Brown Lust Ch. 01


Vickram Dutt, or Vick for short, was born in Vancouver, Canada, but his background was Indian. In terms of physique he was tall and muscular, a build he had acquired from all his time spent working out at the gym or at home. With fair brown skin and short black hair, Vick had a handsome face and figure; his dark brown eyes and strong jaw completed the striking portrait. Just last month he had celebrated his nineteenth birthday, and he was currently on his summer break after having completed the first year of university.

Life had been great for Vick except for one problem: he was still a virgin. It was a state of constant agitation for him: hormones raged, blood boiled, and his sensual appetite sparked at the smallest glimpse of a pretty girl’s flesh. Because of his Indian background and the strict rules against sex before marriage, Vick was doomed to remaining a virgin for many years to come. Though dating was tolerated in Indian culture, Vick’s mother, Mala, wouldn’t let him date. She was adamant when it came to maintaining tradition, and his father was even more stringent.

Yes, Vickram Dutt was still a virgin and he was quite sure that both his sisters were as well. It was a dismal circumstance and the only escape afforded to virgins like Vick was masturbation—which he often practiced.

But his days of doing that would soon end….

On a warm Friday evening Vickram Dutt lay relaxing on the couch, his feet propped on the armrest, watching television. He lived in a large house with a spacious living room from whose wide glass doors he could see the backyard and the purple sky above. Mala was in the kitchen cooking, and Vick could see her stirring a large iron pot. Every few seconds she would lean down and breathe in the rising fumes.

Vick watched a Bollywood music video on the large screen TV; his skin felt hot and the hairs on his arms stood up. He shifted his body in little restless movements as the lead female dancer in the music video, half-naked in her short red skirt and white tank-top, gyrated her hips to the music. Her face was wrapped in desire as she bit her lips, licked her tongue, and moaned while dancing.

What amazed Vick was that she closely resembled a younger version his mom.

He looked over at his mother in the kitchen cutting vegetables with her back to him. Mala was only 37 years old. She had given birth to Vick’s oldest sister, Lara, when she was only 17 because her parents decided to get her married at a young age. When Vick was born she was only 18, and 19 when she had had Sonia.

It was a fact acknowledged (albeit not out loud) by those who met Mrs. Dutt that she was a very beautiful woman who still looked to be in her prime. Vick stared at her tall, voluptuous figure standing with her back to him, dressed in a white silk sari which revealed the light brown skin of her lower back. His eyes were transfixed on that little hint of brown flesh. It was amazing how the material stuck to her body, highlighting her rounded shoulders, the curves of her waist, the dip of her hips, and the contours of her long legs.

Mala’s long black hair was tied in ponytail which dropped to her lower back. The sari’s cotton top, also called a choli, ended just below her breasts. Normally it would leave most of Mala’s midriff and back exposed but these were covered by a long white shawl. The sleeves of her choli ended inches above her elbows and left her fair arms exposed.

Oh man, thought Vick, that sari’s hugging every part of Mom’s body.

Whenever she moved it rustled like silk. In fact, it was so tight that when Vick’s mother turned around he could see the spheres of her breasts standing high and firm on her chest.

Mrs. Dutt’s face was kind and timid: she had a high forehead with robust cheeks dappled red from all the work she’d been doing. The most striking feature of Mala’s face was her eyes: their dark brown irises were so clear that it was hard to not feel a thrill passing through your body as she stared at you. These, along with her full pink lips, completed the enchanting portrait.

I can’t believe it, thought Vick, now sitting up on the couch with his fingers clenched, I’ve been checking out my own mom!

He didn’t want to think about it but it was impossible to resist: Mala was such a beautiful and sultry woman, and her son was a 19 year old virgin with the female body dominating his every thought.

Mala turned towards the living room and wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. She smiled warmly and asked her son in Hindi, “What are you looking at?” Mrs. Dutt was very soft-spoken, a quality which added to her feminine mystique.

The question caught Vickram off guard. “N-nothing. …what ya cooking?” he asked, shifting on the sofa again.

“I thought I told you,” his mother answered in English. “Rice and curry.” Her English was quite fluent with only the slightest accent.

“You probably did tell me, Mom,” he replied, “but I’m in university so the only thing that stays İkitelli Escort in my head is homework-related.”

Mala laughed in her sweet voice. Wiping her forehead again, she shook a finger at Vick and said, “Naughty boy!” Mother and son both laughed. “And where are your sisters?”

“Dunno,” shrugged Vick. “Sonia’s upstairs doing her homework, and Lara—I think she’s still out.”

Mrs. Dutt shook her head and muttered, “That girl….”

Lara, the oldest of the three siblings, was very untraditional. She preferred to hang out with her friends till late at night, dressed in provocative Western clothes, didn’t listen to Indian music, and chose to speak in English. Lara, thought Vick, also had a superiority complex and whenever her family tried speaking to her she could be quite rude. In personality she was the total opposite of her mother, who was quiet and conservative. Sonia, the youngest child, was a mix of both Indian conventions and Western modernity.

“Yeah, Mom, what ‘cha you gonna do? Lara’s just a bad kid.”

“She is not!” replied Mala, standing with her hands on her hips and frowning. “She is just too Canadian.”

Vick laughed: that’s a very nice way of putting it, he thought.

Mrs. Dutt returned to monitoring the stovetop. Some minutes later she turned around and exclaimed, “Finished!”

Reaching behind, Mala pulled out the red scrunchie from her ponytail. She shook her head left and right as her hair came loose—a thick black stream with streaks of silver light glimmering on its surface. After a few shakes of her head Mala’s hair was undone and tumbled down to her hips. In a slow, prolonged motion she ran her hands up either side of her sweat-drenched face and began straightening out her hair.

Vick was absolutely stunned as he stared at this gorgeous woman.

She’s so damn hot! he thought, his dick hardening. I don’t want to admit it, but I’d just be lying to myself….

Vickram’s mother walked over to the living room and stood halfway between the TV and the couch. With a groan of exasperation she took a hold of her shawl and wiped off the sweat from her face. This gesture afforded Vick an unobstructed view of his mother’s upper body: the white choli cut off right under Mala’s tits and exposed her flat brown midriff glistening with sweat. The blouse made it look as if Mala was just wearing a bra since it left so much of her abdomen bare. Just as enticing was how the lower portion of the sari embraced her figure, stressing her lean thighs and long legs.

Mom’s so close to me, thought Vick as he stared at her. She’s just a few feet away. I just want to reach out and—

But this enchanting vision soon ended as Mrs. Dutt readjusted her sari’s sash to cover her stomach again. Before she could catch Vick ogling her figure he turned his face to the television and pretended to be watching the music video…yet all the while his mother’s body was fixed in his mind’s eye.

For the next few minutes Mrs. Dutt plopped down on the couch to her son’s right and they watched TV together. From the corner of his eyes Vickram would sneak glances at her.

I can smell Mom, he thought, that hot, sticky scent of feminine sweat.

His contemplation was interrupted by the loud footsteps of his sister Sonia running downstairs.

“Done with homework,” she said, jumping onto the couch on Vick’s left.

Sonia was only 18 years old and ripening. She had a childish and innocent air not only to her looks and way of speaking, but also to the sprightly movements of her body. As with his mother, Vick had noticed his sister’s sexuality.

Sonia was only 5’3 and on the verge of becoming a beautiful young woman. At the moment she was dressed in a pair of dark blue, low-cut jeans; the waistline was a few inches below her belly-button and revealed her taut, teenage stomach. Unlike her mother’s voluptuous form, Sonia had a thin figure, with a tight waist, lean arms, long legs, and developing breasts, as could be seen from the pert little globes straining against her bright, form-fitting yellow t-shirt.

One of Sonia’s most appealing features was her very light brown skin; in fact, it was so light that it verged on a shade of cream.

Vick and Sonia were very attached to each other from a young age and throughout high-school he had always protected her from the advances of other boys. It was also a comfort to know that he could tell her things that he couldn’t tell anyone else in the world. Likewise, Sonia would often reveal secrets to her brother that she wouldn’t dare reveal to her own mother or older sister.

Sonia sat with her head resting on Vick’s shoulder. Her short black hair, coming down to just below her neck, gave Sonia the appearance of a tomboy and made her look younger than her age. People often mistook her for 15, to her great annoyance.

Vick’s arm was wrapped around his sister’s petite shoulders, the fingers of his hand dangling inches above her small left tit. He İkitelli Escort Bayan was very aware of this closeness till the sudden ring of the doorbell startled him.

Dad must be home, thought Vick.

Mala got up off the couch and walked towards the door. Wide-eyed, Vick watched his mother sway her hips with each step; his stare was focused on the slopes of her buttocks and the tightness of her sari.

“What are you looking at, Vickie?” asked Sonia.

Damn! thought Vick. She caught me ogling Mom.

“N-nothing,” he answered. “Just checking to see if it’s Dad or Lara.”

Sonia stared into her brother’s eyes with a sly smile; her chin was propped on his shoulder and her face was very close to his own. Their noses were almost touching as Vick stared down at his sister’s cute face. What drew Vick’s eyes and made his heart race was the fact that Sonia’s bright pink lips were almost touching his.

“You were looking at Mom, weren’t you?” asked Sonia. “You were checking out your own Mom.”

“Th-that’s crazy!” stammered Vickram, trying to think up an excuse. He shifted over on the couch but his sister shifted with him. Fear thrilled through his veins; his heart was knocking in his chest—Vick could hear his mother and father talking in the other room. What if they came in? What if they got caught?

“Nope, Vickie,” whispered Sonia. The nails of her right hand lightly stroked her brother’s cheek, causing the hairs on his face to stand up as if charged with electricity. Sonia pressed her body up to Vickram’s: her small breasts flattened against his muscular chest. Vick could feel the little nubs of her nipples poking into him. He looked down to see that Sonia’s yellow t-shirt had ridden up her chest, exposing the rich flesh of her flat stomach.

He tried to push her away but she wouldn’t budge. Sonia locked her arms around her brother’s back and smiled. It was a wicked smile, a knowing smile: she had caught him.

As she caressed Vick’s face with her right hand her left hand dropped to his crotch. “Don’t lie, Brother. I know you were looking at Mom’s body. I’ve seen you do it before, checking out her ass, her breasts…” Vick shook his head as Sonia kept stroking the tented blue denim with her fingers. “You can’t lie Brother….”

“I’m not lying!” whispered Vick, attempting to sound stern. “And let go! What if Mom and Dad see us?”

Sonia giggled and then stated with a serious face: “Come to my room tonight. I have something to show you.”

Her room? Vick asked himself. What the hell was Sonia talking about? She didn’t mean…she couldn’t…right?

Sonia unlocked her arms from around Vick’s back and moved to the other end of the couch just as her parents entered the living room. At 6’5, Rishik Dutt was large and menacing: the buttons of his shirt strained to stay on when he puffed out his large chest. With his long black hair combed back, large brown eyes, thick lips, and thicker face, Mr. Dutt gave the impression of a boxing champ instead of the successful real estate agent that he really was. Vick also knew that despite the hard features of his father’s physique many women found him handsome.

Dinner started with Mr. Dutt sitting at the head of the table. His wife sat on his right and placed whatever food was requested on his plate. Sonia sat across from her brother at the other end of the table. At first, Vick believed that there’d be some awkwardness between them after his sister’s behaviour this evening. But he was mistaken….

“Pass the salt, Big Brother,” asked Sonia without any strain in her voice. Vick’s hand trembled as he grabbed the saltshaker and handed it to his sister. “Thanks, Big Brother,” she replied with a sweet smile.

“N-no—” Vick cleared his throat. “No problem, Little Sister.”

Dinner was quiet for the most part. No one spoke for the first few minutes till Mr. Dutt’s deep voice cut the silence. “Where’s Lara?” Sonia stared at her brother and then at her mother.

“Rishik,” began Mrs. Dutt, “Lara…went out with her friends.”

The silver fork hovered inches from Mr. Dutt’s lips. “Did you give her permission to stay out this late?”

Mala was silent.

“You didn’t, did you?” repeated Mr. Dutt.

Mrs. Dutt shook her head and stared down at the table. “No,” she replied, “Lara didn’t ask me.”

Sonia and Vick stared at each other: both knew what was coming.

The bottom of Mr. Dutt’s large fist thudded on the table, causing the plates and glasses of water to vibrate. “That girl…” he muttered in English, exhaling out loud. “Someone needs to discipline that girl….”

“Rishik!” started his wife suddenly, “I have told you that my sister Mira is coming over tomorrow night for dinner, haven’t I? And she is bringing her children.”

Leave it to Mom to break the tension, thought Vick with a grin.

Mr. Dutt looked surprised for a moment and then smiled. “Oh, yes,” he said, “I had forgotten.” He turned to look at his Escort İkitelli children. “You two behave yourselves tomorrow!”

Why does he always look at me when he says that? wondered Vickram.

Sonia and her brother both nodded and replied, “Yes, sir.”

Vick returned to eating but the sound of a giggle made him look across the table at his sister. Sonia had her palm pressed over her lips. She grinned at her brother, shook her head, and mouthed, “It’s nothing.”

Dinner ended at 9:00 and the family stayed up watching the news. The living room was silent except for the noises of the television. Mr. Dutt, tapping his bare foot on the carpet, was waiting for Lara to come home. Vick was sitting on the smaller couch with Sonia, the two of them trying their best not to make eye-contact with their father.

He’s scarier when he doesn’t speak, thought Vick.

At 10:00 pm, without saying a word, Mr. Dutt shut off the TV, got off the couch, and walked up to his room. Mrs. Dutt got off the couch as well, looked at her children, sighed, and then followed her husband upstairs.

“I guess that’s our cue to go to bed as well,” said Vickram. He pondered with a grin how much trouble his older sister would be in the following day.

Vick was heading to his room, hoping to avoid Sonia, but she rushed up to his side and said, “Remember what I told you.” Following a wink, she bolted up the stairs before her brother could reply.

After brushing his teeth Vick decided to go to sleep. It was now 10:30 pm, as the red blink of his bedside digital clock showed.

I’m not going to Sonia’s room, he told himself. She’s just messing with me. I mean, what the hell can she want?

For the next few minutes two opposing ideas battled inside Vickram’s head: to stay in his room or to go to see his sister.

Maybe it’s not what I’m thinking, he reasoned, staring at the ceiling. Maybe Sonia just wants to talk about something. Yeah, it’s probably not what I’m thinking at all.

That was the excuse he used to convinced himself. Throwing off the blanket, Vick leapt off the bed, opened the door, and walked out into the hallway.

The narrow hallway was completely dark and Vick had to be careful to not bump into any of the furniture. He tiptoed towards Sonia’s room at the end of the hallway, which was connected to his parents’ room. When he reached his sister’s room, he stood wondering whether to go in or not.

The hell with it! he told himself as he strode in.

“Sonia? Sonia?” he whispered, looking around. Where the heck is she? Maybe she went to the washroom?

“Here, Vickie!” a voice whispered from the darkness.

Vick’s heart jumped. Where did it come from? he asked himself.

“Right here!” came the whisper again. “In the closet!”

It was Sonia’s voice; Vick took a deep breath and walked towards its source. There she was, kneeling on the closet floor in her pajamas: a tight-fitting red t-shirt and gray sweatpants. Sonia was smiling up at her brother, and her small, adorable face was glowing from a single beam of light thrusting through a hole in the closet wall. It was a stark effect: most of Sonia’s nubile figure was covered in shadow, except for the single ray of light which came through the hole in the wall and expanded to bathe her face and the top half of her body in gold. Even in the darkness, Sonia’s short black hair stood out against the deep shadows.

She grabbed Vickram’s wrist and pulled him down, asking, “What took you so long? They already started.”

Vick was about to ask what she meant but Sonia put one hand on the back of his head and gently pushed it towards the hole in the wall.

The vision which hit Vick’s eyes electrified him; he almost shouted out in surprise but Sonia pressed up against her brother from behind and clamped her other hand down on his mouth.

The little peephole in the wall gave Vick a view into his parents’ room, and there, on the bed, were his mother and father having sex!

The view afforded wasn’t the best: Vick could see his parents’ bed, with the back of his father’s head pointing towards him. Mr. Dutt lay naked on his back on the red satin covers, his throbbing nine-inch organ standing tall. And there was his mother, more beautiful than Vick ever could have imagined in his fantasies. Mala was kneeling on the bed as her son drank in her figure. Gone were her sari and mild decorum: she was dressed only in black lingerie, and she looked hot!

The thin bra straps left most of Mrs. Dutt’s rounded shoulders bare, shoulders which inclined into her long, graceful arms. Vick’s eyes feasted on the prominent cleavage of his mother’s rich breasts squished tightly into their brazier. Then there was his mother’s midriff, so smooth and flat, the muscles of her abdomen so deliciously tight. On her knees, Mrs. Dutt’s sexy, broad thighs were soft and buttery-smooth, a perfect light bronze that contrasted the black of her lace panties.

It was those panties, of such intricate design, that hid what her son most desired to see.

Less than twenty percent of Mala’s body was covered, leaving her pristine flesh bare. The black lingerie provided a sharp contrast to Mrs. Dutt’s light brown flesh; her long, deep-black hair fell straight down her back.

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