Blown on the Road


It was Friday evening. As usual, a group of us were hanging out at Jimmy’s. Jimmy’s was a bar a block from work. A changing cast of characters would meet up there after work to eat, drink and generally let off steam on Fridays. The place was small and the only music came from a juke box but it was fun. Most of the week it was a neighborhood bar full of locals, but not on Friday.

The gang from work was a mix of both men and women. We all got along. There was often flirting but no dating, as far as I knew. Maria and I got along especially well. Maria was a pretty, petite, fiery and sexy woman. She was only five two but she had a big personality. We had developed a back and forth banter that we both enjoyed. She reminded me a lot of Lisa.

Lisa and I had been dating for about two months now. I felt things were going well. Lisa worked nearby and would occasionally be able to join us at Jimmy’s. She was similar to Maria, right down to height and personality but blonde instead of brunette. She also had a disconcerting jealous streak when it came to Maria. I think she saw how similar Maria was to her.

On this particular night, Lisa arrived about an hour later than I did. When she walked through the door, I was engaged in a conversation with Maria and Tina, almanbahis adresi another girl from work. The three of us were laughing and Maria at some point touched my elbow as we were talking. I say at some point because I don’t actually remember it happening. Lisa however seemed to have the image burned onto her brain as she recounted it later.

But anyway, while the three of us were talking, Lisa approached our group. I gave her a quick kiss and Maria and Tina exchanged hellos with her. She initially seemed relaxed but was giving me somewhat of a death stare when the other two weren’t looking.

As our little group drifted apart, Lisa pulled me aside and lit into me. “I can’t believe you’re hanging out with her.” “Don’t you care about me”? “I saw how she spoke to you, touching you.”

I tried to explain, “I don’t know what the problem is; we’re just work friends.” “I’m not interested in dating anyone but you.”

To say things weren’t warm and fuzzy between us the rest of the evening would be an understatement. There was some distance between us, she gave me cold looks and seemed to be drinking heavier than usual.

When we got to the car, she sat slumped against the passenger side door. I started the car and turned to her almanbahis adresi saying, “What was that all about? You know there is nothing going on there. You have to be able to trust me. Otherwise, what kind of relationship can we have?”

She just said, “I don’t want to get hurt.”

Here it was again, I was paying for the sins of some previous boyfriend. Exasperated, I said, “I’m not going to hurt you. You have to accept that.” I pulled the car out to start heading home.

She sat silently for awhile. When we pulled onto the highway, she started moving around. She suddenly unfastened her seat belt and got up onto her knees. I asked her what she was doing but she just leaned forward and started kissing the side of my face and my neck. Her hand was sliding up and down my chest. Then her hand slid to my crotch and she was fondling my balls through my pants and feeling my growing cock.

She undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and lowered my zipper so that she could stick her hand in to feel me. She was alternating between slowly stroking my cock and fondling my balls as she continued to kiss the side of my face.

She stopped kissing me and leaned back for a moment. Then she lowered her head down and my cock was in her warm almanbahis adresi wet mouth. It was a moment of pure heaven. She started bobbing her head up and down. She was great at this. She began to increase her pace. I was having a hard time concentrating on driving. I pulled off the highway at the next exit.

Just off the exit, there was an empty parking lot that I took advantage of. The lot was behind a building, so we were screened from the road a little. She was really going strong now. I reached under her skirt and slid her panties to the side. My finger slipped easily into her soaked pussy. She moaned around my cock. I was trying to match her motion.

Lisa was becoming insatiable. She rocked her hips wanting more inside of her. Her sucking action was becoming more intense. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. As I felt myself getting close I warned her that I was going to cum. She had never let me cum in her mouth. She kept sucking. As I was about to erupt, I warned her again saying, “I’m cumming.”

With a grunt, I emptied a massive load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. When I was finished, she kept sucking. I got to the point where I had to stop her because I had become over sensitive.

I leaned back and let out a long “Whew.”

She sat up smiling and said, “Surprised you, didn’t I?” That she did.

After I caught my breath, I fixed my pants and started the car back up. I took her home and, after returning the oral favor until she had a body shaking orgasm, fucked the shit out of her.

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