Ashlee and Naiya’s Sleepover


Disclaimer: All characters are of legal age.


It hadn’t been that long ago at all that their sleep over’s were nothing but staying up all night drinking as many Red Bull’s as their young bodies could take talking about nothing in particular while listening to whatever new music Naiya had downloaded onto her computer and they chatted with one friend or another on MySpace, AIM or through texts until they simply collapsed from exhaustion. Occasionally they’d drink something a little more risqué than Red Bull or maybe they’d smoke a little weed, but not often and even when they did that was generally as bad as it got unless you counted teasing a boy or two on AIM and secretly laughing at their attempts to flirt with them.

Those days were over, though. Possibly forever, but who knew? Oh, they still drank their highly caffeinated, sugar laced energy drinks, IMed and texted with friends and even occasionally toyed with whatever boys were crushing on them at the time, but ever since they’d shared their first kiss, and so much more, that night less than a month ago those things were all suddenly secondary (and some, like talking to idiotic boys, weren’t even on the table) as they continued to explore the feelings and sensations they’d discovered.

It had seemed such an innocent thing at the time. The result of a little too much weed, caffeine and a boring, frustrating conversation with one particular guy who just couldn’t take the hint that Ashlee simply wasn’t interested. The weed in particular had been pretty potent. Ashlee had discovered her older sister Tabitha’s new hiding place that very afternoon just before driving over to Naiya’s house in her Mother’s mini-van. Before that they’d been relying on the occasional joint procured from Naiya’s step dad’s stash. It wasn’t long before they realized that Tabitha had a much better connection than Naiya’s step dad and they were feeling fairly loopy. Ashlee was also getting fairly annoyed with the boy’s apparent denseness when it came to Ashlee’s attempts to blow him off.

“Oh my fucking god,” Ashlee finally exclaimed after her fifteenth or so attempt to politely make it clear that she simply wasn’t interested. “I think I’m gonna have to block this douche bag.”

“Why?” came Naiya’s reply. It was a lazy, barely audible reply as at the time she was a little distracted by the game she was playing on her cell phone.

“He won’t take a hint. I’ve told him like a million times that I’m not interested and he keeps flirting with me. It’s like totally creepy. I think he’s retarded.” Ashlee said her exasperation evident in her voice. Naiya, of course, couldn’t help but find this humorous. She knew the boy in question quite well and in fact had warned Ashlee to not even bother responding to him. He’d had a crush on her only months before and she’d had a similar problem getting him to realize she simply wasn’t interested in what he had to offer until her friend Kelli had offered up an ingenuous solution that ended up working wonders.

“Just tell him your hanging out with me,” Naiya said smiling wickedly as she gave up her game and got up to sit next to her flustered friend.

“How the hell is that going to help?”

“He thinks I’m gay.”


“And he’s a moronic homophobe. Trust me. I told you I’d already been through this with him. He’s a moron. Just tell him you’re hanging with a lesbian and he’ll totally freak out and leave you alone. He’s totally weird about it.”

“How the hell do you know that?”

“Because he thinks I’m gay? Pay attention, pothead.”

“No,” Ashlee was already agitated and, yes, pretty high. She wasn’t in the mood to be teased and it was showing. “Why does he think you’re gay?”

“Oh,” Naiya said losing her smile a little as she thought of a good way to put it. “It was Kelli’s idea. She was hanging out with me one night when he wouldn’t stop IMing me so she said to tell him they were gonna make out or something just to tease him because he was such a dweeb.”

“And that worked?” Ashlee responded looking less than convinced by her friend’s odd explanation.

“Well…,” Naiya started then paused before continuing, “Not exactly. We also had to take a picture.”

“Of what?”

“Of me and Kelli making out.”

“You’re fucking kidding me,” Ashlee said a bit too loudly.

“Um, no. You should have been here. Most guys would’ve been all about it, but he like freaked and called us dyke whores or something. It was awesome. He’s such a douche,” Naiya said laughing lightly as she scanned the conversation on screen.

“You’re such a liar. You never made out with Kelli and never gave this weirdo a pic of it,” Ashlee came back as took the mouse away from her friend just as the IM window dinged to reveal another awkwardly flirtatious message from the blockhead in question. “Oh my god. Now he wants to know my cell phone number.”

“You really don’t believe me, do you?” Naiya said as she smirked knowingly.

“Um, Şerifali Escort no,” Ashlee came back purposefully choosing her friends usual ‘don’t be stupid’ come back.

“Tell him you’re hanging out with me. See what happens,” Naiya said calmly before adding, “I want to smoke another bowl.”

“Pothead,” Ashlee replied before pulling the baggy out of her pocket. “Don’t put too much in there. That’s gotta last all weekend.”

“Good luck with that,” Naiya mumbled under her breath as she ripped off a little chunk from the bud. “Seriously, though. Tell him you’re hanging with me. He’ll totally freak.”

“I’d rather just ignore him. He keeps telling me he wants to eat my pussy. He’s so fucking creepy.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Naiya teased.

“Dude, gross. I barely know him. Besides, he’s just so weird. I don’t even know how he figured out who I was on AIM,” Ashlee replied.

“I’m telling you, just tell him you’re with me and we’re like gonna eat each other out in a minute, so you gotta go. I’m telling you. He’ll never bother you again.”

“Yeah, and have him tell everyone at school we’re lesbians? Fuck that.”

“Fine,” Naiya said as she lit the bowl she’d finished packing and took a quick hit before handing off the bowl to her friend. As she exhaled the IM window dinged with a new message. It was yet another blunt come on. This time it was some nonsense about fucking Ashlee until her pussy bled. If it had been an act it would’ve been funny, but Naiya knew that it wasn’t just playing around.

The guy, Jerry was his name, was just one of those alpha male wannabes who had no idea how to talk to girls. At school no one really liked him. At least not anyone who she knew or cared about. He was just one of those assholes who never got laid and hung around with a bunch of other losers who were too scared to even try. The sad thing was that Jerry was actually kind of cute and when he wasn’t trying to be all macho stupid he could be quite funny. Sadly, as she had learned long ago he just couldn’t help himself. Add to that his creepy habit of looking up random girls he barely knew on the internet and it was easy to see that poor kid would have a hard time getting anywhere with a girl for a long, long time.

The girls soon forgot all about him, however, as they smoked the bowl and Ashlee let Naiya check her MySpace. When Jerry, or Hustla69 as he so coyly referred to himself online, sent Ashlee another blunt sexual proposition Naiya finally decided to take matters in her own hands and told him under Ashlee’s name to go fuck himself. She then, just because she knew it would hit home, called him a fag before blocking him and closing the window. Ashlee just watched laughing as she called Naiya a bitch. Naiya simply thanked her and for the next thirty or so minutes they chatted with each other about nothing in particular.

But as they talked there was something going on in Ashlee’s young, drug clouded mind. As soon as Naiya had mentioned that she’d made out with Kelli a certain part of her brain had refused to stop thinking about it. The idea and some wonderful accompanying images just kept bouncing around her brain. She just couldn’t help but be intrigued by the whole idea. At the same time she couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty because she also happened to feel more than a little jealous about it.

It wasn’t something she’d ever felt comfortable talking about, but Ashlee had been curious about other girls for a long, long time. For as long as she could remember she’d always been drawn to her female friends in ways she couldn’t herself explain. She just felt good when they were around and no matter how close she was with any particular friend she always longed for something more.

For a long time she wasn’t quite sure what that something more was, but now that she was older and a good deal more aware she knew exactly what it was. It was sex. She really, really wanted to have sex with other girls. She wanted it more than anything in the world. Well, not just sex, but the whole deal. She wanted a relationship, she wanted intimacy, and she wanted to know what it was like to share her love with another woman.

More than that she wanted to experience that intimacy with one girl in particular and had almost from the very moment she met her. She was just perfect. She was smart, she was funny, she was nice (to her, anyway) and she was absolute physical perfection as far as Ashlee was concerned. From her long, silky black hair to her soft, light brown skin. Her pretty oval face with her lovely, seemingly incongruous blue eyes over a nose that while some seemed to think was a bit too big seemed to Ashlee to fit just perfectly over her soft, luscious lips that were usually smiling in one way or another.

She also had a body most girls would die for even though she often complained that her breasts were a little small. Ashlee couldn’t have disagreed more. They were perfect little mounds Şerifali Escort Bayan topped with the cutest, little nipples and they fit her petite frame perfectly. She’d seen them many times in the gym showers after soccer practice among other times and sometimes she even caught herself staring at them and everything else as well and had never once found a flaw. From her dainty feet to her soft, little butt and on up to her perfectly flat tummy with just the hint of abs she was everything Ashlee wanted and wanted to be and, in case you failed to guess, she was the very same girl who Ashlee was spending the night with as she had done countless times before and she seemed to have absolutely no idea how much Ashlee wanted her.

Of course, that was likely because Ashlee tried very hard to keep her feelings a secret out of fear that her crush would destroy their friendship. As much as Ashlee wanted her relationship with Naiya to be more than what it was she was just too scared to risk losing the friendship they had by revealing to her friend her secret, sinful feelings. Until that night she’d thought that Naiya would simply never be into such a thing, but now she was armed with the possibility that maybe, just maybe, she may have been a little more open to the idea than Ashlee ever thought possible. Still, she just sat there talking about everything but even as the idea consumed her mind and caused her imagination to go into overdrive, none of that made it any easier for Ashlee to open up to Naiya about her feelings.

Ashlee was never the confident girl even though she had no reason to doubt herself in any way. Like her friend Naiya she was smart and quick witted and most guys simply drooled over her physical appearance even though she herself thought she was a short, fat blob of a girl. She, much Naiya and her self assessment of her breasts, couldn’t have been more wrong. She may have been short and she wasn’t exactly skinny, but she was nothing close to fat. She had a short, compact body and still had more than her fair share of what her father called baby fat, but it just made her look young and soft. Often people would comment on it especially when she drove her mother’s car (she still didn’t have one of her own because she refused to get a beater and, frankly, that was all she or her parents could afford for her). She’d been pulled over by a cop who thought she was too young to drive. One look at her id told him he was mistaken and he even managed to seem a little embarrassed as he let her go on her way.

Beyond all that, though, she was a perfectly attractive girl. She had a cute round face with bright green eyes and a delicate little nose capped by a generally blonde, generally shoulder length mane of beautiful hair. She also had fairly large breasts for a girl her height which her friends often expressed jealousy of, but which she found cumbersome and annoying. Mainly because they, plus her nicely proportioned backside, seemed to be a magnet for boys and creepy, old men alike. Not that she hated guys or anything, but she’d much rather have them look her in the eye when they talked to her. She could have also really done without all the annoying pickup lines they threw her way. She might have felt differently if she was actually interested in guys like that or if a woman were to try the same thing, but she wasn’t interested in guys and no woman had yet made any attempt to pick her up.

Not that any of this was on Ashlee’s mind as she tried her best to follow her friend’s line of conversation despite the weed and her distraction. No, she was fairly lost in her thoughts as she attempted to pretend she was actually interested in Naiya’s feelings about the Jonas Brother’s (she was not impressed and frankly didn’t quite get their appeal) and it was starting to show. Naiya may have been fairly stoned at that point, but she knew her friend well enough to know when she was humoring her.

“And that’s when I decided to rape my pet hamster with a tire iron. I mean, that is what the parrot told me to do and who am I to deny the parrot?” Naiya said just to test Ashlee. When Ashlee responded with a simple “Mmhmm,” Naiya couldn’t help but punch her lightly in the shoulder.

“What the hell was that for?” Ashlee said after being shaken from her reverie even though she knew exactly why it had happened. A light punch was Naiya’s traditional response when Ashlee retreated into her own head. Still, for a small person Naiya’s little punches could smart if she hit you just right. This time her aim had been perfect in that regard.

“You weren’t paying attention, you weirdo,” Naiya responded playfully. “What were you thinking about this time? Letting that weirdo eat your pussy?”

“What?” Ashlee responded, honestly having completely forgotten all about it for a second until it came rushing back before Naiya could spout some other smart ass comment. “Jerry? Don’t be gross.”

“Then what the hell were you thinking Escort Şerifali about?” Naiya replied momentarily going back to scrolling over some random webpage her cousin had emailed her looking unimpressed by the macho stupidity she saw displayed before her.

“Nothing,” was the only reply Ashlee could think of even though she knew it wouldn’t wash. She just hoped it would work well enough to get Naiya off of her back for a bit. It didn’t, but it was worth a shot.

“Liar,” Naiya came back and then paused long enough to make Ashlee think she was out of the woods. In fact, she was absolutely certain of it when Naiya added, almost as an after thought, “I’m surprised you haven’t asked me if I still have the picture.”

“Wha… What?” Ashlee managed to stutter out while briefly wondering if Naiya had just read her mind. She’d actually been thinking about exactly that at that very second and was just beginning to talk herself out of asking Naiya if she still had it.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Naiya said with her usual naughty smirk. “I still have it. Kelli was an awesome kisser.”

“I… umm, really?” was the only thing Ashlee could come up with in response. She was now staring wide eyed at her best friend. There was something about the way she was speaking. Like she was teasing, but not just to tease or be playfully mean. There was something oddly flirtatious about her tone. It was a bit awkward, but it was there. At least, it seemed to be, but Ashlee wasn’t sure.

“Wanna see it? There’s more than one,” Naiya was definitely teasing her now, but it in what way Ashlee had no clue. Still she nodded and nodded again and then yet again when Naiya made her promise not to tell anyone almost without thinking about it and then watched almost in a state of shock as Naiya went to her bookmarks and went to her usual photo bucket account that Ashlee had seen a thousand times before and even used herself for a long time until her parents bought her her own computer. Naiya then signed out and typed in a new user name and password. What Ashlee saw at that moment completely destroyed her old impression of the girl she thought was her best friend.

Naiya had definitely not been lying about making out with Kelli. In fact, she quickly learned that if Naiya could be accused of anything it was omission of truth. Naiya must have had a very advanced definition of making out, because what Ashlee saw in the small collection of photos in the album marked KelliSleepover went a bit farther than just making out. Sure, most of the pictures were simply Naiya and Kelli kissing while they obviously took turns holding the camera there were a couple shots that clearly showed Naiya licking Kelli’s nipple and Kelli returning the favor and, at the very bottom of the page there was a picture of Naiya’s hand easing its way past the elastic band of Kelli’s panties.

Ashlee was simply stunned at the sight before her. She’d never imagined that Naiya would ever do anything even close to what she was seeing. The pictures of them kissing were one thing and, honestly, Naiya was playful enough that Ashlee could imagine her teasing some poor boy on the internet by doing exactly that, but the rest of the photos were simply mind-boggling.

They were also incredibly hot. So hot that Ashlee almost didn’t hear any of Naiya’s commentary as she expanded photo after photo. In fact, she almost missed the pronouncement that there was also a video.

“Are you serious?” Ashlee whispered excitedly when it sunk in that she hadn’t misheard her friend. Naiya just kept on smirking as she stared at Ashlee knowingly. Naiya’s obvious amusement at her eagerness was almost like a slap in the face and Ashlee couldn’t help but blush when she realized that she was revealing more than she wanted to. The room suddenly felt hot and Ashlee couldn’t help but feel somewhat afraid about where exactly this was all going.

“You wanna see that, too?” Naiya said after a short pause only to have her question go unanswered by her now obviously nervous friend. Ashlee, for the first time in a long time, really couldn’t tell what was going on in her friends mind and it scared her beyond all belief. Her thoughts were racing as she wondered if Naiya knew all about her secret desires and whether or not this was some elaborate trap to get her to reveal herself. The weed was working wonders on her brain and she was beginning to feel extremely paranoid about the entire situation. Luckily, Naiya was there and was beginning to get the idea that Ashlee was freaking out.

“Are you okay? ” Naiya asked calmly losing her smirk and replacing with a slightly worried look that Ashlee didn’t see because she was purposefully avoiding Naiya’s concerned look. When Naiya asked again, a little more gently as she placed a calming hand on Ashlee’s shoulder Ashlee nodded her ascent. “I’m not trying to freak you out, you know. I just you’d like to see it. It’s cool if you don’t.”

“Why would you think I’d want to see this?” Ashlee asked quietly as she tried to stay in control of her paranoia.

“I don’t know,” Naiya responded in a slightly defensive tone, but not without her usual calmness, “I just thought you’d find it interesting, you know… ’cause… I don’t know. I was just messing around.”

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