Come Wake Me, Baby


You don’t have to read my story, Soapy Bubbles, but this is a continuation of it… Hope you enjoy it!Something wakes me from my slumber, disturbs me, but I do not feel upset. My body is warm, I’m snuggled under the duvet and not yet ready to be dragged from sleep. I feel a touch, fingers feathering the length of my hip. I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve missed you.Mmm what’s that? An arm snakes underneath me while the other slips between my arm and my side, fingers rubbing the silky material of my bodice. Oooh that feels nice. I wriggle back and feel your body against mine, just as your lips open onto the taut skin at the base of my neck. I gasp as I feel your tongue licking and your teeth gently nipping, biting, sucking. My nipple responds to the persistent drum of your fingers and you pull the cup of my corset down and begin to knead my fleshy breast. I moan and push my body back against yours. I can feel you against me, feel your cock stiffening and stirring and I reach behind me, between our bodies and take hold of you.”Oh, good girl, that’s my girl. Make me hard for you. I want to fuck you, darling,” Escort Ataşehir you moan into my ear, pulling my lobe into your mouth, fingers busy still, rolling my fat nipple between them, pulling it, tweaking it. It’s not sore, not quite, a pleasurable pain, a sweet ache.I wrap my fingers around your fat shaft and I smile, feeling it becoming firmer as I pull your foreskin back and forth, faster, tighter. God, I fucking love your cock. I mean I really fucking love your cock. I turn to face you and I am in your arms, my hand busily coaxing you to full erection, mouth on yours, your tongue touching mine, pushing inside. “Oh baby, I couldn’t wait for you to come home,” I murmur into your open mouth as you pull my bottom lip between your teeth, gently biting, thinking you’re showing me who’s in charge.But you’re not in charge, not yet. I push you onto your back, lean down and kiss your mouth, my breath ragged, moving down your stubbly chin, your neck, inhaling your manly scent. I lift one leg and I am astride you, still kissing, I suck one of your tiny nipples into my mouth, Ümraniye escort flicking my tongue over it as my teeth gently close around it and you gasp and arch your back, pushing your cock against my moistening panties. I stop for a moment, rocking against you and enjoying the sensation. I move my pelvis back and forth, satin stroking your shaft, allowing the head to press against my moist centre through the fabric.The smell of you excites me all the more; you smell of work, sweat and just a hint of cologne, so masculine and I wriggle my body down, kissing and licking the tantalising hair from your navel to your root, snuffling my nose in it, breathing you in. God, you excite me. I’m moaning quietly as I begin to kiss your shaft, fingers closing around it, lifting it up from your body. I kiss the head, flick out my tongue against your little slit, tasting the salty moisture, feeling your body shake.Your hands now resting on my head, stroking my hair, I open my mouth and take you in, tightening my lips around the pulsing globe. Your fingers clench my hair and pull my Bostancı escort bayan head down onto you, forcing your way into my mouth with your hot, stiff cock, pushing up your hips. I know how much you like to fuck my pretty mouth and I relax, letting you push in deeper still, my pussy wetting your shin now. You move your leg against me and I grind mindlessly onto you as I greedily slurp your cock, allowing my saliva to drip down your shaft, easing the movement of my clenched fingers as my other hand strokes your sack, squeezing your balls. I snuffle down and my nose is against the downy, soft skin of your scrotum. My tongue extends, flat and wet and I lick your firm balls. I suck one fully into my mouth and hear you groan, “Oh fuck, baby. That’s it, suck me, lick me.”I lift them up and close my hands around them, nails gently scratching the wrinkled skin, flicking my tongue against your arse, letting it become a point, pushing against your tight hole as my hand furiously strokes your cock. Oh fuck, you are SO stiff now. I want you, NEED you inside me. I move back up to your rigid tool and open wide. You thrust up, into my throat, deep, filling me and I gag, only slightly.”Come here, my wanton little whore,” you growl, pulling me by the hair, as if you’d just read my mind. Your prick slips from my mouth and does not fall back against your belly, too hard now, standing proud and ready to slip inside me.

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