Brenda Wants a Baby


During the weeks following Roger’s initiation into cock-sucking, his attitude changed slowly, becoming more concerned with my pleasure rather than Brenda’s. He took to sucking my cock before I fucked her and cleaning it off afterwards, as well as fondling my balls when I was inside his wife.Brenda’s attitude to his involvement also changed, treating him in a more servile manner and secondary to me.  She made him clean up her cunt after we had finished, licking up any semen that had oozed out.  She still allowed him to fuck her, although always with a condom and not before I was going to fuck her.  Interestingly, though, she seemed much closer to him emotionally.As far as I was concerned, things couldn’t be better.  I had an extremely sexy woman as my lover, ready for me at any time and to do anything I wanted.   Sex with her was out of this world and gave me feelings of indescribable pleasure. She was another man’s wife but preferred me as her lover with her husband’s full acceptance and support.I was now spending more time at their house and taking Roger’s place in their marital bed.   It was now quite usual for me to arrive in the evening for dinner and then go to bed with Brenda while he slept in the spare room, and it was on one of these occasions that, once again, the relationship dynamics changed.We’d had dinner and watched a film together when Brenda turned to Roger.“Roger, I think I’d like to spend the night alone with Alan, so you should sleep in the other bedroom.  I’ve made up the bed and put fresh towels in the bathroom.”“OK,” he said, “you two go off now and I’ll tidy up here.  I’ll see you in the morning.”Brenda got up and took my hand, leading me to their bedroom.  We both got undressed and went to the bathroom to shower.  I always enjoyed showering with her.  There’s something quite sensual about being Ümraniye Escort naked together under running water, touching and soaping each other.   I particularly liked washing her breasts while she always spent a lot of time washing my cock and balls.Once we’d finished and dried, we went to bed together, lying facing each other.“Tonight I’d like you to make love to me gently.  I’m feeling very relaxed and very close to you,” she said.“Of course,” I replied and kissed her tenderly. “Turn over and let me cuddle you from behind.”She turned over and snuggled herself back into me, her butt against my groin.  I put my arm over her, holding her stomach while I kissed the back of her neck before licking her earlobe.  She shuffled her hips in response.I reached up to feel one of her breasts.  Her nipple was soft and pliable as I rolled it between my fingers, but I felt it harden and grow bigger.  I did the same with her other breast with the same response.My cock was now quite hard and pressing against her buttocks.  I pulled back my hips and pushed it down so that it went under her cunt between her thighs, before returning to fondle her breasts.“Mmmm.  That feels so good.  My breasts seem quite sensitive tonight.”That was an interesting remark.  I wondered if she was ovulating.“Is this your fertile period?  Do we have to be careful?”“I’m not sure.  I think we have a few days still.”I nuzzled her neck some more then licked her ear before blowing gently into it as I continued to fondle her breasts.  She wriggled her hips, pushing back towards me, my cock sliding along her slit.  It was wet and slippery.I trailed my hand down from her breast, my fingers rubbing gently over her until I felt her pubic hair.  I pulled it gently then placed my hand over her bush and pulled it towards me, Ümraniye Escort Bayan thinking that soon it was going to swell with my child.  I was pretty sure that she was fertile, regardless of what she thought.I let my fingers wander downwards until I felt her clit which was still in its sheath.  I rubbed my finger on the top of its shaft and felt it grow.“Mmmm.  That’s nice.”I felt the tip emerge and rubbed a finger very gently over it. Her hips jerked and she drew in her breath sharply.  I circled round the side of her clit then probed down between her labia.  She was very slippery, her juices thick.I pushed two fingers inside and felt inside before removing them and licking them.  She tasted more spicy than usual and her fluids were definitely thicker.  I was now certain that she was fertile. “Tonight we are going to make a baby,” I whispered in her ear, “you and I are going to create a life.  My sperm will join your egg in your womb, and you will grow with my life inside you.”I rubbed her stomach in circular motions then held her vulva, my palm over her clit, my fingers on her slit.“Oh God, Alan, yes.  I want your baby so much. I do hope I am fertile.”She pulled away and turned over to face me, her eyes sparkling.  Her fingers stroked my face.“You are such a special man. Clever, understanding, protective, and masculine.  And you’ve got a gorgeous cock,” she said as she reached down to stroke me.“What about Roger?” I asked, “Is he ready to raise another man’s child as his own?”“Well,” she said, “he’s certainly happy to raise yours as his own.  He told me that some time ago.”“Well then, he should probably be here at the conception.  I’ll go and get him.”I got up and went to Roger’s bedroom, not bothering to put on a gown.  I went in without knocking as I wanted to make Escort Ümraniye sure he knew that I was the dominant person in the household. “Alan,” he said, looking at my cock, “what’s the matter? Is something wrong?”“No, Roger, nothing’s wrong. I’m going to impregnate Brenda tonight and I thought you should be present at the conception.”“Oh my God.  Are you really going to do it this time?”“Yes,” I said, “I am.  Now, are you coming?”He leapt out of bed and put on a robe, after which we went back to their main bedroom.  Brenda was waiting, snuggled under the duvet.  I got in next to her while Roger stood next to the bed.“This is what you’ve wanted, isn’t it?”  she said to him, taking his hand.“Yes,” he said, “as long as you do too.”“Roger,” I said, “I’m going to father a child for you with your wife.  I’m going to make love to her, cum inside her.  My sperm is going to fertilise her egg and it will be my baby that will grow inside her womb. You do understand that, don’t you?”“Yes,” he said, “and I want you to.”“OK.” I said, then turned to Brenda.“Now, you gorgeous, sexy woman, it’s time for us to make love.”She turned to face me, letting go of her husband’s hand and holding me by the shoulders.“Oh yes, my darling, make love to me. Use your body to excite me, take my body for your pleasure, stretch me to the limit with your cock, fill my womb with your sperm. I want your child.”She ran her fingers over my chest and arms.“You are so masculine.  I love the hair on your chest, your arms, your legs. I love your smell.  I love your strength.”I leaned forward and kissed her, my tongue between her lips and in her mouth.  She opened her mouth and her tongue danced with mine, licking each other. She pulled me towards her and rolled on her back with me on top.  I broke our kiss, lifting my head.“You’re mine, you know. You will always be mine,” I said, then kissed the curve in her neck, brushing my lips up and down before gently biting it.  I took her arms and held them above her head before licking underneath them and up into her armpits, then back to her neck, then knelt back on my haunches and looked at her lying in front of me.

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