Bimbo Zombies


“Eeeeeee!” screamed Holly, pointing back at a team of cheerleaders and members of the college glee club, all with dead gazing blue eyes and a clueless slow group gate forming a forward march down the main quad of the St. Jude University for Young Women.

“I have an outfit just like hers!” Holly’s pointing finger reached far out the second floor window of the university’s abandoned physics department. This year’s class for some odd reason didn’t sign up for many of the hardcore sciences.

Sarah also leaned out, but through an adjacent window. She considered her friend’s exclamation. “No, it’s a totally different print.”

The moans of the slowly approaching mob grew more audible.

“Hm. You’re right,” huffed Holly, turning and sliding her back down the wall below the windowsill while crossing her arms in frustration. “Next semester’s spring break is going to suck. None of the guys are going to sneak over of here when word of this gets out.”

“Go back!” yelled Sarah, waving her arms out the window at two girls leaving the Sociology Building.

The two girls held books against their chests like Archie comic book characters. They looked back at Sarah’s mad gesticulations, shrugged, turned, and walked right into a crowd of tight pencil skirted librarians with silk blouses and dark rimmed eyeglasses.

“Shit!” said Holly, peering over the windowsill. “They didn’t have a chance.”

The librarians pushed the two girls down. The first unsuspecting student wore jeans and fought back with harsh kicks. The head librarian easily pinned down the wild swinging legs, popped the ‘505’ fly-buttons, and began to get some tongue access under the panties.

The other librarians worked together on the second student, holding her down and lifting her skirt.

It took only a moment of oral pleasure before the two new inductees changed from making screams of fear to panting screams of ecstasy. Their eyes turned bright blue and clueless. Their breasts expanded pressing against their already snug sweaters. They stood, corrected each other’s clothes. One tugged pulling down and making adjustments to her cohort’s skirt in a few places. The other returned the favor and slowly buttoned up the jeans. They looked longingly at each other and kissed, but it didn’t satisfy. They tried to kiss again as they ran their fingers madly desperately through each other’s hair. Still the buzz was gone. They locked mouths again.

“Run if you still know who you are!” yelled Sarah. “Don’t give up!”

“Damn they got boobed — really boobed,” said Holly, disappointedly looking down at her own chest. She cupped the breasts. “Sometimes I’d like to try bigger.”

“Sometimes I wonder if you’re already one of them,” scolded Sarah. She leaned back out the window. “Run you big boobed bookworms!”

The kiss stopped. The two looked up at Sarah and licked their lips at the site of untouched sexuality. They moaned just like the many clueless drone students stumbling around them. The quad was filling with more bright blue eyed sexually hungry moans.

The librarians had now taken the lead towards the physics building. Their high heels scraped the asphalt sidewalk as they dragged their steps reaching out their arms for some lustful love advertising itself from the second floor window.

Sarah and Holly gulped.

The Pendik Escort cheerleaders stayed on the quad’s lawn to tackle the remaining holdout members of the field hockey team. Field hockey uniforms with their high socks and short skirts provided little protection. The cleats on the shoes proved useless. Once teammates found themselves knocked to the ground, ecstasy effortlessly pressed into their bodies. The hockey sticks proved better than cleat kicking for warding off the dead sex until, snap after snap, the clubs broke.

Infected students healed instantly. Broken shoulders and arms popped back into place. More screams followed. Once a swinging wooden club broke, its owner found herself pinned down and converted. Her field hockey fleece tightened as her breast size enlarged. Suddenly sex had a scent and in the center of the plume of ecstasy were a few remaining fierce fighting field hockey teammates hopelessly resisting destiny.

The gang of dead blue eyed glee club members, Jude’s Jamboree, moaned in unison and retreated back towards the theater after one of their own pointed and gave an operatic shrill. The other glee singers joined, both in voice and in pointing towards the theater’s front doors.

They clearly smelled someone hiding inside.

“Did you chain the front door?” asked Holly.

“There were no chains. I had to use a rope. I tied a figure-eight-follow-through-knot around a bowline loop then I tightened it with a trucker’s hitch.”

Holly looked a little lost. “I guess that should take those bimbos a few hours while they figure out what to do.”

“I don’t know. They like to put things in their mouths. They might break the glass and suck those knots free before we know it.”

“You’re right. We should head for Administration. Maybe we can steal the dean’s car.”

“No. This is the physics building. It’s got bottled water in the teacher’s lounge and Ramen noodles for food. All that could last us for weeks. There are also tools like um, you know: thing’ma’boppers and doodads. We can make weapons.”

“Do you know how to make explosives with household products?”


“Do you know how to make a crossbow with the freshmen class Newton spring loaded meters, some large metal calipers, and fishing lines from the supposedly frictionless pulley systems?”


“Well then can you make the sodium vapor lasers and calibrated mirrors into something more dangerous?”


“Then maybe we should try to steal the freaking dean’s car!”

“How the hell did this happen?”

The librarians now pounded at the front door just below Holly and Sarah’s open second floor windows.

Below, there was the sound of breaking glass.

“They’re going blow us Sarah. They’re going to turn us into bimbo zombies.”

Sarah held onto Holly. “Maybe if we blow each other we can build up some immunity.”

They looked at each. It was hopeless. They were too young to be zombies. They hadn’t done so many things yet — experimenting sorts of things — the kind we would want pictures of.

So they started.

They kissed and pulled themselves out of their clothes. What else could they do?


A semester earlier, Sarah entered the student hall. Rows of temporary computers on folding Pendik Escort Bayan tables waited for new student registration. She saw her friend, her roommate from last year.

“Oh my god,” said Sarah. “Holly. I love your new hairstyle.”

Holly turned with a wide smile and two blonde ponytails, one on either side of her head. “Eeee, I was so worried. I hadn’t seen you yet.”

They both air kissed.

Holly held a lock of Sarah’s light brown trusses. “I think you should go blonde or red — oh! Go avant-garde, like green or blue. I could set it up tonight.”

“Nah. I’m fine. But can I show you what I’ve been working on in the physics building? I’ve been at it since last semester. I worked all through summer. I started in the biology building, but everyone switched to liberal arts and the professors quit. Then I moved to the chemistry building and before finals, we all got A’s in summer classes by default. All those professors had quit too, especially the male ones.” She paused. Her face showed how she thought it all so strange. “The female profs drove the men crazy they said. I’m now in an empty physics building. But my project is so cool.”

“Oooo,” coed Holly, “I like cool. I decided to pursue it. So I dropped out of my astrology classes — no, wait, they were astronomy and AstroTurf something. I’m studying numerology now. Oh my god! She’s got the same sweater as I have on! I’m so humiliated.”

Sarah stood on her toes to look over her friend. “Holly. That’s a school sweater.”

“Well, it’s not right. What are the odds?” Holly began to struggle with her clothes. Her books fell at her feet. She pulled and tugged tying up her head and hair into a knotted ball of her own sweater. Her pink bra showed underneath as she struggled.

“Holly, I don’t think you have blouse under that.”

“I don’t care. Get my head out of this damn thing.”

Sarah, dropped her books to the floor, and pulled. She twisted her friend around at the hips and then pushed her friend into a full bow over a registration computer. Pressing her hips against her friends rear, she now pushed the sweater away over her friend’s head and up the arms.

“Watch the hair!” yelled a muffled Holly.



Several hip to hip gyrations followed. The sweater flung to the floor leaving a pink bra’ed Holly in a short tight skirt.

“I’ll take mine off too,” said Sarah. “That way you won’t stand out so much.”

Now with a red bra and a pink bra showing, they felt they weren’t noticeable at all as they headed off to the empty physics building. They abandoned their recently purchased books behind: Basket Weaving 101, Social Classes of North American Chipmunks, and Course Notes for Emergency Make-Up Using Compact Mirrors.

They entered the empty physics building and then a lonely lab at the end of a hallway.

“I found a new virus,” exclaimed Sarah, stepping into a plastic suit that covered her body. She inserted her head into a large clear balloon and zipped up the back. “I found it a year ago and I’ve been cultivating it here at the university ever since then — even despite all the relocations about campus.”

Holly stared eagerly as Sarah removed a tiny test tube from a vat of liquid nitrogen. “So cool,” Holly giggled. “I mean, of course Escort Pendik it’s cool. We’re talking negative Kelvins here.”

“I don’t think Kelvins go below zero.”

“Hm. I forgot that.”

“Weren’t you an astrophysics major?”

“Mm, doesn’t grab me so much anymore since my hair turned blonde.”

“Odd the coincidence huh?”

“Nah. I like it.”

Turning to a tiny tube held at the end of a pair of large metal tongs, Sarah mentioned, “This virus has a strange trait. It changes under electro — electromag — um, energy.”

“Changes to what exactly?”

“Beats me. That’s what I’m studying. Basically high energies mutate it.”

“Cool. Since you’re the biology major here, would something like the upcoming explosion of sunspots and magnetic fluxes from the sun’s eleven year cycle of changing its polarity do anything to this virus?” Holly looked at Sarah’s form fitting rubber suit. “Hm, forget that question. I have a more important one for you.”

Sarah smeared a sample of the virus onto a small object. She inserted the target object into an electron microscope. “Yeah, ask me anything. But give me a day or two to answer. I don’t seem to be as fast as I used to be with questions.”

“Um yeah. Me neither.” Holly paused feeling a little confused. “Oh yeah, shouldn’t I be wearing the same hazmat suit you are? I mean my own suit but the same kind. Not yours exactly.” Holly cocked her head at an angle as she stood there in a pink bra, short skirt and high heels.

Sarah struggled to think for a moment. “I keep getting asked that. Personally, I find without a blouse, the plastic sticks to my skin.” She wiggled red bra torso inside the suit. The plastic crinkled and squeaked where it rubbed against itself.

“That’s not fun. So you’ve showed this to others?”

“Just the department heads then the deans. Odd how…” Her eyes glazed over, she shook her head, and then smiled at the electron microscope screen. “See it’s changing.”

“Do you smell something?” asked Holly, sniffing several times. “The whole building has this smell. It’s like last semester when you started your project. All my clothes in our dorm room had this hint of macadamia nuts.”

Sarah took a sniff, then pulled off the bubble hood, and took another deep whiff again. “I’m thinking hazelnut.”


The moans from the librarians stopped as a group of captured women deans surrendered at the front steps of the physics building. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. Sexual screams followed.

Upstairs Sarah kissed her friend’s inner thighs. “You were so good Holly. You have a talent for this. I’m going to return the favor now.”

“Hurry. The librarians will be here soon. I think that bitchy dean will be with them now. I wonder what she’ll look like when her new blonde hair comes in.”

“Oh, it turned blonde months ago. Mine never changed,” sighed Sarah.

“How come we still seem to think like humans? Anyone who turned blonde went bimbo zombie all by themselves.”

“Oh that’s easy. Mmm…” Sarah began to press her face into Holly.

“Well, you, have, to, tell, me, how? Oh, yes. Tell, me. Tell, me, now!”

Sarah pulled away.

Holly sighed wanting more.

“I think I’m a carrier. I had discovered the virus in my blood. As for everyone else; I fucked the biology staff first, then the chemistry, then the physics. I hadn’t fucked you yet nor I guess have you been done by anyone I’ve done. You’re a prude. Besides, you only breathed the virus.”

“Oh. That’s logical.” Holly looked down at her inner thighs. “Well, don’t stop.”

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