Cabin Retreat Ch. 01


We’d discussed how much fun it might be to stay in a cabin and possibly get snowed in for a few extra days that could involve even more hot, and sometimes kinky, sex. We both felt the need for sexual adventure and “sexploration” that most of those we knew would be aghast about if the topic was mentioned.

With winter being unpredictable in the south, trying to plan such a getaway wasn’t easy. First there was finding the destination, then scheduling the date and time off. Coordinating all the related schedules was a chore as well.

We decided the easiest thing to do was to leave your car in long term parking at the airport, then have me pick you up from one of the gates. Your car would be gone from home while you were on your trip and we could ride together to our destination. I picked you up at the gate as planned. “How was your trip?” I asked. You laughed and looked at my coyly as you responded, “I’ll let you know when we get to the cabin.” I smiled back. Anyone overhearing might think we were just a regular couple and we were heading home to our cabin.

Once we pulled away from the curb, we held hands as we made our way towards the interstate. We chatted about work and kids, and of course sex. By the time we made a rest stop stop, we were both a little horny. We parked a bit away from the other vehicles so we had a little discretion as we made out a bit before getting out of the truck. As we kissed, I fondled your tits and you grabbed my cock through my pants.

We did our business at the rest stop, grabbed some drinks and headed back to the truck. We made out a bit more, groping and fondling once again before getting back on the road. We saw some clouds to the west on the horizon. They didn’t seem to be moving our way, but we commented that perhaps we’d see our fantasy come true – that just perhaps the wintry brown would be replaced by snowy white and our trip might be extended.

We stopped once more to grab gas and lunch, making out once again. This time, I snaked my hand up under your top to play with your tits through your bra, teasing the nipples nice and hard. You unzipped my pants and fondled my cock and balls through my underwear. “Soon, baby,” I say as we break the kiss, straighten out clothes and get back on the road.

We finally arrive at our destination, a private campground next to a state park. It’s getting close to dinner time, so after checking into our cabin and unloading our things, I drive next door to setup “my campsite” for the weekend as well while you start prepping dinner. I get back in time to help you cook put the finishing touches on dinner.

As we embrace next to the stove, I slide one of my cold hands up your back under your top, tracing your spine up to your bra strap. You gasp at the coldness of my fingertips on your spine as my other hand caresses your ass. You moan pleasantly as I deftly unhook your bra and slide my hand around you and under your bra to feel your thick nipple get hard against my palm as I give your breast a squeeze. You can feel my cock harden against your stomach. We’re both looking forward to the “dessert” we’ve discussed.

I slide my other hand upwards under your top and bra, pinching and tugging on both nipples as our tongues explore each others’ mouths. It’s my turn to moan as you squeeze my cock and balls through my pants, giving my cock a few tight strokes through the fabric. “Would you like an appetizer before dinner?” you ask as we briefly break our kiss, our breathing becoming harder.

“I would,” I respond, “But I want dessert to be all that we want it to be. Let’s eat.”

We fill our bowls with the hearty stew we’ve cooked, simple but filling enough. We clink our beer bottles together, “To naughty fun.” We both smile, knowing the fun we have planned for this weekend.

We flirted throughout our brief meal, watching the sunset through the cabin window. Noticing that the temperature was obviously dropping, I started building a fire in the fireplace while you rinsed the dishes and put the remainder of the stew in the fridge.

As the fire came to life, we briefly embrace, our mouths joining and our tongues exploring, our hands stroking each other’s bodies. “Get dessert ready while I freshen up?” you ask.

“Of course,” I reply, giving your ass cheek a squeeze and a quick slap. You disappear into the bathroom as I reach into my pack to remove the pieces of rope and blindfold. Condoms and KY come out next. Then I check the freezer. There are ice cubes ready. I smile, knowing exactly what I have planned for those.

As you come out of the bathroom, we stop to kiss some more. We can both feel the tension building. You moan a satisfactory “Mmmm…” as you look towards the bed and head to the fireplace while I take a turn freshening up. The first thing I see in the bathroom is the enema bulb. Ah, good. You’ve cleaned enough of your system that there can be some anal fun along the way. Just in case you’re feeling a bit exploratory, I do the same, check for any stubble that might cause any almanbahis adres issues, make sure there’s no food particles in the mustache or beard, etc. A quick brush of the teeth and I believe I’m good to go.

I walk up behind you in front of the fireplace. Pulling your hair to one side, I expose your neck as I wrap my arms around you and pull you snugly against me. Starting with the top of your ear, I begin light teasing kisses along its edge, swirling my tongue playfully just inside before kissing my way down your cheek to your jawline. I kiss my way back across your jawline to your neck, kissing my way to its bases my hands slide up cupping both breasts and feeling your nipples harden beneath the fabric as I squeeze them playfully between thumbs and forefingers.

Your moan sounds delicious as I suck gently on your neck, playfully licking my way back up to your ear. “Are you ready to begin?” I breathe into your ear. “Oh yes,” you respond. You feel my hardening cock twitch against your lower back as you do.

I turn your head towards me and kiss you on the mouth, our tongues dancing hungrily once more. I then lead you to the foot of the bed as I pick up the blindfold, placing on you, covering your eyes, heightening your other senses. You exhale, perhaps just a little nervously as I secure it in place.

I kiss you again as I unbutton and remove your top. The lace of your bra is sexy, but it quickly joins your top on the floor as I lick, suckle, and nibble on each of your hard, thick nipples. “Mmmm…” We both moan as I do, caressing your ass cheeks at the same time. Removing my shirt, I take you in my arms again, my bare chest pressed against your bare tits.

As I kiss my way from your mouth, down under your chin to your neck, My hands are busy I fastening your pants. Kissing my way down your cleavage, I loosen your pants and pull them down below your ass and hips, letting them drop to your ankles. “Sexy undies,” I comment as I kiss my way to your navel. Grabbing an ankle, you place a hand on my shoulder as each foot is freed from the pants leg still holding them in place. As your other foot is freed, I can see a damp spot forming in those sexy lace panties.

I can smell your arousal as I lay the pants aside as well. Standing, I remove my pants, underwear, and socks. You can’t see, but I believe you sense that I’m now naked as I kneel before you, kissing your navel once again as I hook my thumbs in the lace and begin sliding the panties down your legs. I moan in appreciation as your freshly shaven pussy comes into view. The firelight catches in the dewdrops forming there as I remove the panties from your ankles.

Leaning in, I inhale your musky scent and give your labia a playful lick while your leg is raised to remove the panties. “Yesss, please,” you breathe out as I do. I oblige, running my tongue a bit deeper into your moistness, then upwards, flicking across your clit. Standing slowly, I then drag my tongue up your body, across a nipple, up your neck, then to your ear where I whisper, “Don’t move.”

I retrieve a bowl of ice cubes from the freezer, placing them on the night stand. I then take one, placing it between my teeth. Returning to stand in front of you again, I lean in close to your ear and blow across the ice cube into your ear. Goosebumps begin to appear and you suck in your breath knowing what is probably about to happen.

I start just below your ear, dragging the ice cube slowly downward, retracing the path my tongue had made only moments before. Your nipple is already hard before the ice makes contact and traces around it coldly. “Oooooh…,” you moan softly as I circle it and continue my path. I stop just short of your clit, then lifting your leg to place it on the chair I’d placed next to you, I trace slowly around your heated glistening lip. Your hands are balled into fists as you anticipate…

Slowly, I slide the ice cube from the base of your labia to your clit, circling it, flicking it with the ice, then back down again, and once again to your clit. “Oooh… It’s so cold.” Once again, I work my way back up your body, this time tracing a path up the other side, teasing the other nipple, coming to your other ear and blowing cold air around the ice into your other ear before taking the ice cube into my mouth, kissing you, giving you the ice cube to suck on as I finger your pussy to make sure it’s still nice and wet, and still oh so hot.

I then place your foot back on the floor and lead you to the side of the bed where I place you in a sitting position, one leg between your thighs and one foot on the bed beside you. I rub my precum directly onto your nipples before placing the head of my cock against your lips. You open your mouth eagerly and I gasp at the coldness as you quickly take half my cock into your mouth with what’s left of the ice cube.

You slide your mouth up and down my cock a bit, then swirl your tongue around the head as I was myself out of your mouth. I squeeze a bit more precum from the tip onto each nipple almanbahis adresi before taking first one, then the other, into my mouth, sucking them and swirling my tongue around the slick nipples. I then kiss you hungrily once again before guiding you into the center of the bed, placing your head on one pillow and your ass on a towel on the other pillow. I lower my head and lick your pussy once again, running my tongue deeply between your wet lips and sucking hard on your clit.

You moan as I pull my mouth away, “Please don’t stop,” you almost beg. But feeling the rope being tied around your right wrist, you know there’s only a small delay in your pleasure. As I secure each wrist and attach the ropes to the bedposts, my hard cock is pressed between your large inner pussy lips, the head teasing your clit. I then pull away to secure your ankles, but leaving enough slack in those ropes so I can manipulate your legs as I desire.

Starting at your right ankle, I begin kissing and licking my way up your inner leg, pausing just beside your pussy before sucking your labia between my teeth, tugging on them, nibbling gently on them. Slowly, I make my way up your body caressing, kneading and sucking on your right tit. Then on up your neck, nibbling just a bit harder before coming to your ear. Swirling my tongue in it, I gyrate my hips so my cock head does the same against your clit. Then down your jawline until we’re kissing once more. “Please,” you moan as my cock rests once again between your hot wet pussy lips and you press your hips upwards against mine.

I mumble “Not yet,” as I move up your left jaw to your left ear, down your neck to your left tit, down to your clit once again, down your inner leg to your left ankle. I then position myself so the next thing you feel is my tongue very gently licking at your clit. You gasp at the sudden sensation. Reaching over, I grab two ice cubes. As I continue licking you, working my tongue deeper between your tasty pussy, I reach up with the two ice cubes and begin tracing circles around your nipples. You gasp even louder, arching your back, pressing your clit against my nose as the ice makes contact with your nipples. “Oooooh…”

Now that your nipples are sufficiently hard, I slowly spiral outwards so that your entire breasts are lightly coated by the melting ice. Slowly, I trace a pair of wet trails across your abdomen, out to the curve of your hips, down the outside of your thighs then to the back of your knees. You continue to writhe and squirm with your ass raised on the pillow as my tongue continues lapping up your juices. Nibbling on your nicely engorged labia, I begin to trace a new path up your inner thighs.

I suck briefly on your large hard clit, making you moan even harder, the sounds are deeper from within you now as your desire is building. As my hands near your pussy with the ice, I slide my tongue back through your pussy, savoring your juices, then continue downwards to trace slowly around your rosebud a few times while the ice slides first up the outside of your labia before being pressed to your hot juicy pussy. There’s not much left of them. As they finish melting, cooling you just a bit, the mixture of juices trickles down to your tight asshole to join what’s already there with my saliva. You moan squeeze your thighs against my head as my tongue presses into your rear entrance.

I spread your ass cheeks with my hands, using my thumbs to open your ass even more to my tongue. You squirm more as my tongue penetrates you, sliding in and out. Your tits are rising and falling as you suck in air, your need building. “We mustn’t leave anything unexplored,” You feel my smile as my tongue traces a final circle around your puckered, slightly opened hole. As my tongue and lips begin working their way back to your clit, I reach for a small piece of the remaining melting ice.

I grin evilly into your pussy as I quickly slide it into your ass, pressing my middle finger in behind it as I do. You gasp and thrash just a bit, but it only helps my finger work inside your ass and rubs my my nose against your clit as I drink in your delicious juices. “Oh my god!” you gasp as you’re shocked by the sudden cold intrusion but begin to love the new sensations.

I toy with your ass a bit, working my finger in and out, twisting it, curling it, opening you up a bit for what I know is to come. Squirting some KY on my finger, I make it even better for you and prep you for the second finger I add as I gently bite down on one of your labia, tugging on it as the second finger enters you. You arch your back again, adding more to the sensation as you grind your clit against my nose once more.

Easing my fingers from your ass, I gently kiss your pussy, blowing warm air across its moistness as I slip a condom onto my cock. I kiss my way up the center of your body this time, making sure to keep my cock just outside your pussy between your butterfly wing-like lips. My lips are almost touching yours as I say, “Ask me nicely for what you want.” My encased almanbahis adres cock head grazes back and forth across your juicy pussy.

“Mmmm… Please…,” you whimper as my cock teases you a bit more, “Please, fuck…” You gasp before you finish the request as I thrust my cock all the way into you, my balls slapping your ass. I grind my hips against you, working my cock around deep inside you, stimulating your clit as we kiss hungrily, finally getting what we both have desired during all the play.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I slide backwards from you until my cockhead alone remains inside you. I work it back inside an inch or so, back again, then just a little deeper, and back again. The heat I feel wrapped around my cock is incredible, your nipples are standing out begging for attention I cannot deny. I bend my head down and take one in my mouth as I thrust balls deep inside you once more.

I prop myself on one arm as I fondle the other breast and slowly slide in and out of you. I quicken my pace and deepen my thrusts for a bit. Your body and your sounds tell me you’re wanting to cum, so I ease off. I don’t want you to cum just yet. I kiss you deeply once more before sitting up onto my knees. With your thighs supported by mine, I lube a thumb, reaching under you to tease your asshole again as my other hand toys with your clit and presses down on it so I can feel my cock head thrusting slowly inside you.

“I think you’re ready,” I tell you as I slip my cock from your pussy, quickly applying some of the KY to the condom before pressing it against your ass next to my thumb. I get a brief glimpse of your slightly gaping ass as my thumb pops out and my cock head eases in. Once the head has cleared the outer muscles, I hold it there, letting you get used to the fullness.

Leaning foward, I kiss your stomach just below your breasts and gently rub your clit with my thumb. “Do you still want this?” I ask softly as I slide just barely a half inch in and out. You nod first, “Yes…” Slowly I begin easing just a bit deeper every few thrusts, still sitting up just enough so that I can play with your clit.

“Your pussy was so hot, but your ass is even hotter,” I lean forward enough to lick the very tip of each nipple. Leaning forward just a bit more, I begin sucking on the nipple, my thumb still on your clit as my hand is trapped between our bodies. As you relax more from my pleasing your senses, I slowly move my hips forward until my balls are resting against your ass cheeks. We both moan with pleasure as I reach this full depth within your tight hot ass.

I kiss you, our tongues dancing together once again. Slowly I rock my hips back and forth, sliding in and out of your ass, my thumb still on your clit between us, “How does that feel, baby?”

“Mmmmm… better than at first. Starting to feel really good actually,” you almost whisper back.

We alternate between kissing and my sucking on your nipples, kissing and licking a trail between your nipples and your lips as I do. We’re both grunting and moaning as we’re lost in the sensations – the tightness of your ass around cock, the fullness of your ass with my cock in it. I build slowly up to deeper thrusts while keeping them as gentle as I can. Sitting back up, I slip a pair of fingers into your juicy pussy again while my cock is still held tightly in your ass.

“Would you like me to finish back in here?” I ask as I massage your clit between my thumb on the outside and my two fingers on the inside.

“Mmmm… Ooooh… Yeeess, please,” is your breathless answer.

As I pull out of your sexy ass, I slip the condom off. Admiring your body in the glow of the fire that is slowly dying down, I ask, “Shall I put on a new condom, or would you like me to finish within you bare and natural?”

It seems like minutes go by as you think about it. We’d discussed it before, about whether we were ready for it. We’d tentatively agreed that perhaps this might be the time. I watch as you night your lower lip, your breasts rising and falling, your hips still gently rocking yourself within the grip of my fingers.

“No condom… I want to feel you inside me,” is your slow but steady response. I reach up to remove your blindfold and position myself so that my cock head is resting naked between your wet and delicious lips.

“You’re sure?” I ask as I look into your eyes. As you nod your head I see no doubt or hesitation in your eyes. As our lips come together, opening so that our tongues can explore, I begin to enter you slowly once again. I can feel the moistness directly on my skin this time. Oh my, you are wet, hot, and feel so good.

We start slowly, but quickly build to harder, deeper, and faster thrusts of our hips together. The sound of our bodies coming together is mixed with our gasps for breath, our passionate moans, and our animalistic grunts. We’ve past the point of stopping…

“I’m… gonna… cum…”


I thrust in fully one last time, my body pressing hard against your clit as I swivel my hips against you. My cock explodes from all the cum that has built throughout the day and all the foreplay. I can feel your pussy clenching and releasing as you cum right along with me, milking my cock of all that it has.

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