Candlelight Geek


It had been a wonderful evening and as I slowly pulled my screen door open I knew the night was about to get even better. Fumbling a bit with my keys, I finally found the correct key and nervously slid it into the front door lock. I had to jiggle the key a bit to get it to work in the ancient lock, but it finally unlocked so I pushed the door open, stepped back and held the screen door to let Erica step into my house.

“It’s not the Ritz, but it’s comfortable,” I said as she stepped into the dark entry. I quickly stepped in behind her and turned on the light. She slowly wandered toward the living room as I closed and locked the door, still somewhat stunned that she agreed to come home with me.

“Just toss a couple of those pillows aside and sit down, I’ll get us something to drink. I’ve got beer, wine, some vodka, tequila and a touch of Johnny Walker Red ™.”

“Some white wine will be fine,” she answered, moving a few pillows and sitting down on the couch.

Opening the refrigerator I pulled out a bottle of wine, set it on the counter and went hunting through several drawers for the corkscrew. I was glad she selected white wine, I had an excellent Chablis and I wanted to show off a bit. Had she asked for red I would have been stuck with some dismal choices, not a Thunderbird, but not a whole lot better.

Finally finding the corkscrew, I unwrapped the bottle top and began coring into the cork as my mind drifted to earlier in the evening.

Although Erica and I had only met once, we, after only a short period of uncomfortable silence while driving to the restaurant, seemed to immediately gel. I was surprised to learn that in her high school and college years she was considered a bit of a geek, a title I understood well. We immediately began talking about books and seemed to share a similar interest in literature both reading from a wide variety of subjects.

We got so engrossed in our conversation that we made the waiter come back three times before we were ready to order. It takes a lot to draw my attention from a menu, but as I looked at the tight curls in her long dark hair, the long eyelashes and beautiful almanbahis brown eyes, I was engrossed. As we talked I could only gaze at her, noticing how her nose seemed to turn up a bit at the tip and then I lost myself in her lips, feeling nearly hypnotized as she spoke.

Her blouse was low cut and showed just the right amount of enticing cleavage. Not wanting to get caught staring at her breasts, I stole quick glances as we talked, loving the way the candlelight flickered over her skin. It was almost a let down when the food finally arrived.

While we daintily ate our broiled trout dinner, occasionally dabbing a napkin to our lips to spit out a bone I told her, “You know, I am truly surprised that you were considered a geek, I mean you are very intelligent, but you are also so beautiful… it’s just that, well, the girls I knew in the geekdom all seemed to fit a similar profile. You certainly don’t fit the physical profile.”

“Contacts,” she replied.


“Sure, you’ve read Dorothy Parker?”

I nodded.

“Well, it’s quite simple, in high school and college I wore glasses, and well you know the poem, “Men don’t make passes…”

“…at girls who wear glasses,” I said finishing the short poem for her. “But even with glasses you are simply too…”

“Well, I changed my hair some too. I used to try and iron out my curls usually ending up with a straight mess. It’s so ironic that my friends who had straight hair spent all this money on curlers and such, and I was straightening my hair.”

“So you finally accepted the curls, got some contacts and suddenly you weren’t a geek?”

“Well a little make-up goes a long way too,” she replied smiling. “So when did your geekdom end?”

“I don’t think that it has.”

“You know, it really hasn’t for me either. I may not look the part, but deep down inside I am who I was. I think that’s why my ex gave up on me.”

“Yeah, same here. You know it used to drive her crazy at how many books I had. She would read a book and then get rid of it, either sell it to a used book store, give it away or simply throw it out. I couldn’t almanbahis giriş understand that, I mean I read a good book and I want to keep it, regardless if I ever plan to read it again, just having it makes me feel good.

“What really drove her crazy was the amount of unread books I had. She would rant and rave that there was no way I could ever read that many books. I tried to explain that I needed them, somehow if everything else fell apart I could still read.”

Erica smiled, “Yes, like from that Twilight Zone episode, you remember, Burgess Meridith?”

“Yes, incessant reader, with a boss and wife who hated him reading.”

“That’s it, my favorite of the Twilight Zone stuff. There is some great disaster and everything is destroyed except he survives because he was in a vault at the bank reading. He goes exploring and finds a library… suddenly he is in heaven, with nothing to do but read and with an entire library at his disposal.”

“Then he drops his glasses and…”

“They break, oh God I cry every time I watch it,” she said, “the sad irony of it all.”

I reached my hand across the table and gently touched hers, “Where were you all those years I was in high school and college, as well as most my adult life.”

“Well, I’m here now,” she said taking my hand and placing it on her leg at the inner thigh just above her knee.

Our eyes locked and I leaned forward until our lips met. We kissed lightly at first until I felt her tongue slide over my lips. I pressed my tongue into her mouth as I began sliding my hand up her thigh. She leaned back, pulling me on top of her as we continued kissing. Her legs were open and I began grinding my erection into her crotch.

After several minutes of dry humping she pulled her mouth away from mine and asked, “Can we go into your bedroom.”

I climbed up from on top of her and watched as she removed her blouse and then unfastened her bra. Her breasts bounced when freed from the bra and I immediately reached out and cupped both of them saying, “Oh I’ve wanted to do this all night.”

“All I can say is, What took you so long?” she replied, almanbahis yeni giriş grabbing my belt and unfastening it.

We continued undressing each other as we stumbled toward my bedroom until we fell onto my bed completely naked. Scooting back on the bed, she opened her legs and waited as I crawled up to her. She immediately grabbed my cock with one hand and as she opened her lips with the fingers of the other hand, she guided me into her.

I was surprised how easily my cock slipped into her pussy, she was so wet that I easily thrust myself in to the hilt. No wanting to come too quickly, I withdrew slowly and tried to ease my cock back into her. Yes, it was working and she seemed to like it slow, so I continued easing out and then back into her.

All too quickly I could feel the pressure building in my balls and by my fifth or sixth penetration the pleasure running up the shaft of my cock told me I was finished. I moaned loudly, arched my back and shoved my cock as deeply as I could as I came, spurting my cum deep into her pussy. Immediately I whispered, “I’m sorry, so sorry.”

“Shhh, don’t worry, just keep it inside me,” she replied.

I remained on top of her motionless for a short time when she began moving her hips, grinding herself against me. “Just try to keep inside me,” she whispered as she continued moving, pushing hard against me.

After a few minutes I was still able to keep my soft cock just inside her while she began moving faster and faster. Her breathing increased as she ground into me, lifting me upwards with each movement. Suddenly she moaned, arched her back and then collapsed beneath me. My cock was in just enough to feel the pulsations inside her.

A few minutes later my cock finally slipped out of her and I whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t last…”

“No, no, it’s okay. Actually I made me feel kind of sexy making you come so quickly. Besides, we’ll both be better at it when we do it again.”


“Yes again, just as soon as we finish watching Star Trek. Now where’s your remote?”

I handed her my remote and squeezed in next to her. I looked down and watched my cock ooze a bit of cum onto her thighs as I heard the words on the TV, “…to boldly go where…” Reaching over, I cupped my hand over her breast, letting the nipple peek out between my fingers and then turned and watched the TV.

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