Caroline and Alexandra Pt. 01


“I can’t believe we did that?”

“Did what? The humping or the other?”

He laughed at that. “Humping? I don’t think I’ve heard it called humping since I was like 15?”

“Is that when you had your first? 15? I was way older, I’m sad to say.” She was sitting at a chair at a vanity. It was a very nice hotel room. She was brushing out her hair. “Are you sorry we did it?”

“God no.” He was lying on the bed watching her. “I’ve wanted you for years.”

“You’re sweet, but you lie.” She smiled at him through the mirror. Her hair looked as good as it was going to. Maybe people would think she just had the windows down. She stood up and sorted through the pile of clothes on the floor. She pulled her panties on. As he looked at her, her panties only accentuated the length of her legs. He had recovered and clumsily pulled himself to the end of the bed. He grabbed her and yanked her back down with him.

“Stop. I don’t want to have to do my hair again.” She pushed him back and pinned him down by straddling him. gebze escort It only served to arouse him further.

“Stay. We can spend the afternoon in bed. We can order room service.”

“You know we can’t do that.” She was moving slowly atop his cock. She could feel him firm against her. He could feel the satin panties sliding against him.

“I’m not done fucking you yet.” He had his hands on her hips, pushing her back and forth over his cock. He wanted in her again.

“Humping.” She corrected him. Her eyes were closed and she laid her head back.

“They aren’t interchangeable?”

“No. I’m not mad at you. If I get mad at you I’ll fuck you.”

“If or when?” He reached his hand between them. He tugged her panties until he had access to her. Despite her protests she let him.

She sighed as he entered her. “Shhh.” She wanted him quiet. She placed a hand between her legs, her fingers squeezing between them until placed where they needed göztepe escort to be. She played with herself, he moved her hips for her. They moved silently together. He felt her orgasm, her pussy squeezing his cock as if it were a fist. He moved her hips again until he joined her. As he came for her they held their bodies still. She kept her eyes pried shit. He watched.

She smiled. “I love feeling you do that.”

“What part?”

“That. It’s still doing it.”

He knew he was still coming but he wanted her to say it. “Say it.” He said to her.

She looked straight at him. He liked how her hair, long, blond, slightly curly, fell down the side of her head. “I love to feel your cock jizz up inside my cunt.” She snarled a bit as she said it. “Better.”


“You are a pervert.” She knew she needed to get up. She needed to go, but he was still hard inside of her and she had been honest when she said she liked feeling him come inside of halkalı escort her.

“Is that what Andy said?” he asked. Andy was his wife and her sister.


“That’s why you did that other thing. She told you I was a pervert and liked it.”

“Yes.” She said. The inner torment of discussing her sister and why she shoved a finger up his ass while relishing the sensation of his cock inside of her, pulsing, was killing her. “I have to go.” She said. She still didn’t move though. Not with him moving his hips like he was. She started to massage her clit again. This time she fucked him.

Her blouse was miss-buttoned as she scurried from the room, her shoes clutched in her hand. She hadn’t said goodbye. She had been crying. He chased after her as far as the elevator. She never did make it back to work. She had run home, showered, changed and went about her evening duties of picking up her kids, doing homework and making dinner. That night she performed her wifely duties. It was easier to screw Doug than it had been to screw her brother in law. Doug came quickly and went to sleep. She didn’t need to get herself off afterward like normal. She had taken care of that already. As much as her mind and heart told her she should never see Alex again she knew she would. His text had suggested lunch tomorrow. She didn’t think they would screw but they might.

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