Carabella Ch. 05


He leaned over her, kissing her mouth hungrily, tasting her, letting her taste him. The kisses were furiously passionate, and he made no attempt to hide the aching need he felt, the raging hunger that was sweeping through him making him shake with his effort to control his lust. He could feel her trembling beneath his hands, and it thrilled him to his core. He wanted her out of control, wanted her as slavishly enthralled as he was.

He trailed a hand down her belly, loving the mound of it, the roundness and soft pleasure of its silkiness against his fingers. He loved the feel of her pubic hair against his palm, and he bit her nipple in delight, soothing the hurt at once with a slow lick, before tugging it into his mouth to suckle. She groaned, and he treated her other nipple to the same deadly assault, all the while spreading her legs with his hand. When she opened for him, he swiped hungry knuckles over her wet slit, over her rigid bud, and she gasped in reaction.

When the tip of his shaft touched her wet slit, he groaned, fighting to stop the shaking that was taking him over, fighting for control. He pushed in slowly. She wasn’t a virgin, but the pleasure he felt as he pushed into her snug depths had him holding his breath to stop himself from coming just from the close fit. And as he slipped in, he felt her sucking him in greedily, her muscles grasping him, pulling him in, swallowing him.

“Ah, God, Bella, you’re killing me!” he groaned.

He gritted his teeth, and noted the smug smile on her face at his words.

“Witch!” he groused heatedly, and bent to punish her with a searing kiss meant to steal her breath and her heart.

“You wouldn’t let me hold you!” she huffed desperately, her breath coming in gasps as he pulled out, and pushed in slowly again.

He pulled out again, savoring the feel of her cream against his heated shaft, growling with intense pleasure as she sucked him back in, deep, delicious sucks of her pussy walls against his cock. He wanted to curse with the sweetness that he felt, and the urge to thrust in hard and fast, to take her without restraints, to fuck her silly, overwhelmed his control. He barely held himself from ramming into her.

“Stop teasing me, Rick!” she moaned at him, biting the nipple that was closest to her mouth, then licking it in heated desire.

Rick exploded, unable to keep his hips still a second longer. He plunged into her hot sex, ramming her to her core, over and over, in and out, hard, fast, hungry thrusts, dragging her up with him as he broke into blinding sunlight and shot his load. He was helpless in the face of his orgasm, the force of it battering at him, making him shake and growl like an animal. When he finally stopped, his lust spent, his loins at last sated, he collapsed on top of her, barely managing to hold himself off her enough to stop from suffocating her.

Cara felt herself coming as Rick did, the depths of her womb contracting in sweet joy at the feel of him, all that glorious, wonderful length and breadth of him, pumping and exploding inside her. The orgasm blew her away, and brought tears to her eyes. She was not the kind of person to sleep with just any man. There had to be an emotional connection. It seemed she had a deeper connection to Rick that she was prepared to admit, as nothing in her experience had prepared her for the complete loss of herself and her inhibitions that this first time with Rick had brought.

She felt him move, felt him pull her to him, felt his heartbeat against her back, felt herself lost in him. And the fear overwhelmed her.

“You’re getting awfully comfortable, Professor!” she said shakily, knowing she was breaking the mood, needing to bring him back, so she could find herself again.

His arm tightened over her belly, and he pulled her closer. “I have time, and I want to savor you. Will that be a problem?”

Cara heard the words, and the tension behind them. She was walking a very thin line. She had just had the best sex of her life with a man she feared she was in love with, and she didn’t know what to do about it. A woman of her age didn’t just have an affair with her professor. And she harbored no illusions that Rick really wanted any more from her than an affair. He would see sense eventually, and realize that she was completely unsuitable for him.

“No, no problem! I just don’t want to be the reason you’re late, that’s all!”

His mouth on her neck melted her, against her will. She felt his tongue leaving a trail of fire down her arm, before he turned her over so he could suckle her breasts again, making her lust rise again, and her need for distance pale into insignificance.

“Rick, please!” she moaned, when his tongue began a wicked circling of her left nipple.

“What can I do for you, sweetheart?” Another wicked lick across her right nipple. “I’ll please you however you like!” His voice was hoarse, a testament to his own arousal.

“I…” Cara couldn’t form a coherent thought as Rick systematically destroyed etiler escort her presence of mind. By the time his once again raging erection was seated to the hilt inside her, she was practically insensible with need. He didn’t spend any time torturing her this time, but took her quick and hard, riding her to a shattering climax, shouting as he himself came apart inside her.

Cara’s breathing was as labored as his, her heart racing as hard, when he pulled himself off her, sitting up slowly. He dragged a shaking hand over his face, and turned to her.

“Stay here, Bella! I’ll be right back!”

She lay still, pulling the edges of the bed covers over her, and listened to water running in the bathroom. When he stepped back into the room, he held a washrag in his hands. Cara felt her face flaming, knowing what he intended, and feeling herself fall further, deeper, harder. She watched him walk over to her, gloriously naked and unashamed, and watched as he tenderly cleaned her and put her underwear back on.

“Time for us to go, baby!” he said as he dressed himself, watching her put her own clothes back on and push her fingers through her hair. “Need a brush? Use mine! It’s in the bathroom!” When she hesitated, he added, a quirk to his lips, “I swear I don’t have cooties!”

Cara felt her smile turn to a chuckle, and she let it out as she walked into his well-appointed bathroom. Snagging the brush, she brushed her hair slowly, not wanting to leave, and yet knowing she would be afraid to stay.


His voice interrupted her musings. “Yes, sorry!”

He came to stand behind her and wrapped his arms around her gently. “I can hear the wheels turning, baby!” He bent to press a soft kiss to the side of her neck. “Just let it go, okay? We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

She turned away from the mirror wordlessly, and let him lead her back out to the car. As he helped her into the car, he whispered against her ear,

“And I promise I won’t rush you tomorrow, either. We’ll take our own sweet time, baby!”

He kissed her mouth gently, too, and let her sit. Closing her into the car, he went around and got in. The ride back to the university was quiet, as though he was getting himself prepared for his class. Cara stayed quiet, too, unwilling to distract him. It was giving her time to think, for which she was grateful. Her body still tingled from the pleasant lethargy stealing over her. How she would make it through her evening with the girls she had no idea, because all she could think about was the way Rick made her mindless, and of how much she wanted to feel that again.

“We’re here,” his voice interrupted her thoughts. “I’ll barely make it to class,” he added, his eyes on her mouth, “and God alone knows how I’ll pull it off today!” He bent his head and bussed her lips lightly, and then ended, “Call me before you go to the girls, okay? I need to hear you, since I won’t see you!”

Cara swallowed before replying, and smiled at him. “I’m leaving at six. Shall I call your office?”

“Call my cell phone!” When she raised surprised eyes to his face, he added, “The things I want to say to you cannot have any chance to be heard by listening ears on university phones!”

Cara’s eyes widened. “Do you really think they tap your phones?” She was horrified.

“I don’t know, but I won’t take that chance! Not with this!” He reached a hand over to touch her face, cradling her cheek tenderly. “Not with you!”

He turned away to remove one of his business cards from his wallet. “Call me, okay?”

“Yes,” she whispered, “I’ll call you!”

The rest of the afternoon was a blur for her. By the time she got home, it was five, and she was exhausted, emotionally and physically. And she wanted Rick with an intensity that astounded her. She packed the picnic basket with her contributions to the potluck, and went to shower. She could feel his hands and his mouth on her as the warm water cascaded down her sensitive skin, and as she washed herself, passing the washrag between over the lips of her sex, she moaned in heated passion, wishing she was showering with him.

The phone ringing startled her, and she let it ring. Whoever it was could wait. When it rang again, she stumbled out of the shower and ran to get it, dripping water everywhere, a towel barely covering her.

“Hello?” She was breathless, from passion and running.

“I’m outside, baby!” Rick said. “May I come in?”

“Rick, I’ll be late!” she protested, shivering, though not with cold.

“Come open the door, Bella, please?”

Was it her imagination or did his voice get darker? She shivered again.

“I…I’m not dressed!” That was the wrong thing to say, and his next words confirmed it.

“All the better! Open the door, Bella! Please!”

His voice was hoarse now, as well as dark and sexy. Cara felt herself creaming, and he wasn’t even in the room with her. Her breath quickened, her heart rate increased, eve gelen escort and she tried to fight the call of her flesh.

“This isn’t a good idea, Rick!” she said, backing away to her bedroom, as though he were already in the room and stalking her.

“Do you think it’s a better idea for me to wait till you come out, and take you then, out here?” His voice held a dark threat, sensual, determined, desperate. “Open the door, please, baby! Don’t make me wait any longer!”

Cara hurried to open the door, and when she saw the look on Rick’s face, she backed away. His eyes were dark and yet they glowed with a fire of lust so hot, she felt scorched under his gaze. She turned and walked away to her bedroom, leaving him to close the door. She needed to dress, or at least to get something more than a wet towel on her before she could face the look in his eyes. She made it to the door, before he was there, his hands on her shoulders, turning her, pulling her to his chest, and kissing her silly.

“I couldn’t wait till tomorrow, and I wanted to do more than hear your voice!” His voice was dark, sinfully thrilling, making her sex tingle with need. “I couldn’t get the sound of you coming out of my mind. I can still taste you, baby!”

He kissed her again, slow, hot, wet, deep kisses, hungry kisses that ate away at her, that raised the heat of her passion, that had her opening herself to him, raising her leg so she could rub herself against him, now herself hungry to feel him and have him. He pressed against her, his heart hammering against her hands, his erection pushing up against her naked pussy, setting her on fire.

“Jesus, baby!” His exclamation came between heated kisses, as he slid a hand down her belly to her sex, and thrust inside that aching depth. “You’re so wet for me!”

“I’m going to be late if I don’t leave in the next ten minutes, Rick!” she whispered breathlessly, not caring in the least if she never had another girls night out, as long as Rick could make her feel like she was just then.

“I’ll take you, after we love each other one more time, baby!” He kissed her neck, still thrusting hard and deep inside her. “I wanna be where my happy finger is right now!”

He thrust in again, fondling that special spot inside as he withdrew that made Cara cry out, her orgasm a breath away. If he would just touch her there one more…TIME!! Oh God! Cara came, hard, jerking in his arms her uplifted leg, collapsing against him, her breath lost, her skin on fire. She felt him move her, but she had no will to do more than let him lay her on the bed, and watch him shuck his clothing, throwing them wherever, in total disregard for where they landed, and coming over her, palming his cock in trembling hands.

“Take me, baby! Take all of me!”

His voice shook as he pushed inside her, and Cara opened herself to him, feeling him caress that sensitive spot that had had her crashing only a few moments before. He thrust in hard and deep, as his finger had a moment before, and withdrew slowly, before thrusting in again, harder than before. Over and over, the depth of his plunging touching her womb, caressing her G-spot, as he took her over and over, harder and higher until neither of them could stave off the crash. He roared as his cum boiled up from his tight sacs, his hips pistoning in and out of her convulsing channel, feeling her orgasm surging around him as she contracted on his cock.

Rick was helpless to stop himself from taking her hard, harder than he had ever taken any other women of his acquaintance. She called out all the hidden animalistic tendencies that he had submerged, and she was threatening to make him lose the control he had over the dominant side of his nature. He knew, in his heart, that she was not ever going to submit to him in any way if she knew what he was, but he was willing to curb that side of himself, if only to keep her in his bed…hell, to keep her in his life. She made him think differently about everything he thought he had decided on. She was the woman he used to dream about, as a raw teenager, the woman who would fill the hole in his chest that not even his writing ever filled.

He pulled her into his side, and felt her breathing slow, felt her heart rate calm, felt her relax against him. He couldn’t understand his reaction to her, couldn’t explain why suddenly, as her bottom moved against him, he felt himself lengthening again behind her. What the hell was wrong with him? He had never had so many orgasms with the same woman on one day. Heck, truth be told, he thought, as he rubbed her arm tenderly, the few women he had had were more interested in his reputation than in him. They didn’t mind a roll in the hay, as long as they could be seen with him.

He felt her breathing slow, and knew she’d be asleep in a minute if he didn’t rouse her. And though he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep with her in his arms, he didn’t want her to miss her evening fatih escort with her friends. He’d rather she be late…at least she’d have a good reason, this time. He grinned at the thought as he blew in her ear to wake her.

“No falling asleep, sweetie! Time to get ready for the girls!” He made his voice low, seductive, so she would think of him as she had fun with her friends.

Cara stirred and looked up into Rick’s brown eyes. They were rich chocolate, and she could easily drown herself in them. She saw the smile in them, the banked fires of desire…for her. She smiled back, bemused and warm with her own overwhelming feelings for him.

“I know,” she answered him, and stirred against him, moving reluctantly away from the warm hardness of his body. “I’ll have to call them to tell them I’ll be late,” she added as she rummaged around for underwear before going back into the bathroom.

As if on cue, her phone rang. Rick was closest to it, so he picked it up and answered without thinking.

“Bella’s phone! Good evening!”

There was a small shocked silence on the other end of the line, and then a very restrained female voice said,

“May I speak with her, please?”

“Surely!” he answered, a grin splitting his face as Cara grabbed the phone from him and glared at him. “Hi Jody! Yes, a friend! Well…”

Her voice faded as she went back into the bathroom, and Rick rose to get his own clothes, now wrinkled, off the floor. He could just imagine her trying to explain him to her friends, and he could see the color creeping up her cheeks as she did, knowing what they had just done for the third time that day, in her bed. For some reason, he felt ridiculously happy, and unable to sober up. He stopped trying to wipe the smile from his face, and straightened the bedclothes before going back into her living room to wait for Cara to emerge from the bathroom. He took in the picnic basket, and wished again that she could stay with him.

An idea formed as he waited, and he pulled his cell phone out to make a call. He was just finishing it when he saw her come through to the kitchen, a soft swag slung over her shoulder, matching the tiny chocolate-colored leather skirt she wore. The top was tiny, too, and her breasts fairly popped out at him, making his mouth water, and his rod harden. She’s killing me, he thought as she approached to collect the basket. I won’t survive this evening!

“You’re beautiful, Miss Thang!” he said out loud, knowing he looked as pole-axed as he felt.

“Thank you, Rick!” she answered shyly. “We usually vamp it up a bit when we hang out together, because sometimes we go clubbing after dinner…”

The look on his face stopped her in mid-sentence. “What? What’s wrong?”

Rick swallowed, trying to control the words on the tip of his tongue. Clubbing? In THAT get-up? No fucking way! “I’m just…surprised that you would go out like that!” he said lamely, knowing any way he said it would be offensive.

“Like what?” she asked, an edge to her voice, one brow quirked in question. “I thought you said I looked fine!”

“I said you’re beautiful, actually,” he corrected her, “but that’s also true when you’re naked, baby!”

She was not moved by his feeble attempt to save himself. “It’s okay for me to look like a student, or a midlifer, but not like a woman, right? It’s okay as long as my sexuality is hidden?”

She was angry, and Rick didn’t know how to defuse the heated fury he saw mounting in her eyes. He had no experience with older women, and certainly not with any woman whom he was interested in keeping. He stayed where he was, even though he wanted to tear the outfit from her and make wild monkey love to her right there in her kitchen.

“I’m sorry, Bella! I don’t mean to upset you, baby! I’m just surprised.” He paused, not sure he should admit the rest, and then he saw her face — the hurt and the confusion — and he gave up any pretense he had been harboring that he was in control of what was happening with her. “To be frank, I hate the thought of you going clubbing in an outfit like that, where any other man than me will see you, and want you, and maybe touch you.”

He moved then, walking over to where she stood, and taking her hand in his. “I want to be the only man you look like that for!”

He felt the tremor in the hand he held, and hazarded another look into her eyes. The sheen of tears threw him for a loop, and he pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her.

“I’m sorry, baby!”

Cara shook her head vigorously, unable to speak, but wanting him to know he had manage to defuse her anger with his last words. She swallowed the tears she knew he had seen, and reached up to kiss the corner of his mouth.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow,” she promised, smiling. “But right now, you have to let me go, Rick! I need to leave, if we’re to have dinner before eight!”

“Baby, I don’t want to let you go. Le me take you? Please? I’ll find something to do till you call me to come get you!”

Rick knew he was begging, but he didn’t care. Something huge was happening, and he wasn’t about to let it pass. He held her still, and made her hold his gaze till she nodded. The relief that swamped him almost made him lose his grip on her. He puffed out the breath he had been holding and picked up the basket, after planting a kiss on her mouth.

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