Autumn Falls

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by Stephanie Rose

(Two multicultural beauties create sparks during a citywide power outage.)


“Ooooh! Hot and sexy. Just like I like it!”

Stacy Reynolds smiled as she sat at her computer typing her first lesbian erotic novel, Carnal Passions. Her deadline, just days away, loomed in her head.

As she read the last paragraph, she noticed that it wasn’t flowing as well as she would have liked. She sat back, picked up her pen and tapped it against her temple, deep in thought.

However, the sweat beading on her mocha-colored skin distracted her from reading the words she’d just typed.

“Man, it’s hot in here,” she said, fanning herself, as she quickly saved the last hour of work she’d just completed. The once warm summer was now a hot, muggy mess as the Atlanta temperature rose into the triple digits.

The window next to her desk was open, but no breeze flowed through. As such, her tiny apartment was nearly smoldering with the intense heat. It was Saturday night, just after 9pm, and the nighttime air was thick and hot.

Stacy kept fanning herself, desperately needing a relief from the rising temperatures.

Her mocha skin glistened as she got hotter and hotter. Her long, dark braids were pulled into a thick ponytail and a few tendrils had escaped, creating a beautiful frame around her pretty face. However, the heat, coupled with her sweat, made the tendrils stick to her face and neck.

To beat the heat, she skipped a bra and panties and just wore a light tank top and tiny shorts. The scant material displayed her dark, toned limbs perfectly. Her full breasts strained against the thin material, and the imprint from her dark, rigid nipples could clearly be seen. She had an hourglass figure, made up of a trim waist that sloped deliciously into rounded hips and curvy thighs.

Because she was a budding novelist, she spent a lot of time seated at her desk. As such, she worked out as often as she could to keep herself in shape. She’d even planned to pop in an exercise DVD a bit later. However, all thoughts of working out left her as multiple beads of sweat dotted her skin.

“I need something to drink,” she sighed as she rose and headed to her kitchen to peek in the refrigerator. She scanned it quickly, spying everything from the fruits and vegetables, to the Chinese takeout she ordered earlier. Then she spotted the bottles of apple juice on the lower shelf.

“Here we go,” she said as she grabbed a bottle, opened it and took a long swig. “Mmmm. Delish.”

Then she glanced over to her open bedroom door and looked at the neatly made-up, but empty bed inside.

“This juice is good, but what I really need is that Latin hottie down the hall, Arianna.”

Arianna Santiago was a 5’9″ beauty with long, silky chestnut-brown tresses that reached down to the middle of her back. Her smooth buttermilk skin, a perfect complement to Stacy’s dark complexion, her warm expressive eyes and pouty lips framing a bright smile gave Stacy a delicious tingle every time they met. Sometimes Stacy caught her in a pair of shorts and she was forever amazed at Arianna’s long, luscious legs.

Stacy’s heart beat faster at the thought of the Spanish beauty. They’d only spoken briefly, mostly while waiting in the hallway for the elevator. However, Stacy was so fascinated with Arianna’s accent that she often asked more questions than necessary just to hear more of her romantic dialect.

As Stacy took another sip of juice, she chuckled. “If Arianna were here right now, she’d only bring my temperature up, not down.” She shook her head at her attraction to the Spanish beauty. “I normally don’t do one-night stands, but in her case, I’d definitely make an exception!”

She sipped her drink as she stood in front of the open refrigerator door, enjoying its coolness. Then all of a sudden, the refrigerator motor cut off.

Then all the lights went out.

“What the hell?”

She set her juice on the counter and felt her way into the living room. “I paid that electric bill last week, didn’t I?”

She carefully made her way over to the window and looked outside. She quickly saw that all the streetlights on her block were out, as were the neon lights on the grocery store across the street.

“What is this? A blackout?”

She went to her desk and felt around until she found her cell phone. Opening it, she was grateful for the small ray of light from the display.

“Ok. First things first. Do I have a flashlight?”

She used the light from the cell phone to look inside the desk drawers. After a minute of searching, she pulled out a pink penlight attached to a long cord. She smiled when she saw the rainbow embossed on the front.

“Yes!” she exclaimed as she clicked it on. “Thank goodness I went to the Gay Pride parade last weekend!” she giggled as she shined the thin beam of light around Kurtköy Escort the apartment. “Pride parade swag always comes in handy!”

She used the tiny penlight to light her way around as she looked for the power company bill. Finding it, and seeing that she had, in fact, marked it paid, she sighed. “Well, at least let me call them and report that my lights are out.”

A few minutes later, she’d used their automated service to report the outage. The recorded message said that the power would be restored in approximately ten hours.

She sighed again. “Saturday night and it’s bad enough that I’m at home working. Now it’s a blackout. Some luck.”

She sat at her desk for a few moments, staring out the window at the groups of people that began to congregate on the street below.

“Even though it’s dark outside, at least they’re not alone,” she mused, as she put her elbows on the desk and rested her chin in her hands. “Not like me,” she said as a wave of loneliness gripped her and made her heart sink.

Suddenly, she thought she heard voices in the hallway, and she immediately grew nervous. She’d only lived in this building a matter of months so she didn’t quite know all her neighbors yet.

“I hate being here by myself,” she muttered as she used the penlight to guide her way to the front door. “Especially in a power outage.” She leaned against the doorjamb, straining to listen to the voices outside.

Then she thought she heard a familiar voice. A light, feminine voice with a distinct Spanish accent.

“Is that–” Stacy opened the door a crack and peered into the darkness. Then she heard the voice again.

“Is everyone else’s power out too?” the voice asked.

A wide grin broke out over Stacy’s face. “That’s Arianna,” she whispered. She opened the door a bit wider. “Yes!” she called out. “My power’s out too.”

“Who’s that?” the voice asked.

“It’s Stacy. From down the hall.”

“Hi. It’s me, Arianna.”

“I thought that was you,” Stacy chuckled.

“Hold on,” Arianna said. “I’m on my way down there.”

A few seconds later, a bright light moved toward Stacy. Then the light shined in her eyes and nearly blinded her.

“It is you,” Arianna laughed.

Stacy held her hands up to block the light. “Yes, it’s me. But I think I may be blind now,” she laughed.

“Oops. Sorry,” Arianna said as she moved the light down. Then she shined it on her own face. “See. It’s really me. Can’t be too careful when it’s dark like this.”

Stacy saw that Arianna wore a loose T-shirt with a pair of skimpy shorts. Stacy’s heart began to pound as she got a glimpse of Arianna’s deliciously long legs.

“Oh, you’re fine. But thank goodness you have a flashlight, a big one,” Stacy said as she grabbed Arianna’s arm and pulled her into the darkened apartment and closed the door.

“Yeah. I always keep one in my place, along with fresh batteries. And I always have candles and matches too.”

Stacy smiled. “You’re a regular Girl Scout, aren’t you?”

“Hey, I always come prepared.”

Then Arianna’s stomach grumbled loudly. “Too bad I don’t have any food,” she laughed. “I meant to go to the store earlier.”

“Oh, I’ve got that covered,” Stacy said. “Seeing as how you’ve brought the light, I’ve got some Chinese takeout that I ordered earlier. I haven’t eaten any of it yet. I have some cold bottles of apple juice too. Does that sound good?”

“Actually, it sounds like we were made for each other,” Arianna teased.

Stacy was grateful that her blush wasn’t visible in the dark.


Thirty minutes later, the two women, seated next to each other on Stacy’s couch, got better acquainted over a cold, yet delicious meal by candlelight.

Arianna had gone back to her apartment, grabbed her candles and matches and set up the living room while Stacy prepared their plates and their drinks. Arianna had then turned her flashlight on its end and sat it on the coffee table so that more light illuminated the small space.

As they chatted, they discovered that they both were twenty-six and had moved into the building at the same time, almost four months ago. Further, Stacy was a native Georgian while Arianna was a transplant from New York City.

Arianna entertained Stacy with stories about her life in the Big Apple. She was a successful graphic designer, after having been an art major in college. After graduation, she worked for a major design company for a few years. However, six months ago, needing a change, she decided to start her own company. Finding that Atlanta was the home for several entertainment companies, she moved into entertainment design work, relocated to Atlanta, quickly formed her own company and was already quite successful.

Arianna also told animated tales of her large, Puerto Rican family and the traditions they held while she still lived in New York. In turn, Stacy spoke about her African-American family, and how several generations were born and raised, and many still lived, in Kurtköy Escort Bayan Georgia.

They found that their families had several things in common, such as traditional Sunday dinners and spirited family reunions.

As she listened, Stacy found herself inexplicably drawn to the Latin beauty. She loved listening to Arianna’s accent, and, again, asked more questions than may have been polite just to hear more of it.

Eventually the conversation lulled. As it did so, Arianna noticed the rainbow penlight that was now hanging around Stacy’s neck.

“Oh by the way, where did you get that penlight?” Arianna asked. “It’s cute.”

Stacy paused. Then she decided to be honest about herself. “At the Gay Pride parade last weekend,” she said casually.

“You were there too?” Arianna asked. “I didn’t see you there! I hate that I missed you.”

Stacy gulped. She was at the parade? Is she–? Stacy shook her head. First of all, Arianna probably wasn’t even gay. Second, even if she were, she’d never be interested in a plain girl like herself. Suddenly nervous, Stacy decided to play it cool.

“No big deal. Anyway, have you had enough to eat?” Stacy said as she changed the subject. “There’s plenty more.”

Arianna looked at her curiously, but the darkened room hid the expression on her face. “No, I’m full. But let me throw these paper plates away.”

Arianna leaned in and slowly lifted the penlight from around Stacy’s neck, gently stroking her soft skin in the process. Then she collected the trash and used the penlight to find her way into the kitchen.

As Stacy sat there, her body tingled from Arianna’s touch. Her temperature began to rise even more at being around such a warm, lovely woman.

“Thanks for the meal,” Arianna called out from the kitchen. “Chinese is my favorite.” She cleaned up a bit, then walked into the living room and sat back down on the couch next to Stacy. “Anyway, what were you doing when the power went out?” Arianna asked.

Stacy hesitated. “Um…just some work on the computer. Nothing important.”

“Oh my,” Arianna said. “I hope you didn’t lose anything when the power went off?”

Stacy panicked for a second, then she calmed down. “No. Thankfully, I’d just saved everything. But what about you? What were you doing?”

Arianna stood up and stretched. “I should have been working on this new design project, but I was actually lying on the couch watching TV. I had the air conditioning on and it was sooo comfortable!” She glanced out the window as she wiped the sweat from her brow. “This heat is killing me.”

“You have air conditioning?” Stacy asked incredulously. “Wow. I must be broke. I can’t even afford a paper church fan.”

Arianna laughed as she sat back down on the couch, noticeably closer to Stacy. “I’m kinda fortunate. But I’m sure you’re ok too. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a writer. Well, an aspiring writer.” Stacy blushed. “Actually, more of a starving artist.”

“I’m impressed,” Arianna smiled. “What are you working on?”

Stacy paused, then decided to tell the truth. “My first novel.”

“Congrats! What’s it about?”

Taking a look at Arianna’s smooth legs again, Stacy decided to risk it all. “It’s about lesbians. It’s a lesbian novel. An erotic lesbian novel.”

“Interesting,” Arianna said as she moved in even closer. “But this is the second time you’ve mentioned something about gay pride or lesbians. You must not know, do you?”

Stacy was confused. “Know what?”

“Know that I’ve been watching you, Chica. For a few weeks now.”

“Me?” Stacy squeaked.

“Yes, you. I used to see you down in the courtyard typing on your laptop like crazy. I could see you from my window. You were so cute! Especially when you used to tap the end of your pen against your temple, like you were deep in thought. You looked adorable!”


“Yes, really,” Arianna laughed. “And I used to see you at the coffeehouse up the block too.”

“Really?” Stacy blanched at her one-word answers, but the thought of her crush crushing on her too was almost too much to bear.

“But let me ask you something,” Arianna said as she reached out to stroke a lock of Stacy’s hair that had escaped from her ponytail.

Stacy held her breath. “Yes?”

“Why are you single?”

“Who said I’m single,” Stacy stuttered. She was flustered as her heart beat out of control. “I could have somebody.”

“You don’t,” Arianna said boldly as she twirled Stacy’s hair in her fingers. “So I ask you again: Why are you single?”


As the moonlight streamed through the open window, Arianna leaned in close. “Mi amor?” she asked as her lips hovered dangerously close to Stacy’s.

Stacy paused for a second, then decided to throw all caution to the wind. “Te quiero,” she whispered as she pressed her lips to Arianna’s.

Stacy’s mind began to swirl as they kissed. Their kisses were tender and gentle at first. Then, as their passion increased, they became Escort Kadıköy much more intense.

Emboldened by their mutual passions, Stacy made her move. “Arianna, come with me,” she said as she rose from the couch. She took Arianna’s hand and led her to the bedroom.

Arianna felt her way to the bed, then sat on the edge. “I need you, Stacy,” she whispered as she pulled Stacy in between her open legs. “I’ve dreamt of this moment so many times!”

She lifted Stacy’s tank top and the light from one of the bedroom windows shined on Stacy’s body, giving her dark skin an erotic glow.

Arianna admired Stacy’s rounded breasts, her smooth stomach and her tantalizingly dark skin. She leaned forward and lightly kissed Stacy’s heated flesh.

“Ooooh,” Stacy moaned as Arianna took soft, gentle nips at her skin.

Arianna wrapped her arms around Stacy’s waist and pulled her in even closer. Then she hungrily licked and sucked the warm flesh, licking the sweet skin until Stacy wriggled in her grasp.

“You taste so good, baby,” Arianna moaned against Stacy’s skin. “Delicioso.”

Stacy threw her head back and enjoyed the erotic sensations coursing through her body. Arianna’s oral ministrations lit a blaze in her and she needed to have it quenched as soon as possible.

Stacy wiggled herself out of Arianna’s tight grip, laid down on the bed and pulled Arianna up and into a heated embrace. “I want you so bad,” Stacy said. She pressed her lips to Arianna’s and sighed at the passionate feelings that raced through her.

As they kissed, the moonlight streamed through the windows and illuminated their intertwined bodies. They quickly undressed, then went back to stroking and caressing each other.

Arianna gently licked and nipped at Stacy’s lips until Stacy squealed in delight. Then Arianna moved lower, desperate to taste the full, rounded breasts and hardened nipples she’d gotten a glimpse of seconds ago.

Stacy shivered as Arianna leaned in close and blew gentle breaths on her heated skin. Arianna’s deliberate teasing threatened to send Stacy over the edge.

Then Arianna drew Stacy’s taut nipple into her mouth. She rolled the hardened peak between her lips and moaned softly. Then Arianna opened her mouth wider and sucked on the rigid nipple even harder.

“Ooooh!” Stacy cried. “Oh, Arianna! Yessss!”

Arianna continued her oral assault on Stacy’s full breasts. She licked the dark skin until it glistened as she palmed the soft, supple flesh in her hands. She rolled Stacy’s nipples between her fingers, then she licked the firm peaks until Stacy’s sweet taste was firmly imprinted in her consciousness.

Then Arianna got on her knees and turned until she faced Stacy’s feet. She continued kissing Stacy’s breasts but soon needed so much more. She started trailing hot kisses downward, covering Stacy’s smooth stomach and slender waist. She licked and kissed lower and lower until she was just above Stacy’s soft, hairless mound. As Stacy spread her legs, her scent was warm and sweet and it drove Arianna wild with raw, unbridled passion.

Meanwhile, as Arianna knelt, her full, rounded ass was directly in Stacy’s view. Needing much more herself, Stacy used her hand to rub and caress Arianna’s smooth hips and thighs. She gripped Arianna’s ass, loving the feel of the soft, pliant flesh. When Arianna spread her knees apart, Stacy got bolder and swirled her finger around Arianna’s taut rosebud. Then she rubbed lower until she felt hot, slippery juices flowing from Arianna’s erotic core.

“Yesss, Stacy,” Arianna moaned. “Do that, baby!”

Excited by Stacy’s forwardness, Arianna couldn’t wait any longer. Positioned right at Stacy’s jewel, she bent her head down and slid her tongue deep into Stacy’s wet pussy. “Mmmm,” Arianna moaned as the honeyed taste registered in her brain. Her long, dark hair cascaded over Stacy’s thighs as she devoured the sugary wetness that lay within.

“Ahhhh,” Stacy sighed as her mind burst into a million pieces. “Arianna, yes!”

As Arianna drank the delicious juices that flowed freely into her mouth, her hands were busy too. She used her fingers to spread Stacy’s pussy lips open to get at more of her rosy pink gem.

Stacy, while in the throes of her own passion, desperately needed Arianna’s erotic nectar as well. She pulled on Arianna’s legs until they moved into place on either side of her head. Settled into an erotic sixty-nine, they lapped at each other’s pussies with a vengeance, tasting and teasing each other into a carnal bliss.

“Oh yes,” Stacy moaned into Arianna’s wetness. “You’re so sweet, baby!” she said as she licked and sucked Arianna’s pink jewel and plump nether lips as Arianna wriggled over her.

“Ohhh,” Arianna groaned as she hunkered down over Stacy’s undulating form. “Stacy! That feels amazing! Don’t stop, honey!”

Stacy had no intentions of stopping as she drank more of Arianna’s honey. She took long licks from Arianna’s firm ass to her wet, juicy pussy. Stacy’s mind was in a state of complete bliss at how delicious Arianna tasted. She continued the long licks until Arianna began to tremble.

Arianna, sensing her impending climax, licked harder and faster to make Stacy explode at the same time. She used her fingers to spread Stacy’s pussy even wider and attacked her clit with a vengeance.

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