Anna from Ukraine Ch. 07


“Baby, they will start winning soon, I promise!”

Mona and Anna were drinking beer in a karaoke pub in Friedrichshain. The redhead was doing her best to cheer up her girlfriend after yet another poor performance by AC Milan.

“I don’t know anymore, baby. I just don’t know. We’ll end up in Serie B if it continues like this.”

Anna’s love for the Italian team had roots back to her early childhood. She still remembered their last Champions League triumph in 2007 and the unforgettable trip she took as a 12-year old with her father in 2011 to see them play on San Siro — the last year they brought home the Scudetto. Since then, Juventus had won six consecutive titles and AC Milan’s golden era seemed but a distant memory.

“Serie B? Come on!” Mona gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Have to pee, back in a sec. Don’t start killing yourself or anything while I’m away, promise?”

Anna sighed and nodded. Having ordered another Berliner Kindl, she took advantage of Mona’s absence to respond to yet another one of her father’s smses. He was devastated whenever Milan lost and needed her support. The Ukraininan had just sent off her reply when she heard a very familiar voice.

“My beautiful girlfriend is heartbroken ’cause her favourite team lost. This song is for her.”

Mona threw a kiss in Anna’s direction and the Ukrainian recognized the synthesized string intro of an old Billy Ocean classic. The redhead would always start the karaoke night with “Sweet child of mine”, but after a drink or two, Mona the rock purist tended to soften up a little, revealing an unexpected weakness for 80s pop.

“dd Ukrainian queen, now we’re sharing the same dream dd “

Wow, she had changed the lyrics! That was just so sweet! A big smile spread across Anna’s face.

“dd And our hearts they beat as one. No more love on the run dd “

Maybe Mona wasn’t Amy Winehouse, but her voice was more than good enough for a karaoke bar and she got a big round of applause from the other guests. She finished her performance by blowing more kisses in Anna’s direction and drawing a big heart in the air with her fingers.

“I love you, baby!” she shouted. “Forza Milan!”

“Baby, that was so cool!” Anna exclaimed as the redhead returned to their table. She gave her a big wet kiss on the lips. “You’re the best girlfriend ever. I’m officially happy again!”

They finished their beers and, on Mona’s insistence, headed for the tram stop to take the M10 to a cocktail place they had been recommended by a friend.


“Baby, I thought we’d agreed that…”

When Anna returned from a quick visit to the toilet, it turned out Mona had already ordered them two 12 Euro drinks.

“Chill. These are extraordinary circumstances. We are drinking for the fortune of your team. And look at the table next to us, those ladies don’t appear to be paying much attention to prices.”

True, the cocktails enjoyed by the group of posh-looking 30-somethings looked very fancy indeed.

“But look at their purses! They are clearly operating on another budget than we are.”

Anna knew their modest means couldn’t accommodate this kind of excess in the long run, but… Mona was a difficult person to say no to. And the drinks did look rather delicious.

“Budgets are for bureaucrats, fuck them!” Mona said as the waiter appeared with the cocktail tray. “Ok, baby,” she declared, raising her glass, “here’s to AC… – “

“Cunnilingus is an art!”

A loud, somewhat shrill voice interrupted Mona’s toast.

“Ok, let’s try again…”

“Cunnilingus is an art!”

The two girls looked in the direction of the table to the right of them. A blonde woman was gesticulating emphatically.

“What the fuck is she on about?” Mona whispered to Anna. “Cunnilingus is an art!” She aped the woman’s voice and gesticulations. “Has she ever actually gone down on anybody?”

“I don’t know,” Anna replied. “Maybe she’s new to all of this.”

“But seriously…–“

“It is an ART!” the voice continued.

“I seriously can’t take this anymore,” Mona sighed and turned to the woman who had ruined her moment.

“What do you mean it’s an art?”

The woman was taken aback.

“I mean… It is something that requires dedication, experience…”

“Look,” Mona replied, “the first time I went down on another girl I was simply to horny and excited to care whether I was doing it correctly or not. And in case you wonder, the person on the receiving end didn’t seem to have any complaints.”

Anna used the occasion to place herself closer to an attractive brunette sitting next to her on the sofa. She leaned over and whispered into the stranger’s ear.

“It was her cousin.”

“Wow,” the woman responded. “Kids today.”

“And,” Mona continued, “when it was my turn to be licked it was fucking mind-blowing, even though I know I was her first girl ever.”

“I didn’t mean it too literally…”

Mona was unstoppable.

“If cunnilingus is an art, then anybody shouldn’t just be allowed to do it, right? Bostancı Escort You should have to acquire a cunnilingus certificate, issued by the almighty Guild of pussy-eaters!”

Anna was beginning to enjoy this. She and Mona loved winding up people.

“Look,” the Ukrainian said, joining the discussion, “don’t you think it sends the wrong message proclaiming with such fanfare that cunnilingus is an art. I mean, think of all the inexperienced les and bi girls out there. They are just dying to lick pussy, but then somebody tells them it requires all those skills and stuff. Don’t you think it could discourage them and make them stay in the closet or maybe even start sucking dick?”

The woman was clearly at a loss for words and was looking around for help from her friends.

“Is that really something we want?” Anna persisted.

Another woman — an attractive blonde probably around 30 or so — joined the conversation.

“Well, the youngsters here seem to know their stuff, Emma. Maybe cunnilingus isn’t that complicated after all?”

The brunette to the right of Anna — gorgeous and Italian looking — seemed interested in talking to her.

“She’s ok, she’s just recently had her first lesbian experience and is still overwhelmed by everything.”

Anna laughed.

“Yeah, I sort of figured that out. We’ll go easy on her from now.”

Valentina smiled.

“Don’t worry about that. I also find her a little bit annoying sometimes.” She looked at the menu. “Hey, your glass is gonna be empty soon. Let me order you something.”

Anna hesitated. It was still half-full actually.

“No strings attached.”

“If you say so…” Anna looked at the menu. There was one drink — with liquorice liqueur and forest fruits among its ingredients — that really intrigued her. But 15 euro, Anna just couldn’t get herself that amount of money on a cocktail. Not even Mona would do that, not given their financial situation.

“Is this the one you’d like?”

It was like the woman was reading her mind.

“But come on, it’s too expensive.”

The woman just laughed.

“I can handle it.” She waved the waitress over and ordered two glasses.

“I’m Valentina, by the way.”

Valentina? So Anna’s first impression had been correct, she must be Italian.

“Anna. From Ukraine. Nice to meet you.”

“Cool, I’m also a foreigner, Italian. You’re a student, I guess?”

“Yes, I’m studying Economics and Finance. First semester.”

“And your freckled friend there? She’s also in your class?”

“No, no. Mona is studying German and History,” Anna explained. “We share an apartment in Ostkreuz. She’s my girlfriend,” the Ukrainian said proudly.

They exchanged some more backgroud information. It turned out that Valentina was an investment banker and owned an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. Her girlfriend Marta was the tall and attractive German blonde sitting at the other end of the table. In fact, all the girls here were lesbians and either lawyers or working in finance. Anna had already guessed that much — not one pair of feet around this table were adorned by shoes costing less than 2-300 euro.

Valentina was an interesting person to talk to and Anna was curious about her work. One day she might end up an investment banker herself, so it was cool to talk to somebody on the inside.

“The money is good but there is just so much work, so much pressure. Not sure I will recommend it.”

The Italian brunette took a sip of her cocktail.

“Been working my butt off ever since I graduated from business school 9 years ago. I’ve had a good run and saved up quite a lot of money, so now I can finally start taking things a little bit easier. Enjoy life more. That’s my plan, anyway.”

The conversation was interrupted for a moment when the self-proclaimed cunnilingus theoretician slammed a 50 Euro bill on the table, finished her cocktail in one sip and left the place.

“Sorry about my girlfriend,” Anna said. “She just loves to provoke people, sometimes for no good reason. I’m trying to civilize her, but it’s not easy, her coming from this tiny place in the Norwegian mountains and all. I mean, sexual relations with your own cousin, that’s some serious white trash hillbilly stuff.”

Valentina just laughed.

“And you, poor soul, ended up in the middle of that?”

“Yes, they actually seduced me together, on a cabin trip. Isn’t life hard sometimes?”

“So you still have a threesome relationship or what?”

“I guess we did for a while, but that was just for fun. Me and Mona though, that’s serious. I love her to death. She’s so cool!”

“Yeah,” Valentina smiled. “I remember my first crush Chiara. I just couldn’t get enough of her.”

“So what happened?”

“Same stuff that usually happens with first girlfriends. We actually stayed together for almost two years, but then, I don’t know, we just drifted apart I guess. And then I fell in love with someone else.”

“Well. Mona is not my first girlfriend.”

Anna Bostancı Escort Bayan remembered the few months with Marina in Ukraine. It was pretty much doomed from the start, since Marina clearly was not up for Anna’s constant flirting with other girls. Still, it had been an experience and Marina would still make an occasional appearance in her fantasies.

“Ok, but she’s your first serious relationship, right?”

“Yes, that’s true, but I just know that we’re gonna stay together. Not that we are exclusive. I mean, I’m crazy about her, but both of us like to enjoy the company of another girl from time to time.”

“Sometimes I would like that to be me and Marta’s philosophy too,” Valentina sighed.

It turned out that Valentina came from Lecce in the South, but had studied and worked several years in Rome before she moved to Berlin two years ago. She was delightful to look at, with dark brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes and a sensual mouth. For some reason, Anna found her front teeth especially cute — Valentina seemed to be biting her lower lip a lot so they were frequently on display. But what had Anna almost transfixed was the pairing of that fantastic face with her irresistible Italian accent. Fuck, Anna felt like she could almost come just by listening to her!

“How long have you been together?”

“Not so long. It will be a year in October.”

“And you’re like… 28 or something?”

“Thanks for that. We’re both 33. So fairly ancient from the point of view of you and your girlfriend, I guess.”

“No, no. I had a lover for some time — Julia — who’s 34. If I like somebody, I couldn’t care less about their age. Marianne — Mona’s cousin — is in a relationship with a 42-year old!”

Anna omitted the fact that they’d all had sex with Kathrine together — she didn’t want to overload the Italian with information. Or the fact that after Marianne had slept with Anna’s sister at Kristine’s party, things had been looking less and less rosy between her and Kathrine.

“Hey, can I tell you something?” Anna continued. “There’s like this fantasy I have that I want to seduce an attractive heterosexual woman in her 40s or something. Like, be her first girl.”

“Wow!” Valentina replied. “I almost feel like crawling back in the closet and skip ten years of my life just so that I could be seduced by you.”

Anna laughed.

“Anyone particular in mind?” Valentina inquired.

“Yeah, sort of.”

Fuck, I can’t tell a complete stranger about this, Anna thought to herself. But it felt so cool at the same time. And Valentina seemed genuinely interested.

“Ok, ok, so I… I sometimes fantasize about seducing my girlfriend’s aunt, Britt. She’s 44 and mother of two. Super-hot, like all the women in that family.”

“Her aunt? So would that be the mother of your girlfriend’s cousin?”

“It would. I know she flirted with girls in college and I can sense that she’s curious.”

“And does anybody know about your fantasy?”

“Well, Mona obviously. She certainly doesn’t mind.”

“Doesn’t mind” was an understatement. Mona loved to bring up Britt’s name during sex. “Please Anna, tell me what you’d like to do to Aunt Britt!” “Tell me how you wanna go down on her.” “Is her asshole tight?” “Is she a good kisser?” Talking dirty about her aunt obviously stimulated Mona’s penchant for breaking taboos. Britt was very close to Mona, almost like a second mother, so Anna knew Mona would never actually do anything with her herself. Too close to home. But if anything ever happened between her aunt and her girlfriend, then she’d be the first one begging Anna for all the details.

“And… your girlfriend’s cousin?”

“Marianne? Yeah, she knows too, of course. She just thinks it’s cool. She wants her mother to have a nice sex life, so she wouldn’t have anything against it. By the way, Marianne seduced my sister so she would hardly in a position to moralize anyway.”

“Gosh, you kids today lead such interesting lives.”

Valentina’s face looked slightly flushed. Anna guessed all the sex talk was having its impact.

“So why don’t you just go for it then?”

“I can think of a 100 reasons for that. First, what if she freaks out or something? And then, she’s almost like a second mother or maybe third, after Mona’s mother, for me too. Or actually second, ’cause I can’t stand my real mother. Anyway, from day one they accepted me almost like a part of the family, inviting me along on cabin trips and to Easter dinners and stuff. This year I’m spending Chrismas with them. I don’t want things to be weird and stuff. So I think it might work better just as a fantasy. A super-hot fantasy.”

“I’m sad I’m not old and heterosexual enough for you. Not in my 40s quite yet…”

“Don’t worry, you are a perfect fit for one of my other fantasies.”

“Which is?”

Valentina looked extremely curious.

“Always wanted to do it with an Italian girl. Provided she’d promise to speak only Italian.”

“Certo,” Valentina replied. “Per te Escort Bostancı tutto.”

“Fuck, that is so hot!”

It was obvious by now that Valentina liked her. At the same time Anna sensed apprehension. Considering the direction the conversation was taking, Valentina was keeping her hands unexpectedly close to herself. Anna wanted to get a sense of the situation and decided to caress her wrist. The 33-year old woman’s body shook in response to what was just a light touch.

Anna looked into Valentina’s brown eyes.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No. I mean, yes. Sorry. I just don’t know… Gosh, you’re so beautiful it’s almost intimidating.”

“Italian, please,” Anna said sternly.

“Sei così bella, così giovane. Non so cosa fare.”

Anna had attended a few Italian classes last year and her knowledge of the language was just sufficient.

“You and your girlfriend don’t usually invite strangers over?”

“Sure, we’ve talked about it, but…”

“Because if I may offer an observation, then I seem to get the impression that your girlfriend and mine are gettting along rather swimmingly.”

She nodded towards the other end of the table, where smiles and toasts were being exchanged.

“I’ve no doubt about that. Marta has a thing for redheads.”

“But you’re afraid of inviting another girl?”

“In theory it might look all good. But there’s just so much potentional for jealousy, people getting hurt, once you bring a third person into your relationship. Even if it’s meant to be only for a one-night stand. I mean, you never know how it all will pan out, right?”

“You make a lot of sense. That’s why you should avoid that third-wheel stuff. More likely than not, the girl will be single and on the lookout for a partner herself. But, that is not a danger if you also invite a fourth girl, who happens to be the girlfriend of the third one.” Anna was very happy with her own logic. “I love Mona to death and, forgive me for sounding full of myself, but she is fairly addicted to me and is not planning to leave me anytime soon.”

“So, are you suggesting…”

“Yes, I am.”

“And you’re sure Mona would be on board?”

“Most def.”

“Ok, eh… I wasn’t prepared for this type of situation.”

“Come on! You and Marta are so gorgeous, bet you get flooded with offers like that non-stop!”

“Not really. Lesbians are not all that different from other people, they still prefer conventional relationships and don’t wanna get in the middle of something.”

“Well, now you have a chance to get right in the middle of me and my gorgeous girlfriend. What do you say?”

Anna touched Valentina’s knee and slowly slid her hand up her thigh. The Italian just looked at her with desperate eyes. Anna’s finger made contact with her panties and she could feel the 33-year old’s pubic hair. Valentina sighed deeply.

“That could be my tongue,” Anna whispered.

“I can’t take this anymore. Let me… let me talk to Marta.”

Valentina stood up and signalled for her girlfriend to follow her to the ladies’ room.

“How are things on your end?” Anna asked her girlfriend.

She guessed Mona had been pushing a similar agenda.

“Well, she definitely likes us and I can tell she really wants it, but… There is just so much apprehension. I don’t get it. They are gorgeous and filthy rich 30-somethings. Shouldn’t we be intimidated by them and not the other way round?”

“I know, baby. The world is fucked up. Let’s hope they will come to their senses.”

“So, you’ll concentrate on the Italian one, while I will handle Marta?”

Anna raised her cocktail glass to confirm the deal.

“But why are they taking so long?” Mona looked worried. “Baby, promise me we won’t be like that when we’re in our 30s.”

Anna breathed a sigh of relief when the Italo-German couple reappeared with Valentina wearing a smile on her face.

“Tutto bene,” she whispered in Anna’s ear. “Andiamo.”

Marta called a cab. Mona and Anna finished their cocktails and grabbed their purses. Inside the taxi, Valentina was in the front seat next to the driver, which left the redhead and the Ukrainian in the backseat with Marta in the middle. Mona had no time for patience and just plunged her tongue inside Marta’s mouth. Anna just loved the sound of saliva being exchanged between two hot girls’ mouths. She cupped Marta’s full, soft breast and gently squeezed it, not taking her eyes off the delicious tongue duel taking place just centimeters from her face. That just looked so sweet, she had to have a taste of it! She leant closer and intercepted the kiss, sampling the delicious blend of Mona and Marta’s saliva. True, the 15 Euro cocktail she’d just been enjoying had been a thrill, but to Anna there was no taste more exquisite than that of an attractive woman’s saliva. It was actually something of a fetish for her and Mona and they sometimes loved just licking each other’s faces until they were all soaked with each other’s spit.

The taxi stopped on a posh-looking street in Prenzlauer Berg. Mona had to pull her mouth from Marta’s, leaving only a thin sliver of saliva to connect their lips. Anna couldn’t help herself and scooped it up with her tongue, to the German girl’s amazement.

“Anna,” Valentina asked from the front seat, “wanna go with me to the store and buy some prosecco?”

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