Brian’s Revenge


My name is Brian and my Aunt Laurie has been a pain in the ass my whole life. For as long as I can she always had her nose in my damn business. When I was younger she would constantly get me in trouble with my mom. She was worse than the damn police.

In the end I would get revenge and it would be so sweet.

She was a PE teacher at my local high school. When I didn’t show up for school she would call mom to see if I was sick. Well, let’s just say most of the time I wasn’t sick. Mom would be mad as hell. She’d get pissed and ground me for a couple of weeks, then work the hell out of me on the weekends.

I went through the same shit for three years of high school. After I graduated I started looking for the opportunity to even the score. I heard rumors she was a lesbian but could not confirm it.

Then it happened. I was coming home late one night when I saw my English teachers car parked in my aunt’s driveway. I thought, ‘It’s true, she might be a lesbian.’

I turned my truck around and parked a couple of house’s down. I snuck up to her living room window and peaked in. They were sitting on her couch making out. I could not believe my eyes. I left to devise my plan and figure out how I should proceed.

Early the next morning I went down to RadioShack and bought some surveillance cameras and all of the wiring I would need to accomplish my task.

I knew I had an in, Aunt Laurie had been complaining for months about having birds in her attic. All I had to do is act like I was going to get rid of the birds.

When I showed up later that morning to get rid of the birds, Aunt Laurie was ecstatic. Very much unlike her, she was cordial.

She told me, “I know you think I’ve been hard on you growing up. I want you to know I did it because I love you. I just didn’t want to see you end up on the wrong path.”

Being a devious sonofabitch I told her. “I understand and I love you too. Maybe our relationship will be a lot different now that I’m not in high school anymore.”

Telling me there were some beer in the fridge if I got too hot in the attic, I thought how unlike her that was. I told her thanks and climbed into the attic.

After she went inside, I went out to my truck and retrieved my little bag of goodies.

Being very careful to hide the cameras and the wires underneath the insulation I began setting them up. And I placed one camera to record the living room and one to record her bedroom.

As I descended the ladder she startled me.

She was standing there in a new bathing suit. She asked me, “I just bought this yesterday; tell me, what do you think? Is it too risqué for a schoolteacher?” Than

I don’t know if I was just startled thinking she might have just caught me or the fact she looked super hot. Her tiger print bikini top did very little to cover her huge tits. While the bottom was not a thong, it was very skimpy and fit the shape of her ass very well.

Immediately I told her. “Hell no, if you got it, flaunt it. You look super hot in it. What’s up? I’ve never seen this side of you before.”

“I don’t know, your mom and I were in the mall the other day when I saw it. I decided to go for it. Oh by the way, your mom bought one just like it. She was afraid you might think it’s too skimpy, that’s why I wanted your opinion. If she shows it to you please don’t hurt her feelings. She’s been so sad since your father left.”

Looking at her dressed this way was turning my cock into a throbbing piece of steel. I turned away from her and said. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt feelings besides I’m sure she will look as hot in her bikini as you do. I hate to run but I better head to work or I’m going to be late.”

Catching me off guard, she grabbed me and gave me a big hug. Thinking quickly, I pushed my ass backwards to keep her from feeling my hard cock. I could see getting home and mom asking me about what had happened.

Pulling out of the driveway my plans had changed. My plan was to videotape my aunt and her lover and expose them. After seeing her and that bikini I believe I will blackmail her. If my plan works, it will have been worth all of the hell she had given me. I just had to be patient.

Time passed slowly for me over the next two weeks. Every time I checked the recordings they had nothing of any consequence on them. I was about to give up until the third Saturday of June.

Once again I was headed home late at night when I noticed my English teachers car was parked at my Aunt Laurie’s again. As much as I wanted to sneak up and get another peek I knew better of it. I drove straight home as fast as I could.

When I arrived home I went straight to my room. I turned my stereo on and logged on to my computer.

Opening up my password protected file, I found the evidence I had longed for. My aunt was on all fours with my English teacher (Karen Majors) fucking her hard with a big black dildo. It was much better than any of the porn movies I had downloaded. I only wished I could hear them.

After a few minutes Eyüp Escort of my aunt being furiously fucked with the dildo she turned around and gave the camera a good shot of her face. I had my evidence. I would exact my revenge.

Watching the two of them fucking was giving me a hard-on. I pulled my shorts down and started jacking off. The action on the screen was mesmerizing. Every time Miss Majors would shove the big black dildo into my aunts pussy I would imagine it was my cock. I was about to cum when my bedroom door suddenly opened.

I was in such a rush I had forgot to lock the damned door. My mom (Cindy) was standing in the doorway, her mouth agape, staring straight at me. I couldn’t stop and my cock jettisoned spurt after spurt of cum into the air.

Thinking as quick as I could, I shut the computer off and stammered. “Mom I, I, I, I’m sorry. It’s not what you think, I, I, I,”

Mom put her hands over her eyes and said. “No, it’s my fault, I should and knocked. I was just going to tell you to turn the stereo down.”

Before I could make another move she ran from the room. After pulling my shorts up, I decided to go and try to smooth this awkward situation out.

As I approached her bedroom I could hear her crying. I thought, “Well Dumbass, you have done it now, your mom thinks you’re a pervert.’

I knocked on the door and asked for her to let me in. Still crying, she told me. “Don’t worry about it, everyone has needs, I really do understand. Just go to bed. We’ll talk about it later.”

Knowing I would not be sleeping anyway I turned her door knob hoping it was not locked. When I opened the door I could see she was curled up on the bed like a little baby crying her eyes out.

I went and put my arms around her telling her how sorry I was. Over and over I told her how much I loved her. I held her tight until she stopped crying..

Finally she sat up and told me,.” Really honey, I’m not mad at you. I’ve known you’ve been doing that since the sixth grade. It’s just I’ve been really lonely since your dad left. When I saw you pulling and jerking on your cock I realized how much I missed having sex.”

‘Cock, my mom said cock. She won’t even cuss. Still, she call my penis a cock.’ I thought to myself.

With my arms still around her she asked me if I could hold her for little while. I told her. “I will do anything in the world for you. Forget about dad. He’s an asshole! How could he leave the most beautiful woman in the world?”

Mom turned to me and asked, “Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world and don’t you ever forget it. Do you remember my friend Steve? Why do you think he always wants to stay the night? It sure as hell isn’t for my company. As a matter of fact all of my friends think you’re hot. If they were to see you in your new bathing suit, they would cum in their pants.”

Mom smiled and immediately said. “Really, your friends think I’m hot. You’re not just saying that? Wait a minute, how did you know about my new bathing suit?”

Assuring her I was telling the truth about my friends, I explained how Aunt Laurie had surprised me.

“Well, how did she look? Did you think it was too much or too little? Mom asked.

“I told her the truth. She looked hot and I knew you would too. I also told her I was looking forward to the family camping trip on the 4th of July. Maybe both of you can wear them then.” I said.

Seeing mom cheer up, I felt a lot better. We were just talking and laughing when she jumped up and said. “Wait right here, I’ll be right back.”

She ran into her bathroom and shut the door. I was about to ask her what was going on when she reemerged in her new bikini.

My tongue almost hit the floor she was so stunning. Her bikini fit perfect. She looked like a supermodel.

While doing a quick spin she asked, “Well what do you think, and be honest?”

Looking for the words to explain how beautiful she looked, I noticed her looking down at my midsection. She squealed. “I’ll take that as a compliment!”

Looking down, I saw my cock was rock hard and its purple head was poking out of the leg of my shorts. Now it was my time to be embarrassed. Before tonight I had never thought of mom in a sexual way. Looking at her in that bikini changed all that. She looked hot, damn hot!

My face reddened and I started looking for a way out. Looking down at the floor, I started to leave when she grabbed me by the arm and told me. “Don’t leave, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I really am flattered you find me attractive, it’s nice to know I can still have this effect on a man.”

Reluctantly, I agreed to stay. Mom went back into the bathroom to change. I was sitting on a bed trying to think of anything except how beautiful she looked in her bikini.

My hard on was starting to subside when she and reentered the room wearing a practically see through negligee. My cock began to react immediately. It became so hard it hurt. I readjusted Eyüp Escort Bayan myself and tried to hide it the best I could.

Mom asked, “Would you lay down and hold me for just the little while? I just don’t feel like being alone.”

“Of course mom, I’ve told you before there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.” I replied.

She lay down and I scooted up behind her and held her in my arms. It was a wonderful feeling. There were no words spoken, we just lay there quietly holding each other. It was not long before we both fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

Before I knew it, the sunlight was beaming through the drapes of her bedroom window. Looking down at mom I could see she was smiling.

She turned towards me and said, “Thank you for last night sweetheart, you made me feel like a woman again. It has been a long time since someone made me feel beautiful.”

Looking into her eyes, I was unable to find the words to tell her how much I loved her. Instead I did what felt natural. I kissed her and to my surprise she returned my kiss. It was not a gentle mother and son kiss, we were kissing like two long lost lovers.

Before I knew what was happening my shorts were off and she was playing with my cock. It was the most exquisite feeling. I can’t explain it. Maybe it was the taboo act of my mother holding my cock but I’d never been more excited in my life.

She let out a small sigh as I put my mouth around her breast and began to suckle. I imagined doing this when I was a baby. I could feel her trembling at my touch.

Pulling my mouth from her breast she looked at me and exclaimed. “I have to have your hard cock me now! Do it quick before I change my mind!”

I aimed my cock at the entrance of her already dripping pussy. Inch by inch my cock descended into the most precious gift a mother can give her son.

She gasped when my cock hit her cervix. Afraid I had hurt her, I pulled out and asked, “Are you okay?”

Before I could say anything else she squealed, “Hell no, put it back! Don’t stop fucking me until I pass out! I need this! Fuck me hard, make me cum! No more talking!”

I never knew my mom could talk like this. The woman lying below was nothing like the woman who raised me. It seemed like she was possessed. Even her eyes looked different, almost as if they were on fire.

I thought, ‘if she wants me to fuck her hard then I’ll give her what she wants.’

I showed my cock hard and deep into her slick hairy cunt. Fucking her with a fury, I slammed my cock in and out of her pussy. I was slamming into her so fast and hard everything was a blur.

She was flopping her head from side to side and meeting my hard thrusts with vigor. I could not believe the site before my eyes. My mother was one hot fuck.

Not knowing if this incestuous coupling would ever happen again I tried to make it last as long as possible.

With a sudden jerk I yanked my cock out and flipped her over. In earnest I began fucking her from behind. This seemed to really turn her own.

She turned her head to me and screeched. “That’s it, give it to me you Motherfucker! Make your mama cum! Ooohhh Fuuuck!”

Her words spurred me on as I kept trying driving my cock deep into her forbidden sex. My balls were slapping against her so hard, they hurt. I was going to make her cum even if it killed me.

After slamming into her for what seemed like hours but in reality was mere minutes. I could feel that familiar feeling boiling up in my balls. With each violent thrust I knew if she didn’t cum soon I would fail in my task.

When I could hold out no longer, it happened. Her cunt started constricting around my cock I knew I had succeeded. My task was done.

Flailing her head wildly while bucking and screaming, she cried out “I’m Cumming! Oohh Yeah, Don’t Stop, Oohhgodd, Feels Soo Good! Cum In Mama’s Pussy!”

Her words sent me over the top and I jettisoned rope after rope of hot cum into her hot pussy. I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Here It Comes, I’m Cumming In Your Pussy! I Can’t Believe It, I Can’t Believe It, I’m Cumming In Your Pussy Mom!”

Totally spent, I collapsed in a heap beside her on the bed.

I must have passed out because the next thing I know, I’m waking up and mom is gone. Laying beside me in the bed was a note she left.

I read the note aloud. “Dear Brian, thank you for last night and this morning too. I don’t know what on earth. came over me, maybe it was because it had been so long since I was with a man. Still; that’s no excuse, a mother should never have sex with her son. We can never let it happen again. I hope you can forgive me, I love you so much. I have gone to your Aunt Laurie’s to think. I will be back later this evening and hopefully we can talk. Love, Mom”

After reading the note my mind was whirring. I don’t think my mind could rationalize what was actually happening. I thought, “Why was she sorry? Was it because we had sex? I thought the sex was great. Why was she going to aunt Laurie’s? Escort Eyüp Surely, she would not tell her what just happened.”

I decided to just wait until she came home and sort through it all then. The first thing needed to do was take a shower.

As I stood in the shower with the water cascading down my body I began to relax. I tried not to think of anything except how good the pulsating water felt all my sore muscles. Still, visions of last night and this morning kept flashing in my mind. I loved every minute of last night and this morning and I damn sure don’t want it to stop.

I thought, ‘Why does she get to decide what happens? I’m an adult, I should have some say in the matter. How dare her? She gets my cock all hard, fucks my brains out and leaves me a note telling me we cannot do it again. I’ll be damned!’

When I climbed out of the shower I was hopping mad. I knew what I was going to do. I’d hide behind the door and grab her when she came home. I could then throw her on the floor and start fucking her before she could protest. This would teach her, you don’t use me and then throw me away like a dish rag.

I was ready to put my plan into action when suddenly I came to my senses. If I did this it would be rape. Even though I was mad as hell, I could never rape anyone, especially my own mother. I would have to come up with another plan.

Somehow in my madness I had forgotten how the night started. Suddenly it came to me. I remembered what had started the whole evening. I rushed to my computer and opened my secret file. I had what I needed; my Aunt Laurie was bent over being fucked with a big black dildo by Miss Majors.

This was it. Aunt Laurie was in for one hell of a surprise. I was going to blackmail her into fucking me. Now I would blackmail her into seducing my mom while I secretly taped them. I could kill two birds with one stone. Not only would mom have to keep fucking me but Aunt Laurie would too.

Now it was time to put my plan into action. I left mom a note explaining I would be back later. Quickly I burned a DVD of Aunt Laurie and Miss Majors.

Driving over to Aunt Laurie’s I parked down the block and patiently waited for mom to leave. After waiting for over an hour I watched as mom backed out of her driveway and left. Taking one last deep breath, I started my truck and pulled into my aunt’s driveway.

I rang her doorbell and waited for her to open the door. When she opened the door I asked. “Have you seen mom? She left a note saying she was coming over here.”

Looking concerned, Aunt Laurie told me. “Yes she was here, she just left. She was upset about something but she wouldn’t tell me what it was. I tried to calm her down but she was still upset when she left. What did you do? Are you in some kind of trouble?”

I gave her a cunning look and said. “I’m not the one who’s in trouble. I believe you’re the one who’s in big trouble. Here take a look at this!

I handed her the DVD and told her to play it. “What for?” She asked.

“You’ll see!” I replied.

As she started the DVD player I told her, “You might better sit down for this because it’s going to be quite a shock.”

Before she could sit down the action on the screen began. Immediately recognizing what she was watching she screamed. “Why you no good little sonofabitch! How dare you invade my privacy! I should beat your ass like I did when you!”

Stopping her in midsentence, I looked straight at her and bellowed. “I don’t think you want to try that! First off, I’m not a little boy any more! Secondly, I have a hell of a lot more copies from where that one came from! Now just sit down and shut the fuck up!”

She knew I wasn’t lying and better do what I said. Hanging her head and crying, she asked me. “Why? What have I done for you to do this to me?”

Trying to be intimidating, I yelled at her! “Why? After all the hell you put me through growing up, you have the gall to ask me why! Well let me start, do you remember all of the times you would call mom whenever I decided to skip school with my friends? What about the time I used a fake ID to buy beer? What did you do when you found out? That’s right, call mom! Well now, it’s my time to get even! I’m going to enjoy this and who knows, in the end maybe you will too!”

Holding her head in her hands and crying uncontrollably, she said. “I know you don’t believe me but I did all of those things because I love you. I wasn’t trying to hurt you or make you miserable, I just wanted you to turn out right.”

I walked over and pulled her head up and stared straight into her eyes and said. “Well I guess that didn’t work! Now, let’s get down the business! You will do whatever I say or I will send copies of the DVD to the school board. Not only will you lose your job but Miss Majors will lose hers too! Besides, what do you think will happen when Grandma finds out? You know how important church is to her! She might have a heart attack!”

“What do you want? Money? You know I don’t have any money! What is it? I’ll do what ever you want! Please, don’t send the DVD to anyone. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.” She exclaimed.

Grinning mischievously, I looked down at her and said. “For starters, you can crawl your sorry ass over here and give me a blowjob.”

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