Blue Balls 2: The Cure


For over a week since she gave me her IOU for some unspecified sexual favor, I hadn’t seen anything of my neighbor, Suzanne; nor Angelo – her boyfriend with the small penis but the powerful sports car. I wasn’t ballsy enough to remind her of her promise, but I thought about it a lot.Then, suddenly one afternoon, I heard her running across her lawn towards my garage. I looked up from my work bench, and there she was, dressed – if you could call it that – in her regular next-to-nothing bikini. Its tiny cloth triangles miraculously managed to cover her nipples even though her tits were leaping up and down as if she were starring on TV in Baywatch, running along the beach in slo-mo.“Mr. B!” she called out. “How’s this for an idea?”Her tits stopped jiggling for a moment and I was able to look her in the face.“What are you talking about, Suzanne?”“My IOU! I’ve figured out how to pay you back for helping me out last week.”“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” I responded automatically, kicking myself as I said it. I meant the exact opposite.“No, I owe you one, Mr. B,” she insisted, “and I’ve worked it all out. Being a voyeur, you’ll love it.”I started to explain to her that I wasn’t simply a voyeur, that I actually liked all kinds of sex, but she wouldn’t hear any of it, and went on telling me her plan.“I’m going to sunbathe out by the pool, and you can go up to your back bedroom with your binoculars and watch me from there!”Oh no! I couldn’t believe it. Anadolu Yakası Escort She knew where I always went to spy on her! I thought I’d been so careful not to be seen.But the amazing thing was that she seemed so comfortable with the idea of being watched. And then I realized – of course – she was a big time exhibitionist! We were a perfect pair, just like Jack Sprat and his wife.“Then,” she went on excitedly, “at 5 o’clock, Angelo is coming over, and we’re going to have sex by my pool and you can watch!”“But what about Angelo? What if he doesn’t want to?”“He will! I’ll make him. Plus which, I’ve told him the plan and he’s already agreed to it. Not about you, of course. Just about us fucking by the pool. See you later!”She turned and pranced off towards her pool, leaving me with a delicious tingling in my balls as I stared at her undulating, bare ass which was clad in nothing more than the skinniest of thongs. In fact, the strap was made of clear plastic and was virtually invisible.Then she abruptly stopped, turned back to me and called out, “No, it’s the other way around. I won’t see you later – you’ll see me! And by the way, stay away from the window. I told Angelo no one could overlook us while we fuck.”The invitation could not be plainer. Permission to ogle! I wondered briefly if that might remove some of the voyeur’s thrill of being caught, but it turned out I had already been caught! So I Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan dismissed the idea, closed up my garage, went inside my house, found my binoculars, climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom at the back. I opened the window a little at the bottom, closed the blinds everywhere else and sat down to enjoy the view.Suzanne was lying in the sun, face down on a towel. She had already undone her little bra strap, and I had a lovely side view of her practically naked body. I’d only been watching for a few seconds when she lifted her chest and her left tit swung into view.I wasn’t looking at her face, so I was surprised when I heard her calling out to me, the sound coming clearly through my open window.“Mr. B! Can you see me OK, Mr. B?” I leaned forward and answered her. “Thanks, Suzanne, I can see you just fine; no problem.”“I can’t see you; you’re really good at this!”I wasn’t quite sure if being a good voyeur was a good thing or a bad thing, so I just called back, “Thanks! I’ll come back at 5.”The truth was, I didn’t leave. I sat there drinking in the close up view of her luscious, curvaceous body. My binoculars were strong, 7 X 35, and every time Suzanne turned over or sat up, I focused on her nipples, specially her right one which I had fondled only a few days before. My balls started to vibrate of their own accord, but I was determined to save myself for later when I could Escort Anadolu Yakası enjoy watching her getting fucked by Angelo, this time in full daylight.Her cell phone rang. Its ring tone was some pop song I’d never even heard. She got up and walked away from me towards where she’d left her purse on the ground. Bending over at the waist, she reached down and picked it up. But she didn’t stand up again right away, and I realized that she held this position for my sake, showing off her wonderful ass to me.“Thank you, Suzanne,” I said to myself as I listened to her side of the conversation.“Angelo! How soon will you be here? I can’t wait – I’m wet already! … What? … Why not? … That’s a stupid, fucking excuse, you little fart-face. You promised you’d be here at 5, I had it all planned… No, I told you, it’s totally private, you fucking douche-bag. Jesus! What kind of a fuckwit do you think I am… I’m a what? How dare you call me that?As she yelled at him on the phone, I saw her other hand slip down inside the front of her tiny thong and start urgently rubbing her muff. I remembered how she’d told me she got really turned on when she got angry. She was angry, okay, and letting him have it.“You know what you are? You’re a suckass and a cockass, you mini cocked wanker!”Her repertoire of swearwords was quite amazing, but after a while she started to repeat many of the same words. I could see that she was trying her best to keep up the intensity of her anger so she could get off, but he must have hung up on her because she slowed down and then stopped the yelling altogether.Not wanting to embarrass her in this state, I felt it was time I stopped watching. So I went downstairs, grabbed a beer from the fridge and had just settled down in front of the TV, when my phone rang.

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