Being Taught A Lesson


I walk slowly down the hallway. I am unsure as to why Ms. Minx wanted me to see her after school. I know I have been talking a lot in class, but she never seems to get onto me. I finally get to classroom 116 and I just stand in front of the door. Its slightly ajar and I push on it and walk through and I walk into the classroom and she is sitting in her chair behind her desk. I walk up to her and she just looks at me. As I stand in front of her, she starts telling me that I am a very bad girl. I need to be taught a lesson. As she is talking to me I start to get butterflies in my stomach. I have been with a few girls before and have come to know myself as being bisexual. There is just something about a girl with peircing eyes and an amazing curvy body that just sends a shock to my pussy and I get wet just thinking about what I would love to do to her. I moan in my head as I remember back to those times when I have caught the teacher looking at me when she thought I wasnt paying attention. When I see her I just open my legs a little bit and tease her as she wonders what I look like underneath my clothes. See where I go to school we have a uniform. A crisp white button up shirt and a black school girl style skirt, and yes, even those clique black mary janes. When I have caught her looking Rus Escort izmir at me, I can tell there is a noticable lust in her eyes and it makes me melt. I can feel myself getting wet, and I wish everyone else was gone so I could have my way with her. You see Ms. Minx is only about 4 years older than me, and she looks beautiful. She has amazing blue eyes (im a sucker for blue eyes on females) and the silkest long brown wavy hair. Her body is to die for, her breasts are plentiful and by looking at them I say they are more than a handful. She has a flare to her hips, and it makes my mouth water. She is thick, but that is what type Im attracted to. As I come back to earth I continue looking down at her and notice her breathing has become a little shallow and there is a visible sign of lust in her eyes. I decide to take action and I move behind her and tug her to get up. When she stands up I push her on her back onto the desk. I take in her business style skirt and nice lilac silk button up shirt and as I look down I moan out as I notice “my oh my” teachers already wet, and she has no panties on. I just lick my lips at that and grin. I lean down and raise her skirt higher up and above her hips. I then slide my tongue up her slit and circle her clit. izmir otele gelen escort She lets out a moan and leans up a little to watch me licking her. I continue sliding my tongue up and down her slit for a bit, then insert my tongue into her hole. Which elicits a gasp and moan out of her. I then slide my tongue back up to her clit to suck on it as I insert one finger into her pussy and slide it in and out. She moans out to slide another finger in, and when I do I start to twist my fingers a bit trying to hit her g-spot. I continue sucking her clit and I then add one more finger and start sliding my fingers in and out faster and faster and faster. She starts moaning loudly and turning her head side to side. I think to myself I hope no one hears. As I think that you open the door and walk in the room. I lean back to look at you with my fingers still in her pussy. You take in the scene before you and I look down and notice there is a very noticable tent in your pants. I giggle and tell you to sit in a desk and watch, if you want to baby. You do, and I go back to sliding my fingers in and out of her faster and faster, twisting my fingers a little, all the while Im sucking on her clit. She places a hand on my head and unbuttons her blouse Buca escort bayan to reveal a sexy lacy bra. She lifts up a little bit and slides one hand behind her to undo her bra. She takes off her blouse and slides her bra down her arms. I look up and lick my lips at the site that is displayed before me. I raise up a bit and slide one tongue around one of her nipples and place my mouth around it. It doesnt take long with me sucking on her nipple and sliding my fingers in and out of her before I feel her tense up and her legs come up and hold me against her. She lets out a long moan and falls back against the desk. I sit in the chair and look over at you. I grin at you, as I notice you have undone your pants and started stroking your cock. Its at full attention, and its such a yummy site. As I look at you continuing to stroke yourself I feel myself get wet and I slide my hand down my shirt inside my bra to pinch my nipple while I slide my other other hand under my skirt and under my panties. I can feel im dripping wet. I wiggle my finger at you, and sultry tell you to to come over. You stand up and walk over to me. Im still sitting in the chair as you get so close your cock is in my face. I giggle and slide your pants to the floor. I then take your cock in my hand and slide it up and down the length for a bit then lean my face down and slide my tongue on the underside to circle the head. You place a hand on the back of my head and start moaning. I then slide your cock into my hot wet mouth and bob my head up and down slowly, all while you can feel my tongue caressing the underside of your shaft.

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