Caught Ch. 02


After Ricky left the room I sat and thought about what had happened and what I had found out. I had never given much thought to being recognized by Ricky or by any of his friends. I did not know how to deal with this new situation.

I realized my shock at hearing this news was tempered by the excitement I had felt when Ricky was caressing my legs and especially when he had his orgasm. I knew my panties were damp from my own excitement. As I sat there thinking, my fingers absent-mindedly rubbed the still wet spot on my pantyhose where my son’s cum had fallen. I spread it around and moved my fingertips to my mouth to taste him again as much as I could.

I went upstairs to my room. As I walked up the stairs, I realized how I must look. My skirt was wrinkled and much of it still was bunched near my waist where Ricky’s hands had pushed it as he caressed my thighs. A some point, the last button on my blouse had opened so my lacy white bra was on view and my exposed cleavage was very apparent. Straightening myself up as much as I could, I walked towards my bedroom. As I passed Ricky’s room, I could hear him mumbling in a low voice. I could not understand what he was saying, but he did not sound happy.

“Ricky,” I said, knocking lightly on his door. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, Mom,” he said. He did not sound convincing.

“Are you sure?,” I asked, expecting him to say something. But all of a sudden the door opened and Ricky was standing right in front of me. He had changed from the shorts he had been wearing into a similar pair of the polyester athletic shorts he seemed to wear all of the time. He was not wearing a shirt.

I realized that my blouse was still wide open and then realized that Ricky was taking in the view. His eyes had started looking to my face, but he was having a difficult time keeping his eyes from drifting downward. I pulled my blouse closed.

“What’s the matter, Ricky,” I asked. “You left so quickly.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” he said. “You know what happened….it was pretty embarrassing.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Hon,” I said. “I thought it was wonderful.” I smiled, although I could not believe I admitted that to my son.

“Really?,” he asked. His voice sounded strained. “I thought you’d be mad at me for what I did.”

“Well, to be honest, I had a lot to think about,” I said, “especially after you told me that you recognized me. I was pretty embarrassed myself at hearing that — and I was pretty scared, to be honest.”

“Oh, Mom,” he said, “I would never do anything to hurt you or get you in trouble. I just felt bad watching you and not telling you.”

“Oh,” I said, “you didn’t feel guilty then?” I was trying to keep from smiling. I just had to give him some trouble.

“Well,” he said, “I did feel guilty when I realized it was you, but I had been watching you for a while and I enjoyed seeing this hot woman — all the guys did.”

“I knew they did,” I said. “Remember, they were letting me watch them too.” Then I smiled. “I seem to recall seeing some interesting things on your part, now that I think about it. If I remember correctly, you were wearing my panties and pantyhose and masturbating for your friends.”

“Oh my God!,” he said. “I forgot about that, it was before I recognized you.” He started crying.

“Baby,” I said, Sefaköy Escort pulling him close, “don’t cry. It’s okay.”

“Are you sure,” he asked. “You don’t think I’m weird or something? I mean I was letting the guys see me wearing your things and jacking off. How can you say it’s not weird?”

“Well, Ricky,” I said, ” you forget how I happened to see you. I was putting on shows for your friends and watching them respond to me. I knew you were going to watch at some point. I hoped I’d get to watch you too. If anyone is weird, I’d say it was me.”

“Mom,” he said, “you are not weird. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I think you are the sexiest, too.”

“Well,” I said, “based on your reaction earlier this afternoon, I guess you think I am at least a little attractive.” I started laughing. “What a pair we are.”

“I think we are lucky,” he said, “to be able to get this out in the open. I know I feel much better.”

I hugged him closer. As I hugged him, my blouse fell open again as I reached around him and, as a result, my breasts, covered only by my lacy demi-bra, pressed against his bare chest. I felt him press himself against and I could feel his hardness through the flimsy material of his athletic shorts.

I don’t think he was wearing anything under his athletic shorts. Although it might have been my imagination, I could feel him even through the material of my skirt. He seemed to be growing and he also began rubbing against me again. I was worried that we would have a repeat of the explosion in the kitchen.

“Ricky,” I said, “be careful. We don’t want another accident.” Actually, though, I was excited by the thought of another explosion, but I wanted to think things through and be careful.

“Have you been thinking about what I said?,” Ricky asked. “Can we have some sort of a deal?”

“So,” I said, “all you want to do is feel my legs? I’m supposed to believe that?” I was afraid I sounded more stern than I felt, so I smiled and winked at him.

“Well,” he said, winking back at me, “it’s a start.”

“Oh my gosh,” I said, “have I created a monster? What do you mean, ‘it’s a start’?”

“Well,” he said, ” you didn’t seem to mind what happened in the kitchen and I know I enjoyed it.” He blushed bright red.

“Ricky,” I said, “that was something that happened accidently. We didn’t plan that.”

“But it was fun, wasn’t it?” he asked.

I could not lie to my son. Yes, Ricky,” I said, “it was fun. But we should wait a while before we talk about this anymore. We should let things cool down. Besides, I have to get changed before your father gets home.” I started to walk towards my bedroom.

Ricky stopped me. “Can I watch?,” he asked.

“Watch me undress?,” I asked.

“Yes, can I?,”he said.

“I don’t know, Ricky,” I replied.

“But I’ve already seen you undress and do more than that on the camera,” he said. “This isn’t any different.”

“Well,” I said, “it’s a little different because you will be in the room with me. But I guess it’s okay. Just this once.”

We walked together to my bedroom and Ricky sat on the bed. “What should I do?,” I asked, “anything special?”

“Well, I’d like to see you take off your blouse and skirt first,” he said. “Can I help?”

“My blouse is already unbuttoned Sefaköy Escort Bayan as you appeared to notice quite a while ago,” I said, But I guess you can undo my skirt.”

I removed my blouse and walked towards my bed where Ricky sat. I saw his eyes follow me as I walked. He looked almost hypnotized. When I reached the bed, I slowly turned my back to him.

“The zipper is back there, and there’s a snap at the top,” I said.

“I could have figured that out myself,” he replied.

His hands moved slowly around my waist until they met in the center of my back. I wasn’t sure of he was moving slowly because of nerves or because he wanted to make the adventure last. I felt his fingertips slip inside my skirt. I also felt shivers go up my spine.

“Having a problem?,” I asked.

“Not at all, ” he replied, “just taking my time. I want to remember this.”

I felt him unsnap the snap and then the zipper moved downward very slowly. I think I heard a soft moan escape his lips. I wasn’t wearing a slip under my skirt, so as Ricky pulled the zipper downward the waistband of my pantyhose came into view and then the back of my pantyhose. I was wearing my favorite Victoria Secret string bikini panties, which have a low rise, so Ricky had ample opportunity to examine my sheer to waist pantyhose before my panties came into view. I felt the zipper reach the bottom then I felt Ricky’s hands moving upward again. His hands grasped my skirt and began to slide it down over my hips.

“Oh, Mom,” Ricky said, “your bottom is so sexy. I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing you when you are wearing your panties and pantyhose. That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

As Ricky was saying this, my skirt passed over my hips and fell to the floor. I felt Ricky’s hands sliding up my hips and heard him moan again. I have to admit the feeling of his hands on my hips and upper legs felt wonderful his touch was so soft.

Suddenly, I felt only one hand. Then I heard more moaning from Ricky. I turned to look at him and saw that he had pulled his cock out of his shorts and was stroking himself with one had as he caressed me with the other.

I had seen my son’s cock on camera a few times. This was the first time I had seen it in person. I have to admit I liked what I saw. Ricky was not exceptionally big, but he was very well-shaped. Obviously, I knew he was circumcised, a look to which I am very partial. Much like his chest, he did not seem to have a lot of hair, although it may have been very fine and light. This also was a look I found very attractive. I was surprised at my ability to look at my son objectively, but I also was glad.

Ricky seemed oblivious to the fact I was looking at him. He continued to caress my pantyhose covered upper thigh and hip in rhythm with his stroking. Occasionally, his hand slipped between my legs and he caressed my inner thighs. He often was close to my dampness but never quite touched me. The anticipation was making me so very excited.

I was more excited than I should have been. Ricky’s facial expressions and the change in his breathing made me think he was about to cum again. I knew I would be upset with myself afterwards, but I had a thought that I had to do something, and do it quickly.

Before Ricky could stop me (if he would have wanted Escort Sefaköy to), I stepped away from him and stepped out of my skirt which had fallen to the floor. I turned to face my son and moved back towards him, but closer than I had been before. I stood with one leg on each side of his legs, essentially straddling him.

I was no longer playing with fire. I was stepping into the flames. I knew I should stop this, but I could not.

I stood in front of my son wearing only my bra, bikini panties, and sheer pantyhose. I knew my panties were wet and probably getting wetter.

When I moved back in front of Ricky his hand returned to my leg while he continued to stroke himself. At firs, he continued to caress my hip and thigh on the outside of my leg. As I stood straddling his legs, my thighs were far enough apart that Ricky had no trouble sliding his hand between my legs. He began caressing the inside of my thigh and, with my skirt no longer obstructing him, he had free access to my thighs as high as he wished to go.

At first, Ricky did not move his hand higher than he had when I had been wearing my skirt. He gradually became more aggressive with his touching and his fingers went higher and higher along my thigh. He was tentative, as if waiting for me to stop him. I knew I would not and he seemed to realize that as well. As his moved higher still, his stroking also became faster. I could feel his fingertips getting closer to my panties and realized I was getting wetter and wetter the closer he came to me.

His fingertips were within inches of my panties and I was trembling with anticipation. Then, he touched me. My panties were so wet that his ouch almost felt as if I had no panties on at all.

I moaned. “Oh Ricky,” I said. He must have thought I was objecting, because he took his hand away. “No-ooo,” I said, almost begging, “don’t stop.”

He moved his fingers back up my thigh until he touched me again. What had been a light touch before now was much more forceful. His finger began sliding back and forth which had the effect of making me wetter and also began to push my panties and pantyhose between my lips. I knew this had gone much farther than I should have allowed, but I was very close to losing control. I could not stop him now even if I wanted to — which I didn’t.

“Oh God, Ricky,” I said in a quiet voice, “I can’t believe how that feels. You are amazing.”

I felt an orgasm approaching. My legs were weakening and I put my hands on Ricky’s shoulders to help me stand. I could not believe how excited I was.

Ricky moved his hand to my thigh and began to caress my leg again as he stroked himself. I reached down took hold of his wrist and pulled his hand back up. I pulled his hand up between my legs with more force than he had used when he was rubbing me. The feeling was so intense I began rocking my hips back and forth to increase the sensation. I took hold of his wrist with both hands and pulled him tighter. I began to moan.

Ricky began stroking himself faster. “Oh Mom,” he said, “I’m going to cum!”

That was all I needed. Ricky began to cum and splashed all over my thighs and my panties. I pushed his hand hard against me as the orgasm hit me. I yelled his name and collapsed on top of him. Even after cumming twice in less than an hour he was still hard as I lay on him.

There I was. My panties and pantyhose were soaked with my juices and I was covered in my son’s cum. I was lying on top of him with his hard cock pressed against my thighs. I should have been sick with guilt, but I was surprisingly happy. I wondered where this would lead.

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