Book Store Stories No. 06


So with Candy and I sitting at the breakfast table, I make the phone call to Karl’s hotel. “Hello, is this Karl?”

“Yes, oh hi. Hello. I was hoping you would call.”

“Well Karl, Candy wants us to meet up with you again, are you still interested?”

“I would love to meet up with the both of you. If you like, you can come to my hotel room or I can meet you at the adult bookstore.”

“Candy said your room will be fine, so we’ll come there.”

“Oh Daddy this will be fun. Plus we’ll stay clean for a change and remember, Mom comes home tonight.”

We had met Karl in the adult book store last night. Candy and I both, became excited when Karl had stuck his giant cock through the glory hole. Candy and I both sucked on him until Candy tasted his precum. Then she fucked him.

Later, outside in the parking lot we met Karl and gave us his phone number and invited us to meet him the following morning.

So, here I am riding shotgun, while my daughter, Candy drives us to Karl’s hotel. Today, Candy was dressed conservatively, wearing a below the knee, flower print sundress with her leather sandals. But yet, she was still strikingly beautiful. Yet for the few, like me her father, we know that under her striking beauty is a raging kinky sex machine.

Karl met us in the lobby of the hotel and quickly took us to his room.

Karl asked us to sit and offered us juice, which we all drank while Karl told us how much fun he had with us last night.

As I sipped my juice, Candy quickly swallowed hers. She stood up and moved over to where Karl was standing next to the full length windows, over looking the city below us.

Candy knelt down in front of Karl and felt for his cock. Peacefully, I watched them closely while I finished my glass of cool juice.

Karl was excited immediately. He unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. Candy took hold of his waist band and pulled everything down to his ankles. Karl’s cock sprung out only half hard yet still very impressive. The guy was huge.

Candy’s lips where all over Karl’s cock, kissing him up and down his shaft. I watched as his cock harden, while fantasizing sharing his monster cock with my daughter. I couldn’t stand by, just watching, so I began undressing myself. Shirt, shoes, socks and trousers where soon in a stack on the floor of the hotel room.

I stood close, next to them stroking my own cock. Fatih Escort My cock was hard and I was gulping down my saliva in anticipation of tasting of both of their bodies. Candy’s hand reached towards me.

I stood next to Karl facing Candy while looking down on her red lips wrapped about his cock head. I could see her lipstick stains on the skin of the cock.

Karl’s hands enveloped Candy’s face pulling her lips from his cock. He then turned her towards me. I watched as Candy looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Oh Daddy, let me taste you.” Candy said. I looked at Karl for an expression on his face. We had never mentioned to him that we were related. Sure we did have some similarities in our faces. But, being different in sex and age most would only label me as an older man with a younger woman.

Karl’s eye brow was raised as I felt Candy take my cock into her mouth, Karl smiled and winked at me. The feeling going through me now buckled my knees slightly. My heart rate raced as I took deep breaths. I closed my eyes and my soul moved into ecstasy.

“Daddy, don’t you cum yet”, Candy said to me as she brought me back into the room. I thought to myself, “I was so enjoying that ecstasy.” I stepped back from Candy’s mouth and noticed as I did, a long string of saliva trailing from her mouth to my cock. The saliva string broke and fell onto Candy’s chin and breast. Genteelly as I could I wiped her chin off, but left the breast wet.

Candy laid down on the carpet and announced, “It’s your turn to eat me now”, while pointing her fingers at both of us.

Karl looked at me and said, “Please, you go first”.

I knelt between Candy’s legs, she already had spread them out for me, starting at her ankles I slowly ran my hands up her legs, until my thumbs pulled her vulva open. I looked down onto her glistening clit and moved me tongue towards it. With the first flick of my tongue on her clit I felt her body respond. Candy was keyed for an orgasm at anytime now.

I wanted to be the one to turn that key.

I sucked on every loose and harden area in and around Candy’s pussy for maybe two minutes. All the time Candy was fidgeting with my hair and ears.

She erupted with her orgasm as I was flicking her clit. Candy grabbed my head and held it with all her might tight against her pelvic bone. When Candy’s orgasm subsided Karl made a suggestion.

Karl’s Fatih Escort Bayan idea was he wanted to get into a sixty nine position with Candy.

Candy said she was all about doing that. So Karl laid down next to Candy, leaving his head near her hips. Karl directed Candy to move onto the top him. Which she quickly did while lowering her pussy into Karl’s face.

As I was laying so close to them I viewed Karl’s nose slide into Candy’s cunt spreading it open for his tongue. I heard Candy muffled moans, muffled as she was trying her best of take care of that monster cock of Karl’s.

As the two of them were fully enthralled in their sixty nine I noticed Candy’s cute little ass was wiggling with pleasure. I moved in behind her, Karl’s eyes followed me, there I noticed Candy’s dark red ass hole begging for attention. I slid in closer.

First I touched Candy’s bung hole with my finger, to make sure I was to be invited in. With that invite satisfied I begun tonguing the hole. I heard Candy’s voice, now not so muffled saying, I love that Daddy.

With that encouragement I pushed the tip of my tongue down hard trying to gain entrance. She was just too tight there to gain any kind of entrance with a tongue. I thought of something else.

I stood up right, still behind Candy. With my hard cock in my hand, I spit into the other hand then coated the cocks head with my saliva. The precum helped also.

I squatted over Candy up turned ass and moved in closer with my cock in my hand to guide it on this mission. I pressed up against her feeling resistance. I pushed harder and edged ever so much inside of her. I held still for a few seconds, letting my daughter become accustomed to this rear intrusion.

Candy said, “Go ahead Daddy I’m ready for you now.”

I slowly moved and pushed more of my cock into her ass. Soon I was most of the way in her body. I began fucking her once again in her so called forbidden hole. I know, all of her holes should be forbidden, yet here I was, fucking my own living, breathing slut whore daughter.

Candy moaned with enjoyment with the intrusion of her ass being filled with cock. It didn’t surprise me in the slightest when she told Karl to turn around and to fuck her pussy.

Karl did move and he did stay under her as Candy was on her hands and knees.

I held still while Karl got himself situated Escort Fatih under Candy’s body. As he moved under her I felt his monster cock brush my balls. I had always liked that feeling. Often in the adult book stores guys would rub their cocks under my balls, I sure it excited them along with me.

I knew Candy’s pussy was dripping wet from her orgasm and Karl’s tongue, so it was a surprise when she told Karl to be gentle and not split her open.

As first I felt the pressure of Candy’s ass pushing upwards as Karl inserted himself into her partially. I held still and waited, wanting to experience the feelings. Then I felt him.

Karl’s cock was inside of Candy and there was only thin skin separating our cocks. I could feel his cock moving against mine.

With Karl’s cock deep inside of Candy’s pussy now they began fucking each other. Candy’s body fell onto Karl’s. I slid down with them yet some how held myself up on my knees with only my chest touching Candy’s back side.

The three of us were fucking together. The feeling was intense. My cock gliding in and out of Candy’s ass all the while Karl’s cock was going in and out of of her pussy.

The feeling of Karl’s cock sliding against my cock was too much. I began my orgasm surge. I fell down lower, straightening my legs out to quiver during my orgasm. Candy squealed with pleasure as her orgasm was building. Karl moaned and bucked harder and faster.

Body fluids flooded Candy’s insides. My cock twitched as I drove it as deep as I could go and held that pose. Karl grunted and moaned muttering out his words, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming.”

Karl pulled both of our heads down to his. He repeatedly kissed our faces, exclaiming that was the best sex he had ever had.

I popped my cock out of Candy and lay to their side. When our breathing was close to normal we all sat up. All of us had a lovely grin on our faces. Yes, it truly was the best sex I had ever had. Plus, I’m sure Candy would of been thinking the same.

Karl poured us another glass of juice and the three of us huddled around on the carpet still totally naked. I looked at Candy, her eyes were bright with satisfaction and pleasure. Karl’s cock lay on the carpet between his legs, now limp but still large.

Karl spoke up. “Listen my friends. I own a villa on this island where there is a hedonism resort. They will be having their annual world famous bash in two weeks. I’m inviting you to my home there, I want you to accompany me to this resort where we will find more erotic pleasure for us to explore. How about it?”

I looked at the tip of my cock, there was a slim stream of cum still oozing out of it.

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