Amber’s Family Pt. 09


The doorbell rang and Amber’s mind was ripped away from her reverie. Oh! She had almost forgotten she had invited Lisa over today. She looked down at her cunt. It was dripping with her juices and her pink pussy lips were swollen from having just cum. Oh well she thought, no time to clean up. Lisa’s here now!

Amber skipped to the door completely naked, loving the feeling of the cool air against her wet cunt and upper thighs. She swung the door open and looked down at her friend.

There in the doorway stood Lisa Faye. She was a small girl, only five foot two, but absolutely gorgeous with a lean, sexy, body. Lisa had long light blonde hair that was currently pulled back into a ponytail. She had a lovely heart shaped face with flawless tan skin, high cheekbones, and beautiful bright blue eyes.

Her body was incredible. Almost everything about her was petite and small except for her breasts and ass.

Lisa’s breasts were phenomenal. They were very large for her frame, full C-cups, standing firm and high off her chest. Currently she had on a white triangle bikini top covering them, but Amber could see her hard nipples poking up from the fabric.

If Lisa’s breasts were phenomenal, then her ass was out of this world. She had the kind of ass that men can only dream about, perfect, round, and firm. It was a true bubble ass. There is a girl around the internet named Jen Selter that has an ass like that.

Amber looked down at her friends tanned beautiful body. Her abdomen was toned with a sexy belly button piercing. A shiny shimmering string of diamonds about half an inch long hung down below her piercing, catching the light brilliantly.

Below her tight, toned, tummy and slim waist was her flaring hips, and beautiful pussy mound that was covered in a pair of small white, low-cut boyshorts. They were smaller than most normal panties. Lisa’s legs were amazing. Tan and perfectly smooth with sexy musculature that Amber was envious of. Her feet were small and she had on little sexy white strapped sandals. She had painted her nails and toenails a pretty shade of pink.

Lisa was one of Amber’s best new friends. They had met when Amber had decided to join a dance team that practiced at the local rec center. Amber had been brand new to Austin, only having lived there a week. Most of the girls on the team were young and friendly, but Lisa had befriended her right away. They were the same age, and had instantly hit it off.

Lisa looked at Amber in all her nude glory, smiling at her happily. She had a brilliant smile that lit up any room. “Oh my God Amber, you’re naked!!” She exclaimed looking her gorgeous friend up and down. “And your pussy is all wet!” She said in a loud whisper. Lisa had a sexy voice. It was sweet and high and clear. Amber loved it.

Amber stepped out and wrapped her arms around her friends small body and gave her a big hug, her large breasts squeezing against Lisa’s. “Thanks for coming over!” she said, and then kissed her firmly on the lips. Lisa giggled and kissed her back, wrapping her arms around her.

Amber broke the kiss off and looked outside. It was a beautiful clear blue day. It was warm outside and would soon be hot. She looked across the street and saw her 60 year old neighbor Mr. Brown mowing his lawn. He had stopped mowing and had seen the whole display. Amber began to blush. Oh well! she thought. She smiled at him and waved. Mr. Brown waved back, giving her a big smile of his own.

Lisa, looked back and exclaimed, “Oh shit, he saw you!” Then broke into giggles as she saw him smiling and waving at both of them. She waved at Mr. Brown too, then quickly took Amber’s hand and rushed her inside, closing the door behind them. They both ran to the couch giggling and laughing, hand in hand and plopped onto it side by side.

“You gave him a good show you slut!” Said Lisa laughing.

“He’s a sweet old man, I don’t mind.” Said Amber smiling. “Besides, he was probably staring at your ass like all the other guys.”

Lisa rolled her eyes and said “Whatever.”

“I like your new swimsuit, it’s pretty.” said Amber as she began to caress the fabric of Lisa’s suit above her breast. She slowly slid her hand down to cup her friends heavy right tit. “The top is thin though, it will probably show your nipples after getting wet.”

“It does.” Said Lisa, still giggling a little. “It doesn’t matter though, I never wear anything over here anyways.” Lisa stood up and undid the tie from behind her slender neck and quickly took off her small bikini top. Her breasts were gorgeous. round and soft, perfectly tanned. Her hard nipples pointed slightly upwards a darker shade of red than Amber’s.

“I love your pretty titties.” Said Amber, looking up at her sexy friend.

Lisa squeezed them, then pushed them together and said critically, “They’re nowhere near as pretty as yours. They’re so much smaller.”

Amber stood up, reached out, and began to play with Lisa’s hard nipples. Ataşehir Escort She pinched them lightly between her fingers. “They look almost as big as mine on your smaller frame.” She then leaned down and took Lisa’s left nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it sweetly.

“Mmmmhh” said Lisa, “I love it when you suck on them.” Lisa reached out and began to fondle her friends larger tits, weighing them, squeezing them, and finally pulling slightly on her pretty pink nipples. They continued to play with each other’s tits, taking turns flicking and sucking on one another’s nipples.

Soon they were both on the couch, smaller Lisa lying down with her legs spread wide, while Amber was on top, straddling her sexy friend. They began to make out. Their tongues danced sexily in each other’s mouths as their plump lips pressed softly together.

Lisa began to moan into Amber’s mouth as their tongues lashed against one another. She loved playing with Amber so much! She thought she was the sexiest girl she had ever seen. Lisa was completely and happily bisexual and Amber and her had been lovers for a little less than a week. The time had been mind blowing and neither of them could get enough of the other. Currently Amber was her only lover, but she knew about Amber’s secret. She knew that Amber was fucking her Daddy. In fact, that’s what had started their relationship in the first place.

Lisa had found out about Amber’s relationship with her Father after practice at the rec center one night. It had been two days after their first concert and the team was working on all new routines. Amber had left the center to go home, then ran back in and told Lisa the bad news. The tire of Amber’s car had gotten a flat. She had called her Daddy to help her replace it. The two girls had stayed later than the rest of their team and continued to work on a routine until her father called Amber on her cell phone and announced he was in the parking lot. Giving Lisa a big hug, Amber had said goodnight and went out to meet him.

Lisa decided that she would stay a bit later by herself working on a different dance routine she was making up. She worked up a good sweat and about a half an hour later she finished up. She went to the girl’s bathroom, took a shower, changed into her clothes and got ready to go home. She had walked out of the center and saw that Amber’s car was still in the parking lot. The tire had been changed but Amber and her Father were nowhere in sight.

“Curious,” thought Lisa as she walked over to Amber’s car and looked into the window. No one was in the front seats either, but she caught motion coming from the backseat. She quietly moved to look into the back seat window and saw an unbelievable sight. Amber was sitting on her clothed Daddy’s lap, but she had her little shorts and panties pulled down to her ankles. Her sexy sports bra was pulled up off her big tits, and Michael, Amber’s sexy Father, was fondling them both with his large hands. Amber was bouncing up and down on her Daddy’s lap with her eyes closed. She had a look of complete lust on her face.

Oh my God, they’re having sex! Thought Lisa as she quickly stepped away from the vehicle before she could be seen. Her skin became flushed and her nipples had immediately gotten rock hard as she thought about it. She swiftly walked to her own car and with shaky hands opened the door with her keys. As she sat down in the driver’s seat she could feel her cunt juices dampening her panties. Lisa sat there in shock. The image of Amber sliding up and down on her handsome Father’s cock was burned into her mind.

The first time Lisa had seen Amber’s Father was after their first performance only a couple of days prior. It was a small affair at the local community college theater, but it had a good turn-out. In the front row had been a gorgeous blonde woman in a sexy black dress and the handsomest dark haired man she had ever seen. He was dressed in a suit and was sitting next to the woman, holding her hand. She had almost screwed up by looking down at them too long as she performed a provocative dance for the small crowd. Another dance team took the stage after them for the final performance of the night. Lisa had walked up to Amber backstage and excitedly told her about the sexiest couple in the front row, and how she would love to be a third member in that relationship.

Amber had began to laugh at her. After a few moments of giggling, she told Lisa that she was talking about her parents!

“What!” She said “No way! They’re too good looking!” Lisa’s own parents were plump and older, having let themselves go. They were good to her and had even come to the concert, but no one was lusting after them.

“It’s true, come and meet them!” She had said.

After the last performance was over, and everyone had taken their bows, Amber had taken hold of Lisa’s hand and pulled her to meet her parents. Up close they were even more gorgeous than Ataşehir Escort Bayan she had thought. They greeted Lisa warmly and Amber’s mother had even hugged her. Lisa had loved the way her large breasts had squeezed against her own. Shannon told her how well she did, and that she was so glad her baby had such a good friend. Michael took her hand into his own larger one and had shaken it, telling her in a deep powerful voice how she had done a great job. Her nipples had gotten hard just hearing his voice! God he was handsome.

She had remembered how at the time she had thought they were the most beautiful family in the universe. She had a crush on Amber since the first time she had walked into the rec center. They were good friends now and had recently started hanging out, but Lisa was too scared to tell Amber about how she really felt.

Now as Lisa sat in her car outside the rec center, her breath had quickened and she had begun to rub her legs against each other to stimulate her soaking pussy. She decided she couldn’t drive in this state. She slid her hand down under her skirt, and into her small white panties. She was drenched! She flicked her clit once, twice, three times then let out a loud whimper as she came all over, flooding the small thin material with her juices. Her body jerked a few times and was still.

It took about a minute for Lisa to regain her composure. She had then straightened up and driven home that night and went to bed. Thoughts of Amber and her Daddy consumed her young mind and she had cum two more times playing with herself before she was relaxed enough to sleep. She made up her mind right before falling asleep that she would fuck both of them before she went away to college.

The next day, Lisa had gotten up in the morning and called Amber. She had asked if she could come over today and hang out, saying she had something important to talk to her about, and she didn’t want to say over the phone what is was. Amber agreed to hang out with her in about an hour. Her voice sounded sleepy and apparently Lisa had woken her up. They said goodbye and hung up.

Lisa began to get ready. First she shaved herself completely smooth while taking a long bath. Next she did her hair until it fell around her in a sexy, silky cascade. After that She put on some light makeup, and pleased with what she saw, had proceeded to get dressed. She slid on a small pink T-shirt that was tight around her bare breasts underneath, then slipped into tiny pink thong panties and a very short white frilly skirt. She topped it off with one-inch white heels.

She looked at herself critically in the mirror and decided that she looked sexy as hell. She was going to tell Amber what she saw, and tell her how she felt about her. She smiled sexily into the mirror then confidently walked to her car and drove to Amber’s home.

Amber had answered the door in a small white tank top and tight baby blue boyshorts with the word Pink across her ass. Her hair was a bit tasseled and Lisa could tell she had just gotten up.

“Hi Lisa!” She said with a sleepy smile and had given her a hug and invited her in. “You look gorgeous today! What’s the occasion?” asked Amber as they both walked to the couch and sat down.

Lisa’s heart began to beat fast as she sat next to the object of her desire. She was amazingly beautiful, even like this having just woken up. “I wanted to tell you something….” Said Lisa quietly.

“Ok, sure what is it? Are you ok?” Asked Amber a look of concern on her face.

“Yes. I wanted… I wanted To tell you that…. I saw you and your Daddy last night in the parking lot.” The last part came out in a rush and Amber’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened up in shock.

“Oh no!” Said Amber, “I… it was nothing… just… please don’t tell anyone please!” Her voice was in a panic. Tears began to well up in her large pretty emerald eyes.

“Relax Amber. I promise I won’t tell anyone about what I saw.” She said reassuringly. She leaned over to Amber and hugged her tense body. “It’s ok Amber. I liked it. I wished I was there in the back seat with you two, sharing in the fun!”

“Oh my God I’m so embarrassed!” Said Amber in a shaky tear strained voice. She hugged her friend back and said “thank you so much for keeping my secret Lisa. You are my best friend!” She let out a few quick sobs then sank her head onto Lisa’s shoulder.

Lisa held Amber in her arms and stroked her hair for about a minute, until Amber completely relaxed against her. She then gently released her friend and sat up so she could look into Amber’s pretty face.

“Amber, I have a secret of my own to tell you” said Lisa timidly. “I think you’re the prettiest girl I have ever seen and I… I want you. I’ve wanted you since the first time you walked into the rec center.” Lisa looked down in embarrassment, her cheeks flushed.

“Oh!” Exclaimed Amber, “I knew you were bi, but I never Escort Ataşehir thought you liked me like that!” Amber looked into her friends beautiful blue eyes. “I think you are gorgeous too Lisa.” Amber smiled down at her friend and pulled her into another hug. Their large breasts mashed together and soon both girls nipples were hard.

Lisa pulled away again. She looked into Amber’s eyes and asked hopefully, “Do you think you could ever want me too? I know you have your handsome Daddy to make love to you, but maybe you could want both of us?”

Amber looked down at this vision of a woman sharing her desires with her and realized she was happy that Lisa wanted her that way. She realized at that moment that she wanted her too. She was the prettiest girl she had ever met, besides her mother, and she would love to make love to her. Her cunt was beginning to feel all tingly and warm, and she could feel her juices building up inside of it.

“Yes Lisa, I want you too.” Said Amber quietly.

Lisa gave her a brilliant smile that lit up her whole face and said “Oh Amber, that’s wonderful!” She scooted very close to Amber, their bare thighs touching and reached up and caressed her neck, looking up at her lips longingly.

Amber leaned down and began to kiss her gorgeous blonde friend. As their lips met a powerful feeling washed over them both. Amber shuddered slightly and Lisa felt a shiver run down her spine. It felt amazing.

They broke off their kiss and hugged each other close. “That was amazing…” Said Amber at the exact same time that Lisa said “That was incredible!”

Both girls began to giggle. A few moments later their lips met again. This time their kiss was long and passionate. Soon their tongues were in each others mouths and both girls were beginning to moan. Their hands began to caress each others bodies.

Lisa was the first to pull away after long minutes of making out. She looked into Amber gorgeous eyes and pulled her small pink shirt up over her breasts and off over her head. Amber looked at her friends gorgeous tits. They were large and tan and they sat up high on her chest. Her nipples were smaller and darker than her own and very hard. A strong desire overtook Amber, and before she knew what she was doing, she was feasting on Lisa’s left nipple with her mouth while massaging her right with her hand.

Lisa moaned again as she felt Amber’s sweet mouth on her nipple. God she loved it! “Yessss baby, suck on them!” She moaned. She reached around Amber and pulled her small tank top up till it was resting above her friends larger tits. As Amber continued to suck on Lisa’s nipple, Lisa began to fondle them. “God Amber your tits are so big and soft and full! They’re the sexiest tits I have ever seen!” She loved the way they felt in her small hands.

“Thanks Lisa” said Amber sexily as she moved her head and began sucking on Lisa’s right nipple. She reached up and began tweaking her wet slippery left between her fingers. Lisa’s panties were small and they were becoming drenched in her cunt juices.

Moaning again she pulled Amber up for a hot passionate kiss. Their tongues swirled quickly around one another for a few more minutes. Soon she stood up off the couch and broke the kiss off. She reached to the side of her skirt, undid the button and pushed it down off her perfect ass. It fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. Her tiny pink panties had wedged themselves between her cuntlips. Amber could clearly see that they were wet. They had only strings at the sides and a small string between her ass cheeks.

“Lisa, your ass is gorgeous!” Exclaimed Amber as she stood up herself and moved behind her friend. She reached down and began caressing her amazing cheeks, so firm and yet soft and smooth all at the same time.

Lisa leaned back against her new lover, pinning Amber’s large tits against her back. “Thanks, yours is very beautiful too.”

She moved her head back so she could lick and suck Amber’s slim neck while her friend played with her ass. Amber began to moan. She loved having her neck caressed by Lisa’s hot sweet lips and tongue. Her pussy was absolutely soaked in her little boyshorts. She wrapped her arms around Lisa and pulled her smaller friend tightly against her, as Lisa continued to lick and suck on Amber’s slim, pretty neck.

Amber’s hands began to caress Lisa’s sexy toned stomach and hips. Soon she was rubbing her fingers along the top of Lisa’s little panties. She was completely shaven just like Amber. Lisa whimpered against her neck as Amber slowly slid her hand inside the thin material. “You’re drenched Lisa.” said Amber in a sexy voice as she slid a finger lightly over her friends wet slit, lightly sliding it down its length, then back up, coating it in her slippery juices. She gently pushed her middle finger between Lisa’s lips and found her clit. It was small and hard and as she pushed down on it with the tip of her finger, Lisa began to shudder against her.

“Yesssss… Amber… your going to make me cum already!” Her voice was shaky with desire.

Encouraged by this, Amber began circling the hard nub with her middle finger as Lisa’s moans grew louder and louder. With a wicked grin Amber pushed her finger hard against it and that was all it took.

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