Oh boy what an interesting little meeting we had. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was going to happen and how my brother really didn’t mind. At least he has never told me but we haven’t really talked about it either because it just feels uncomfortable to talk about I guess. But I will tell you, it will be something I will never forget. Its about time to start at the beginning.

I had helped my brother move into his new apartment about a year earlier. I didn’t visit much since he was out much of the time but that stuff tends to happen I guess. Well, anyway, my parents went on their yearly vacation leaving me to watch the house and the dog that we had. Its not a bad deal, the house is quiet, you get to do what you and such so I have no problem watching the house. They as usual went through their normal routine of telling my brother they were going away and to watch out for me in case I needed any help even though I was 25. We just play along with my parents since it makes them feel better. So my parents went away for their two week vacation. One week through the vacation I get a call from my brother which surprised me asking me to come over for dinner. Now I didn’t feel like coming to dinner but he insisted that I come over for dinner. This is what made me suspicious because he wouldn’t tell me why he wanted me to come over for dinner until the next day. I agreed and he said he would pick me up on his way home from work in the afternoon and drive over to his place.

He picked me up around 3 in the afternoon and we soon took off to his place on the other side of town. We drove in silence since I didn’t want to question him about what was going on. About 10 minutes later we drove up to his apartment and went inside where he put everything down and started to take things out for dinner. It was here when I first realized something was up because he was taking all kinds of food out. After taking out all the stuff for dinner, he handed me a coke while taking one for himself and we sat down in the living room. We both opened our cokes and took a sip when finally I got up the guts to talk to him about tonight.

“What’s going on? You have never been so insistent that I come over for dinner before so what is the big deal?” I said while sipping my coke.

“I have a little surprise which only a few people know. I want to introduce you to someone that I know,” as he kind of shifted in his chair which made me kind of suspicious. He seemed to be awfully nervous about something and I thought he was going to say something completely opposite of what he would explain to me.

“Introduce me to someone. What is going on here? This sounds suspicious.”

“Well Bry (my nickname), I met this girl about 3 months ago and we have been dating off and on. And its……………..uh I think about to turn serious. So I thought you should meet her and tell me what you think. Only my closet friends have met her and you are the first in the family to meet her.”

This immediately pissed me off a little bit since he hasn’t told anyone in the family that he has been dating someone for so long but this was just like him. Trying to keep everything in his life a secret from his family which never made any sense to use. That is why we always thought there was something weird about him. However I got control of my angry and took a sip of coke. When my brother saw this he started to say something and I just smiled which made his stop.

“A girl huh? Well what is she like?” My brother immediately relaxed and slumped back.

“She is a beautiful woman. When I first saw her, she reminded me of a movie star. I know that sounds bad but, it felt like it. She is about your height (5″7) and has beautiful blond hair that comes just below her shoulders. She works at some office downtown so she won’t be able to get here until 7 or so. I want you to meet her because your instinct about people is real good.”

“Fine. We will see what happens.”

We sat in silence for a little while longer until my brother got up to start fixing dinner around 5 or so. I sat in the living room thinking about what my brother said and immediately started to feel nervous for some reason. I started walking around the apartment and fidgeting around until finally my brother told me to sit down and watch television. He started laughing as he was talking about me being more nervous than he was. I turned on the TV watching this movie which I got totally into. What seemed like minutes but was more like 90 minutes later there was a knock at the door. My brother jumped out of the kitchen nervous and everything as I got up and fixed my shirt and hair. My brother open the door and smiled as this blonde step in and kissed him on the cheek.

She did momentarily take my breath away. She came in wearing a nice red blouse with a brown shirt that went just below her knees. Her hair was right at shoulder level and she had some beautiful brown eyes. I must admit that I was jealous of my brother for the moment for getting such a beautiful woman to date him. He gaziantep bayan escort closed the door as she put her purse on the ground and he took her jacket to the closet in the hall. When he returned he walked with her toward me which got me nervous.

“Cathy, this is my brother Bryan. Bryan this is Cathy.”

I smiled as I extended my hand but the thing that surprised me is that she hugged me right off the bat. I looked at my brother who seemed shocked as well.

“Nice to meet you Bryan. Your brother has told me so much about you, I feel that we have known each other for years,” she said as she pulled away and stood next to my brother.

“Thank you. I wish I could say the same but I know very little about you except for the part about being beautiful,” I said as we all sat down in the living room. I was surprised because I thought I saw her blush.

“That is nice to say. Your brother was right,” she said smiling.

“So what do you do Cathy?”

“I work at a bank downtown. I help put together some of the bigger loans and keep track of where those loans go. Its a lot of hard work but the pay is very good I must say. So your brother told me you are about to graduate from college,” she said while taking a glass from my brother who went to set the table for dinner.

“That’s right. Then I have to do a half year internship and then I am free to go after a job. Hopefully I will find one but I honestly don’t know if I will be getting one when I get out.”

She nodded as she knew exactly what I was talking about as she took a sip from her glass. A few seconds of silence followed when my brother finally called that dinner was ready. I sat on one end of the table while my brother and his girlfriend sat on the other. We made idle chit chat but my brother felt the tension.

“You know, its not like there is a whole weight of the world here. Just relax and have fun tonight,” my brother said while laughing.

Soon things started to loosen up, as we were laughing, telling jokes and trading some stories. Soon dinner was done and we had some dessert. I told my brother I would clean up the dishes as him and his girlfriend went and sat in the living room. Soon I saw her walk down the hall and into the other room as my brother came into the kitchen to help.

“So how do you like her?”

“She’s nice. Very pleasant and nice. You are a lucky one.”

He smiled and smacked my shoulder as Cathy came back into the room. My brother than disappeared into the other room as Cathy walked in and leaned on the counter. We made idle chit chat as I continued to put things in the dishwasher and such. Before I knew it though, she was standing behind me almost putting her chin on my shoulder. It startled me for a second but then I relaxed as she was telling me one of her jokes. Soon though things started to turn a little bit as she kissed the bottom of my ear which made me look at her.

“Oh come on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with what I just did. We are probably going to be family someday,” she said as she backed away and I continued to do the dishes.

Things were quiet for a while until she caught me off guard again as she put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing it back and forth. I tried all the power I had but my dick still started to get hard. Once she felt my dick getting hard, she started to rub it directly through my shorts so it would get bigger. I tried to say something but she just put a finger on my lips and continue to rub my dick through the shorts. Soon she turned me around while continuing to rub my cock through my shorts. She put her face next to my ear while she continued to rub.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said as she kissed the bottom of my ear again.

She continued to rub my cock until finally she kneeled in front of me and unzipped the front of my shorts and reached her hand inside continuing to rub. At this time I just told myself the hell with it and closed my eyes as she continued to rub. A few seconds later I opened my eyes when I felt something wet on my cock. I looked down and there she was engulfing my cock. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had as she used her tongue around my cock as she was sucking on it. I started to shiver a little bit at the sensations she was giving me. She soon took both hands and put them on my ass, pushing my pelvis forward. Without doing anything, she was giving herself a face fuck. She started to go faster and faster as I heard slurping going on. After a few more minutes of this I felt the like I was going to cum.

“I…………..think………………….. I am ……………….. going…………to………”

That was all I could say as she sucked harder and harder until I exploded down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed. I had never cum so much in months to tell you the truth. When she was done, she reached for towel that was on the counter and clean up my cock before putting it back in my shorts and cleaning her face. She got up from the floor and put the towel in the hamper as she took a big glass of water rinsing her mouth out. Soon she was back talking against the counter as I started to do the dishes again. A few seconds later my brother came back apologizing and saying he had to make a phone call. Cathy said no problem and kissed my brother on the cheek while she grinned at me.

About an hour later she left giving me a peck on the cheek and kissed my brother on the cheek as well. About 15 minutes later he was driving me home and we started talking.

“So did you like her?”

“Mike, I have to tell you, you are a lucky man. How about you two come over for dinner this weekend to pay you back.”

“Sure I will run it by Cathy and I will let you know”

We then sat in silence all the way home.


The next day my brother called me the next day and said that they would be stopping over for dinner on Saturday since neither had to work on Sunday and enjoy themselves. So for the next few days I spent cleaning the house and getting things together to cook for dinner. Finally Saturday came around and everything was ready. The only thing though was that all week I kept replaying what happened in my brother’s kitchen with his girlfriend Cathy. I didn’t know if it was a one time thing or not to tell you the truth. I finally convinced myself it was a one time thing and quickly put it out of my mind. Then while I was cooking dinner though, I was wondering whether I should tell my brother what happened. However I quickly put this out of my mind for the moment. At around 6 my brother drove up with his girlfriend. They came into the house as we hugged once again but this time it didn’t bother me and my brother didn’t seem to mind this time. They walked into the living room as I closed the back door. I quickly looked back to Cathy and just looked.

She was wearing another brown skirt but this time was about mid-thigh and wearing a nice green shirt. I didn’t see any resemblance of a bra on underneath but soon shook all those thoughts out of my head. I closed the back door and sat down in the living room with them as we made more small talk. Things seemed to be much looser than they were earlier in the week. Soon I got them all drinks and we were relaxing some more. About 10 minutes later when I said dinner was almost ready, my brother went out to his car to get something when Cathy came into the kitchen.

“I think we should tell me brother what happened the other night,” I said getting the meat from the oven.

“Oh I don’t think we need to tell him. Trust me. Anyway I have a surprise for you tonight,” she said while kissing my cheek again and going to sit down at the dining room table.

My brother soon came in with some wine he picked up before coming and poured us all a glass. Dinner was fantastic and things were going well. We were laughing talking and everything else like that. However to me it seemed that both Cathy and my brother we drinking a little to much. After dinner we went and sat out in the living room again while talking for a few minutes. I then told them I was going to do the dishes while they stayed in the living room for a while. I just finished the dishes when I heard some weird sounds coming from the living room. I walked out and saw something that made my eyes open wide.

There was Cathy with her skirt on her waist in her thong giving my brother a lap dance. I can’t believe they were doing that right in my living room. I was pissed as hell when Cathy looked at me and smiled. I didn’t know what to do next as she started to rock back and forth on my brother’s lap. He grabbed her around her ass and started to move her hips faster and faster on his crotch until I heard a gut and my brother grabbing the sides of the chair he was sitting in while Cathy continued to rock back and forth. Finally she stood up and winked at me as I went back into the kitchen. I turned the dishwasher on as I saw my brother running past me into the bathroom. A few seconds later Cathy came into the kitchen smiling and blushing. She walked right over to me and kissed my cheek while hugging me. I could feel her heart racing through her shirt and we just stood there hugging for a while until the bathroom door opened. She let go immediately as my brother all flushed walk into the kitchen and smiled. He patted me on my shoulder while getting a glass of water. It was then everything changed.

As he reached over to get a glass of water, Cathy came over and turned me around facing her. She knelt down in front of me, unzipped me and reached her hand into my jeans. I grasped as I couldn’t believe she was doing this right now. She took my cock out of my pants and immediately engulfed it. I closed my eyes remembering this feeling again and when I opened my eyes again, I saw my brother smiling and watching Cathy. I was about to say something when Cathy started doing tricks with her tongue and made me close my eyes again. My brother started laughing a little bit when without warning I felt hot air on my cock. I opened my eyes again and saw my brother picking up Cathy and giving a hot long French kiss. They both looked at me and smiled which scared the hell out of me. However this all changed when Cathy took me by the hand and led both of us to the bedroom. I felt very uncomfortable as she laid me down on the bed and striped me naked. She then knelt down in between my legs as I propped myself up and engulfed my cock once again. I closed my eyes until I heard some moaning. When I opened them, my brother was behind Cathy licking her pussy and maybe her asshole. Her skirt was up on her waist again but her thong was just pushed to the other side. I closed my eyes again enjoying the sensation and before long I started to feel that familiar feeling.

“I think I am about to………………………”, I said while panting trying to control myself.

This did nothing to deter her because she just started to suck faster and faster until I had no other choice but to cum. I shot load after load down her throat as she swallowed all of it. Just about this time as well, she squealed as she cum right on my brother’s mouth. He stood up with a smile and you could see the pussy juice on his mouth. It was then that he quickly stripped and went into the other room. Cathy laid on top of me recovering but it wasn’t to long until I felt my cock hardening under her. She must have noticed this also because she smiled at me before taking off her shirt. I was right because when she took it off, there was no bra, just her nipples standing out in attention like look at these. She leaned down giving him a light kiss on my lips before offering one of her breasts for me. I didn’t object as I took one nipple into my mouth and biting it a little which made her jump. I then started slowing rolling my tongue around her nipple which made her moan even more now. She started to move back and forth as I continued to play with her nipple which made my cock grow even more. This continued for a few more minutes until she made a high pitch scream but no scream. I felt something roll down my legs and when I looked, I could tell it was her juice from her orgasm. That was way to much for me as I came right there myself as she laid on top of me.

I laid there with my arms around her breathing heavy trying to catch both of our breaths. My brother then walked through the door tossing me something before going to the foot of the bed. I picked up what he tossed me noticing it was a condom and I knew exactly what was coming next. Cathy slowly climbed off me to the side of the bed where she took off her skirt and thong tossing it across the room. She then started fingering herself which made me hard once again. Looking over to my brother, I saw him jacking off watching her, within a few seconds, she was kneeling before him as he cam again and again. Streams of cum hit her in the face and tit area before she got up, grabbed her shirt and wiped her face. By this time I had the condom on as Cathy licked her lips and moved over to me. She kissed me on the cheek telling me not to worry about anything as she mounted me on the bed. It was the greatest feeling I ever had. She was so tight and warm it just blew my head. She started to ride my cock but it was only about 1 minute before I cum again which I think disappointed her. She then looked down at my face and smiled while turning back to my brother.

“I think we have a virgin in our mists,” she said as she continued to ride me even though my cock was softening.

My brother just smiled and shook his head as he was getting hard once again as well. She dismounted me and took off my condom and engulfed my dick. She was sucking like there was no tomorrow and the blood just rushed to my cock making it hard once again.

“I think he’s ready again,” she said as she took another condom from my brother and put it on my cock.

She mounted me again and slowly started to move on my dick as all these sensations started to go through me again. She started to go faster and faster trying everything in the world not to scream. After a few minutes of this, my brother came from behind and from my guess slowly inserted his dick into her ass. Cathy stopped for a few seconds while my brother did this before starting again. All three of us started moving as she just started to moan louder and louder until at one point she was almost screaming.

” Yes…………Yes…………….OH MY FUCKING GOD YES…………..DON’T STOP…………… YES……………. YES………. .I…………. THINK………. .I………..AM.CUMMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

With that she started to shake but my brother and I continued to fuck the daylights out of her as a few seconds later she came again, then about a minute later cum again. On the third one, I just couldn’t last anymore as I shot off. I don’t think I had ever came so much. This was apparently to much for my brother because I heard him grunt and his eyes almost roll back into his head. He slowly withdrew from her and she dismounted me. Cathy then took the condoms off of us before tossing them somewhere. All three of us laid there for a while until before I knew it I had fallen asleep.

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