An Evening at Club Burgandy


Club Burgundy was dark and crowded as Arianna and Julia walked into the foyer, pulling out their IDs for the bouncer to check. He skeptically eyed them both, glancing from their IDs to their faces, but finally let them by with a leering grin at these two good-looking girls. Julia pointed at a table that appeared empty, and Arianna and she slid onto the tall stools as a waitress hurried over to take their orders.

“Hello! I’m your waitress, Renee…what can I bring you tonight?”

“I’ll take a Manhattan!” Julia shouted out over the music, and Arianna added, “Make mine a Margarita, on the rocks, salt and lime, thanks!”

Waitress Renee turned to go back to the bar, but not without giving a lingering glance at the girls. Julia was a petite blond with a pixie-ish hair cut, and was wearing snugly-fitting blue jeans and a halter top. Arianna, on the other hand, was a tall, tan brunette whose hair went to the middle of her back. She had on a tight V-neck top that showed plenty of cleavage and low-riding jeans that not only hugged her hips, but also her ass. Renee eyed that supple, round ass and swore under her breath (“Damn!”) and then turned to get the girls’ drinks.

Arianna was so happy to be out and about tonight. It was her 21st birthday and she had planned a celebration with her then-boyfriend Kyle weeks ago. Last week, however, he decided to relocate to Chicago for his work and broke off their relationship just like that! Arianna couldn’t believe that Kyle could just walk away from what they had and had been feeling pretty bummed about it all. Her friend, Julia, had showed up that night, though, insistent on taking Arianna out when Arianna would have rather stayed at home eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, watching TV and feeling sorry for herself.

Renee brought their drinks but told the girls that they had been pre-paid by another customer. Curious, Arianna and Julie looked over toward where Renee was pointing, at a booth near the dance floor. In the booth was a woman who seemed to be around forty years old with salt and pepper hair and dressed in a tight blue dress and spiked heels. Their mysterious benefactor waved them over, but the two girls weren’t quite sure of what to do. Finally, Julia (the bolder of the two) got up, took Arianna’s hand and went over to the booth. Julia was about to slide into the booth when the woman put her hand out and said, “Oh sweetie, I just want to talk to your lovely friend here.”

Arianna shrugged and reassured Julia, saying, “Don’t worry, Julia – I won’t be gone long. Go out and dance. Enjoy yourself.” Without another word, Julia, slightly miffed at being left out, sauntered out onto the dance floor was soon approached by a good-looking guy. The woman looked at Arianna for a few moments, making her suddenly very shy and uncomfortable, and finally spoke up.

“Why aren’t you out there dancing, sweetie? I bet you would be surrounded in an instant if you went out there. You’re much cuter than your friend…no, not cuter…sexier.”

Arianna blushed. She was used to getting these compliments from men, but not from a woman!

Arianna smiled at the woman and replied, “Actually, this is the last place I wanted to be tonight, but Julia dragged me out here cuz she wouldn’t have me sitting alone at home on my birthday.”

“Oh Happy Birthday, sweetie!” the woman cooed. “But why wouldn’t Ümraniye Escort you want to be out? You could have all the men you want if you went out dancing. Unless…”

Arianna blushed again, realizing what the woman was assuming. “Oh, no no no…not me! I’m not…well…I’ve never been with a woman.”

“Ever thought about it?”

Arianna was a little put off and taken aback. Who did this woman think she was asking her such personal questions? Secretly, though, Arianna was a bit curious about what it would be like to be with another woman. She always got pretty turned on by the girl-girl scenes in the porns she rented with Kyle and tended to stray over to the lesbian stories online.

“So, what’s your name, sweetie?” the woman asked, breaking Arianna’s reverie.

“First yours,” Arianna replied cautiously.

“I’m Vivian.”

“Well, I’m Arianna.”

“Now there…that wasn’t so bad was it Arianna?” Vivian said, laughing warmly.

Vivian then put her hand out to cover Arianna’s; Arianna nervously shifted in the booth.

“You are probably wondering why I asked you to join me? Well, honestly, I think you’re sexy as hell, and I have a friend I’d like you to meet. Would you come upstairs with me to the clubhouse to meet her?” asked Vivian, standing and holding out her hand for Arianna.

Nervously, Arianna skimmed the crowd for Julia and spotted her necking in a dark corner with the man she’d been dancing with.

“Hmmm…well it looks like she wouldn’t miss me if I left for a few minutes,” Arianna thought to herself as she took Vivian’s hand.

Vivian pulled her to her feet and led her by the hand to an elevator with “Special Members Only” engraved on a gold plaque. Vivian pushed the button for the Penthouse and Arianna was amazed at what she saw when the elevator doors opened. Before her was a long marble hallway punctuated by burgundy-colored doors – it looked like a posh hotel! Vivian walked Arianna to the second door on the left and knocked. Slowly the door opened and framed in the doorway was a woman who Arianna recognized to be their waitress, Renee! Renee wore nothing but a burgundy robe which highlighted her gorgeous, pale nude body. Renee smiled slyly as Vivian urged Arianna into the entryway.

Vivian introduced the two, “Renee, meet Arianna…Arianna, Renee.”

Arianna stuttered out, “Yes we’ve met, she was our…”

“Waitress, yes. Please remove your shoes Arianna,” Renee directed in a forceful tone.

Arianna was in a daze, partially from the few margaritas she had drank and partially because before her was this amazing looking woman. Her eyes traveled up and down Renee’s body, noting her flowing red hair that was long enough to touch her pale breasts with dark, large nipples. She admired Renee’s taut, tight belly and her perfect strip of red pubic hair. Realizing how rude she was being, Arianna quickly looked up to see Renee staring at her with an intense gaze. Renee kept her eyes on Arianna’s as she slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Arianna gasped as she felt something new – a burning, a tingling sensation that she’d never felt for another woman. She felt herself getting a little wet.

“Well, it’s your turn, Arianna. You’ve seen all of me…let’s see you.”

Arianna slid her sandals off her feet and pulled her Ümraniye Escort Bayan shirt up over her head, uncovering a soft pink lace-edged bra with sheer cups. Renee winked at Vivian as they both noticed how hard and erect Arianna’s nipples were. Renee instructed Arianna to turn around and then unclasped Arianna’s bra, sliding the straps from her shoulders and turning her back around. The bra fell to the floor and Renee licked her lips. Next, Arianna slid her hands down to her jeans, unbuttoning then, unzipping them, then letting them fall to the floor to reveal the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties!

“Mmm, no panties.” Renee remarked. “Now that we are more comfortable, let’s go to the lounge. Thank you, Vivian, you may leave now. We’d like to be alone.”

Arianna could tell from Vivian’s hesitation that she had hoped to join them, but she turned and dutifully went away at Renee’s request. Renee led Arianna to a lounge in the next room and motioned for her to sit on a plush armchair. Arianna sat and looked up to discover a mirror reflecting back at her. Renee sat beside her, her fingers touching Arianna’s lush brown hair and tracing a path from the roots of her hair to a small tattoo of a crescent moon at the small of her back. Arianna felt a surge of heat rush over her, and shifted on the seat.

“Relax – I promise you that you will enjoy yourself,” assured Renee as her head bent to touch her tongue to Arianna’s nipple, her hands exploring Arianna’s body.

Renee took each nipple in her mouth, teasing with her tongue and taking each one lightly between her teeth. Arianna shuddered and moaned slightly, but Renee said nothing. Renee then leaned Arianna back and kissed and licked from Arianna’s breasts to her navel, swirling her tongue around in figure eights and circles, administering hot, light breaths upon Arianna’s skin.

She arrived at Arianna’s shaved and now very wet pussy and pulled her toward her, gently spreading her legs apart. Arianna surrendered to Renee’s soft hands and spread her legs further, opening her pussy up to Renee’s warm, wet tongue. She sighed as Renee licked on either side of her clit, then sharply drew her breath as Renee’s tongue darted in between her pussy lips.

Renee buried her face between Arianna’s legs, trying desperately to taste more and more of Arianna’s sweet wetness. Renee thrust and flickered her tongue in and out of Arianna’s wet hole as Arianna bucked against Renee’s mouth and tongue. This was all so new to Arianna; she felt like she was going to explode! With cries “Yes..yes…oh god”, Arianna came as Renee sucked at Arianna’s juices, her tongue darting in and out, licking and loving Arianna’s taste. Finally, Arianna stopped shaking and moaning and laid there on the lounge while Renee still licked at her wet pussy, getting the last of her wetness. Renee then devilishly gave Arianna’s clit a quick kiss before getting up and sitting back beside Renee.

The two women kissed then for what seemed like forever – a long passionate kiss in which Renee shared all that she had taken from Arianna. Arianna savored her own taste and began to wonder if another woman would taste the same…if Renee tasted the same. Renee’s hands wandered over Arianna’s breasts, lower back and ass, and she felt Arianna start to tentatively let her own hands roam. Arianna first Escort Ümraniye caressed Renee’s back as they kissed, but then she got brave and let her hands stray to Renee’s front, cupping each of Renee’s large breasts. Renee moaned into Arianna’s mouth as Arianna played with each nipple, tracing each one and feeling them enlarge and harden.

Arianna then, lost in the passionate kiss, traced a finger down Renee’s tight tummy to the patch of hair below. She ran her fingers over that damp patch once or twice, and then let her fingers wander further to touch Renee’s small bud.

“Yes, Arianna, touch me; I want your hands on me. Your touch feels so good. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Renee said in a raspy voice, breaking their kiss and breathing heavily into Arianna’s ear. Arianna hoarsely replied that she had not done anything like this, finishing her statement by pushing her index finger into Renee.

“You seem like a pro to me,” groaned Renee.

Arianna moved her finger in and out, stroking Renee’s clit with every movement. Renee sat back, her eyes half-closed, and watched as Arianna fingered her wet hole. Renee whispered down to Arianna, “Don’t you want to know how I taste?”

Arianna sat there for a second, pulling her wet, shiny finger out and gazing at it. Then, keeping her eyes on Renee, she put her finger into her mouth and tasted Renee’s juices. Renee moaned out, “Ohhhhhh, that’s so fuckin’ sexy, hon. But you know what I want now? I want your tongue to fuck me. Can you do that for me?”

Arianna smiled slyly and answered “Yes – I can and I will.”

Arianna quickly slid onto the floor and knelt in front of Renee, who had eagerly spread her legs, her pussy open wide for Arianna. Arianna pulled Renee’s wet pussy to her mouth and tasted her once, then again, realizing that she really loved the sweet wetness of her. Placing a hand on Renee’s waist to secure her, Renee started to swiftly slide her finger and tongue into Renee’s wet hole, finger and tongue fucking Renee. Renee’s moans and gasps excited Arianna even more and she began to ferociously thrust her finger and tongue alternately inside Renee.

Renee screamed out, “Oh fuck yeah…harder!! HARDER!” and then she came explosively, like a tidal wave crashing to earth. Obediently, Arianna returned the favor that Renee had showed her and lapped at Renee’s juices until her pussy stopped dripping. Renee pulled Arianna up on top of her and kissed her deeply, so that they could taste each other on their tongues.

Arianna sighed happily; it felt great to be so close, skin to skin, breasts pushed together. Arianna was surprised that she liked it so much! They talked for a time as they sipped on a glass of chilled champagne until Arianna glanced at the clock. It was 2:30 in the morning! Arianna hurriedly began to dress and apologized for needing to get back downstairs and check on Julia. Renee said that she understood and gave her one last, lingering kiss.

She then pressed a card into Arianna’s palm and said, “Just in case you should ever want to get together again – I know I sure would love to.”

Back in the club, Arianna looked for Julia, but the bartender said she had gotten a ride home with some guy, and called Arianna a cab. Arianna rode back home in a daze, thinking back on her first experience with a woman, knowing that it was an experience she’d love to repeat again and again.

When she arrived home, there was a note on her apartment door that read, “So…how was YOUR night? Call me! Love, Julia.” Arianna grinned and began to plot ways that she could bring Julia up to the Burgundy Room and introduce her to the wonder of another woman’s sexuality.

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