An Inquisitive Neighbor Is Heard But Not Seen


I had come home from training early as I had strained my ankle at football.For some reason, which is not hard to imagine as I had my ankle strapped, I was laying on my bed I got horny and began to masturbate.I was enjoying the feeling of long slow strokes up and down my cock and as the feeling got better I undressed completely and lay there naked and resumed my pleasure. After a few minutes, some pre-cum begun to flow from the eye of my cock and I licked it off my finger.I continued to stroke myself until I was ready to cum, licking what pre-cum appeared. I hadn’t realised before that it had no taste. I had been sucked off more than a few times by the cheerleader’s in the locker room after a game and they all swallowed us without any problemsIt was a regular occurrence after a match. I think that the girls had to be cocksuckers to make the squad. As I was aroused I got the urge to see what cum tasted like as the girls seemed to enjoy it. I had never tasted it before.When I was ready I ejaculated into my hand and then swallowed it.I could not quite understand why they liked it.They all seemed to relish the mouthful of cum they took from usIt did nothing for me other than satisfy my curiosity to see what it was like. Drinking my own cum was something I was not going to do often I decided.A few days later my friend Dave and I were in my bedroom watching porn and we started to wank ourselves, which we had often done before.I told him I had swallowed a load of my own cum and he told me he had done the same and couldn’t work out why the girls swallowed it from us in the locker room.We both agreed it was not the tastiest morsel we had devoured. We were sitting on chairs facing each other and I was watching him slowly stroke himself. I became fascinated and by his steady hand rhythm and how he got the skin to come up and over the head of his cock which was now bright pink.I began to stroke myself in the same rhythm as him and was soon became mesmerized. I could not take my eyes of his hand and cock.As his cock bobbed around as he stroked himself I saw a bead of pre-cum appear on the eye of his cock.He was laying back in a chair as I watched and I was drawn to it and found I couldn’t resist the temptation to lick the pre-cum which was now beginning to run down the head of his cock.I bent forward and began to lick his cock head Dave stopped wanking and took his hand away.His cock was sticking straight up and hard. I took it in my hand and finished licking his pre-cum. His silky skin felt wonderful in my fingers and the sensation as I licked it was great.Dave placed his hands on my head and gently pressed it down over his cock. I didn’t resist as it felt quite erotic and I took his cock into my mouth and closed my lips around it.I don’t know why but the urge to suck his cock was overwhelming. It felt quite nice in my mouth,I now understood why the girls like doing it. As the girls had sucked my cock a number of times, I believed I knew what I had to do and I followed their method.I took his cock between my fingers and stroked the silky skin up and down the firm shaft as I sucked on the head of it. It felt amazing.I soon settled down to a regular rhythm and stroked and sucked it as the girls did. I began to run my tongue around the rim of his cock head. I knew what it felt like and I believed I was giving Dave as good as he got from them.He hadn’t said Kuşadası escort anything but lay back and let me do my thing and removed his hands after he realised I was not going to pull off.I continued to run my tongue around the rim of his cock which made him murmur, then with my other hand, I again did what the girls did, and fondled his two balls which were lovely to feel in my hand in his soft sac.Neither of us had said a word and I continued to enjoy my first cock sucking experience. I continued for what seemed like ages.Then he became restless and began to move his legs as he began to grunt softly each time my hand reached the top of my stroke.I recognized the signs. I knew from his actions he was going to cum very soon.I held his cock in my mouth and looked up at him as if to ask, are you cumming? he nodded.I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I was quite aroused and decided I would go all the way.I sucked him for another second or two and he grunted and sat bolt upright, then he grabbed my head again and I heard him groan.The first spurt of his cum filled my mouth.I quickly swallowed it and then he followed with a couple more spurts. His balls jumped in my hand. It was an amazing experience which I honestly enjoyed. Having tasted my own cum I found out his was no different and after getting the taste I swallowed all of it.By now my own cock was dripping drops of precum on the floor. I sucked Dave’s cock until there was no more cum to be had.Now I knew what the girls enjoyed when they sucked us.I was quite fascinated by the way it felt in my mouth, not at all disgusting but quite a pleasant feeling as it spurted into my mouth.It was warm and a bit salty to taste.The taste was pretty much the same as mine when I tried it and I couldn’t quite make out what it tasted of, but I didn’t mind it. I removed my head and sat back on my chair.We looked at each other and didn’t say a word as we didn’t quite know what to say.I now felt a bit guilty about what we had done together. I still could taste his cum in my mouth. Dave spoke first and said. “That was amazing. I had no idea that would happen. I feel a bit embarrassed about it. I hope you don’t think I am gay or anything.”I replied, “Don’t worry, I am not going to kiss you.”Then we laughed and began to talk but I could not explain why it happened.I could only tell him watching his hand stroke his cock mesmerized me and I was drawn to it like a magnet.We both talked about how we felt as we did it and what his cum tasted like. We agreed we had enjoyed it and not tell the girls we had tried it ourselves.We got dressed and went to the kitchen and had a Coke.The next day Dave rang me and said can I come over and talk.When he arrived we both acted as if nothing had happened and then he came straight out and asked, “Can we do what we did yesterday? I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.”I didn’t need to be asked twice. “Can we do it in the nude?” I asked.He and I spent the next hour enjoying wanking and sucking each other. He offered to suck me off after I had sucked him and I accepted.We were really enjoying the pleasure we were having together. It felt different doing it with another guy doing it to us but for some reason we both seemed to enjoy the experience.The following week was the beginning of the University break. Each day Dave would come over and we would Kuşadası escort bayan strip off have a swim and wank and suck each other off. We had tried and liked the 69 position and began to have more fun with each other than we had with the girls.We joked about how we were becoming gay.There was no way I really felt I liked Dave more than girls,it was just something we were doing together and enjoying having some sexy fun. Never did I feel like I could kiss him.A few days later it was cold and had rained earlier so we went to my bedroom to perform our ritual. We were both on the bed naked enjoying our now daily 69 routine, and enjoying the experiences we were having.We were about five minutes into a good 69 suck and Dave suddenly stopped sucking and looked up.“Shit. I think I heard a noise outside. Did you hear that? I think somebody is outside in the garden,” he stammered.I sat up. I was now concerned. I knew it would not be my parents and wondered who it could be. I had been too engrossed in our sucking routine to notice the sound.“Who would it be? not your parents?” Dave asked.“Not likely,” I responded and rushed to the window that was wide open wide for the fresh air. I had a look around and noticed some plants had been trodden on by whoever had been there. As the window was wide open whoever it had been could easily have seen us sucking each other’s cock. We had no idea who would know what we were doing.After we assured ourselves it must have been a dog and we were alone again we finished off what we started.The next day we went to Dave’s place to pursue our pleasures, just in case.The following Saturday afternoon, I was by the pool on my own, my parents had gone out to golf and would not be home until very late. Dave was working at Macca’s. I had a date with my girlfriend that night for the movies.Having nothing better to do I decided to strip off and skinny dip. I was swimming laps and then I heard a splash and stopped. I turned around to see a figure swimming toward me under water.The next thing I knew she was beside me.It was our neighbour and she was naked like me.Without a word, she pulled me to her and kissed me, and kissed me passionately, something I had never expected would happen.We were in the shallow end of the pool and we could stand. Sally is two or three years older than me and was living alone as her parents were overseas for six months. I considered she was about 20 or 21. She works in the library at the University where I am studying. She has short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile….and figure. I had no idea she had any interest in me. I had no clue that anything like this might happen.I was flabbergasted, why was she doing this, I had never encouraged her.She is beautiful and could have any man she desired. A lot of the guys at the University admired her body and often made comments about how good she would be in bed.As we kissed her hand went down and grabbed my penis. It began to firm up immediately.She broke the kiss and before I could say anything.“Don’t say a word.” She uttered softly.I stood there speechless.“I want you to take me to bed you little cock sucker. I will show you what that thing is made for and it’s not for other boys to suck.”I was even more speechless.She took me by the hand and she pulled me out of the water and took me to bodrum escort bayan one of the lounges by the side of the pool and pushed me down.I followed like a dog.I had no idea what this was all about.“Shit Sally, what is going on?” I asked.“You are going to fuck me. That’s what is going on,” she said and then without a word took my cock into her mouth and sucked it until it was bone hard. Then she took her mouth off it and said. “Get up.”I stood.She lay back on the lounge and raised her legs.“Now fuck me,” she ordered.I hesitated.“Come on…I will show you what that thing is for. Fuck me.”I was not going to refuse an offer like that.I got ready to fuck Sally as she was urging me on. I looked down at her vagina, she had shaved most of the hair off it and had a small patch of fair hair above her slit. There was no hair on her pussy lips. It looked beautiful. Like a ripe peach.Her legs were pulled back almost to her shoulders and her pussy exposed for me to fill with my cock.She was looking and waiting.I had hesitated and was not sure I should be doing what I was being told to do. I positioned myself ready to slip my cock into her. She put her legs on my shoulders.“You have done this before?” she asked.“Yes,” I said and nothing more.“Well get on with it, I can’t wait to get that into me,” she ordered, looking down at my cock about to enter her body.I moved forward and put the head of my cock against her lips, it felt nice and cool and damp after being in the pool. I hoped I was not going to cum as quickly as I did last time.I pressed forward and the head of my cock parted her pussy lips and slid into her moist wet opening and I could feel the warmth of her body caressing my cock as it found its way up her until it was completely buried inside her beautiful body. It felt awesome.I don’t know if it was her insides or the water but her pussy was very wet inside and my cock slid in effortlessly. I was down inside her right up to my balls in a second. I felt relieved… I hadn’t cum.“Ahh, that’s what I wanted, now just lay on top of me for a minute and let me enjoy the feeling of that cock of yours in there,” she said softly.I did exactly what I was told and the feeling of me laying on top of her naked body was fantastic.We were still wet from the pool and it added to the pleasure.I could feel her vagina lips tightly gripping the base of my cock and the warmth and lovely feeling of her insides all along the length of my cock. I was in heaven. We lay together for a minute or two like that, then she kissed me lightly.“Now you can start to fuck me.” She spoke to me now in a quite different tone of voice. It was soft and sensual.I did what I was told and began to pull back and push forward.I could feel the head of my cock almost come out of her and then pressed it down into her again. She wrapped her legs around me and she was determining how far I could pull back from inside her. It didn’t take me long and I was doing everything well I believed, and she didn’t have to control me as much.I guess we had been fucking for about a minute or two before she gave a big sigh. I felt her body relax and I knew then I was doing the right thing for her.“Now that’s what I wanted. You are better than I imagined. Your cock is doing the job it was designed for. Are you enjoying it?” Sally asked.“I am but I can’t work out why we are doing this,” I replied.“We can talk about that later let’s just fuck now. When you are ready to cum just do it inside me. Don’t worry I am on the pill,” Sally told me.We continued to fuck each other – gradually we both got the rhythm right and we were fucking like experts.As I would thrust down into her she would raise her hips to meet my thrust.

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