Catching Serena


DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that’s about it. I’m not big on build-up or character development, so if that’s what you’re looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don’t I probably won’t lose any sleep over it…


Greg was twenty-five years old when he married Wendy. They had fallen in love quickly, and Greg had enjoyed being a father figure to Wendy’s eight-year-old daughter, Serena. Needless to say, Serena was an accidental pregnancy that was a result of one of Wendy’s former relationships. Serena’s dad had kind of freaked out, dumping Wendy and denying his responsibilities to Serena. Until Greg came along, Wendy had done her best to raise her daughter solo. She had done a wonderful job, but she considered herself lucky to finally find a guy who would join their small family and love both of them dearly.

As Serena grew up she had no problems seeing Greg as her father, even going so far as to start calling him Dad when she was about eleven years old. Throughout her teen years Greg couldn’t help but notice how beautiful his stepdaughter was becoming. She never had any shortage of boyfriends, and Greg was quite certain that she had already lost her virginity by age fifteen.

One day, about three months before Serena’s nineteenth birthday, Greg had come home from work early due to a power outage at his office. Serena had just finished school for the year, but Greg wasn’t sure if she would actually be home. He knew that Wendy, however, was working until later that night.

After parking his car in the driveway, he let himself in through the front door of the house. He heard some noise coming from the family room and made his way toward it, thinking that Serena must be home. As he approached, he realized that the sounds he was hearing were the sounds of sex. He stood, just around the corner from the room, and listened for a bit. It sounded a lot like a woman taking a cock deep in her mouth, gagging on it and gasping for air. As he slowly peeked his head around the corner he saw Serena sitting at the computer, watching a porn video from Greg’s collection. As the girl on screen took the cock down her throat, Serena was sitting back in the chair with her pants removed and in a pile beside her. Her legs were spread and she had pulled her thong to the side. As Greg gazed upon his stepdaughter masturbating to the porn video, he was surprised at the sexual charge it gave him.

“Serena?” he said, finally rounding the corner all the way.

“Oh my god!” she Kayaşehir Escort cried, snapping her legs together and reaching for her pants, pulling them onto her lap to cover herself. “Daddy! What are you doing here?”

“There was a power outage at work, so I came home. What are you doing?” As he spoke, the video still played in the background.

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I was just…” she wasn’t sure what else to say.

“Don’t apologize,” he said. “It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating.” She still didn’t look up at him and the video still continued to play. “That’s an interesting choice in videos.” She suddenly realized it was still playing and reached for the mouse. “No, leave it,” he said. “Have you ever done that with a guy?”

“No,” she said. “Not like that.”

“So you have sucked a guy’s dick before?”

“Yes,” she said, embarrassed.

“But you’ve never let a guy fuck your throat like that?”

“No,” she replied. At that point in the video the girl was one her knees, ready to take a facial.

“Have you ever let a guy cum on your face like that?” he asked.

“No, never!” she said, looking at the video just as the cock on screen exploded onto the girl’s face.

“Do you watch a lot of these videos?”

“Yes,” she admitted softly.

“When do you watch them?”

“Usually on my laptop in my bedroom after you and Mom are in bed.”

At that point the scene on the computer ended and the screen went blank. Greg made his way up beside Serena and reached for the mouse. He quickly found his folder full of porn and opened up a new movie. This movie was an amateur video of a house party with a few different couples having sex around the apartment.

“Show me what you do when you watch them,” he said. She looked up at him with a confused, slightly scared look on her face.

“What?” she asked, as though she couldn’t believe her ears.

“I want to watch you play with yourself,” he said. She did nothing, so he reached down and removed the jeans from her lap. Her legs were still closed, but since her thong was still pulled aside he had a view of the top of her trimmed bush. She sat completely still, neither encouraging him nor resisting as he pulled her legs apart. He grabbed her hand and led it down to her pussy, then started using it to rub her pussy. Within moments she took control herself, and Greg straightened himself up. Serena was watching the screen as a blonde girl got eaten out by a brunette that was getting fucked from behind. On the same bed another brunette was riding a guy’s cock. As she fingered her pussy, Greg undid his pants and pulled out Kayaşehir Escort Bayan his cock. As he started to stroke it she glanced over at him, noticing it less than a foot from her face. As he rubbed his cock he reached down and started fondling her breasts.

“Does that feel good?” he asked. “Are you going to make yourself cum?” He took off his shirt, then bent down and began kissing her neck. He continued for just a moment before stopping to remove her shirt. She complied quickly, lifting her arms up so he could pull it off completely. “You’re turning me on so much. You’re such a beautiful girl!” He kept fondling her breasts through her bra as she watched the video, now seeing a girl bent over against the wall and getting fucked from behind.

“What if Mom catches us?” she asked. Greg ignored the question as he reached down and started rubbing her pussy for her. She pulled off her thong as he started to finger her deeper.

“Your pussy is so wet!” he said to her. She turned to him and reached out, grabbing his cock and stroking it. “You’re so fucking hot!” He undid his pants and pulled them off, tossing them aside as Serena undid her bra and tossed it to the ground as well. She pulled his underwear off next, leaving them both naked. He stood up straight beside her and guided her head to his cock. She opened her mouth and sucked his cock into her mouth willingly, moaning softly. She was able to fit four or five of his eight inches into her mouth, and she sucked it with great enthusiasm. Greg then began to force her head down on it, gently fucking her face. She managed to fit a bit more of it down her throat without gagging.

“That feels great, baby!” he said to her. He kept pumping his dick in and out of her mouth for several more minutes, then pulled out. He turned her chair to face him and dropped to his knees. She spread her legs as he began to eat her pussy aggressively, making her squirm and moan. “Such a wet little pussy! I think it’s almost ready for my cock!” He ate her for another minute or two, then pulled out. “Get up on the chair on your knees,” he said. “I want to fuck that hot little pussy from behind!” She climbed up onto the chair as Greg turned her to face the computer monitor. He stood behind her and started to rub the head of his cock against her pussy lips just as one of the guys on the screen was jerked to an orgasm. She tried to push back against him and he resisted for a minute, finally pushing his cock in just as another one of the guys on screen shot his cum onto a girl’s stomach. He fucked her with a steady pace, eventually reaching around to rub her clit at the same time.

“I’m Escort Kayaşehir so wet for you Daddy!” she said. “I love your big cock!” A minute or two later she came hard, screaming out loud.

“I love this fucking pussy!” he said to her as he continued to slam into her. She pushed his hand aside and started rubbing her clit herself.

“Oh fuck yes!” she screamed. “I’m cumming again Daddy! I’m cumming all over your big dick!” He shoved his cock deep inside her and held it there as he reached for the mouse. The video had ended, so he opened up another video of a girl getting fucked in front of her husband. “I love your cock Daddy!” she cried. “It feels so fucking good!”

“You look so sexy bent over with a dick inside you!” he said to her as he kept pounding her.

“Yes! Take my pussy Daddy!” He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard as she watched the girl on the screen get fucked. “Yes Daddy! I’m cumming for you!” As she finished cumming she saw the girl in the video take the other guy’s cock up her ass. “Do you want to try that, Daddy?” she asked, looking back at him.

“Have you ever done anal before?” he asked her.

“No, but I trust you,” she replied. He pulled out and gradually pushed the head of his cock into her ass. It took a few minutes, but he was eventually able to fuck her with his entire cock. “Your dick feels fucking huge in there!” she cried. “How does Mom handle this thing?”

“Your mom doesn’t take it up the ass!” he said. He reached around and started to finger her pussy. A couple of minutes later her body went into convulsions as she came hard. Her orgasm helped her to loosen up, so he was now able to start fucking her harder.

“Your dick is so fucking big, Dad!” she cried. “Holy fucking shit! I’m cumming again! I’m Daddy’s little slut!”

“You look so good with a big dick in your ass!” he said to her.

“Yes Daddy! Fuck your daughter’s dirty little ass!” Greg figured that the vulgarity with which she spoke must have been a result of watching so much porn. He couldn’t help but wonder, though, if she had ever talked like that to any of her boyfriends. “Fuck yes! I’m cumming again! Fuck me hard Daddy!” Just as she came, the guy on the video began shooting his cum onto the face of the woman.

“Your turn for a facial now,” Greg said, pulling out of her ass. She turned to face him and sat back down on the chair as he stroked his cock. Seconds later he exploded onto her face.

“That feels so fucking hot!” she cried. “Cover my face Daddy!” He gave her what was probably one of the biggest loads of his life, covering almost every square inch of her face. He squeezed every last drop of cum out of his cock, then went into the bathroom. He returned with a hand towel, using it to wipe the cum off Serena’s face.

“This is our little secret, right?” he asked.

“Whatever you say, Daddy,” she said. “As long as we do that again.”

“You can count on it,” he replied.

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