Casey’s Panties


I know not everyone has the same taste-my preference in fantasy is incest. I’ve just started submitting stories and am trying to get better at writing really hot incest fiction. Any comments, positive or negative, would be appreciated. This story is a variation of one of my personal favorite fantasies-hope you enjoy it-let me know what you think.

I was sitting in the den watching TV when my daughter, Casey, stomped in and threw the panties in my lap.

“What is this?” she said angrily.

“A pair of your panties?” I said innocently.

I know it is a cliché, but she is so beautiful when she is angry. Her green eyes sparkle with fire and her cheeks redden so that you can barely see the light line of freckles that runs from her cheeks and across the bridge of her little nose. She stood there looking at me, all 5’4” of her filled with righteous indignation.

“Don’t act so innocent,” she said as she pushed back her dark red hair, “look at them!”

I picked them up and pretended to examine them.

“Do you need some new underwear?” I asked.

“Daddy,” she said, “there’s cum stains all over them. You are the only person in this house that produces sperm, so I am thinking that the only way those stains could have gotten on them is for you to have put them there.”

“What are you saying, baby?” I said, still not ready to admit I was busted.

“OK, I’ll just be blunt. Have you been jerking off with my panties?”

“Sometimes,” I said rather timidly, knowing there was no way out of it.

“Well from now on will you please put them in the dirty clothes when you finish, not back in the drawer? The whole drawer smells like dried cum, I’m going to have to wash everything in it.” Her anger had subsided considerably. She turned and started to leave the room.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To wash my smelly underwear! If I wear any of the ones in the drawer, when I sweat I’ll smell like I just got fucked!” she said almost laughing.

“I’ll help you,” I said, “since I’m responsible.”

“Well, grab a clothes basket and come on.”

When we got to her bedroom she started pulling panties and bras out of her drawer and handing Bahçelievler Escort them to me to put in the clothesbasket. I was really surprised that she had not been angry that I had masturbated with her panties, but only that I hadn’t washed them afterwards. She was right about the way the drawer smelled; everything in it smelled like sex.

“Look at this,” she said as she pulled out two pair stuck together, “how often do you do this?”

“Not too often,” I lied. I had been jerking off to fantasies of my daughter and using her panties for about two years and I did it almost every day.

Half the panties in the drawer had stains on them. They were mostly ones that she did not wear much, older ones that had been replaced but not thrown out.

“I’m curious, daddy,” she said. “Do you ever use Mom’s panties?”

“No, just yours,” I said meekly.

“So, you use them just because they are mine?”

“Yes.” I was getting a hard on standing so close to her and handling her underwear with the smell of my cum all over it.

“Have you started having sexual feelings toward me then?” she had stopped pulling things from the drawer as she spoke.

“Baby, please don’t be upset, I know it’s perverted and try to fight it, but yes, you get me hotter than anyone I have ever known. Just please don’t be mad with me, I’ll try to stop.”

“Mad?” she said. “Why should I be mad, except for the fact that you didn’t wash them. I’m flattered that you think about me that way. How long have you had these feelings?”

“For a long time,” I said.

“Do you have a favorite pair you like to use?” she asked.

“I love that white pair with the flower print that fits so tight across your ass.”

She looked around in the drawer and found them. It was obvious they were my favorite from the number of stiff spots on them.

“Would you like for me to put those on for you right now?”

“I’d love that!” I said as my heart raced as my cock got harder and harder.

“You know, Daddy, I think you wanted me to find out that you were masturbating over me.”

She pulled the pajama top over her head and slipped out of the bottoms. Her Bahçelievler Escort Bayan small breasts were perfectly shaped with light pink nipples that pointed upward – they were hard. I hadn’t seen her naked in probably five years and since that last time she had developed into a very beautiful young woman with a nice patch of dark red pubic hair. I could see the outer lips of her tight little pussy pouting as she lifted one of her legs to slip on the panties. She turned in a circle a couple of times after she got them on.

“Do you like the way they look on me?” she asked.

“Very much” I told her barely able to speak.

“Now look, Daddy,” she said turning to face me. “I know from what you’ve told me and the look of that bulge at your crotch, that you want to fuck me but you can’t. I’m still a virgin and I intend to stay that way until I think the time is right and the person I am with is the right one for that moment.”

“I know, baby, it would be wrong for us to do that.”

“That’s bunk, Daddy. We are two people who love each other very much and like to make each other happy. There would be nothing wrong with it; it’s just that I’m not ready to give up my virginity to anyone yet. And besides, there are lots of other things we can do that I think you would like very much,” she said smiling. “You don’t have to stick your cock in my pussy to have a good time. Why don’t you take off those shorts before you blow out the zipper.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice and was standing before my sweet daughter with my dick pointing straight at her in about two seconds.

“Boy,” she said as she looked at my erection, “I do get you excited, don’t I? Now here’s what we are going to do.”

She took a bottle of lotion off her dresser and started applying it to her inner thighs. Then she hopped up on the bed on her hands and knees with her legs held together. Her pretty little ass was sticking up in the air I couldn’t help myself; I began stroking my dick.

“Stop that!” she said as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Get up behind me just like you were going to fuck me doggy style, but put your cock between my legs instead Escort Bahçelievler of in my pussy.”

Hearing her talk like that made me want to cum right then and there. I moved in behind her and pushed my prick between her smooth, lotioned thighs. It felt wonderful.

“Move a little closer and position your cock so that it rubs my pussy through my panties,” she said, “then just start going like you were fucking my pussy.”

I did as she instructed wondering if she did this with her boyfriends.

“Oh yeah, Daddy, that’s just right. Keep it right there and start fucking.”

I’ll have to admit that moving my dick in and out of that space between those thighs and feeling the silky panties rubbing against the head of my cock had me dripping per-cum after only a few strokes.

“Reach around and pinch my nipples while you do that Daddy,” she said between moans. “Oh yeah, that feels so good. You’re sliding that thing right across my clit.”

“Casey baby, I can’t hold back much longer.”

“Don’t hold off, Daddy! Cum on my panties. Give your little girl that sweet cream that you’ve been shooting on her panties. Fuck your baby girl!”

That did it. I pulled almost completely out and just let only the head slip back and forth against those thighs and those sweet little panties and I began to cum. It saturated the crotch of her panties and what didn’t soak in was slowly running down between her legs. I felt as if I would pass out from the intensity of the orgasm. Finally, when my prick stopped pumping, I collapsed on the bed. Casey moved beside me and began rubbing the cum into her panties and thighs.

“Daddy that was so good,” she said smiling at me.

“But you didn’t get to cum,” I said.

“I know, but that’s OK. This one was for you. Wasn’t that better than standing in the bathroom with a pair of my panties wrapped around your cock?” she said as she reached down and started stroking my flaccid prick.

“That was the most wonderful orgasm I have ever had, but I’m still concerned that you didn’t cum.”

“Well,” she said smiling, “you know I said there are lots of other things we can do that you’ll like a lot?”

“Yes, that is what you said,” I replied.

“What would you think about eating you little girls hot, wet little pussy? Make me cum really hard and I’ll let you teach me how to give good head.”

I pulled her cum soaked panties to one side and began getting acquainted with my sweet, little daughters delicate little virgin pussy.

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