And Then My Luck Changed


Here I am, late 20’s, a physically attractive woman, financially stable, successful and utterly alone. I just can’t seem to meet the right people. My friends are endlessly setting me up on blind dates which always end in an “I’ll call you” and me cringing when the phone rings. I’m looking for my Princess Charming. You know, the Real thing, True love. My luck has to change some time.

After work one Friday night I was having drinks with my best friend Sara when she reminded me about a party she was having the following night. I had put it out of my head the second she first told me about it…I was hoping she would have forgotten too. She reminded me again it would be a good opportunity to meet new people. I ended up promising her I would attend. At this point she asked me if a couple of her guests could spend that night at my house after the party since she had run out of room. Sometimes I’m just too agreeable.

So Saturday night rolls round and I’m at Sara’s party. There Kadıköy Escort are about 20 people standing around in groups chatting. I spotted Sara across the room talking to a beautiful blonde woman. Sara called me over and introduced me to her friend from out of town, Paige, who would be spending the night at my house. (Ah, the evening was perking up!) It turns out Paige is the same age as me, single and very sweet. I spent the majority of the evening talking with her and the two other women were coming back to my place.

After the party we all hop into my car because I’m the only one not drunk. I couldn’t help but notice Paige’s long shapely legs when she got into the car next to me. Oh lord have mercy, I don’t even know if she likes women. I may have been imagining it, but I could have sworn I caught her staring at me while I was driving home. I think I was looking for something that wasn’t there. The two in the back seat were passed out. Paige Kadıköy Escort Bayan and I managed to drag them into the spare bed without too much difficulty. That left just my bed for Paige to sleep in.

I gave her a T-shirt to change in to while I went into the bathroom. When I came out she was already in my bed waiting for me. I crawled in beside her and turned out the light. I heard some shuffling around beside me and realized Paige had taken off the T-shirt. “Aren’t you hot?” she asked me, “Why don’t you take off your T-shirt too.” Just as soon as I’d removed my T-shirt I felt her hand softly touch my arm and then her lips touch mine. Her tongue sent bolts of lightening through my body as we kissed. Slowly she raised her body so it was over mine and I could feel every bit of her skin next to mine. I let my hands roam over her gorgeous body, over the swell of her ass and down her legs and back up again. She moved her mouth down my throat and Escort Kadıköy teased my nipples with her wet tongue.

While she worked her magic on one nipple with her mouth, she gently pulled and pinched the other one. Then she let her hand wander down in between my thighs and feathered my clit making me cry out. I desperately wanted more of this woman. She slipped her fingers into me, making me buck against her hand. She must have sensed my urgency for she swiftly brought her tongue to my clit, and licked and sucked me all the while pumping me with her hand. In a matter of seconds I was hit with a huge rolling orgasm that had me writhing and crying out. Once I had calmed down from her workout, she crawled up my body and lowered herself over my face.

She was so wet and sweet. I let my tongue explore her inside and out while I caressed and pinched her breasts. Next I put two fingers into her wet hole and pumped her wildly while I slid another finger into her ass. She screamed out and ground down on my face covering me with her juices as she came. She slid down and crawled into my arms and licked her juices off of my lips.

Shortly thereafter we fell asleep and spent the entire night in each others arms. I’ll have to remember to thank Sara for inviting me to the party.

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