Autumn Cruise Ch. 01


It all started one night on a cruise ship called Essex’s. I and Terry decided to get away for a while and go to Alaska just to see the sights. It was the first day of fall and having to get up early just about killed me. I struggled to get out of bed at four am in the morning when I looked out the window and noticed it was still dark outside. Good lord, I thought, this is just great another year of turning back the clocks. I struggled to my lifeless feet and headed for the shower in hopes it would wake me up when the phone rang. I turned back to get the phone that lay next to the bed. Dam, the bed looked good, I thought. I picked up the phone and before I got a chance to answer I heard, “Well” are you ready yet, with excitement in Terry’s voice. “Terry, what is wrong with you girl, I was just headed for the shower,” I yawned. “I am so excited to be going I was up at two this morning,” Terry said in a cheerful and excited southern voice. “Well,” I said, “I just got up why don’t you head on over and have a cup of coffee while I get ready.” There was a pause over the phone and Terry said, “I’m on my way.” I hung up the phone relived that now I could go and get my shower when I noticed out the window a fog rolling in. Strange I thought it is the beginning of autumn and I have never seen a fog roll in this fast this time of the year. Well, I thought nothing of it and headed for the shower. I started the water and just as I was ready to get in the radio went on. I turned and thought, gnaw, Terry couldn’t be here already, I grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around my slanky body. I went out to the living room and sure enough no Terry but the radio was on. Strange it never as done that before so I went over to turn it off and headed back for my hot shower that was waiting for me.

Finally I said to myself, a hot shower at last. It felt so good after a night sleep to jump in the shower. I started thinking how nice it was going to be to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and just have a good time. I have never been on a cruise before so I hope I don’t get sick. I was starting to get excited about going when I heard the door open and shut and Terry yelling,”I’m here, but no prob. I’ll just pour myself a cup of coffee and wait till your done.” Minutes went by before I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel and headed for the kitchen to see Terry. “Wow,” I said with a glee, “what are you dressed up for?” I had noticed Terry had her long black hair all fixed up and a skimpy dress on that hug her so tight you could see all her curves. Terry started to laugh and replied,”What do you think I’m dressed for,” with a wicked grin, “there are going to be men on that ship and I plan on enjoying every dam one,” she said evilly. I said, “What are you planning to do have an orgy with the whole dam ship, I started laughing. Terry was less then amused by this as Terry was sex gravid for the most part and she was known to do anyone anywhere at anytime. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “Well what are you wearing today, Leann? “Oh, I don’t know, maybe a pants set,” I replied. Terry gasped in horror. “I don’t believe you,” she said, “you’re gonna wear pants instead of showing off your body.” I laughed, “what body, dear.” Terry jumped up and took the towel that was wrapped around me and pointed, “that body, baby.” “Oh, yeah right, this thirty something year old body,” laughing “you’d think some young stud would want this do you?” “Sure,” Terry said her voice filled with excitement. I reached for the towel and Terry threw it in the living room. I stood their looking at her in a daze Kadıköy Escort for a second. “You’re a brat,” I said feeling now a little inadequate. I turned to go get the towel when I felt Terry’s hands on my ass. “Terry, Hon, I am not into women,” trying to be nice about it. I knew Terry went either way when it came to sex. She said, “How do you know, ever tried it?” I said, “No, never wanted too.” It was about this time I knew Terry was going into overdrive. Her hand never left my ass, she walked behind me as I went over to get the towel and bent down I could feel her other hand on my back. I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. She said, “My your tense Leann.” “You would be too if you had some sex pot like you trying to screw me,” I said my voice harsh. “Come, come, Leanne, don’t tell me you didn’t know I’ve had the hots for you all these years.” “You what,” my voice a bit shacky.

“I don’t believe this after all this time we have known each other and you never thought about the two of us together,” Terry said. I stood up and turned to face her and said,” Terry, I never thought of us or you for that matter as my lover or sex partner or whatever you want to call it, but I am flattered, I guess,” surprised that Terry wanted me. She drew closer to me and wrapped one arm around me to touch my ass and the other on my neck. I could feel her warm breath upon me. I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do or say. I just stood there and looked at her. She said, “How long as it been since you’ve been with anyone, Leanne, I mean someone who really cares about you?” I just stood there frozen. Her body now pressed up against mine. Before I could say anything her lips where locked onto mine. I could feel her tongue inside my mouth touching every inch of me, the hand that was around my neck now fell to my breast as she was caressing it. I felt my body tingle but I was enjoying the moment. What I thought am I a freak for liking what I was just experiencing. I felt myself putting my arms around Terry and responding back to the kiss. But it was just not a kiss but a kiss of passion kiss. Just then the phone rang.

I got startled and realized just what I was doing. I ran to grab the phone, I picked it up and said, “Hello,” my voice nerves. “Hi Leanne it’s your mom, dear.” “Hey, mom what’s up”? There was a pause. “I just wanted to call you and tell you to have fun and have a safe journey, dear. Is there anything wrong Leanne?” “No, mom why do you ask?” “You know Leanne your voice sounded that way everytime you got caught doing something you shouldn’t be.” There was a slight pause on the phone. “Far be it from me dear, to tell you how to run your life or anything but you sound as if you got your hand in the cookie jar.” I was petrified at this point. What do I say, what do I tell her, I thought? “Gnaw, mom just getting things ready to go is all.” My eyes stayed fixed in front of me but I could feel Terry’s eyes all over me. “Well, dear don’t worry they do have stores on the ship you know if you forget anything.” “They do,” trying to sound surprised. “Why, yes dear, I’ve told you that when I and your father went on cruises.” “Oh, yes, I remember now, but I got to go mom and get ready we are leaving here in about three hours.” “Okay dear, I look forward to hearing all about you and Terry’s trip.” “Sure mom, when I get back I will tell you all about it.” “Love you dear.” Mom hung up the phone. In away I wish she kept on talking to me I just didn’t want to deal with what just happened.

I turned my head to see what Terry was doing and she was in the bedroom going through my suit cases. Kadıköy Escort Bayan “What are you doing,” I asked a little annoyed she was going through my things. “Oh nothing, just making sure you got everything after all we don’t want you to forget a thing, do we”? Terry winked at me. “For Christ sake Terry, you think I was a child and didn’t know what I was doing.” “Well, do you,” Terry asked in an evil kind of way. “Besides Leanne, we both wear the same size clothes so if you did forget something I’m sure I got extra of whatever it is you need.” Terry started to zip up the suit case. “You better get dressed if we are leaving soon.” I notice that Terry took it upon herself to lay out my day wear for the ship and of course it was a skin tight royal blue dress and she even got my shoes out for them. “Oh, I see just one kiss and now you think you can dress me like a barbie doll,” I chuckled. Terry started to move closer to me with the dress in her hand and said, “Oh, no dear, I would never stop at just one kiss,” has she started to dress me. She put the dress over my head and put my arms through the straps and started to pull it down when she stopped and started sucking on my nipples one at a time. “MM,” she smiled, “these are the most delectable tits I have ever tasted. I knew you were going to taste this good and I wasn’t disappointed.” My body started to tingle again. All I could do was stand there feeling awkward. She started pulling the dress the rest of the way down slowly. I watched Terry go lower and lower to her knees and she stopped my dress right above my navel.

I gasped for a second. “Terry,” I said in shock, “just what do you think your doing? Please stop,” my voice frantic and uneasy about what was happening. Terry looked up and me and smiled and replied,”hon, don’t worry sweet thing, I would never hurt you.” And as Terry was talking I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. “Don’t worry Hon, we have time yet before the taxi arrives.” I started to back away even though my body was telling me to go for it, but found I couldn’t go any further then Terry would allow me to, for she had her hands tightly grasping my ass. I reached out and grabbed Terry’s shoulder and started pushing myself away a harder saying, “Come on Terry, please don’t do this.” I couldn’t believe my body was telling me I wanted Terry but my mind was saying oh no you don’t, your not going there. Terry looked up and smiled at me and just as I thought she was getting up her lips where locked on my hot pussy and I just noticed I was up against the dresser. She started to spread my legs further apart and I could feel her lips and her tongue wrapping around my clit. I let out a gasp. It felt so good, how could it be so wrong I thought to myself. I was holding myself up against the dressing not knowing what to do. I felt her hands one on each side of my hips and she started pushing me up onto the dresser where I sat with my legs spread wide open for her. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. My body started to sway to and fro, I grabbed for Terry’s long dark hair pushing her face into my hot snatch. I could feel her tongue enter me, I could feel her sucking my wet hot snatch and I was enjoying every minute of it. “Stop, I,” yelled out, please stop,” but she wouldn’t stop. She kept right on with her feast. Her tongue in and out faster and faster. My body moving to and fro faster and faster to her rhythm of her tongue. And just when I was about to cum in her mouth she stopped.

I sat there looking at her like what the hell. Her head coming up from my snatch, her tongue licking her lips and now Escort Kadıköy she was standing in between my legs her hands foundling every inch of my body. “Oh, no sweet thing, I want you tonight, Terry said as she looked into my eyes. She started stroking my hair and got a hand full of hair and yanked back on it as hard as she could. I gasped, not knowing what the hell was going on. She moved back still holding my hair and I slid off the dresser and she looked into my eyes and said, “Baby, you will never tell me to stop again, will you?” I was starting to get very afraid of what was going on now. “Terry,” my voice started to fill with fear, “what are you doing?” Just then I felt a hard slap on my ass that startled me. “Get off of me,” I started yelling at her. “Just what the hell is your problem”? But Terry wouldn’t let go of my hair nor did she let me get away from her either. She started to get this evil little grin on her face and I felt a harder slap on my ass. I jumped and Terry looked as if she was enjoying this when all of a sudden I felt myself bent over a chair with Terry’s one hand holding me down and the other whipping me hard on the ass with something other then her hand. I started to scream in pain and struggle but the more I struggled the harder the whippings became and the harder it was to get up from her hold on me. I started sobbing thinking to myself, what the hell was going on and who the hell was this person. I was afraid of her for the first time in my life. Then she threw me on the bed and when I hit I could feel my ass hurt in pain. She started to spread my legs and I begged her to stop but she wouldn’t. She bent over me and had her mouth and tongue locked on my snatch. Sucking and nibbling. Her tongue in and out faster and faster. The pain seemed to go away that I was feeling and my body started to and fro. I bit my lip afraid to say anything to Terry. She held my thighs and lifted me up off the bed still sucking and nibbling on my snatch, my legs now draped over her shoulders.

I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I was enjoying the whole thing. I started to moan feeling that I was just about to cum again, Terry stopped. She laid me back down gently and reached over to get the silk underwear she had laid out for me and started to put them on me slowly. I was still gasping for air when she positioned herself over me in a kneeling position and caressed my face and bent down to give a passionate kiss. “The fun as just started my darling, Leanne. Now, will you tell me to stop again,” she sat on top of me grinning. I shock my head no. I felt myself liking this treatment and for the first time I saw Terry in a different light. “Good, then this cruise is what we both need to get to know each other,” Terry smiled at me. I shook my head yes, not knowing what else to say. “Don’t worry my little Leanne, I have plans for you my dear and I promise this weeks cruise will be eventful and fun for all. Especially you, baby,” she licked her lips.

Just then the taxi horn started to honk. Terry looked over her should and started yelling, “we’re coming hold your horses,” and looked back at me and whispered, “you’re all mine,” as she got up off the bed and put my shoes on and proceeded to take her laugage and my laugage out to the cab. I was in a daze. I just didn’t know what to think right now. I was getting angry at myself for liking just what happened to me. Just then Terry came in and grabbed my purse and gently pulled me up off the bed and brushed my hair quickly and said, “There, you look beautiful if I do say so myself.” She sounded like a proud lover. I kind of smiled and blushed a little bit. She put her arm around me and lead me out to the taxi and opened the door for me to get in. I got in and got comfy and Terry followed suit. “Okay, Rob, we’re ready to go now.” Rob looking in his rear view mirror, “sure on our way to catch your ship. The whole time Terry’s hand was up and down my leg.

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