At Work Bottomless: III


I was in the back seat of Corey’s car with a nice pile of cash on my lap.  In the last couple of hours, I had run through the back of the house at a major Vegas casino, flashing much of the staff a very sexy commando up-skirt.  In the dealers’ workroom, I stripped naked so I could change into a uniform in front of most of my future coworkers.           Then during my audition, I had to strip my top off and deal bare-breasted with several of my bosses at my game.  After that, Elliot the HR boss walked me topless through the halls again and I let him and two of my table games bosses play with my pussy.  Finally, two co-workers named Hailey and Corey got me cleaned up and back in my street clothes.    On the way to their car, we took a bit of a walk first, me being a bit wobbly after several orgasms and needing to clear my head.  I must’ve reeked of sweat and sex but I didn’t care.  My new bosses wanted to play with my body and I just let them.The route we took out of the casino somehow ended up with us on the bridge promenade over the casino games area.  Originally used for surveillance, the bridge had been turned into a transparent tourist trap, its main feature was that you could see everyone walking on it from underneath.The name of the first hot chick to put Escort esat her pussy on parade panty-free in a tiny flirty dress or short skirt the first time the glass bridge was open to customers is lost somewhere back in the nineties now.  But there had been a lot of ladies since then and it became a kind of hazing prank that some women played on their friends.  Young college guys conned cute co-eds who were always so gullible when it comes to dares that bare.  If you can’t be foolish when you’re young.Corey and Hailey guided me across it, someone yelled at Corey and we all waved and all the regulars erupted in cheers.  Corey decided to up the ante.“Let’s see if we can make some tips start raining for the dealers down there,” she smiled, then started twirling and dancing.         We watched Corey dance while we waited by the stairs, her skirt flying up as her hand dropped to her hip.  She tugged at a string on her panty and her motion tore it away from her hips.  With another deft tug at the other tie, the tiny g-string was now in her hand and her pussy and booty were both now bare.People stood up from the games and yelled, they all knew Corey, then I heard my name called. Suddenly, she did a full cartwheel baring everything to etimesgut escort her waist, stuck the landing and ran to where Hailey and I waited.  On the tables below the patrons were making it rain, dropping chips for tips for the crew working below.The three of us dashed down the stairs and out the back of house hallway.  That was probably going to be the viral video download by the time graveyard shift arrived.Now we were going back to my little place and I was going to bed, with a promise that Corey would be back in the morning.  And somehow a pile of cash that Hailey had collected as my tips after my strip exhibition in the table games audition that day.         “Take it, it’s like two hundred forty-five dollars!”  Hailey told me.  “After you left with Elliot the crew made everybody pony up for you, for Dari!”Because girls who strip get tips.  I gotta own it.**********Another morning came in the desert.  It was hot which meant I had to dress in skimpy clothes if I went out, which was fine since all I had were skimpy clothes.  Meanwhile, I laid in bed and checked my phone;  there were messages from work and Corey.  The casino had sent me a text of my upcoming schedule, I would start the next day at 8 pm.Corey’s message etlik escort bayan was straightforward: ‘We’re going to a party tonight at one of the dealer’s apartment.  Look amazing, dress slutty.  See you about 8:30 pm.’The third message was one I answered right away.  In a few seconds, I had my twin sister on face chat on my computer pad.“Hey, babe, how’s my hot looking sister?” she said right away.“I’m good, baby girl.  I already got a job.”“Already?  You left Anneston six weeks ago!”  Darcy smiled at me.  “Did you check out that club that Mitch was talking about?  The one with all the rich dudes and high rollers?”“No, sugar, it’s not a strip club.  I can’t be what you are, that’s why I had to leave.  You’re just too sexy a stripper and I can’t compete,” I answered pouting like I was jealous.“You know that’s not true.  But anyway, so where are you working?”“I’m working at a casino.”“Casinos have strippers?” she asked.“No, silly I’m not stripping at the casino,” I said, then quickly corrected myself.  “Well, I mean that I ended up stripping during my interview and my audition before I got the job.”“Well, you had to show them your natural talents, skills, motivation and enthusiasm for the work, right?” she agreed.“No, I was so poor and I sold off most of my clothes just to get food.”“Did you keep your stripping costumes?” my twin asked.“Well duh, of course I did!”Then someone was knocking on my door.“Be back in a second,” I got out of bed. I don’t have pajamas or a robe since my clothing sale so I answered the door nude.  It was my landlord.

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