Her breast were hanging down and touching the cold, smooth marble floor. The old woman was sitting in front of her in her white robe looking straight ahead. A black leather string wound around her forehead with the purple Jasmine stone hanging at her third eye center. The woman picked up a small bouquet of dry and spry branches and hit Isabelle on her back. She hit her again. Then, she chewed a bit on air and said: “Your penance is accepted. May you go force and commit sins fitting of the punishment.” Isabelle crawled forward and kissed the foot in the pink flip flop. Then she ruffled her spa robe around her and took a look at the arches and murals around her. The popping of a chewing gum bubble from the girl behind her, reminded her to move on.

The temple servants small girly hands caressed her back, while a shovel of water was poured over her back. The hands softly moved down to her back and started massaging her back clumsily. The air was warm and moist as water was poured. The wooden barrel she was sitting in hugged her, kept her close, kept her cozy, and oh so far apart from the other visitors. Her lips had that sticky feeling that happens, when they are getting moist and stay closed for a long time.

The temple servant diligently worked her whole body with soap and a sponge. She got under the arm pits, in between the toes, behind the ears. They for sure didn’t even spare her behind. There was no hesitation as she felt fingers pushing inside of her mouth. The rubber felt foreign and comforting at the same time. Her tongue was pushed around. There were pinches as the dental tape was pushed down the space between teeth and sawed back and force. Teeth are alive and feeling things. She spit out a wad of saliva and blood into a cup.

When her head was held back, she struggled for a bit in the bath tub and slipped. The eye drops poured down, until she could relax enough to simply be a tense bundle in the firm grip of the temple servant. A tear ran down her cheek. She wasn’t sad. She looked at the face of the temple servant, who paid no mind to look back at her. She felt the hand around her jaw pushing the back of her head onto the plumb thigh of the temple servant. As she saw the black ash falling down towards her eye, she pushed with her feet. The water flew high. Her head didn’t move. She blinked wildly. The temple servant muttered: “You think you are tough, you girls. You are all nothing more then young puppies held in a knowing hand.”

The world blurred around her. She thought about risk infections by following outdated mystic beliefs. She thought for a moment, how far the stress of the office was away. She trembled with anxiety for a bit about what would await her inside of the chambers. She thought about the peanuts and snoopy. She thought about the stupid rituals society imposed on her. She had seen girls on TV in g-strings. She had seen women driving cars in those magazines that they always kept snug under their long black robes. She had heard of the broken men, who ended up in prison for touching a woman in those distant countries. This was what almanbahis adres her country offered her in the temple of Venus.

At first, she squealed a little bit, suppressing the urge to turn around and grab the temple servant with both hands. Instead she only clutched on harder to the edge of her blond wooden bathtub. Her head started throbbing. She gasped for a bit more air. The feeling in her anus was overwhelming her. Then, that familiar feeling of a knocking bowel movement mixed with the alarm of holding it in until she could reach the bathroom. The temple servant told her: “Just let go, girl.” She tried to get with the program and pushed as warm water spilled out of her anus. “Good, who knows, what kind of shit pieces are coming out of me,” she thought silently to herself. “First time girl, huh?” asked the temple girl without waiting for a response.

Isabelle relaxed a bit as she felt the wooden barrel at her back, watching the temple girl leave with the bucket of her enema. The ceiling had a mural of an old guy with grey curly hair and a head band grabbing the breast of a young girl, whose limbs were flailing in all directions ignoring the rules of gravity. Behind the two an angel was floating on a cloud and holding out their arms in blessings. Beneath it a modern red ‘exit’ sign illuminated the otherwise somber lighting. This was the second outer court.

The temple girl returned with a plate of henna paint and a thin brush. After toweling her off, she placed the brush between her nose and the eyes. From there she started drawing outwards across her face in circles, in lines, and with fleur de lis here and there. Then, the temple girl starred on the areola of her breasts. The priestess had joined them:

“Yes, the areolas of a courtesan, full and a bit uneven. Her skin is slightly brown, probably a descendant of the mountain goat tribe. You say that it is her first time. Judging from her stout body, her vagina is probably mare sized. Let me see your strength.” The priestess put two of her fingers into Isabelle’s vagina. The fingers felt dry and unwanted in her. She squeezed hard, pressing her cheeks as well. “She definitely is a tourist and not a believer. Give her a unicorn or whatever fairy tale can come to your mind.”

The priestess left. The temple girl touched up a dollop of henna pain on her solar plexus. From there, she spread out the paint until the unicorn horn reached her right nipple and the tail was flying over her left pelvis bone. “I hope you think it’s cute. Don’t worry about the priestess. Hardly anyone believes anymore and just wants to get some. I could also draw you a raiders logo on your thigh or whatever your favorite team is.”

The temple girl started braiding her hair tightly. She felt the pull on her hair. It hurt. It felt good. Goosebumps rippled across her scalp and set her into trance. It was so nice to be handled and moved around, go with the flow. Her hair tail moved across her back like a brush caressing her. She closed her eyes and felt cozy.

“Girl, your big moment is coming. almanbahis adresi Are you ready to shake your booty? Ah, girl, you are so sleepy. Maybe, you can pull of a sultry dance.”

She held onto the pole with both hands and let her swing around it to take a look at the whole room. Pillars, stones, pools, heavy curtains meet her eye. Someone sitting on a chair, someone chewing on some food, a couple in embrace, a conversation between a couple, a girl laughing out loud, a guy smacking a girl on the butt, a girl biting the chest of a man, a man leaving, a girl pushing her lower body into a guys’ face. She gave it another twirl and walked away from her entrance stage. She rather slithered into the pool and went for a solitary swim.

With each inhale, she peered up and around her taking in the sights. A guy with a full beard, slouching, big dick, and lots of pubic –dive under. A girl with perky boobs and ‘love me right’ scrawled across her stomach, arching back as something tickled her in her back — dive under. A guy doing pushups over a girl and eating a grape each time he lowered himself — dive under. An old guy wanking his penis rapidly as he kneeled behind a girl while holding onto a chair to steady himself — dive under. Two girls chatting with each other, one blond, one black haired — dive under. A guy sitting by himself with a worried face trying to smile — dive under. Turn around and push off the pool wall.

The awkward guy was still looking at the same spot — dive under. The two girls were giggling –dive under. The old guy was now lying on his back with a pool of semen on his belly — dive under. The pushup guy was now on hand and knees with the girl hanging under him and pumping his penis –dive under. The ‘love me right’ girl was holding up her breast to the mouth of her charmer, who tenderly licked her — dive under. The hairy guy seemed even hairier now — dive under.

A slender guy with a serious face slid into the water next to her. He was tall. He seemed boring. He said: “The water is nice, isn’t it?” “Yes, I am kind of new here.” “I could tell, you are avoiding this place by swimming.” “It is not that I am a wild girl.” “I know, we are all believers of Venus here and follow her rites.” “Yeah. What’s your name?” “I am Jason.” “I am Isabelle. Do you mind giving me some time?” “Sure, find me, when you are ready.” He left.

She found a love chair a little bit back. A palm tree in a pot covered her partially. There was a guy with a Mohawk standing with a wide stance as a girl kneeled in front of him. Another guy was tense and kept shifting from doggy style to missionary to cow girl until the girl yelled: “What the fuck? Are we on a porn set?” Another girl gently stroked a girls belly with a long feather until she busted out at him: “All the gently shit is nice, but we women do want to get fucked in the end.” Another girl took it from behind and silently sobbed until she broke out: “You asshole are just masturbating inside of me. You don’t know, how to make love.”

The old guy had been rebuffed by another almanbahis adres girl and was now looking in her direction. She sat up more straight and took another look. The girl left the pushup guy. He was reclining in a plastic chair with his legs sprawling out near the pool. His member was half soft. She got up and walked towards him. She smiled for a moment standing next to him, as she lifted her legs and straddled him. The hand rests of the plastic chair pushed her thighs up. She held onto his member and guided him inside of him. She felt the fullness. She remembered the enema. She ground her pelvis. The guy looked back up at her, gauging her. Her boobs bounced up and down. She smacked her clitoris and twitched her buns. His arms kept dangling down the plastic chair and he closed his eyes.

She felt the nervousness and excitement of this new moment and at the same time felt mechanic and like not having too much fun. She squeezed his nipples and he simply took her hands away. His head rolled to the side. Her thighs drew her awareness. She started to have that good feeling spreading out from inside of her. The orgasm was brief and short. She got up. He said ‘nice to meet you’ without opening his eyes.

The awkward guy smiled, when she offered 69. He had a bit of body hair on his legs. He was a bit scrawny. He was a bit repulsive. All the repulsion started melting as his soft, warm, and wet tongue brushed across her sex. She dove deeper into his sex with her nose on his balls. She pushed her groin down into his face. She smelled the musk of his roused privates. She would never ever talk to such a guy. Yet, being horny, she could hug and embrace all of his geekiness and suck it in.

The old guy had found his limping way to them and started stroking his limp member into shape. She reached for his penis and guided the old man towards her rear and placed the tip of his penis at her anus. He gently circled her anus and pushed on the ring of her anus with his fingers, like a cat treading, he softened and caressed her inexperienced anus to ease and open up. When the tip slipped in, she felt like she had to take a dump. It roused her. Usually, the feeling would have wanted to make her stop, yet the tongue of the geek made her feel so good that she didn’t want to stop.

The old guy was breathing down her neck as he was moving in and out. It hurt at first. Yet, at second, she missed that painful pleasurable feeling and wanted him to shove again. She could feel him pushing against some of her fecal matter. It seemed so disgusting. At the same time, she felt so close and intimate with the old guy by having his most intimate body part touching her most dirty part of the body. She hoped that his dick would come out clean at the end. She hoped that her deep inside, her intimacy, her inner core expressed as fecal matter would stick to his dick being soft and moldable, surround it.

The old guy came. She could feel him now holding onto her back with a film of sweat. His scrawny pecs were on her upper back. She felt it was time to come and pushed her pussy a bit more into the geeks face. As the emotion walled up in her, she choked down on his member and sucked hard. He reciprocated by coming in her mouth. He tasted a bit bitter and sour. They all breathed a bit together, before they took on their cloak of personal distance again and separated.

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