Breast Obsessed Ch. 04


It’s been a long hiatus. I just fell out of the habit of writing, and there was always one reason or another to put off picking it back up again. I’ve had to think long and hard about where I’d like these charaters to go. I’ve always had an idea of the end goal, but drawing the line between point A and point B has proven to be the hard part.

To those of you who have favorited and commented on my work, thank you. I hope you enjoy the next chapter.




The sun finally began to peek over the rim of the Sierra Nevada mountains, bathing the valley below in a fiery orange glow. As it lifted inexorably higher it began shining through windows, warming brows and lifting the fog of sleep from innumerable slumbering forms.

Tanner Macallister opens his eyes a crack, reflexively lifting his hand to shield them from the sudden intrusion of brightness coming through his window. He rolls over languidly, propping himself up on his elbows as he scratches his chest, yawning. As he waits for his sleep-numbed brain to boot up, he absently licks his lips. The flavors that linger there bring the memories of the previous night back in a rush….

A black-clad vixen kneeling in the midst of a restaurant

Massive breasts overflowing the cups of a red dress, jiggling enticingly

A pair of hungry mouths feasting on him

Flashes of brilliant white fabric aglow under a black light.

His buxom daughter wilting in his lap as she orgasms

A new lover’s nails rasping against his back as jets of his semen flood her depths.

Tanner swings his legs over the side of the bed, feeling the bedroom carpet between his toes as he flexes them. Hauling himself to his feet, he decides that a nice hot shower would be the perfect way to start his day. He momentarily considers rousting the girls out of bed, but decides not to. They could probably use the rest after the previous night. Besides, a man does some of his best thinking in the shower, and having one or both of the girls there would virtually ensure that little thinking would take place.

Tanner enters his master bathroom, his bare feet making almost no noise on the polished tile floor. He reaches into the oversized walk-in shower and spins the knob for the hot water.

Nothing happens. Not a trickle. Puzzled, Tanner spins the knob all the way around and back, with no water issuing forth. He checks the cold knob, which works. He tries the hot knob again, nothing.

Mildy perplexed, Tanner decides that the guest bathroom will work in a pinch. It won’t be as roomy, but solitude is solitude. The bathroom was also Josie’s before she left for college, being the only one besides Tanner’s on the upper floor.

Tanner picks up one of his soft, oversized towels from the rack by the shower door, and exits his room, making a mental note to call a plumber. He goes down the hall towards the guest bath. Both of the girl’s doors are still closed. Smiling to himself, he passes them both and enters the guest bathroom. It is smaller, and more sparsely decorated than his own. Instead of an oversized, glass doored, custom walk-in shower with enought room to hold four comfortably and a built in shelf for seating, the guest bath has a standard bathtub with an opaque navy blue shower curtain.

This time Tanner is rewarded with a rush of water from the hot tap, and he spins both dials to the desired temperature, which for him is hot enough to redden his skin. Steam begins to plume almost immediately.

Tanner drops his towel onto the counter and steps in. The rush of hot water over his skin envigorates him, and as he soaps himself up his mind drifts to the girls.


Veronica Summers opens her eyes.

The room swims into focus, slightly blurry due to the lingering effects of the wine she imbibed the night before. Fortunately, there is no headache to nag at her.

Ronnie pulls herself up on one hand, her white t-shirt loose around her otherwise naked form. She runs her tongue over her braces, smacking her lips and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Coffee. Yeah, coffee is first.

She climbs from the bed, legs slightly wobbly. She feels a familiar twinge in her pussy, and her mind pulls up the memory of the exquisite fucking from the night before. Grinning to herself, she ambles over to the door and opens it, sticking her head out into the hall.

Craning her head from left to right and back again, she sees no signs of anyone else. With coffee still on the forefront of her mind, she strolls down the hall. As she comes abreast of the closed guest bathroom door, she hears the shower running.

Josie must be up.

And then the idea hits her. A prankster at heart, Ronnie used to occasionally douse Josie with ice cold water while she showered. And it looked like another opportunity had been presented on a silver platter.


Tanner Fulya Escort rinses himself off. It seemed like so long ago that he never would have considered his daughter to be a lover, and yet here they are. Tanner finds himself drawn to her physically in a way that he could only compare to Josie’s mother, but he also knows that deep down in his heart, there is more than just lust.

Tanner closes his eyes, remembering how he has arrived at this point. Flashes of his daughter fill his memory.

A tiny red bikini. His cock sandwiched between two mountains of oily titflesh. Heavy ropes of his cum obscuring her grinning features.

Tanner’s cock has already begun to stiffen, and his hand latches onto it almost automatically, stroking it to full size.

Hard nipples poking into a transparent, oil drenched white t-shirt. His daughter’s pink labia parting for the swollen head of his cock for the first time. Her breath hot on his ear as she begs for him to cum inside her.

Tanner’s pace increases, droplets of water from the shower stream flying in all directions as he strokes himself to memories of fucking his little girl.


Ronnie quickly made her way to the stairs and bounded down them two at a time, holding onto the railing for stability. She crossed the foyer and found her way to the kitchen. Moving with urgency, she began opening cupboards, searching.


She reaches in and pulls out an oversized plastic pitcher. She discards the lid onto the counter, and starts the cold water tap running. As it runs, she goes the the fridge and places the pitcher under the door mounted ice dispenser. She allows it to fill about halfway full, then goes back to the sink.

Ronnie fills the pitcher up with water, the ice crackling as it partially melts and settles. Trying not to giggle she quickly returns upstairs, pitcher braced in her hands to keep it from sloshing. She slowly and quietly tries the knob. Unlocked.


She opens the door, noticing the room is filled with steam. Water cascades against the bottom of the tub noisily, obscuring the muted sounds of rhythmic movement within…..

Ronnie holds the pitcher in her right hand, and reaches out for the shower curtain with her left. Once she has a good grip on it, she counts silently to three, and then whips the curtain back while simultaneously bringing her right arm sweeping forward.


*****************************************Tanner feels the tide rising in his balls, and locks on to the memory of his little girl’s tits bouncing as she sashayed across their back deck in her tiny red bikini for his big finish.

Suddenly a flurry of sound and noise from his right side.


A deluge of ice cold water and half melted ice cubes slams into Tanner. It strikes him mostly across his heated torso, splashing upwards to his face as well as down over his stomach. It feels like all the synapses in his nervous system short-circuit and seize up. He jerks like he has touched a live wire.

A bellow of confusion and budding rage bursts from his mouth as he throws up his hands in an instictively protective gesture. He turns towards the now gaping shower curtain, his reddening vision seeing the look of mischevous joy on Ronnie’s face as it immediately crumbles into shock.


Ronnie sees the water splash forward, striking the figure standing in the shower dead center of mass. She immediately realizes that this form is too tall and broad to be Josie. She also sees a hard cock wobbling in the air as it is released from the vice grip it was held in.

Ronnie’s stomach drops down to somewhere near her feet as a roar emerges from Tanner’s mouth. It drops another notch when he turns his eyes upon her.

His striking blue orbs contain a look she’s never before seen from them. One of anger and confusion. His chest heaves as he scowls, fingers curling into claws. She sees a flash of white as he growls words at her through gritted teeth.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

Ronnie’s mouth moves but no words come. She is frozen in place like a deer, eyes wide and unblinking.

Tanner’s right hand comes up and grips the edge of the shower curtain.

Ronnie’s lizard brain reacts, and she bolts.

And Tanner’s brain reacts in kind. He lurches after her as she darts out the door and turns down the hall towards the guest room. He is hot on her heels as she makes the turn through the door, but she stumbles and falls on the floor next to the bed. She wheels about, sitting flat on her butt, crab walking away until she hits the side of the bed with her back. Tanner is upon her in a moment. He looms over her, cowing her into stillness by his mere physical presence. He steps within her personal space, one foot Fulya Escort Bayan on each side of her extended legs. He leans forward and places one hand on the bedspread on each side of her head. Droplets of water from his hair and face drip down upon her neck and across the gently sloping shelf of her cloth covered tits.

“Answer me, damn it!” He barks, “What the hell were you thinking!?”

Ronnie gulps.

“I’m sorry…..” She stammers, “I thought you were Josie. It was just an accident, I swear.”

Tanner pins her with his gaze.

“Not. Funny.” He says with emphasis.

“I’m sorry.” Ronnie repeats. Her lower lip trembles almost imperceptibly as a wave of guilt washes over her.

And when he sees that slight tremulous movement coupled with her meek demeanor and her wide doe-like eyes, the bulk of Tanner’s anger washes away. His features shift, softening as he straightens up, and suddenly he realizes that his still erect cock is now bobbing in the air in front of Ronnie’s face. And the void left by the anger is immediately filled by a tidal wave of desire.

“No.” He says, voice firm, but far more neutral than before. “But you’re gonna be.”

“Wha-” Ronnie begins.

Tanner reaches out with his left hand and curls it around the back of Ronnie’s neck, clamping on and drawing her head forward as he grips his shaft at the base with his right. He aims it at her lips and the fat purple cockhead rams against them, stifling her words as she momentarily resists.

“Open.” He urges.

He wipes his cockhead across her lips from one side to the other, letting her feel the heat of it. Letting her feel the energy coming off of him.

“Open.” He says again. Despite the firm tone, there is an underlying layer that Ronnie picks up. She’s heard it before. The roles have been established.


Ronnie’s lips begin to part as his cock slides towards the corner of her mouth. The friction causes a syrupy pearl of precum to ooze out that connects to the corner of her mouth and then stretches out in a clear line from lip to urethra as he adjusts his course back and begins to push between her softly puckered lips.

Ronnie feels the spongy hot head of his cock press firmly into her tongue and begin to slide back. She relaxes and lets him in, her eyes traveling up his dripping torso to his face. She locks eyes with him and sweeps her tongue back and forth along the base of his cock like a paintbrush. Her cheeks hollow as she applies suction and gazes up at him with demure eyes.

Tanner pumps his straining rod between Ronnie’s pursed lips. She moans deep in her throat as his hands grip her by the head on either side, holding her in place as he fucks her mouth. Suddenly Tanner goes deep, pushing her back firmly against the edge of the bed, his cock burrowing down into her throat, bringing a muted gurgle from her as her nails dig into his ass cheeks. He holds it there, pumping ever so slightly, watching the hot tears begin leaking from the corners of her eyes as her chest starts hitching.



Her eyes widen, body jerking slightly, her body heaves in an effort to inhale, but no air can pass the thick shaft clogging her throat.

“Muuurghl!” She chokes out.

And Tanner slides back, his thick shaft disgorging from Ronnie’s clenching airway. It is coated with slime and spit, and he immediately begins rubbing it over her face, smearing her cheeks, nose, and chin with shining saliva as her mouth works like a fish, gasping for oxygen while chasing the head of his cock as he teasingly manuevers it out of reach.

“Please.” She hisses, lips finding his cockhead and spreading open to envelop him again. Before she can suck him back into her welcoming orifice, he clamps down on her head again and pops it free. He then grabs her by the hair and forcefully slaps his cock against her face with a muted thwack.

“Uuungh yesssss.” She groans, braces flashing over her clenched teeth. She closes her eyes and allows Tanner to turn her head slowly from one side to the other, his cock slapping her face repeatedly. Every thud of solid flesh against her lips or cheeks or her little button nose brings a quiver to her rapidly juicing pussy.

“Please what?” Tanner says, rubbing his cock over her face. “Please what, you little slut?”

“Please fuck my mouth some more, Sir.” Ronnie says, opening her mouth wide and unfurling her moist tongue, which she wiggles alluringly.

And Tanner obliges. He plunges back into her warm suckling embrace, pumping with quick firm strokes. He goes deeper this time, his cockhead boxing her uvula every time he pushes forward.

Ronnie is in heaven. She relaxes into the forceful intrusion of her throat, whimpering like a lost lamb. One of her hands comes up underneath her shirt to twist and tug her puffy cigar butt nipples as the other drags down the crease between her slick labia. She feels how wet she is already, Escort Fulya and dips her fingertips inside to coat them before attacking her trembling clit with a vengeance. It’s so engorged and tingly that the first few moments of contact send mini convulsions through her, causing her to slow slightly and touch more gingerly.

“Hmmmmm. Grghlgh!”

Tanner watches her eyes roll back, and knows what she is doing. He pushes deep again, hearing the air hissing through her flared nostrils taper off mid-breath as he plugs her esophagus again.

Ronnie’s fingers swirl over her clit in rapid circles. She flexes her throat as much as she is able, massaging his thick dripping tool as he keeps her gullet stuffed. Her chest tightens in a familiar way, and she increases the speed of her fingers as her orgasm approaches.

Tanner feels her tensing up, knowing she is moments away. He holds her tight, watching her leaking eyes over her obscenely stretched mouth until they open wide and she starts to tremble.

Tanner pulls his cock from her mouth, her moan of orgasm chasing it up. As she peaks he slaps her face again with his cock, painting her disheveled features with more gooey spit, then tips her head back while lifting the shaft and dropping his balls onto her open mouth, feeling the vibrations of her orgasmic warbling through his sack as she immediately begins slurping and bathing them as messily as she can.

Ronnie nuzzles into his warm heavy sperm pouch as her pussy explodes. Tremulous waves of pleasure cascade over her, and she feels her clenching slit oozing fluid over her flying fingers. She rides the wave, rubbing harder as she rolls Tanner’s balls around her mouth one after the other, before nosing underneath to paint the hypersensitive bundle of nerves under his balls with firm strokes of her tongue.

He moans with approval, holding on tight as her expert ministrations momentarily weaken his knees. Every movement of her tongue against him sends miniature tingles up the length of his shaft. His cock lurches, disgorging another large clear blob of precum. He brings her out from under his balls and points his shaft towards her again. Ronnie sees the blob there and licks it up without hesitation, savoring his flavor.

“Get up.” Tanner growls, reaching down to hook her under the shoulders and haul her to her feet. He pushes her back on the bed, and she giggles as she lands. She spreads her legs wide, exposing the slippery entrance of her sex to his eyes as she reaches down to spread her labia, thinking she is about to be fucked.

Tanner grabs her by one leg and tugs to one side.

“Turn over.” He says. “On your knees and elbows. Lift your ass as high as you can.”

Although somewhat perplexed, Ronnie complies. She raises her pert, pale backside high. She knows her smooth pussy is fully visible, and gives a little back and forth wiggle, waiting for Tanner to roughly impale her with his rigid pole.

But Tanner has other ideas. He reaches out and strokes the smooth flesh of her right butt cheek in small circles.

“You’ve been bad.” He says. “And you need to be punished. So I’m going to spank this little ass red. I’ll give you five hard swats on each cheek.”

Ronnie shudders slightly, equal parts trepidation and anticipation.

“Yes sir.” She replies. She bites her lip and braces as Tanner moves to her left side.

“Here it comes.” He says.

Tanner’s right hand slices through the air in a tight semicircle, his palm held firm and slightly concave. It strikes Ronnie’s right cheek hard, eliciting a crisp smack. Her flesh ripples from the impact, and begins to immediately turn pink, due to how pale she is.

Ronnie gasps. The sting from the blow is considerable. But she also feels her pussy beginning to respond with increased wetness and heat.

Tanner strikes again, this time on the left cheek. Now her pale rump has matching pink blotches on each side. Ronnie gasps again, trembling slightly.

Smack. Back to the right. Ronnie yips this time, he’s not holding back much. But she is determined to accept his entire punishment. She steadies her resolve and digs in.

The blows come in a steady cadence. Tanner does pause between them, but not for long. Ronnie’s cheeks gradually turn more red, and the blows becoming more painful. She has to grit her teeth for each one, letting out mewling whimpers or high-pitched groans when that solid hand crashes against her normally alabaster bottom. She feels gathering wetness at the corners of her eyes.

After the last stroke Tanner lowers his hand and stands there, his own palm stinging in a way that he cannot completely dismiss as unpleasant. Ronnie briefly tumbles over onto her right side, facing him. She draws up her knees and wraps her arms around them, curling into herself for a few moments. Her shining wet eyes catch Tanner’s, and she sees the expression of satisfaction on his face. She took the punishment he laid out for her, now all is forgiven.

As it should be.

She raises herself up to a sitting position and dangles her feet over the side of the bed. Without speaking she locks eyes with Tanner, and holds her arms out to him, spreading them wide in the universal gesture for “hold me”.

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