B Cup


The wallet was now zipped into my purse, and my clothes were folded in my shoulder tote bag. My sunglasses were in place as I began to stroll down the beach walkway, with no destination in mind. I had never strolled anywhere. I was insecure about my missing tits for so long, I could not recall ever wearing just one layer of clothes over my chest, ever.My new bikini was causing strollers and tourists alike to turn, look, stop and stare, whisper, or snap a photo. I had neither been nor considered myself a person that a stranger would photograph. I had intended to buy a one-piece with an indistinct pattern on it that I had seen on an earlier shopping day.There was a charming salesman in the boutique who proved to me that I could be sexy in the suit that he sold to me. I decided on the spur of the moment to wear my new bikini from the store. He ran the bikini through a rinse cycle in the store laundry, then I put it on from the washer. He gifted me with a shoulder beach bag for my clothes.I was intrigued by Don, the salesman, because he is so screaming gay that it almost hurts my eyes and ears. Bright, swishy, direct, no filters in his opinion of which suit to buy and why that one.Been meaning to grow an A cup breast when it looked like that might still be possible. Lately, I had given up and even looked up the possibility of joining a nunnery nearby.I eventually decided I would save money for breast implant surgery. I, of course, also started looking esat escort bayan at pictures and blogs, advertisements for surgeons, checked porn sights to see what size implant acted what way under sexual situations.When I realized I did not know how they felt to handle, I made an appointment with a women’s spa to have a massage and wax.Inside the massage room, I had the two employees relax and tell me the differences between implant tits and natural breasts. I explained why, and they immediately said they could provide me with chances to feel each of them and decide for myself. If I could be at the spa at 9;30pm, they would give me a chance to see and learn about both the implant tits and natural breasts.When we arrived at the spa, the rooms were all occupied or scheduled. A room at the Hi-Jinx Hotel was reserved,We loaded into the car, and off we went. We got lost in traffic, and the GPS was wrong, so we eventually stopped and contacted the hotel to help us. The hotel hung up as a motorcycle policewoman walked up to the driver’s window.She rapped with the barrel of a pistol, saying, “Open the window!”I answered her rapping by asking her to tell me where the Hi-Jinx Hotel was.She said, “That is no place to go tonight, there is a political rally there tonight.”Then I asked where there was a woman’s spa nearby.”There isn’t one.”She told me to get off at the North City exit and suggested I not stay in this neighborhood, Escort etimesgut as there was going to be a protest in about an hour. After telling me how to find the freeway, she sped off.I saw the freeway exit sign, and I left the freeway in North City in front of the brothel named famously, “The Black Cat… or pussy.” It was among the few old houses of ill repute still legally operating.At the stop sign at the bottom of the offramp, I simply pulled through the intersection into the parking lot and turned off the car.When I told the lady at the door what I was looking for, she said, “Well, look no further young lady, I have all of what you seek right here.”I explained that there was a small group of us in the car, and she said, “All are welcome.”Sitting in the parlor decorated like an ‘Old West’ hotel, or more probably like an ‘Old West’ brothel, I realized what I was about to do, and began to laugh. When I explained my humor to the others, they all also realized, and collectively they all got up and left. I decided to stay and see this through.The woman brought me a glass of Champagne, pieces of chocolate piñon brittle, and some ripened brie cheese with gorgonzola crackers. As I was enjoying the fare, a parade of beautiful women began visiting me. I was sitting on a small love seat where they each perched gently. I pulled their tops down so I could feel their breasts.The hostess would explain each etlik escort new set of breasts. Then I would handle them and suck on their nipples to determine their relative sensitivity. I would examine them and lick the suture points or scar tissue and put them back in their tops.The differences between these whores made it clear to me that tits were of all types and distinctions of variety. It doesn’t matter if implant or natural, they are still just tits for 99.9% of life, so each woman should be allowed to control her body and their own tits.When I got to my car, a note tucked under the windshield wiper was flapping in the breeze, so I removed it.I crawled into the car, opened the note and read the following;    “I work part-time at the clinic’s spa. Off the books, I offer you a complete wax job in exchange for a set of photos of you. I can take them as soon as you can call me.” The note was signed, ‘Sharpest Razor.’I sat and dialed.”Hello?””Hi, I require some wax. Do you have a camera?””Hi, I wax, we are lucky, and I do have a camera. You better come in. Apartment F3, on the third floor, in the rear, down the hall. Ring the buzzer and say. ‘Wax’ so I can buzz you in. Take the lift.”As I hung up, I realized I was soaking wet and aroused.I placed my purse in the trunk and locked the car. The building from the call was across the parking lot, and as I approached the building, Don, the salesman who sold me the bikini, was holding the door for me. I thanked him, and strolled into the lobby to the lift. The tension in me was bowstring tight, and I could smell myself while in the elevator as it crept to a stop on the third floor. I had not noticed that Don had entered the lift until leaving the second floor. I hoped he couldn’t smell me.

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