Three Girls, One Guy


It’s pretty unusual, a single guy rooming with three single women.  But it didn’t start out to be that way.  Initially, there were four women, all former sorority sisters, now graduated, renting a large four-bedroom house in one of the affluent suburbs of Washington, DC.  I was dating one of the women, so I hung around their house a lot.  When my girlfriend took a job in Chicago, the move ended our relationship and left the other women needing a replacement.  They had no luck finding someone.  As my own lease was ending, it made financial sense to all of us for me to move in.  I was a known quantity, so they decided to take a chance on having a male in their midst. I was gently informed of some simple household rules:  we’d all wear robes going to and from the bathroom; no lounging around in the family room in underwear, etc.  Reasonable stuff to keep any sexual awkwardness or tension from disturbing their peaceful little group.  And that’s how it was.  In the beginning.But familiarity tends to breed… familiarity.  With time, we got more comfortable with each other and lax in adhering to rules.  Trips to and from the bathroom might be in underwear, or just a towel wrapped around.  Occasionally I’d get a glimpse of more skin than intended.  I’d pretend that I didn’t see what all parties knew had been seen.  I listened in as the girls discussed boyfriend issues, or their choice of birth control.  I even ventured a few opinions when I thought elvankent escort bayan it wasn’t out of place. Then of course there was the pool and hot tub, in the heavily treed backyard.  It was Summer, and the girls used it to counter the sweltering D.C. heat.  The bikinis were skimpy enough, and a few of the girls loosened their top when tanning.  Again, I’d show no outward interest, studiously being absorbed in what must have been a very interesting magazine.  But I’m not made of stone, and the estrogen flowing in the house filled my nostrils, and the views, my eyes.The three women were Amber, Barbara and Caroline.  The ABCs, I liked to joke.  Amber was the ringleader, a vivacious redhead, with ringlets like Little Orphan Annie.  Tall, she had a lovely figure, befitting the runner she was.  If I allowed myself to lust after one of them, it would be her.  Barbara was the quiet one, attractive, with large breasts.  I’ve always been intimidated by large breasts, subscribing to the saying that anything more than you could fit into your hand was excess.  Finally, there was Caroline, a pretty blonde, and a jokester. Being attractive, professional women, they often had dates.  Their boyfriends, upon picking up or dropping off, would view my presence in the house with, first, surprise, then suspicion.  Some sort of threat to them?  Maybe so.  One night Barbara’s date drank more than he should, and wouldn’t Escort emek take hints that he should leave.  I interceded and dragged the inebriated jerk to the street.  That imbued me with a knight-in-shining-armor glow, and cemented my place in the house.  A male, yes, but their protector, not one of those grasping horny types.  I was fully accepted. But I was still a male.  I hadn’t found a new girlfriend and wasn’t dating.  My sexual tension was building.  It came to a head on a sultry Sunday evening.  We were all lounging in the hot tub.   Caroline looked at me. “Brad, what’s it like living like a monk with three sexy women?”I was taken aback.  Living like a monk?  What the hell?I tried to be cool.“There are all kinds of monks, Caroline.  Rasputin comes to mind,” I said.They laughed.  Rasputin, the mad monk, the evil manipulator of the Russian czarina, did not live a monk’s celibate life.“Should we be afraid?” Caroline smiled at me. “I’ve been watching you beautiful women for months now, with remarkable self-control,” I said.  “I guess I’m harmless.”“Good,” Caroline replied.  “Because we never used to wear bathing suits in the hot tub until you came.  I’m tired of it.”And she removed her bikini top and tossed it outside the tub.  Her beautiful round, firm breasts beckoned to me.I gulped. “Is that a challenge to us?” Amber asked, looking at Caroline.“You’re grown women, you do what you want,” Caroline answered.Amber eryaman escort and Barbara exchanged glances.  Then they each removed their tops. I’d caught glimpses of them before, but now all three ladies were lounging topless, unabashedly displaying themselves.  Barbara’s large breasts floated like buoys on the water.  Amber dipped up and down in the water, letting water splash on her now freed chest. Without a word, Caroline pulled off her bikini bottom and tossed it aside.  The others followed suit.They were now naked in the water, enjoying the pleasing sensation that water directly on intimate skin affords. I was now the only “clothed” one in the hot tub.  Three pairs of eyes focused on me. I wasn’t sure how to respond.  My penis had stirred within the bathing trunks from the nude display before me.  Taking the swimsuit off would make clear what now was only suggested. I didn’t move.  The more they stared at me, the larger the bulge in the trunks became.  It was becoming untenable.  I needed to readjust things or my penis was going to pop out the top of the trunks. “Do you need some help?” Amber solicitously offered.“I didn’t know he was shy,” Caroline said.Three women approached me.  One grabbed underneath my buttocks, hoisting me up, smoothing the way for others to pull the trunks down and off, bouncing off the enlarging penis, which freed, sprang to the sky. “That’s better,” Amber smiled.  “Welcome to the club.”My penis was pointing straight up.  I never felt more naked.  Or aroused. We stayed like that, all of us naked in the water, the girls chatting to each other. In time, my erection fell.  When finally they decided it was time to get out, we exited and dried.  No comments were made on our nakedness.  It just was. 

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