Carpe Diem! Bill and Dianne


We wondered if Molly had meant it when she’d said “see you soon,” fresh from her orgasms with us in the woods and the subsequent public dumping of Ryan. Holidays can be full of such momentary intentions (except that Molly lived in the nearby town, of course) which are rarely followed through when people return to their routine lives. Time would tell, though, and we just had to avoid getting our hopes up. The next morning’s breakfast, shared with our neighbours, Bill and Dianne, across the space between balconies, was amusing. With a level of mental dexterity that surprised even ourselves, we managed to convey to them an evening of spiritual exploration and the awakening of a young soul with euphemisms and metaphors rather than simply saying we’d taken her into the woods for a thorough seeing-to.We were, however, pretty sure that they suspected a lot of sex had been had. Bill’s expression told of excited intrigue while Dianne’s was predictably more disapproving. This prompted several fantasies in my mind, including Dianne coming out onto the balcony to find Brenda facing their way, gripping the wall of our balcony with her tits swaying wildly under her as I fucked her hard from behind.“And you call me a tease!” gasped Brenda as I related this to her back in the room – quietly, as the balcony door was still open and Bill and Dianne were still sipping coffee outside.“Well…” I began but faltered in my search for a wittily haughty denial and gave up. “Yeah, OK. Guilty as charged, I suppose,” I said, ceding before any banter-match could even get started; much as I loved those as they almost invariably ended in very steamy sex.“What do you make of Dianne, really, though?” I asked her while we brushed our teeth in the bathroom – out of earshot. We talked to each other in the mirror.“Hmmm, well, I’d say she’s attractive… or would be if her ass wasn’t quite so tight,” Brenda summarised.“We’ve only really seen her clothed and sitting down so how can you tell?” I joked, earning myself a bat on the head.“You know full well what I meant,” retorted Brenda. “Why do you ask anyway?”“I dunno. I just can’t help the feeling that something happened to make her that way.”“Well, yes, obviously!” said Brenda. “Probably pious parents or something. That would do it!”“Hmmm. I think there must be something more to it than that somehow, though. I mean, you had that too,” I pointed out. “And yet, look at you now. Look at us!” I countered and pulled her backwards into me. “My goody-two-shoes little wife was all set to give that terrified floor-waiter a blow-job as a tip yesterday morning,” I said, biting her neck between each word and glancing at her eyes in the mirror.Her hand held my arm, which was around her waist, as she closed her eyes, smiling at the thought and tilted her head to face my ear.“And you, you naughty boy, would have laid there on the bed, stroking that big cock of yours while I sucked him, winking at you,” she said in the voice of history’s most accomplished temptress. I got hard in an instant and she grabbed hold of it with her trailing hand.“You would have watched me, on my knees,” she continued, “opening his shirt and running both hands up and down his chest while I had his full…long…hard… length in my mouth,” she breathed, kissing my ear between each word. This was turning the heat on to full blast. I grabbed her now heaving tits in my hands and kneaded them firmly.“You would have watched closely as his cock started to twitch,” she whispered loudly. I would have opened my mouth and rested the head of his cock on my bottom lip, so you could watch him spunk all over my tongue and into my throat, wouldn’t you?” she said, biting my ear. I couldn’t take any more of this and bent her over the wash-basin, dragging her robe to one side of her body as I did.Her pussy was wet and waiting already and I rammed straight into her, adoring the smile this put on her face in the mirror. I took her hair in one hand and pulled her head backwards so I could get a good look at her face and tits in the mirror as I fucked her hard, over and over. Only about two minutes went by when Brenda suddenly said, “Stop a second. Take me to the bed and fuck me there.”“They’ll hear us,” I noted, withdrawing from her wetness.“I know!” she grinned and led me by the cock out of the bathroom and threw herself backwards onto the bed. She opened her legs wide and beckoned with one finger. Was it Oscar Wilde who said, “I can resist everything except temptation”? Whoever it Üsküdar Escort was, I understood one thousand per cent what he meant at that moment and dived onto, and into her. She welcomed me inside with her legs gripping my ass and pulling me tight into her, throwing her arms around my neck and moaning loudly.“Oh God, yes!! Fuck me!!” she gasped, reminding me instantly of Molly’s voice in my ear the previous night on the ground in the woods. The combination of Brenda’s voice in my ear and Molly’s in my head was overwhelming.“I wanna cum!” I said in a loud whisper.“Go on!” encouraged Brenda. “Fill me!”A few more powerful thrusts was all it took. Our passions were completely and beautifully entangled and I let go, pumping what felt like a copious stream of cum deep inside Brenda, which triggered her own orgasm. She gripped me even tighter as she came; her voice also making no attempt to hide her release.We lay entwined for a few moments until Brenda softly asked, “Do you think they heard us?” and giggled gently.Gradually pulling my cock out, which was followed by a slow dribble of cum from Brenda, we closed our robes and strode out onto the balcony. Bill jumped and tried closing his robe hurriedly, failing to conceal a firm erection even after the covering was in place.“Umm, hello again!” he chirped, trying to act completely normal. “Back for more breakfast?” he said with a faint chuckle.“Oh…no,” replied Brenda, nonchalantly stroking one breast through the soft fabric of her gown. “I’m quite filled…full,…sorry,” she said with mischief all over her face. “Just some more coffee perhaps.”I smiled at Bill, trying to ease his embarrassment. “Where’s Dianne?” I inquired. “Oh, she, erm, she… she’s just taking a shower,” he eventually managed to stumble in answer. We could faintly hear the shower running anyway so we knew this was true. It was her timing that made me think that perhaps we’d overstepped a mark.I studied his face a moment. “I hope we haven’t spoilt your day with her,” I said in all sincerity.Bill sighed ruefully but couldn’t think of a reply. He didn’t need to anyway.Brenda crossed one leg over the other knee and the robe slipped all the way up to her hip. Bill tried not to look until I reassured him. “It’s all OK, Bill. I’m never gonna be the only man on the planet who enjoys the sight of her,” I smiled at him.“Oh God,” Bill answered, feasting his eyes on her naked leg as she raised it and rested her foot in my crotch. After a minute or so, he looked from one of us to the other and said, “I do wish we had what you have.”This seemed to strike Brenda and her flirting face vanished and a more thoughtful one took its place. She lowered her foot again. “I have an idea,” she announced suddenly, “Dianne will be finished in the shower soon, I’m sure. Why don’t you guys go down to the bar for a coffee or something and let her find just me here when she comes out. Maybe I can behave and smooth things over with her a bit.”“I’m not sure how receptive she’ll be,” pondered Bill. “But, it’s good of you to offer.”“Truth is, Bill,” she said, “I love teasing and pushing a few boundaries here and there…”“And everywhere!” I chipped in with, earning me a withering furrowed brow and a sideways narrow-eyed look from Brenda.“… as you’ve probably guessed,” she continued in the slow voice of an irritated teacher. “But I really don’t enjoy upsetting people; not seriously. Let me apologise to her for this morning and see where the conversation goes. Nothing to lose, have we?”Bill sat silently for a moment. “Well, no, I guess you’re right. We haven’t! OK, then,” he agreed. Bill and I pulled on our shorts and t-shirts, hurried out of our rooms and headed down to the bar.He told me, over our coffees, that he’d tried his utmost to help coax Dianne out of her shell; how she’d actually tried that herself years before they met. She’d grown up, as Brenda had suspected, in a strictly pious home but had rebelled aged about twenty-one, only to be hurt badly by the guy she had rebelled with. It seemed that that had wrenched her back into her shell, retreating to the familiarity of her parents’ doctrines after all. It had also seriously tainted her view of relationships. It explained a lot.Their getting together sounded a near miracle. I didn’t press for details, but after that disastrous early partnership, she had vowed to stay single for good. Now both aged thirty-five, they’d only been married for two years. He was her first relationship Üsküdar Escort Bayan in ten years when they met. I guessed Bill was a bit of a rescuer by nature, but his love for her seemed genuine. I found myself both liking and admiring him.Comparing notes a little later, Brenda had found out the same thing in her chat across the balconies, with a little more detail. I admire her talent for coaxing things out of people’s skeleton closets. She has a true talent for getting people to open up and it seemed she had succeeded again with Dianne.“I did have to say one thing without checking with you, though,” she told me. “It seems she has a little issue with body image. She’d noticed Bill noticing mine and that bugged her.”“Ah, right,” I said. “So, what did you tell her?”“That you thought she was attractive,” answered Brenda.“Well… I do. She is. Did it help?” “I hope so,” said Brenda. “I’ve suggested we go to the beach together. I don’t think she’ll be stripping off but she seemed to like the idea of us going with them, even if she keeps her swimsuit on.”I kissed her gently and hugged her tight. “You’re a genius, you know that?” I told her.“Well, let’s wait and see. If she is going to come out of her cage, it may take a while – or not happen at all,” cautioned Brenda. “And it’s up to her anyway, yes,” I agreed. “So, we’re going to the beach?”We were. We decided not to wander too far from the hotel and left a message for Molly at reception in case she appeared and couldn’t find us.Finding a comfortable spot on the beach, Brenda and I prepared to strip. Brenda politely checked with Dianne first, though. “As long as you don’t expect me to,” Dianne said. We assured her it was entirely her choice, and then peeled what little clothing we had off and sat on our large towel. Bill stripped too and sat beside Dianne, who kept her bikini on. Even this was a step forward, though. When Dianne took a dip in the water with Brenda at one point, swimming lazily back and forth and chatting, Bill told me it had taken about ten full minutes back in the room to persuade her to wear that instead of a one-piece costume.“I will confess this is partly for my pleasure,” he said. “But… I would so love to see her feeling confident, relaxed in her own skin, free. Just… really enjoying herself… for her sake as much as mine.”“Seeing that is its own pleasure, definitely,” I agreed. “Besides, I don’t see anything wrong in getting pleasure from seeing someone you love feeling good! If anything, it’s a sign of love,” I ventured, after which we sat silently for a moment as my mind replayed our experience with Molly just the night before.“Oh!” gasped Bill suddenly, snapping me out of my reverie. “Look at that!”Brenda and Dianne were about thigh-deep in the water, splashing each other and laughing. I was taken aback by how much that simple sight, seen on beaches around the globe every day, seemed to mean to Bill. I was happy for him, though. I reflected on how easy it can be to forget that things we enjoy so freely are often major breakthroughs for someone else, depending on what they may have suffered.As the ladies returned to sit with us again, Dianne’s face was a picture. We hadn’t known them long but her smile looked more relaxed and natural than it had been, we suspected, in quite some time. Conversation through the rest of the morning followed suit and became more and more free-flowing and easy, especially between Brenda and Dianne.Lunchtime arrived and we all headed to a salad hut that was on the beach. It had a roof but was otherwise open plan. Either naked or dressed in very little, people sat munching their leaves on stools by the square bar-top which surrounded a couple who deftly prepared very tasty and healthy fare for their guests. The roof offered shade under which our lunches could be enjoyed.We watched Dianne’s expressions carefully. She did seem to be feeling more comfortable, or less uncomfortable being surrounded by all that flesh; curious even. Bill looked relieved. Brenda decided to take a chance and drop a hint.“You know…” she said slowly to Dianne, “You might want to watch you don’t get tan lines,” she said, in a lightly teasing tone and eyeing the edge of her bikini top. Dianne looked down at her boobs, then at Brenda’s. I feared for a moment that that might have been too far too soon. She glanced at Brenda, who gave her a little wink and a smile.“Hmm,” muttered Dianne. “I don’t know…” she said, but Escort Üsküdar I thought I spotted the flicker of a glint starting to appear in her eyes.“Just saying!” said Brenda, breezily. “Up to you, of course. It’s your body!”Our salad’s devoured, we returned to our spot on the sand. I went to borrow two of the large parasols the hotel had on hand for when the sun got high and put them up close enough together to create a big enough shade for all of us to share. This seemed to give Dianne a sense of security. More gentle chit-chatting went on for a while, then suddenly, to our pleasant surprise, Dianne sat upright and began loosening the ties on her top. Brenda and I pretended not to notice, so as not to put her off, but the sight of her very pretty, pert breasts appearing from under the fabric started getting my cock stirring and I rolled over onto my stomach to hide it. Brenda just squeezed my hand. Bill was smiling broadly which nearly killed the moment.“I’m not doing this for you,” Dianne said to him, rather sternly, misreading his expression as it turned out a second later when Bill replied,“I know, Darling. That’s the point!” he said and brushed her cheek. Dianne looked quizzically at him for a moment, then softened and relaxed again.“I’m sorry,” she answered, placing her hand on his as he caressed her face. “Old habits,” she continued. “But I am trying.” Bill just smiled and kissed her.She laid down on her back and stared up at the parasols. I couldn’t help but admire her form. Brenda caught me looking and gave me a wink.We’d allowed a little more time to go by when Brenda suggested a walk.“Where to?” asked Dianne, looking up and down the beach. At the opposite end of the bay to ‘Molly’s Woods’, the land rose up to a flat, grassy highpoint, and we thought it might afford some lovely views. Dianne went to put her bikini top back on. Brenda was about to intervene, I could tell, but I stopped her.“One step at a time,” I said. Brenda nodded.To show solidarity, we all covered ourselves loosely, grabbed some salad and water to go from the hut and strolled along the beach towards the headland. It was about half an hour to get up there but it was indeed a spectacular viewpoint. We were also pleasantly surprised to find it deserted apart from us. “Isn’t this gorgeous?” said Bill.“It certainly is,” we all agreed, including Dianne, who seemed more and more at ease, chatting happily with Brenda along the way there.We spread our towels out on the grass. No parasols here but the sun had passed its zenith and was kinder in how it bathed us. Brenda peeled off her layers and stood for a moment just where the flat land started to dip with her arms out, catching the gentle breeze as she gazed out to the open sea. I tried reading Dianne’s expression as she watched her.“Is no one going to join me in this little moment?” Brenda half-joked, glancing back over her shoulder at us.Bill was first. Out of his shorts, he stood beside her and copied her stance. I wondered what Dianne would make of that but dropped my shorts on the towel. Before joining Bill and Brenda, I shrugged at Dianne.“It’s entirely up to you, of course, Dianne, but… it’d be a shame not to savour this moment, wouldn’t it?”She chewed her lip briefly and checked around again, before reaching behind herself for the strings of her top. I wondered if I should turn away but she tugged them loose and dropped the top on the towels anyway. I kept my eyes on hers, resisting the urge to admire her tits again in case it put her off. I thought she was going to just go like that to stand with Bill and Brenda but she stood still a moment, then hooked her thumbs in the bikini bottoms and slid them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. I tried thinking of anything else to stop the stirrings I had from becoming a full-on erection. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, as were her hips, and she had a short runway of pubic hair above her pussy.I managed to just smile and we moved to stand beside our spouses, Dianne between Bill and Brenda, with me on Brenda’s other side. We all spread our arms out across each other’s fronts and drank in the expanse of sea below, the sunlight on our bodies and the soothing breeze caressing our forms.A sumptuous sense of ease and peace seemed to thread through us as we let the fresh air caress our skins. Presently, I slid my right arm behind Brenda and rested my hand on her right hip. Brenda did the same to me and, carefully, checking her face first, did the same to Dianne. She broke her reverie for a moment to look at what we were doing. Seemingly still feeling on safe ground, she placed her arm behind Brenda at her waist. Bill followed next and placed his left hand on Dianne’s left shoulder while she took his waist. The chain was complete.

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