Labyrinth of Lust – Part 2


“What the hell?” she said softly to herself. “I’ve got an idea we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.” “Something wrong my pet?” said a male voice causing Yvonne to jump. Yvonne looked around but saw nothing. “Who said that?” “I did my pet.” “Well duh! Who are you?” she asked and looked around. Then she whispered to herself, “Why the fuck did I ever go off with that fucking French maid?” “Me? Why, I’m the Minotaur. And I sent the, ‘fucking French maid,’ as you put it, to bring you to me” “Why can’t I see you?” “Because I haven’t chosen to show myself to you yet.” Yvonne nodded. “Do you have a name?” “Doesn’t everyone?” Yvonne rolled her eyes. “What would you like me to call you then?” “Sir or master will do. Though, I like sir much more.” “Do you want to know my name?” “Come now my pet, you know the rules.” “Oh right, but my dog tag says, ‘Toto.’” The Minotaur laughed. “How clever.” “So, you’ve found me, or rather, I’ve found you, what does that exactly mean?” “What it means, my pet, is that you are mine for the night.” “Okay, I get that. But will it be just us?” “Yes my pet, I don’t like sharing my lovers if I can help it.” “Okay. What exactly do you want?” Yvonne saw a shadow in the mirrors as he said, “You my pet. I thought that was perfectly clear.” “I mean, what do want to do with me?” asked Yvonne, shuddering. The Minotaur chuckled and stepped out from behind a mirror. He was a tall, muscular man who looked like he might work out several times a week, wearing a large bull’s head and a leather thong. Yvonne was quite impressed with his physique and was pleased that at least found him somewhat attractive. “I want to eat you to multiple orgasms and fuck you all night.” “Why me?” “Why not you? I saw you tonight in the crowd, and I knew you were the one for me.” Yvonne knew that feeling she had of being watched wasn’t just her imagination. “Is that why I was pulled from the line?” The Minotaur nodded his head and said, “It was indeed, my pet. The badge on your dress is like all the others, except yours contains a tracking device. I’ve known exactly where you were since you entered, and I had the walls moved to direct you here. If you’d followed the yellow light from the beginning, there wouldn’t have been any reason for the walls to move.” Now Yvonne understood why she’d felt like someone was watching her since she’d arrived at the labyrinth, and why she was here now. “You could have killed me.” “Nonsense my pet,” he said. “Rest assured, you were never in any risk of harm.” “Well that’s good to know.” The Minotaur moved around the room and continued, “Every year we pull some random folks out and the chosen two for the Minotaur and his seductress to fuck all night. We provide personalized entertainment for our pets until they find their ways to us. And from the smell of things, I’d say you rather enjoyed my selections.” It was now that Yvonne noticed both the distinct aroma of her arousal, and how the bull’s head didn’t seem to match the man’s words. “Okay yeah,” she said, “They were arousing.” The Minotaur stepped up and stood behind Yvonne. She could see him in the mirrors and smelled the faint aroma of his cologne and arousal. Though he wasn’t touching her, she felt his presence. “I must admit, my pet, I do like your costume. But this damn head is really getting on my nerves and is keeping me from getting too close. Mind if I remove it?” “Not at all, sir.” Though she couldn’t see his face, she knew he was smiling. He reached up, lifted the bull’s head off his body, and set it on the floor. Yvonne could see the mask that covered his face from the top of his cheeks and the entire top of his head. “Oh yes,” he sighed, “that’s much better.” “Your mask reminds me a bit of Zorro.” The Minotaur smiled and Yvonne thought it really lit up his face. “Why thank you my pet. I hate those damn leather hoods and though I intend to tie you up, I’m not as into the BDSM lifestyle as many of my performers are.” Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief as she feared her Minotaur was more like the fictional men she had been reading about than the type of man she usually enjoyed. “Just what do you intend to do with me, sir?” The Minotaur smiled and said, “Such an eager pet I have tonight. I told you before, I intend to eat you to multiple orgasms and fuck you all night long. I want to tie you up, feed you my cock, and maybe spank you a bit.” “With your hand or something else, sir?” The Minotaur gently touched her arm and Yvonne shivered as she felt herself come alive. “My hand yes, but if I choose anything harder I’ll let you test it first. The pain is intended to bring you pleasure, not harm. But, to be sure that we can trust one another, we must establish a safe word or two. Now, at this point, you must be a bit nervous.” “Yeah, I am,” she said. “Um, sir.” She felt the Minotaur’s breath on her neck. It created Küçükköy escort goose bumps on her skin as he said softly, “That’s normal, my pet. I would, however, like to put a leash on your collar if you don’t mind. It’s not meant to demean you, it’s just for fun. I mean, you are the one wearing the dog collar.” “If that is what you wish, sir.” “Oh my pet, I wish for so much more and I intend to get it.” He clipped a leather leash to her collar and held the dog tag in his fingers as he looked over her shoulder. “Toto huh? The perfect name for my pet.” “It was just some humor for my costume, sir.” The Minotaur smiled. “I like it. Maybe before we part you’ll let me keep your tag.” “Would that please you, sir?” “What would please me, my pet would be to start removing your costume.” “Do you wish me to do it sir?” “No my pet, we need to establish some ground rules first.” “And those would be sir?” “Well, what we do, we must both want. Is there anything, my pet, you either don’t like or would rather not do? Please be honest.” Yvonne sighed. One thing came to her mind without a moment of hesitation. “Anal,” she whispered. “Hmmm,” he said. “I’m guessing my pet has never had it or has been hurt. I’m going with being hurt as most anal virgins are willing to try. Which is it my pet?” “I’ve been hurt,” she said softly. The Minotaur stroked her cheek softly and said, “I have no intention of hurting my pet. Anything else?” Yvonne bit her lip. “Why do we need safe words?” The Minotaur slid his fingers down to her shoulders and across her rigid nipples poking through her bustier and blouse. He noticed her shiver as he cupped her breasts and kissed her lightly on the side of her neck just above her collar. He said, “So if I do something you don’t like, you can tell me in a way that I know you’re serious. There was the dreadful series that used yellow as the warning and red to say stop. Though I wasn’t impressed with the stories, the colors were rather effective. Would those work for you my pet?” Yvonne knew exactly what series he was referring to and was surprised he didn’t like it. She thought for a moment, then said, “Yes sir, those would work for me.” “May I also assume you read the series I mentioned?” “I have sir.” “Tell me honestly, did you like them?” “Yes and no sir,” she said honestly. The Minotaur ran his fingers along her skin causing her to shiver and tremble with both fear and anticipation. Goose bumps covered her skin making her crave his touch even more. “Please my pet, explain your answer.” “I liked the overall story of two people falling in love and learning to trust each other. I hated how he treated her, didn’t trust her, and was so fucking petulant. I also didn’t care for her inability to stand up to him until she thought he had gone back to ‘her’ when he knew how much she didn’t like that person. Sir.” Yvonne watched the Minotaur in the mirror nodding. He still stood behind her and only his fingertips touching her arms. “I like your evaluation, my pet. Have you read other such books?” “I’ve been a fan of this genre since I read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Chronicles and Exit to Eden. The evolution of e-books has made it easier for me to find good stories. Well, that and sites like Lit, SOL, and Lush.” Yvonne saw the flash of disappointment in the Minotaur’s eyes, then quickly added, “Sir.” He smiled and said, “You’re a quick learner my pet. I’d hate to have to punish you for disrespect.” The Minotaur grabbed her leash and turned her around. Yvonne could see his hazel eyes under the mask and he stared into her blue ones. His breath warmed her cheek and lips as he leaned down and kissed her forcefully. Yvonne inhaled through her nose as she kissed him back and allowed his tongue to invade her mouth. Though she didn’t know who he really was, she did notice he knew how to kiss. Her heart raced, her clit throbbed, and her nipples hardened even more. Even how he held her leash turned her on in a way she had never expected. The Minotaur broke off the kiss and said, “Fuck me, my pet. I knew I was right about you.” “What do you mean sir?” “You are the right one for me. Come now my pet, I wish to have my fun with you.” “Yes sir.” The Minotaur lead Yvonne by her new leash from the room of mirrors to what appeared to be a private bedroom that also had mirrors all around and on the ceiling. There was a large bed against one wall, a wooden cross with leather straps to the right similar to those she saw in one of the performer’s room, a small table that would hold about half of her body, a large wooden chest, and hanging on the wall, an assortment of crops, whips, canes, and floggers. Yvonne began to tremble as she tried to figure out what was going to happen to her. The Minotaur sensed her uneasiness, then turned to her and said softly as he stroked her Mecidiyeköy escort bayan cheek, “Fear not my pet, much of this will never come near you. We set this room up before we know what our pets might like. It is always better to have too much than not enough. Tell me my pet, what do you see that scares you?” Yvonne’s eyes darted around the room. Where did she begin? How could she tell him that nearly everything scared the shit out of her? She took a deep breath and said in barely a whisper, “The canes.” The Minotaur nodded. “Then tonight they will remain on the walls. To be honest, I’m not a fan of them either. They are too violent.” “Then why have them?” The Minotaur jerked her leash and said, “Excuse me?” “I mean, why have them, sir?” Her tone was much softer. “Better. As I said before, better to have too much than not enough. Some women like to be beaten with canes. I personally find that practice barbaric. So you’re telling me that those frighten you, tells me that we are more alike that I had first thought. Now, my pet, tell me about your thought on the crops, whips, and floggers.” “Crops are for horses or animals. Whips remind me of Indiana Jones. Floggers are rather medieval. Sir.” The Minotaur laughed. “Crops can be fun for a quick spanking. Whips are a bitch to control. Floggers can be fun depending on what is in their ends. The only one I’d use with you, my pet, have feathers or softened leather ends. One might tickle and the other might sting, but you won’t be in any risk of any serious pain. As I said before, the pain is meant to heighten your pleasure, not harm you. If I chose to use those, that is when you must exercise your safe words. Tell me my pet, what are they?” “Yellow for when you’re close to my limit and red when you’ve gone too far, sir.” “I hope to never hear you say ‘red’ my pet. I’m not a fan of revenge.” “Thank you sir,” she said softly. “Oh, you’ll be thanking me soon enough my pet,” he said smiling. “For now, I think you are a bit over dressed.” The Minotaur reached down and began to untuck her blouse. Yvonne started to speak, then thought better of it and just watched as he pushed the straps of her dress, removed the white shoulder-less top from her chest and folded it neatly and set it on top of the wooden chest. Yvonne had realized she was so frightened by what she had seen on the walls, she hadn’t thought about what was in the chest. “May I ask a question sir?” “You already did my pet,” he said laughing as he stepped up to her. “But you may ask another.” “What is in the chest?” The Minotaur smiled. “Toys. Blindfolds, gags, clips, clamps, restraints, dildos, vibrators, and much more. Tell me, my pet, ever use any either alone or with a partner?” Yvonne felt herself blush as she said, “Only dildos and vibrators sir, and only alone.” “So, you’ve never been blindfolded?” “No.” The Minotaur jerked on her leash a bit harder than before. “No, what?” he growled. “No sir,” she whimpered. “Gagged?” “No sir.” “Restrained or tied up?” “No sir.” “Ever used a dildo or vibrator in your ass?” Yvonne gasped. “No!” He jerked her leash again. “No, what?” he growled louder. “No, sir,” she whispered. “Forget again and you will be spanked with either a crop or a flogger. Do I make myself clear, my pet?” “Yes sir.” “Now, you told me before you’ve been hurt when you tried anal. Tell me about it, my pet.” The Minotaur began to remove her dress and petticoats as she spoke. “Um… well sir… ugh… he was behind me, and I thought he was going to fuck me doggie style. We had done that before. And the next thing I knew, he tried to shove his cock into my ass, and it hurt so bad I screamed and cried.” The Minotaur knelt down as he removed her shoes, rolled down her stockings, then pulled her skirt and petticoats to the floor. “Step out carefully my pet. You may use my shoulder for balance if you wish. And please, finish your story.” Yvonne reached down, grabbed his firm, muscular shoulder, feeling the cool floor under her feet, and stepped out of the skirt and petticoat as she said, “It hurt so bad. I thought he’d split me in half. It didn’t last long thankfully. He pulled out, took off the condom and fucked me normally. We broke up shortly after.” “Wait,” said the Minotaur as he stood up, folding her skirt and petticoat. “He was using an unlubed condom?” “I guess,” Yvonne shrugged. “I really don’t know sir.” “And then he fucked you while you were crying and in pain?” “Yes sir.” The Minotaur shook his head as he set the skirt and petticoat on top of the dresser, laying the stockings and shoes next to them. He removed her bustier, set it on top of her costume, then turned to Yvonne, taking her face into his hands, and said, “My pet, that will never happen with me. Not now, not ever. Is that clear?” “Yes sir.” He leaned down and Escort Merter kissed her softly on the lips. Then he straightened up and said, “Please my pet, turn around for me so I can see what you look like.” Yvonne turned slowly and smiled. “Does my master like what he sees?” The Minotaur smiled and said, “Very much so, my pet. Might I ask where your panties are?” Yvonne blushed. “The French maid told me to take them off when I entered. They should be still hanging on the wall at the entrance I came into.” The Minotaur chuckled, took Yvonne into his arms and kissed her forcefully as he had before, then pushed her down onto the bed, causing her to squeal in surprise. “Now my pet, time for me to enjoy my prize.” Yvonne sat on the bed, a bit surprised, and smiled. “What would you like first, sir?” The Minotaur smiled. “Ah, my pet, there is so much I would like, but since we must follow certain rules, how about this. I’d like to feel your amazing mouth on my cock.” Yvonne quickly positioned herself so she was at the edge of the bed. “My mouth is ready for your amazing cock sir.” The Minotaur smiled wickedly and stepped up and stood in front of Yvonne. “You may undress me my pet and do your magic.” Yvonne smiled wickedly and grabbed the edge of the leather thong with her teeth and gently pulled them off the Minotaur’s hips. The scent of fine leather mixing with the scent of his cologne and arousal filling her nostrils. She smiled as his cock hung before her face, slightly hard, the tip a bit damp with his precum as the head peaked out under the foreskin. Tonight was truly a night of firsts for her as she had never seen an uncut man before and wondered how it would differ from the blowjobs she’d done in the past. She released the thong and looked up at the Minotaur’s face and said, “You have a fine cock. May I taste it now, sir?” The Minotaur smiled and touched her hair with his hand. “Please my pet, show me your skills.” “Yes sir.” Yvonne leaned forward, grabbed his cock with her hands, and slipped it into her mouth. Even in this softened state, his cock was the biggest she had ever had. She pushed the foreskin back and licked the head. The Minotaur moaned softly and held her head in his hands. He felt his cock grow and firm within her mouth as he began to thrust. He pushed and thrust until she took most of his cock. However, she began to struggle and cough. He pulled back and asked, “Too much my pet?” “Rellow,” she mumbled, his cock still in her mouth. “Yellow?” he asked. She nodded her head in agreement. “Sorry my pet, I got lost in the moment. But tell me, do you swallow my pet?” She nodded yes. “Then my pet, in lieu of a deep throat blowjob, I want you to swallow me instead. Can you do that for me my pet?” She nodded yes and smiled. “Then please, continue.” Yvonne smiled and sucked his cock into her mouth. She held his foreskin back with her hand, licked the head of his cock with her tongue, and bobbed her head until she reached her gag point. The Minotaur moaned softly and held her head. “Yes my pet, suck me.” Yvonne purred with his cock in her mouth, her hand holding his cock at her gag point, her other hand now rubbing her pussy. The Minotaur reached down and grabbed her hand saying, “I don’t remember giving you permission to play with your pussy.” “Rorry.” “Make me cum my pet and I’ll deal with your crimes later.” She nodded and sucked harder, her tongue playing with his foreskin, and soon, he cried out, “Oh fuck yeah!” He filled her mouth with his cum and heard her swallow her prize. Once he was drained and a bit soft, he pulled out and said, “That was amazing my pet.” “Thank you sir.” “Now, you’ve been a rather naughty girl now haven’t you?” “I meant no disrespect.” He quickly pulled her off the bed and before she realized what was happening, he was sitting on the bed with her draped across his lap. He said in a soft, but firm tone, “I’m going to spank you my pet for playing with your pussy during my blowjob, and for not calling me sir. I think five should be sufficient and I want you to count them out loud for me. Failure to do so will result in more. Am I clear my pet?” Yvonne trembled. Her hands were pinned under her body and she knew anything she did would only result in more punishment. “Yes sir,” she whispered. “Louder my pet.” “Yes sir,” she said. “Good.” He smacked her ass hard. Yvonne yelped out, “One!” “Good girl my pet.” A second blow hit her ass. “Two!” Between each strike, he’d rub her ass and always hit her in a different part. By the fifth strike her ass was quite red and her pussy was leaking copiously. The Minotaur put his fingers into her pussy causing her to moan, then removed them. He licked them and said, “Oh yes my pet, I knew you’d taste sweeter than honey. Your sweet scent alone told me that.” “Thank you sir,” she whimpered. The Minotaur moved her to the center of the bed and said, “Don’t be upset with me. You knew the rules.” “Yes sir.” The Minotaur took her hands and placed two leather cuffs, one around each wrist and said, “I’m going to tie you up now so you can’t cheat again.” Yvonne was still trembling as she said, “Yes sir.” “Don’t be frightened my pet.

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