Big Dick

As long as I remember, I’ve read stories about women who have these great experiences with lesbian sex. Either they’re going through their teen years looking for a safe release among friends or maybe even that they had gone off to college and gotten really close to a roommate. I have also heard of stories where a husband or boyfriend has pushed the idea of a threesome leading toward sex with another woman. I felt that women were alive about sex and that they had something to share with me, so from a young age I waited for my experience.

Even before I really understood the greatness of sex and all the details that go along with it, I was already craving a release from my primal desires. I simply played this out with stuffed animals I had and various pillows. Being as young as I was, I really didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was that it felt good…really good and it felt so natural. I think because my first sexual experiences with my body were ones of comfort and pleasure, I’ve always thought of sex openly and with great curiosity rather than fear or embarrassment. For a few years, I continued to rub my soft skin up against anything smooth I could find, getting off quietly in my room.

Then came middle school, a dreaded time in my life. It’s a place where no one really fits in and you’re still trying to find a grasp on who you are. Little did I know this confusing air gets more complicated as you get older. Middle school, however, brought me sex education. Not the classroom kind that censored the idea of sex but the kind you get from your friends: crude, dirty, horribly exaggerated and made mostly of fantasies. This knowledge came from conversations I would overhear or rumors that would pass through the halls. It never seemed to come from my friends, however, and this baffled me as well.

Of course, at this age I assumed that all girls played with themselves and explored their bodies. I could lie in bed for hours just running my hands over my skin, feeling the way it had changed throughout the last few years. I was now wearing a bra, filling out a B cup nicely and my bright, red hair growing in places it hadn’t before. During this time, I started to get more daring and letting my fingers wander more brazenly through my body. One night, I dared to stick one of my fingers inside my small, warm flower. At this point my dirty words, though building were limited.

Then, a revelation to me, my family got the internet. This offered a million doors to all the things you’d ever want to know. I could ask endless questions to people I’d never have to meet, and they would tell me everything about sex. My appetite grew and I continued to nurture my hunger for satisfaction.

One thing that my internet friends gave me was an insight on how to better pleasure myself. One day I stumbled into a lesbian chat room and a very kind lady told me about how awkward being a teen can be. Something I knew all too well. She gave me a few tips on masturbating to increase my ability. The way she spoke to me felt warm and almost maternal. From then on, I had a respect for women and the bond they shared. As well, my curiosity became more overwhelming.

Around 7th grade it became painfully obvious that my friends were not the same. They did not have a bursting feeling inside them and they were not hungry for more insight into a sexual world. I would drop innocent hints, hoping they would pick up on them. I’d mention how different we all had become and how growing up feels so strange. Once, during a game of the fated truth or dare, I asked someone if they had ever fingered themselves. With seven looks of shock and disgust, I decided that I would be traveling this teenage angst journey on my own.

A few years went passed and I became more creative. I started out one day using a pen to see how far I could put it inside of me. A pen is not very thick at all and so it was an easy way for me to explore without feeling much pain. Eventually, I mustered up the courage to use handles of various kitchen utensils. There were so many, it seemed endless. I enjoyed plastic ones, wooden ones, thick ones, thin ones…….that kept me pretty happy for a while.

As I look back, I remember my favorite toy ended up being a potato masher. At first I didn’t see its potential but after a few heated sessions I realized what I could do with it. The potato masher was plastic, it had a thick white handle that had rounded edges but was somewhat flat shaped. The handle was hollow in the middle so after playing with it for a while I could pull it out and drag my tongue through the slit. This gave me an appreciation for the way I taste and I found that I very much enjoyed what my sweet pussy tasted like. From these experiences, I always wondered what other women tasted like.

This wasn’t the end to my favorite toy. One thing I loved was that I could push it all the way in and rub my clit against the end. It would take a long time but once I got it far enough Anadolu Yakası Escort inside me, it was wonderful. It gave me some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had by myself. If I squeezed my legs right it could be a hands off experience and I could focus on other things. This, naturally, led to a breast phase where I discovered how pleasuring our tits can be if you give them enough attention. I can see that all of the things I love about sex today come from events in my life, different Saturday afternoon activities I’ve experienced. Now, I love to play with my breasts, I can spend an hour just touching them, teasing them and building up the sensations that always follow. They’re a big turn on for me and I revel in the chance to show my devoted attention to a great pair of tits.

I love the way that breasts bounce during sex. By the time high school came, I had filled out into a C cup and they were rather alluring. I would fantasize about riding someone, straddling them just so I could look down and watch my breasts bounce with excitement. This brought out a new use for my toy. Because a potato masher is flat, I could sit it on the ground and slowly slide my self down on top of it. It took a great deal of balance and it was more difficult at times than I wanted to put up with but the pay off was immense. I could bounce up and down and hit myself hard and deep. My tits would come alive and I was more turned on than ever.

Now high school came and went and with all the parties and sleepovers, all the close friends I had made and none of it ever gave me the female experience that I wanted. So off to college I went with my in depth masturbating skills and my still burning primal desires. I packed my things and drove down the coast where I hoped that busy California would yield more open women and that I could find them.

I remember the first day all too well. Walking in trying to balance bags hanging on my arms, as well as boxes under them and attempting to open the door to my dorm room. After an awkward few minutes, I finally managed to spring the door open and as I stumbled in to drop my things at my feet, the first breath of that very room filled me with hope and excitement. At last I was on my own and hopefully with the chance to tackle new challenges and conquer old fantasies. Feeling giddy, like a five year old girl, I leapt onto my bed and jumped around letting joyful laughs burst from my mouth.

I landed on my knees and looked around as I panted for air. My hands on my hips, I let my eyes wander the blank walls and the barren floor only to spot my things. I squealed and reached for one of my bags. Crossing my legs I rummaged through the bag, pushing things aside and digging down deep until I felt my hands run across it. Slowly I drew out my most treasured, silver vibrator. Smooth, hard, round……perfect.

I leaned back and slowly dragged my tongue from bottom to top as my eyes focused on the door. It hadn’t closed all the way, I could see people walking by through the one inch opening and it sent a heating feeling over my body. The possibility that someone, even my roommate could walk in…….turned me on so much and I spread my legs. I unbuttoned my shorts and slipped my hand inside, still licking my sweet toy. My first dorm day session was hot and incredible. Alas, no one walked in to share it with me, I continued to wait.

One thing they don’t tell you, is how much reading there is in college. I was a business major and yet, I found my nose buried in books on the civil war, various animals for biology, terrible calculus equations and I had little time for any relationship. I decided that school was more important to me and I stayed focused. My libido justified its neglect because I kept a steady supply of late night masturbation escapades. It gave me the sanity I needed to keep studying and the tension release I needed to stay relaxed.

I must admit, college was a blast. I came away with a high drinking tolerance, the ability to survive on two hour naps, the knowledge to live on ten dollars for two weeks and amazingly enough, seamstress skills I never thought I’d have. Among other things, my extended education landed me a great job in a big advertising agency. Now, not quite at the bottom of the ladder, not nearly the top, but comfortable enough to be challenging and hopeful. With my new income flow I was able to put a down payment on a great city flat. It’d be hell to make the payments but the way the wind swept across the open house through all the windows was all it took for me to say, “Where do I sign?”

I’m twenty five, I still live alone and despite the men that come and go in my life, I’m not really satisfied. At this point I would consider my looks to be their best yet. I was filled out enough to where I finally had curvy hips that perfectly accentuated my slim body. My legs were slender and graceful leading up to my sleek shoulder line adorned with sun Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan kissed freckles. My face, also sprinkled was intriguing I must say. My blue eyes appeared to be soft and gentle but in truth were captivating and trancing. They just always seemed to captivate the wrong guys. Ones that wasted my time and didn’t interest me by the time the next morning came around.

After a few shaky dates, I decided to stop prowling for men and focus on my work for a little while. At least that’s what I tell myself every night. It’s good for me and even though my sex drive still consumes me….



“Lisa…. let’s get out of here and go back to your place, I think we’ve had enough to drink anyway.”

“You’re right, let’s go.” I agreed even though I was a little put off that she interrupted me while I was pouring out my heart and soul.

Alex drove home because she didn’t have that last two gin and tonics. Neither of us said anything as we turned down the busy streets to my house. I closed my eyes to shut out the flickering lights that seemed to swirl around me. My childhood stories, my impending emotions and desires flashed through my mind and I slumped in the car seat. Just as I wondered why Alex had stopped me in the middle of my story, I felt the car stop and we had pulled into my garage.

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. As she walked in front of me I noticed her outfit for the first time. She was wearing a stretch, green skirt that fell a little above her knees, black boots riding high on her calves and a black, v-neck, sweater that clung to her body and yet still seemed to rest comfortably on her skin. Her dirty blonde hair fell below her shoulder blades and swayed effortlessly as she walked. It almost made me want to reach out and feel how soft it was.

I have always known how beautiful Alex is but it wasn’t until tonight that I appreciated her for the wonderful woman that she was. She slid gracefully on the smooth fabric of my cream colored couch and smiled at me. I sat down next to her and hung my head, “I’m sorry I went on and on like that, I guess I just needed to vent.”

She cupped my face with her hands and lifted it so her eyes could warm up to mine. “I know exactly how you feel Lisa and what are friends for if they can’t be there for you?”

“I feel like a 16 year old high school girl complaining about not having a boyfriend,” I laughed and it felt good. She laughed with me and it seemed to ease the tension in the room.

A bottle of wine later, we had candles out, the lights off and she had shared all her stories about coming into her own. I was relieved to hear that many were similar to mine; being a frustrated teen with no outlet but the quiet nights in her room. We were laughing a lot more now and I was glad to feel so connected with someone.

I leaned back and sighed, “I haven’t had this much fun in a while, I’m glad you came over to keep me company.”

Her voice was low and she barely whispered, “Like I said, what are friends for?” Alexandra reached her hand up and slid some of my fallen hairs behind my ear. We stopped laughing and she moved closer to me. As cliché as it all sounds, it was such a perfect moment. As if it was the most natural thing I’ve ever had to do, I closed my eyes and let my lips find hers in the dancing light of the candles.

I felt her face and tasted the sweet wine upon her skin. I kept my eyes closed hoping she wouldn’t stop. Our lips, persistently caressing each other, searching for a release. I let my tongue slowly slip from me and touch her. I tasted her and drew it back ever so slowly as I got the courage to look at her beautiful face.

The blue of mine mixed with her emerald eyes was overwhelming and I pushed myself closer to her. The feeling crashed over me like a wave as she wrapped her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me deeper. This is what I craved, what I had always wanted. I leaned over her pushing her down on the couch but she put her hand up against me. My heart stopped as she stood up and I felt I might burst into tears at that very moment.

Suddenly, my fears subsided as she walked a few steps, turned around and held out her hand for mine. I still felt as if I might cry but I held back and put my hand in hers. It was so soft and this gorgeous woman led me into my own bedroom. We both walked in and she spun around to face me. Alex walked closer and pushed me against the door as she closed it behind me. She grabbed my other hand and pinned them both above my head. My veins seems to surge throughout my body and my heart was racing so fast.

I desperately wanted to gasp for air and pant beneath her, instead I held my breath and watched her silently. Intrigued beyond words I waited, each second seeming to take an hour. She held my hands with one of hers and let the other unbutton my white, long sleeved shirt. Her eyes Escort Anadolu Yakası never leaving mine and penetrating my soul, I almost felt embarrassed but I couldn’t think enough to feel anything but to want her.

I wanted her so bad, the pulsing feeling between my legs felt almost painful. My mouth was still gaping open and she quickly moved in to kiss me hard and deep. The way her lips smashed against mine was so powerful I wanted to eat her at that very moment. My tongue tasting her and begging for the treat I hoped would come soon. She let my hands fall around her neck and she walked us to the bed. She spun me around and pushed me down, my legs still hanging off the edge.

Alex smirked at me in the most daring and sultry way, I had to smile for her. I felt as if I completely belonged to her and even though I had never done anything quite like this before, I knew I was ready and I couldn’t feel more anxious. She finally undid the last button on my shirt and pushed it open to reveal my heaving chest that was imprisoned by my white, lace bra. She put her tongue at on my collar bone and slowly let it trail down my chest. Over my bra, down my stomach, circling around once and moving closer to my pants.

She took her hands and hungrily tore open the button and yanked on the zipper. She stopped to smile at me. I lay completely amazed…… Alex slid my pants off my hips and with each inch that she pushed them down, her tongue was there to follow. She took her time and it was achingly slow, until she finally got them off and tossed them to the floor. I was left in my light blue, satin thong. My eyes closed when I felt her wet tongue on my thighs but as she had ceased all movement I opened them to find that she had taken her shirt off as well.

She crawled up on the bed straddling me with her skirt riding high on her thighs and her boots around my waist, her breasts straining against a black bra. I took a deep breath and quickly realized that she must not be wearing any panties because the smell of her pussy wafted around my nose. I didn’t imagine she could smell so sweet and different from my own smell and I felt my mouth water.

At last I got the courage to move my hands. I grabbed her ankles and ran my fingers over the smooth leather of her boots and up to her knees. I slid them further on her thighs, feeling the soft skin beneath mine and squeezing her flesh. It felt so unreal to see this beautiful woman on top of me, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. It didn’t stop me from enjoying every moment of it though.

I pushed her skirt up a little further and revealed the truth about my suspicion. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Because I was sitting under her, as she continued to straddle me, I was able to look up and see her inviting pussy. A small triangle of trimmed blonde hair leading down to her slit that was slightly parted and emitting an intense musky smell of sex. I closed my eyes and inhaled her intoxicating scent. Unsure of myself, I let my shaky hands inch their way up her legs, hoping soon to find them stroking her creamy pink skin.

Suddenly, she grabbed my hands and put them at my waist. She leaned down and started to lightly kiss my shoulder as she slid my bra strap down my arm. It felt like an eternity before she managed to get them both off. I held my breath in anticipation as she undid the clasp in the front. Alex held it together even after it was undone and looked deep into my eyes. She let her mouth curl into a devious smile as she pulled on the lacy material and yanked it out from under me. As she tossed it on the ground, I followed the bra with my eyes, avoiding hers as I lay before her more bare than I had ever felt.

I let out a gasping moan as I felt her mouth around my nipple. Her tongue circling around it and rolling it against her teeth. I reached above my head and grabbed the sheets trying to keep my body from exploding. She kneaded my other breast with her hand as she continued to feast hungrily. I can’t explain the feelings that streamed through me, a wild, vibrating, electrifying passion. She switched to my other breast leaving the first raging pink and moist. I screamed for her to suck my tits harder, I felt so lost in the sensation.

Then something came over me and I wanted this woman…….bad. I pulled her off of me and before she could protest I flipped her on her back. Without thinking, I climbed on top of her and ripped her back bra down, letting it rest around her waist. I didn’t care, I just wanted it out of the way and I made my move. I licked my lips and sucked her whole breast in my mouth. The taste of her sweet skin and the feeling of her nipple hardening in my mouth was intense. I let my fingers twist the other one, she cried out for more and the way she begged me to keep going lit a fire between my legs.

I pressed my pussy against her, grinding it as hard as I could while continuing to ravish her tits. My body felt alive and my skin was so warm against her. I felt her hand push my panties aside and feel the wetness to be found. I moaned, her nipple still between my lips as her finger worked its way inside my tight hole. She probed and pushed until she had two fingers vibrating inside my pussy. It was almost unbearable and as I pressed my clit against her palm.

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