Big Tits

The people involved in tonight’s tale are, Anne, her god-parent Audrey, and myself. A few weeks ago, Anne told me about her god-parent Audrey getting ripped off by the guy that was living with her. Apparently he’s been seeing someone else after moving in with Audrey for a year or so. During that time he’s persuaded her to buy a bigger house and get a mortgage to do so. Then things started going wrong and he’s claiming half of the house and other bits and pieces. It’s usually the woman that does this to the guy but Audrey has found out lately that this guy actually has a history of doing this before. Anyway, he left to live with this other woman – heard this before somewhere? – and Audrey found out that it was somewhere in a place called Coppull, near us. Anne explained that it was especially a shame, because Audrey was such a great person to get on with and was always good fun to be with. Audrey then asked Anne if she’d like to do some detective work with her to find the address in Coppull? Anne suggested it’d be easier if she asked me as well so’s I could drive them round and they both could keep an eye out for his car Çukurambar escort bayan being parked up somewhere. A pretty slim chance, I grant you, but the only thing open to her. Anne then rang me and told me that Audrey had asked her if I’d like to take part, if and when she finally decided to go ahead with her madcap plan? I jumped at the chance of doing something different for a change and readily agreed, telling Anne to tell her I’d love to be a Sherlock Holmes for her. Nothing was heard for a couple of weeks until a phone-call last night! Apparently, Audrey was round at Anne’s house to see if it was still okay for her and me to go out looking for his car and thereby find the address of this other woman? Anne rang me and asked if I was okay for tonight as well – to which I said yes. She then said we’re going to disguise ourselves a bit so’s he doesn’t catch a glimpse of Audrey in my car, so would I wear one of my wigs? I thought it a bit unnecessary, but decided to go along with it for a laugh – what the hell? Then she whispered to me to put my sussies and nylons Escort demetevler on as well, adding, “Tell you what, put your miniskirt and everything else on as well, because I’ve told Audrey all about you as Suzy, and she can’t wait to meet you!” I thought it was rather nice that Anne felt so okay with who I am and what I like doing, that she felt it’d be okay to tell Audrey all about me as well, so I agreed, and she said they’d be round at my place at 8.30. I then realised I’d soon be meeting Anne, and a woman I’d never even seen before – one of Anne’s close friends – fully dressed as Suzy! Well that’s the background, so now you know who’s who and what’s going on. Just before 8.30 I heard the front door opening and took hold of one of my old briars and a magnifying glass. Anne was first in, followed by Audrey – both wearing wigs! They nearly peed themselves when they saw me – both collapsing onto the settee in a huddle as they took in the sight of me. “Well, will I do as Sherlock Holmes then? I asked them. Another bout of laughter before they finally sorted themselves out and dikmen escort sat up. “I don’t always meet Anne’s friends for the first time dressed like this!” I grinned as we struggled to our feet to shake hands, “Hi! I’m Graham!” Another bout of laughter as they pointed to my miniskirt, which had partly ridden up to partially expose my cock and balls! So, with them both facing me, I immediately lifted up the front of my miniskirt and said, “Well I might as well show you everything now, to save you having to wait until you catch sight of something accidentally, later on!” You know how women have this knack of screaming just before they burst into laughter? Well that’s exactly what happened then, when they both looked down and pointed at my suspender-framed cock and balls! “Audrey, he’s not wearing knickers!” Anne gasped as she reached forward and held the hem of my skirt really high, totally exposing my dangling cock and balls and making no secret that her eyes were firmly riveted to them for at least a 10 – 12 seconds! “I did notice that!” Audrey giggled back, “And it looks like you’re getting more than an eyeful of them right now, as well!” “Well they’re a waste of time if you’ve got a pair of balls down there!” I blatantly grinned back at them, “You end up with a ball hanging either side of the gusset!” “And look at the tits!” Anne said to Audrey as she squeezed my 44c falsies and flicked her finger over the protruding nipples.

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