Being Sissy To My Brother In Law


Jenny knows I love to wear her sexy undies and lingerie but obviously apart from her it was a secret kept from everyone else. One day while jenny was out, I was feeling particularly randy so went to our bedroom & rummaged through her panty drawers. My hand felt the smooth shiny material of a pair of red satin tanga panties and I immediately got a twitch in my flaccid cock. Satin are my favourite. I thought maybe a pair of stockings would be good too. These were in the wardrobe drawer and on opening the door my eyes fell upon the lovely red and black whale boned basque that I had bought her last Christmas, which had suspender straps and was a much better option than just a belt for holding up the fishnet stockings I retrieved from the drawer. While slipping on the panties I noticed a ruby red lipstick on her bedside cabinet and decided to try some. Using her portable mirror I managed a decent look on my lips and the put on the basque and fishnets. I planned to sit on the sofa and watch some porn while teasing my cock through the lovely satin but as I was finishing clipping the stockings up the doorbell rang. My heart Beşevler escort Bayan skipped a beat but I quickly composed myself, thinking it would just be the postman and as I had a full-length dressing gown I quickly donned it and went to answer the door. Opening the door just enough to show my face and torso I looked out. To my utter shock there stood my brother in law. “Oh, err hi Chris, what are you doing here?” “I’ve got a flat tyre and need to borrow your car jack,” he said. “Oh, err ok, hang on there while I get my keys and you can get it out of the garage,” I stuttered. “I may as well have a cuppa while I’m here,” he said, barging past me. As I walked into the kitchen he was looking down at my feet and, with a shocked look on my face I realised the stocking bottoms would still be visible beneath my dressing gown. “What’s this Dave, getting ready to go out somewhere,” he said with a sneer. “Nice lipstick too.” “It’s, it’s not what it looks like Chris,” I stuttered as my face reddened. “Let’s see just what it does look like shall we,” he laughed as he grabbed at Çankaya escort the cord that was holding my dressing gown together. The front of the gown fell open and my outfit was exposed to his leering eyes. “Well, well, well, so this is what you get up to behind closed doors is it?” he said, with a big grin on his face. “Please don’t tell anyone Chris,” I begged him. “Ha ha ha, your legs look quite good in fishnets but I’m not used to seeing a bulge in a pair of women’s panties. You look like a slut.” “S…sorry Chris, give me a minute to put some jeans on and I’ll make you that cuppa.” “You aren’t going anywhere you sissy,” he said, grabbing my arm. “Please Chris, let me get changed.” “Not a chance, now take of that dressing gown and parade around like the big sissy that you are, or I will text all our friends and family telling them what your into.” “Chris, please don’t humiliate me.” “Do it, or else,” he snarled. Reluctantly I did as he ordered. Dropping the gown to the floor, I started mincing around the room, my face as red as a beetroot. He was laughing at me and as Cebeci Escort I passed by him for the second time he slapped me across the arse. My cock was becoming semi erect and this did not go unnoticed by Chris. “Aw look, the big sissy is getting a hard on. Now bend over because you deserve punishing for getting aroused you pervert,” he hissed. I hesitatingly bent over a little in front of him, only to be pushed further forward by one of his big hands. Next thing I knew my arse was subjected to a severe spanking, which, even though a male was administering it was getting my cock hard. After a minute or so the smacking seemed to be getting replaced by rubbing and squeezing of my arse cheeks. “Look what you have done you slut,” said Chris, grabbing me by the hair and turning my head towards his hips. Right in front of my eyes was a bulge shoving at the front of his pants. “I need sorting out,” he said as he unfastened his pants and pushed them down his legs. “Get on your knees sissy boy and suck me.” “No chance Chris, I’ve never done that to a man. If you want it relieving you are going to have to wank yourself,” I said defiantly. “Do it now or I will tell all about you.” I had no choice but to get down on my knees in front of him. His uncut cock was bouncing slightly as it throbbed in front of my face and I couldn’t help thinking of the number of times I had wondered what it would be like to suck on a cock.

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