Candy Land Pt. 04

Big Dicks

Daniel wasn’t home when she arrived, but his car was still parked in the driveway when she pulled in beside him, garage door rumbling as it sealed their vehicles in for the night. After a few minutes of searching the vacant house she felt her determination wane.

There had to be a reason he had not taken her yet, and it couldn’t be simply because he believed torture to be akin to sexual gratification. Perhaps sober, the thought of her entirely undressed wasn’t as appealing to him. It wasn’t appealing to her, which is why she so often preferred fantasy to reality. Which is why she hadn’t slept with a man in nearly two years.

Yet in a matter of days Daniel had made her ache, a constant pooling of desire evident in her panties. Had she wanted to take them off and throw them at him while screaming this was his fault? Yes.

Had he gotten her to pleasure him orally in her very office? Yes.

Would he keep pushing her limits? Was she allowed to push his?

A sharp knock at her back patio door shattered any hope she might have clung to about finding release this evening with Daniel. She shouldn’t even want to find it with him, it could only lead to disaster. If things went south work would become a mess, she’d lose her home, and the people she called family would slowly wither away from her as Daniel would.

Sleeping with him wasn’t an option.

Sliding the glass back, Mina looked at her neighbor, a grey haired woman with an equally grey haired husband. She adored them, a reflection of what she wanted when she was their age.

“You coming across the way?” She asked and Mina gave her a quizzical look which prompted her neighbor to explain, “To the cookout, dear, Daniel’s already over there. The whole block nearly is, and then some. Didn’t Daniel tell you about it?”

“Must have slipped his mind.”

Mina quickly kicked off her heels and slid on a pair of sandals before following her neighbor down a twisted path through seagrass and onto her bustling patio alight with mingling guests, passed drinks, and the smoke from the grill which filled the air with a thick haze like fog rolling in.

Through it all she saw him.

Daniel had an elbow leaned against the rail as if his worries from this morning had dissipated. A lazy grin was on his face and amusement behind his eyes as a lean woman in a sheer sundress laughed and reached across to touch her hand to his.

There was no jealousy, only a sinking disappointment that he would have that woman tonight instead of her. He was easy enough to look at with his sturdy built and stubbled jaw. The saying about confidence inspiring attraction was constructed out of the English language just for him.

His eyes flickered to her, yet before she could see him return his attention to the woman, Mina turned from him and mingled. Had she not, maybe she would have akwanledge how that intensity from earlier was matched in their gaze, unspoken tension growing thicker as they ignored each other.

It wasn’t until the sun had sank that her mind gave into him once more, the party having spread out along the beach like a tide. As if an anchor, the woman had hooked herself into Daniel’s side, warning up to him as they stood around a roasting fire.

He didn’t get to play with her. She wasn’t an amusement for him. If he wanted to play at this, he would play to the end or not at all. Mina’s fervor acted like a drunken state of mind, the beat of her heart a toxin making her breath catch as she decided she would only go to bed after Daniel had been in it.

Swaying up to him she tried his confidence on, the attitude a bit stifling. “Look at who is mingling after sunset. You may not know this, but there are rumors circulating that the great Daniel Reed is part of the undead.”

Her hand went to his back, the pressure light.

The woman wrinkled her gaze and took a slight step back. “The undead, huh, what happens if you stay up until sun up?”

“I can tell you from personal experience, it’s not pleasant seeing him during the daylight hours,” Mina answered and felt the muscles in his back twitch.

“And you are?” The woman asked.

“Go on, Dan, who am I?”

“If I am the undead then she is my Van Helsing. Will you excuse us,” he said clipped, his own arm going around her shoulders like dead weight as he pulled his arm from the woman and marched down the beach. “What are you doing?”


“You’re terrible at it.”

“I know,” she grinned and things felt normal for a moment until his large hands wrapped around her waist and he licked his lips like he was to devour her.

“I didn’t tell you earlier, but you look really good today. Pink suits you.”

“Then you’d love my panties.”

His hands constricted, a breath leaving his chest.

“Would I?”

“They are pink,” she purred and managed to feel sexy saying it. She filled them out more robustly than the woman he’d been speaking with. “Want to see?”

“What an offer.”

Mina let her hands touch his as she moved them down her body, hiking up her skirt only enough to slip her cevizli escort hands under. She didn’t reveal herself to him, instead hooked her fingers along the elastic and pulled them down her legs, the scent of her womanhood plumed around them, mixing with the salty sea air.

She gathered them in her hand, making sure when she handed them to him that the wettest part smothered his palm.

Stepping back she gave him cheshire smile – she wasn’t faking it. “Enjoy your night,” she said smoothly and turned in the direction of their house.

Her heart was racing by the time she climbed the steps to the patio, the crassness of her act making her question herself. How lude had she been to give Daniel a pair of her used panties? How wet were her thighs thinking of how she had left him stunned…

Gasping as hands fell on her, turning her into a strong build, her parted lips were soon covered by Daniel’s as he pressed her into the sliding glass door. With any more intensity he would have shattered it.

Her arms looped around his neck, straining on her very tiptoes to keep pressed to him, tongue franetic against his as they fumbled through the initials throws. She felt his hand balled at the small of her back as it clutched her panties, the other under her skirt immediately, hand curving around her bare ass to pull her in tight.

She clawed at his shirt, finding a way under to smooth her palms up his back. Giving in and letting miniscule moans rise up from her throat.

Reluctantly the hand around her behind left to slide the door open as he swept her further into their house, a parade of lust as they lifted off items of clothing and dropped them to the floor in a path carved inward through the dark house.

Her skin exposed, pale even in the dark, soft under his hands. Breasts fell from their keep, silky and round, only the tiny pink nipples perky. A hand of his took the weight of a breast into his palm, locating the pebbled nipple and giving it a pinch and tug. She drew her lips from his to cry out. They were so sensitive and yearning to feel the hotness of his mouth around him.

“My room,” she tugged at him.

“What’s wrong with mine.”

“I don’t have time to list off the reasons,” she panted and pressed her lips past the stubble of his chin to his neck. He complied so easily after that, pacing backwards until they ran into her door jam.

A soft oomph rolled off her tongue, fingers digging into his back as he trapped her, needy fingers on the zipper of her skirt. When he couldn’t undo it he nearly shoved the material up, fingers between her thick thighs as he found her wet lips.

“The hottest thing,” he muttered, biting her earlobe before he faced her, forehead against her own. “Is when when a woman is soaked and you’ve not even touched her yet.”

A warmth spilt inside her and she felt her legs clench around his hand in anticipation as his fingers burrowed through swollen, thick lips to find her nub. A cry left her lips when he found it, hips gyrating down to add blissful pressure.

Hands went to his already undone pants, shoving them down, boxers included. Her fingers wrapped around the familiar girth of this cock, stroking at the pace he flicked her clit.

Taking charge she moaned, “I need you.”

“Second hottest thing,” he rasped and removed his hand from her sex to wrap around her thigh, joined by his other hand and the sensation of him trying to lift her.

Panicked, she shook her head. “No, no, no you can’t. I’m not small enough.”

“I’m strong enough.” Daniel hoisted her from the floor. Wedged between the door and his wide chest as she let out a yelp. Her arms secured around his neck, raggedly breathing, thinking only of the head of his cock which brushed along her sodden, unshaved sex.

Shifting his hips with a practiced maneuver Daniel aligned himself with her tight entrance and quickly sank inside her.

Eyes shutting, a whimper was drawn from her as she was stretched by the width of his shaft. She couldn’t detect the curve, or if she was, her body only registered it as part of the explosive sensation of being filled after too long.

When he pulled out she groaned, arching her back and keeping it strained as he began to thrust his hips, quickly coating himself in her juices. From this angle his pelvis nudged her clit, stimulating it through the hood adding depth to the stirring build up she experienced at his mercy.

His lips captured hers once more, emptying his grunts of approval and exertions down her throat. They tasted almost sweet to her. A hand running into his hair as she lost herself in sensation.

“You feel so good,” she muttered, dazed.

Mina almost didn’t catch how he grunted, “I need to touch you,” before pulling her from the door jam and into her room. He pressed her into the bed, her skirt still around her hips. She could feel his belly hanging down to brush against her, hairs princling her as he nestled into a new depth and more firm thrust.

Her hips bucked, his hands over them. erenköy escort Over her sides, reaching at the mounds of her breasts as his lips ravished any skin they could contact. So hungry for her that she felt herself slip into orgasm with little warning, spasming around his thick cock.

“Yes, don’t stop…please don’t stop,” she wailed as the waves release crashed over her and soon she felt the spasming of his cock as she milked each spurt of his seed. He pinned her there with his hips, emptying into her with a near roar of satisfaction.

Mina had never felt particularly attractive after sex, the conscious presence of her sweaty and uncovered body finally permeating her thoughts. Not this time, all she could think of was the skirt around her waist, how Daniel couldn’t have waited a second longer to remove it before having her.

He began to soften inside her, eventually shifting his weight from atop her to settling on his side. Her legs numbly throbbed at having been pushed wide for so long, so she kept them open, seed seeping from her pussy. A thought came to her.

“Where are my panties?”

“Pants pocket. I’m keeping them.” He captured her eyes in his. “Or I’ll do them in the next load of laundry.”

“If you do, give them back. They are nice.”

“They are nice. And no.” He drummed one hand lightly on his stomach and the other he kept on her, sliding along her shoulder. It just a single finger dancing along her spine but she shivered. She still felt his touch everywhere.

It made her conscious of how Daniel was in her room, naked. She was naked. And filled with his cum. Dipping her hand between her thighs she scooped some out with her fingers as if to verify the reality of where she lay. The more frightening reality was what came next. There had to be an after and she quickly closed her legs, turning to face him. “Why would you want to keep my panties?”

“To remind myself of the time you publicly step out of your panties.”

“You don’t need a reminder. You’re memory is fantastic.”

“Need and want are two different things.”

It was important statement to be sad after what they had shared. Had she needed him, or had she merely wanted him? When their lips have been locked in their hands scouring each other’s bodies those words seem the same. “Did you need or want me?”

“Need,” he said hand still brushing along her arm, the radius of his touch widening.

The word made her nipples harden.

“How do you know?”

“Because,” his voice was deep and his finger left her arm to explore her breasts, still with a single curious fingers. “If I didn’t have you I would have drown myself in the ocean to rid my mind of thoughts of you.”

“That’s dramatic.”

“I’m a writer and I want you.” He rolled her nipples between his forefinger and thumb. He seemed to test how much pressure she could handle by squeezing, then squeezing harder until she convulsed. She was watching his hand, how it released the peaked nub and caressed it after.

“You want me?” Mina said, unsure even though he went to her other nipple, finding it against the bed and repeating his process. She was breathing hard again.

“Yes, I don’t rather feel like offing myself, I just want to make you cum again. That’s how I know the difference.”

Daniels large hand pushed her back against the bed as he rolled on top, mouth dropping around one of the nipples he has teased into sensitivity. She gave him a liquid moan, it seemed to flood the room.

Mina wanted him too. She thought she understood the difference.

He moved to the other breast, this one he nibbled on, then flicked his tongue against in relentless pursuit of making her arch her back. Daniel worked as slowly as he had the first day, only this time his broad body hovered over her. They were in the reverse.

She wanted to understand something else. “Pin my arms above my head.”

At first he didn’t move and she concluded he mustn’t have heard as he continued his exploration. She was too timid to ask again.

There was no need to. As soon as she moved one of her hands to cradle the back of his head he moved rapidly, peeling the hand from his head and shoving it above, while he quickly wrangled the other. He locked her fingers around both her wrists, keeping them pinned to the bed.

This spread her out, plumping her breasts so her nipples faced the ceiling. Wiggling to see how strong his hold was, she found it like iron. Her sucked more of her breast into his mouth, his focus on them causing her sex ache in demand as he stimulate pleasure within her without even touching her pussy.

“Do you like this?” He asked.


“Would you like me to bind your hands?”


Yes, she wanted to touch him, yet the restraint did something more for her, previously unexplored in any of her prior relations. She would never have wanted to be caught like that.

His lips left her breasts and worked up to her neck, nibbling and drawing squeaky noises from her. When he reached esenyurt escort her lips he kissed her deep and mutter, “Too bad we’re not in my room,” before freeing her and sitting up on his haunches. Between his legs his curved length was hard.

“Daniel! Don’t just tease a girl.”

“But you respond so well to it. I don’t. I’m a needy man.”

“Shouldn’t it be wanty? A wanty man?” she joked.

“Clearly, you are thinking too much.” He rolled away from her. “Get on top.”

Mina protested, knowing it wasn’t her best angle and it made the extra pounds she carried more evident. “I don’t do on top.”

“You were the other night, when you had me pinned.”

“We had clothes on.”

“Some clothes.” His blue eyes drove into hers. “It will be better without them. Might not be able to tie you up, but you can still submit. Get on top. Now. And take off the skirt.”

Mina felt the same foreign hold take over her when he gave commands with such gravitas. It pushed out her thoughts and gave her a solitary purpose. She wiggled the material over her hips and pushed it away.

Crawling onto her knees she slipped over his barreled chest and positioned herself just before his manhood. It pressed against the slightly spread cheeks of her ass. Their combined fluids had leaked between her cheeks.

“Now what?”

He gripped her thighs. “Very good of you to ask. Reach behind you and take my cock in your hand.”

She did.

He purred in approval. “Now, stroke it. I just want to watch you.”

She felt a twinge of discomfort being on display, but her room was dark except for the light flooding in from the den. And she had his words, his commands like a safety net. He wanted this.

Her hand worked up and down his length. She could feel the veins along her palm. She could feel the precum oozing down to join the wetness of his pubes from earlier. Nothing was more remarkable than his face, lips parted and eyes getting heavy-lidded the more she got into the handjob.

Rocking against him, she felt her breasts jiggle. Wetness dripped from her spread pussy onto his stomach along with the remainder of his semen.

“Yeah,” he breathed after a while. “Grip me harder.”

She did. Her whole body moved. The bed moved.

His hands remained on her thighs, fingers cutting into her flesh like he was trying to resist holding her. Like before, when he had needed her. Knowing that, she whimpered.

“You want to fuck me?” He growled, more animal than Daniel at this point.

“Yes,” she breathed, the same beast as him.

“Then keep stroking my cock. Jesus fuck, just like that.” He was bucking his hips into her hand. She was doing something right. “Tell me what you want again!”

“I want to fuck you.”

“Again. Tell me how bad.”

“So bad. I need to feel you inside of me again.”

“Are you wet enough?”


“How wet,” he demanded.

“I am soaked. God, I am soaked.” She was practically yelling, having lost herself in the moment. She worked him furiously, at the same time dragging her clit back and forth against his stomach in need.

Now she really knew the difference. She needed him. Now.

“Why should I let you fuck me?”

“Because I am so wet for you, Dan.”

“I am so wet for you*, sir*.”

Mina crumbled. “Yes, I am so wet for you, sir.”

“Good,” he released her thighs, “then fuck me.”

She lifted her body, using the hand that was already around his thick shaft to guide him into her splayed pussy. He slide in all the way as he powerfully thrust into her at the same time she slammed her hips down.

Again and again, their bodied met in great smacking sounds as bed whined against the abuse. She ground her self into him every time she had him deepest inside her, breathing quickly and letting him know how grateful she was to have been allowed to fuck him. The words rolled off her tongue.

His hands had been freed, roaming her body and gripping her hips madly. Savagely. They were wild things. A fist found its way into her dark hair, pulling her down so he could kiss her.

Gasping against her lips he demanded, “Tell me again how thankful you are.”

“Thank you, sir, for letting me fuck you,” she cried out, hands on his chest as she pushed back and forth on his thick length. It was coated in her wetness.

“Keep fucking me…just like that with your tight, fucking cunt.”

“Thank for filling my tight cunt.”

Was I really saying all this!

“Want me to fill it with cum?”

“Yes, sir.”

His large hand slapped her behind hard in single strike. A strangled yelp left her mouth along with. “Yes, sir, please fill me with cum.”

“Not until you cum, princess,” he hissed with a devilish half smile on his face. He hadn’t called her princess in years, yet somehow, the mocking term he had once called her when she was fresh from college and younger made the walls of her sex tighten around him as if he commanded this orgasm too.

She spasmed, doubling over as he clung to her ass, drilling up into her as she reeled from the sensation of cumming again so quickly.

“I came for you, sir. Please, fill me. Please come for me,” She whimpered, head against his sweaty chest. He lifted them both from the bed with his hips as he pistoned thick ropes of cum into her once more. She was so raw inside that she could feel the heat of his seed this time coat her walls.

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