached Mikie from behind. With the General still hard and slick with our cum, it approached her slit, which was glistening with my oral salivations, giving me a worm’s eye view as I scrutinized every detail of his approach.Her lips folded in slightly with the initial contact then splayed open as Darrin thrust into her. The head disappeared inside, followed inch by inch until the General in his totality was situated firmly in her pussy. This confirmed my suspicion that this wasn’t her first time working with the General. Darrin grasped her waist and began a slow rhythmic motion initially – sliding in and out. I couldn’t help but wonder what it looked like from this vantage point when the General fucked me! Mikie’s tongue was moving me closer to another rousing climax of unprecedented heights, but I was enthralled at the sight of my lover’s flesh piston fucking another woman.When it was buried deep inside her, apparently, she couldn’t help but lick me faster and deeper. She slowed down to a more sensuous pace when it was extracted. I was so hot, given the visual and physical stimulation, not to mention the mental hysterics. My brain was on overload. She was exuding her love lubricant at an astounding rate. As it gushed over my face, the irresistible urge came over me to lick it. I slurped her clit and with it the General. Darrin noticed saying, “That’s it, Ms. Abby Weiss. Lick us, and I’ll give you the prize.” I wanted to make this feeling last. When Darrin was eleven inches deep in her, I’d lick and suck his nuts. From all the energy we were expending, they tasted salty and musky. They began to pull up, pulsating in his huge sack. I knew he was filling her with his cum, and I wanted it. I needed it.As he abandoned her sexual sheath, my mouth clamped to her slit like a lamprey to its dinner. I savored Darrin’s seed and began emulating the tongue gyrations she’d done for me. Mikie sat upright and shoved three fingers into me as her thumb massaged my clit. A flood of Darrin’s spunk mixed with her juice flowed from her like a tsunami.I couldn’t hold back any longer and produced frenzied screams into Mikie’s pink abyss. While trying not to drown, I drank the prize my love had left for me. It was like we were all becoming one by sharing each other’s sexual drink.Tears of awareness trickled down my cheeks. Jesus Fricking Christ, waves of jubilation, ecstasy, warmth, and serenity inundated me all at once. This physical and emotional flood had opened my mind. At that instant, I fully understood what Darrin meant by accepting God’s gift of sexual pleasure. There was no wrong in basking in the glow of personal sexuality, where nothing imagined was perverted.God wants us to be sexual and enjoy one of his most precious gifts in every way conceivable. I had had a Saul-like epiphany. The scales had fallen from my eyes, and I could see clearly for the first time in my life. This was my new religion. Instantaneously, I had become a sexual zealot. The only relief to this craving was to commune at the altar of Cock and Cunt, to receive the emotional exhilaration and spiritual fulfillment from this sacrament.Fuck what other people thought. It only mattered what I thought and felt. We all collapsed in a sweaty heap with limbs intertwined on Darrin’s altar, exhausted from our experience. I was tired, but drank from the chalice of sexual fulfillment many more times that day and night.*****The next morning, I lay on Darrin’s right and Mikie on his left. Both of us had snuggled into his broad manly chest. I could hear her breathing. She looked beatific to me. She had this glow that was irresistible. I had to feel her skin again.It felt like velvet, warm and delicate, as it electrified me. Her eyes fluttered and a smile rose across her lips like the sunrise. Extending her hand, she stroked her fingers through my hair. She kissed me, and I wantonly kissed her back.Her luscious pink lips reminded me of rose pedals sparkling with dew. My desire for this woman was nearly as great as my hunger for the General. Taking my hand and sliding it under the sheet, it found the General still asleep. Laying it over him like a blanket, her fingers began to lightly strum his two friends. Her tongue extended and licked Darrin’s nipple. Following her lead, I replicated her action with the one at my lips. The General began to stir. Moving my index finger casually over his helmet, Ankara bayan escort I felt him pulse in response. Darrin moaned as his eyes opened, “This is every man’s dream to be awakened by two beautiful women who want to do things to him.” Mikie began kissing her way down Darrin’s torso. We were on the same wavelength. By then, I had a sensuous grip on the General. Pulling back the sheet, we continued kissing our way toward the inevitable destination, the General’s Headquarters.We nestled our chins on opposing hips. I leaned the General in her direction offering her the first taste. As if she was trying to catch snowflakes, her tongue unfurled. His purple helmet gleamed with her offering. We continued trading tastes as the General grew in stature. Her eyes couldn’t hide the rising passion. My kitty was purring as well. While her tongue was wrapped around his head, I slipped my hand behind Mikie’s and pulled her lips to mine. We began “Frenching” with the General trapped between our slushy lips. We sucked him between us – back and forth with tongues flicking and slurping his head as we explored each other’s mouths. It was the best French kiss ever. Moaning, “Oh, my god that feels delicious. I love you two, and the way you’re making me feel.” It had happened! Darrin said he loved me. Yes, I know, it was more an “I love us” but still, I was included and it was only two, not ten.Of course, he could have meant that he loved what we were doing to him. No, that’s what he meant. After everything I had done for him, I didn’t believe that’s what he meant. He had to love me. We continued this until the General was ready for battle. Mikie abandoned her post saying, “Abby, why don’t you keep him hot. I’ll be right back.” While she headed toward the bathroom, Darrin repositioned himself with his back resting on the pillows up against the headboard. “I get a much better view from here, and the visual is almost as exciting as the stimulation.” He spread his legs wide to allow unimpeded access to the General and his aides. Being engrossed in the task at hand, I lurched when I felt a long slow slurp of my slit. Mikie’s slurp enticed me. Swallowing the General deep into my mouth, my tongue swirled around his circumference. The fragrance of our dried secretions wafted up from Darrin’s groin as a reminder of the previous night’s debauchery. The flavor of the amalgamation of our cunts and Darrin’s cum that coated the General was a heady and arousing brew. I began a rhythmic up and down motion like an oil derrick pumping crude. The slurping had halted, and I felt some pressure at my opening. Thinking it was Mikie’s fingers, no, it was something else.It felt so familiar, so delicious and so big. It felt like Darrin’s General, but that couldn’t be, he was in my mouth. Glancing over my shoulder, Mikie was starting to fuck me with a strap-on. Darrin commented, “This is a visual I’ve been wanting to see – you being fucked by another cock while sucking me. This is just awesome.” A strange feeling came over me, I realized that my love wanted to watch me be fucked by other cocks. I don’t know why he would want that, and I knew that they wouldn’t satisfy me like Darrin’s General.Our lovemaking had progressed from “normal” he/she sex, to me flashing my lady parts to strangers, to me sucking him at 75 mph with truckers watching, to eating Mikie’s cunt and now he loves watching me get fucked while I suck him. Where would this end? Is there always something else down the road with Darrin? Could I really satisfy his emotional needs?Suddenly, these words materialized and overpowered my rational thoughts – “Oh, yes, yes, that feels so divine.”I didn’t have time to contemplate the answers any longer because the fucking my cunt was getting was about to launch me into another dimension. It was undeniable that Mikie was an expert with a strap-on. My legs began quivering uncontrollably as my oral supplications continued to ravage the General with a greater sense of urgency. I’d never felt so sexually full. My mouth and cunt were overflowing with huge cocks. I started shrieking in ecstasy from Mikie’s actions, but it didn’t last long because Darrin shoved my head down on the General. He moaned, “Oh, yeah, Abby baby, drink my cum. Take that cock. Swallow it all.” Was he talking about his cock or the one in my pussy? Did he want me to deep throat the General or swallow his cum? I’d seen Mikie deep throat him the night before, but I’m sure she had much more practice than I. I took the easy route and assumed the answer was his cum. As he filled my mouth with his orgasmic protein drink, I gulped it down like a camel rehydrating at a desert oasis.Mikie was burying her replica of the General into me as deep as she could. I nearly passed out when she grabbed my nipples and began pinching them hard. That’s when the waves of rapid pulsating orgasms initiated the convulsions. They wouldn’t stop. I felt like Caesar during an epileptic fit with the General deeply parked in my mouth keeping me from swallowing my tongue. I saw stars. My eyes must have rolled into the back of my head as the room went black.When I came to, Darrin and Mikie were standing over me as my body’s twitching subsided. It was a surreal site, Mikie with a hard-on and Darrin with the General limp with slight indentations from my teeth. “Abby, are you all right?” Why did that sound familiar? I’d heard that before. “Yes, I’m Escort bayan Ankara OK that was just an explosive group of orgasms.” “Good. I’m glad you’re OK,” Darrin said continuing, “We’ve got some more things we want to do with you.” With that comment, Darrin rolled me on my side and slipped the now hard General into my ass. He re-positioned himself on his back such that my cunt was open to Mikie. She began to push “Her General” into my pussy. They began alternating movements like a two-cylinder engine – oh my god, what an indescribable feeling. This went on until my orgasms produced another blackout. They continued until every permutation of two cocks in all of my orifices had been performed. I was exhausted as Darrin carried me into the bathroom placing me in a chair. He turned his huge multi-head shower on and made several adjustments. The water was sprinkling from the three two-foot large heads and pulsating jets and steam from various other locations. It was a surround shower.When the temperature had reached its setpoint (100F), we all entered and soaped each other with the foamiest soap I’d ever used. The feel of my hands sliding over Darrin’s and Mikie’s flesh was so sensual, but I was too weary to take another trip into that sexual realm. It reminded me of that cuddling you do after fucking – a very gratifying glow of contentment. I sensed a “closeness” with no jealousy to Darrin and Mikie, maybe I loved them both. The water’s warmth was like an equatorial rainstorm. I began to relax and lowered myself to the shower floor.I saw Darrin’s hands float over Mikie’s tits. She closed her eyes. They kissed as their hands glided over each other. While the rain continued, I sat underneath it and watched as my Darrin fucked Mikie’s every orifice, much to her satisfaction. Maybe I could share Darrin with her. After all, she lived in New York, and I was local. I’d get most of his and the General’s attention. After all that had happened, I knew that Darrin had definitely said he loved me and Mikie.*****We continued exploring and probing each other’s bodies the rest of the long weekend. About an hour before Mikie had to leave for the airport, she asked, “Abby, can I speak to you alone for a few minutes?” “Sure, no problem,” I replied, and we headed into the bedroom where her luggage resided. “What’s up?” She took my hand and looking directly into my eyes said, “You love Darrin, don’t you?” “Of course, I do. I know you love him, too.” Mikie then said, “Darrin has a gift that can’t be hoarded. I’m not just talking about the obvious, but all his other qualities, too. He’s very special. I’ve committed myself to being everything he wants, and I believe you feel the same way.” “I do. How long have you known Darrin?” “It’s been four years now. I’ve learned some things that you need to know, so you can bring him all the pleasure he deserves and needs.” Feeling a little defensive, answering, “I think I know what he wants.” “I’m not trying to take him away from you. I want to share him with you.” She reached in her suitcase and pulled out a red velvet sack saying, “I want you to have this to fill the void when Darrin isn’t with you.” “What is it?” As I opened it, I realized it was a replica of the General complete with his aides and a suction cup.”When you miss him, this will help remind you of all that he means to you and keep you chaste for him,” she answered, continuing, “I haven’t seen Darrin in a couple months, so when I do, the only way I can satisfy him is to keep in practice. I had these made to do that.” What a lovely but a bit strange gesture. My curiosity got the best of me as I asked. “How can you get it so far down your throat?” “That’s the hardest thing to do. You have to practice every day and get past your gag reflex. Darrin really loves it when you can do that for him. He told me that I’m the only one who can do that for him.” Mikie then proceeded to show and instruct me how to deep throat the General. I was grateful for her advice and vowed to learn how to do that, too. We hugged, and I knew that Mikie wasn’t my adversary. Darrin knocked on the door. They gathered her belongings and headed for the airport. I knew she would suck him off during their drive there. After they left, I threw my stuff in my suitcase and headed home.*****I had just unpacked my stuff when Gracie came in saying, “Where have you been all weekend? I wanted you to come with me to do some shopping.” I wasn’t in the mood for another lecture on going too fast, so for the first time in our history, I lied to her saying, “I went home for a couple days.” “Really, I’m surprised you didn’t say anything to me about it. Oh well, I hope you had a good time with your folks?” she said, not pressing the issue. Continuing the charade, I answered, “It was nice, but I’m tired from the trip. You don’t mind, do you?” I knew she could tell I was lying, and I wasn’t up for her real assessment of my situation. “No, no, of course. Why would I mind? My best friend needs some rest. The person I really care about and want to keep from harm needs some rest,” she answered in a sarcastic voice. I knew I’d hurt her feelings and said, “I’m sorry, Gracie, but I’m just so tired right now. Maybe we can talk tomorrow.” Before I could stop her, she launched into this narrative, “You remind me of this true story. Did you ever think that when we went to war with Iraq, why didn’t President Bush remember Bayan escort Ankara Vietnam? He was in the reserves during that time. Shouldn’t he have remembered that once you get in that mess there’s no good way out?”Who did he think was keeping the three Iraq factions that hate each other from civil war? Saddum Hussein was the only thing keeping Iraq together. The Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites were more afraid of him than each other, plus he hated Iran, too. Bush really fucked up by taking him out, and we lost 5,000 men to learn something we should have already known.” With a puzzled look on my face, “What the fuck has that got to do with me?” “I’m afraid you’re going to learn a hard lesson that you’ve already had. But, hey, you’re tired, so I’ll leave you to think and get your rest.” Gracie headed toward the door. The analogy became clear. How could she say that to me? What I had for Darrin was different from the other times. I loved him and he loved me. Really, he did. I knew he did. He had to love me. How could he not love me? It couldn’t be. I wouldn’t believe that. I couldn’t believe that. I didn’t believe that. I’ll make him love me. During a fitful sleep, I stewed on what Gracie had said all night long, so much for getting some rest.*****Since we had taken two days off, Darrin had a lot of catch-up work to do, and I didn’t get to be with him until Friday night. I did use “The Replica” several times during the week. It was almost as good as the real thing. He picked me up, and we went to dinner. I’d had too much wine with dinner, and I wanted to make out in his little red machine, but he told me to wait until we got back to his apartment. That didn’t seem like my Darrin, but I acquiesced to his request like always. We had just entered Darrin’s pad when I noticed a shape sitting on the couch. Darrin turned to me, “This is Darius, my younger brother. Well, my half-brother.” “It’s nice to meet you and quite a surprise, too.” Darrin explained, “Darius was passing through on his way back to USC grad school, so I asked him to spend a couple days with big bro.” “What are you studying?” “Algebraic Topology, but when I finish my PhD, I’m going to apply to be an astronaut. It’s been a dream of mine forever. If I get accepted, that’ll be out of this world, literally. If not, I’ll go into the aerospace business.” Darrin explained, “Darius is the book-smart one. He was always looking up at the summer stars when we were kids laying on a blanket in our backyard. Those occasions were the most formative and memorable times of our childhood.” Darrin made us all several Harvey Wallbangers as we conversed more. Mine seemed a little strong, but they tasted so good. Darius was just as good-looking as my Darrin and six years younger. He wasn’t as tall, but he seemed to be well-built and had the same blue eyes and blond hair. I could tell he was at ease with women and was probably a player. They were definitely from the same gene pool. For a fleeting instant, I wondered if he had been endowed with a General of his own. Seemingly out of nowhere, Darrin began to slide his hand up my skirt. I pushed it away, but the other one moved to my tit as his other hand began sliding up my leg again. I pushed the hand on my leg away, but the one on my tit began pinching my nipple. I pushed it away, but his hand slid up my leg again. I was being attacked on two fronts. The alcohol had slowed my reaction time. I just couldn’t respond quick enough to prevent Darrin from stroking my passion. I was trying to keep it together because I didn’t want his brother to think I was a slut. Darrin’s face leaned in to kiss me as he pressed his weight on me. I couldn’t move. The moment his tongue parted my lips and began searching for my tonsils, I lost all of my inhibitions and dissolved in Darrin’s embrace and was his willing sex toy. Once my love knew I was too hot to stop, he stripped me and himself then looked at Darius and said, “Well, don’t just sit there, bro. It takes two cocks to satisfy her.” Darrin slipped the General into me and my juices began flowing like the Mississippi. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Darius tearing his clothes off. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t have another full General, but he was, at least, a Brigadier General about two inches shorter but thicker than Darrin’s. It definitely must have run in their family. What a lucky family of men.Darius began sucking and tonguing my nipples. He sucked them hard. For a second, it felt like they were going to pop off, but soon he settled down to a more sensuous pace. My Darrin was fucking me with long, slow and deep strokes. My pussy was providing the needed exhilaration to fuck both these men. Darius straddled my chest, “Push your tits together. I want to fuck them.” This is where I needed those Germanic D-cups, but Darius’ extra thickness helped bridge the gap. As his cock slid between my mounds, I felt its heat like a pulsating hot kielbasa. With each stroke, the tip was getting closer and closer to my lips. My tongue began searching for that first taste of him. I saw a drop of pre-cum glisten on his slit like a dew drop on a blade of grass in the morning sunlight. I craned my neck to be in a better position to receive what was being offered. He tasted so sweet. It must have been a while since Darius had been with a woman because he appeared to be approaching his first climax quickly, judging by the contortions on his face. Suddenly, his seed spewed forth like a mayonnaise packet that had been stepped on. It was thick and hot as it hit my chin and streaked up to my cheek. The next volley shot over my head, followed by the third one that hit my lips and eye. I could feel its warmth as it slowly cascaded downward and puddled in my ear basin. 

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