Body Breakfast


He slowly gained consciousness. At first it was a blur, just fuzzy ideas of shapes around the room. He became aware that the low glow of morning light was pervading the room, then feeling started coming back. He felt the sheets on his naked body, the firm mattress under his back, the pillow behind his head, that the blankets lying over him were pulled to the side, covering her as well.

He eventually woke up enough he felt like he could move, and rolled over next to her. She must’ve moved out of his arms while sleeping last night. Not wanting to suddenly wake her, he slowly approached her body with his hands, gently sliding over her soft form. He slid along her thigh, her hip, then moved to the front of her body and caressed her breasts. He lingered for a moment, separating his fingers and running along the outline of her nipples. Still not wanting to wake her up yet, he moved on, knowing the stimulation could rouse her. He put his hand over her lower shoulder and moved his whole body closer to hers. Reaching a comfortable position directly next to her body, he lay his head back down on the pillow next to hers. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations of flesh meeting flesh, of his arm over her body, keeping her close to him, and drifted back to sleep.

When he woke up again, this time it was due to the stirring in his partner. She squirmed around slowly and barely, and he adjusted his body to be flush with hers again. Knowing she was waking up, he started tracing his fingers along her arm, his other hand resting on her hips. He gave her three slow, soft kisses on her back, and as he heard her wake up, he whispered, “Good morning, love.” She made a contented sigh and mumbled something that might’ve been “morning” as she cuddled back into his body and took a hold on his arm.

Their bodies lingered there, waking up together, coming back to the almanbahis adres world next to each other. It always felt this good. “Have any dreams?” He asked casually. “Hmm… nope. Not really. You?” “Mm-mm.” As his body came to full wakefulness, he held her tighter to himself, stroking her body more deliberately. He kissed her back some more, drinking in the physical image he was getting from caressing her body. He moved his hips as he felt his erection being impeded by her back. Sometimes in situations like this, they would talk. About dreams, about how good of a sleep they got, about what they were going to do today… Sometimes they didn’t speak for hours, drifting back and forth between wake and rest, occasionally soft “I love you”s would be mentioned.

Some mornings, the urge of their bodies would win and they would indulge in each other. He felt her hand stroke his side in the way that he knew meant that neither sleep nor conversation were foremost on her mind, either. He raised his head and waited for her to turn hers to meet it. He stole the first kiss of the day and encapsulated her body in his roaming hands. He opened his eyes to look in hers. After a couple seconds, she blushed lightly and kissed him again. She closed her eyes and pressed her back into his chest, making happy still-waking-up sounds.

He led his fingers along her curves, tracing along her breasts, her tummy, her thighs. He kissed her neck as he moved his body southwards, making a place for his hardness between her legs. She squirmed a little, and he slid a hand between her thighs from the other side. As he slowly rubbed her crotch in small circles, his other hand reached to her nipple, softly pinching and tweaking it. He kissed her neck again, then her mouth. He looked into her eyes and saw his desire reflecting back at him. He slid to the side to allow her to lie on her almanbahis adresi back, giving him better access to her body. He bent down and kissed one of her nipples. She made a soft, sharp moan when he nibbled on it, and it propelled his hand down lower to stroke her pussy. She took in a sharp breath and relaxed her legs, widening them just a little. As his fingers explored her lower lips and he continued to kiss her neck, she reached her hand down beyond his thigh and found his hardness. He moved to accommodate her as she began to slowly rub his dick in time to his own ministrations.

Feeling the heat in his passion rise, he increased his efforts, sliding a single finger along her ever-moistening vagina. He brushed against her clit to see her head move back and eyes close as she bit her lip. She rubbed her hand over his engorged head to urge him on, tell him to go further into her pleasure. Very slowly he pressed the tip of a finger into her inner reaches, stroking along her inner walls. After a farewell kiss to her breasts, he moved his head slowly down her body, kissing along the way. By the time his tongue had reached her pussy, her legs were already spread and his finger was already stroking her in and out.

She reached her hands out for her thighs as she prepared for his oral onslaught. He began slowly licking the top of her pussy and her clit, then sped up gradually as he matched his tongue’s strokes with his finger’s inside her. “Mmm!” she moaned. He loved that sound more than any other he’d ever heard. It excited him, making him speed up faster than intended, to start getting rough with her. Soon there were two fingers inside her, taking opposing paths across her insides, and he began sucking and nibbling on her clit. She was moaning steadily at this point, and though his throbbing cock demanded he fill her with it, he wanted her to feel almanbahis adres this ecstasy a little longer. “Oh! Oh! Shit!” she yelled. He started to feel her pussy throb around his fingers, and attempted to overstimulate her into an intense orgasm.

When she finally stopped, her firm grip around his fingers and her breathing returned, he slowly withdrew. He kissed his way back up to her waiting lips and a series of quick kisses between heavy breaths were his reward. He placed his rigid cock on her inner thigh, reminding her that it wasn’t over yet. “Mmm. Put it in.” she moaned as he began to rub his dick against the outside of her pussy. He kissed her neck and grabbed her back as he allowed himself to enter her. He pressed it in and out, once, twice, three times… their bodies were moving in unison, and they both gasped as the intense pleasure hit them.

She bent her legs back and raised her arms over her head as he shifted his weight to a stronger position, kissing and biting her neck as he started stroking harder. He breathed deeply and rhythmically, as he watched her breasts bounce as he pounded into her, and her face as her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth hung open. She began to get louder and call his name, which just spurned him on more. He raised his hips and took longer, deeper strokes as her sex-charged moans grew louder and higher. The feeling of anything other than where their bodies met disappeared from his mind, and his dick started heating up.

“I’m going to come.” He whispered breathlessly into her ear. “Yes! Come in me! Come in me!” she screamed, thrusting her hips harder at him. All the blood in his head seemed to empty and he felt weightless as he finally reached his bursting point. His whole body stiffened as he could feel ejaculation after ejaculation, burning out of his body and deep into hers. When it stopped, life returned to the rest of him as he relaxed and dropped himself on her chest. He knew she liked it when he stayed inside her after cumming, and waited to regain his breath before he eventually moved. “I love you” they whispered to each other through dry mouths.

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