Allie’s Interludes Ch. 03


A few months went by and I had only seen Megan once or twice after our lusty lesbian interlude. But many a time had I dreamt of it and many a time had I came with my dildos. Again I was heading out of town for a conference for work. This time they had me traveling to Las Vegas. I was pretty excited since I had never been to Vegas before. I arrived at the airport to find a driver waiting to take me to the hotel. Driving down the strip was interesting. The strip was just lit up with the lights from the casinos. There were all sorts of people around. Men and women flooded the streets. Barely clothed women were walking up and down the street practically throwing themselves at you. What a sight it was to take in.

When I arrived to the hotel, I checked in and went to my room. There was a welcoming/introduction dinner in a few hours and I was going to unwind for a while. Once inside, my room, I unpacked my suitcase and decided to take a nice long bath. I stripped my clothes off and shivered as my nipples became hard from the cold air assaulting my body. I turned on the hot water and poured some bubble bath into the tub. I slipped into the tub and felt the stress of traveling fade away. My hands swirled the water around my body and I started to rub my tits. I let out a low moan as I played with my nipples, teasing them into hard peaks. Tingles and sparks of pleasure engulfed my body and sent shocks straight to my core and I slowly ran my hand down my body to my wet pussy. I ran my fingers up and down my slit. I began rubbing my swollen clit with short, fast circles, my breath shallow and fast. I then slid two fingers deep into my cunt and began fingering myself furiously. Images of my interludes with Daniel, Megan and the other lovers flashed through my head as I began to cum. I felt my pussy muscles clench around my fingers and a short cry of pleasure echoed through the empty bathroom. I rode my orgasm out and lay sated for a few minutes. I then finished my bath and started getting ready for my dinner.

The next few days went by like a blur. My days were filled with meetings and there was Anadolu Yakası Escort hardly any time for myself. But finally, I got a break, the meetings finished early and I had a whole evening to myself. I decided to see Vegas for all it was. I did a little gambling, saw the sights and then ended up at a girls only bar. Not too concerned with seeing anyone I knew, I entered, excited and aroused. The bar was filled with all kinds of girls. Hot, not, butch, girly…you name it, they were all there. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. After about a half an hour, a girl sat down next to me and introduced herself as Corinne. She asked if the seat next to me was taken and I told her that she was welcome to it. She ordered a drink and we began talking. I told her that I was in town for business and she asked where I was staying. I told her the company put me up in the Bellagio and that everything was paid for. We got to talking and after about five drinks we decided to go back to my hotel.

After the short walk back to the hotel, we hurried up to my room. As we entered the room, we immediately began kissing. Our tongues were entwined as our bodies were drawn together like a super magnet. Corinne’s sexy body rubbed against mine like a cat in heat. I felt her tits press against mine and became more turned on by the second. My hands were everywhere…her beautiful ass, her back, her breasts. I couldn’t get enough of her body. We stumbled our way to the bed and fell down onto it. Corinne ended up on top of me and I wrapped my legs around her body as she kissed me eagerly. She began moving down my neck and pulled the top of my dress over my breasts as she began kissing them all over and then finally stopping to suck on my hard nipples. I moaned and arched my back into her mouth as she feasted upon my tits. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes as she moved down my body pulling my dress down as she went. She kissed my flat stomach making a circle around my belly button and slowly made her way down to my wet core. She stopped at the top of my lace panties Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan and rubbed her face around my pussy inhaling my sweet, musky scent. She sucked my clit through my panties making me thrust my hips into her face for more and smiled up at me.

She pulled me to the edge of the bed and as she knelt on the floor, she pulled my panties off and threw them aside. She quickly buried her face into my soaking cunt, her tongue stabbing wickedly and wildly. I cried in pleasure as she grabbed me by the hips and held me down as she feasted deeply upon my creamy cunt. After a few minutes of this, she then began licking me from my clit down to my asshole. She flicked her tongue out around my asshole and I flinched at the unexpected pleasure. I moaned deeply and begged for more. She gladly complied as she pushed my legs up exposing my ass more. She began playing with my cunt as she tongued my asshole, paying special attention to my swollen clit. I felt my orgasm start just after a few minutes of her licking my ass. My passionate cries coming faster as I approached my climax. She licked faster and fingered me harder and soon my pussy juice began running out of my pussy and all over her sexy face. She lapped my cum like a kitten to cream. I rode out my orgasm and as the last waves of pleasure ebbed from me, I lay back sated for the moment.

I then got up and went to my suitcase and pulled out a big double ended dildo. Corinne smiled as I licked the fake cock and sucked on it like a real one. As I made my way back over to the bed, Corinne quickly shed her clothes and tossed them over by mine and lay back down onto her back. I smiled lustfully into her sexy green eyes. I kissed her deeply as I rubbed the double dildo over her full breasts and teased her nipples into rock hard peaks. She moaned and arched her back as pleasure cascaded over her body. I kissed my way down her body, over her tits, down her flat stomach, and stopped just above her pelvic line. Looking up at her, I knelt down and began licking her wet pussy, slowly, tantalizingly, Escort Anadolu Yakası torturing her with sweet pleasure. She moaned and begged for more, her hips arching up to meet my eager tongue.

I then began sucking the dildo getting it nice and wet. Then I slowly began rubbing the head of it over and around her more than ready pussy. I used my other hand to expose her swollen clit and slapped it with the dildo a few times, pleasure streaking through her body. As she became more and more aroused, I slowly inserted the double dildo into her pussy. Inch by slow inch the long dildo filled Corinne’s cunt to the max. I began to fuck her with it, in and out, in and out slow and hard, each time with more passion and lust than before. As her climax built up, I joined her on the bed and slowly started to insert the other end of the double dildo into my own dripping wet cunt. I moaned as I let the fake cock fill me up. After it was in all the way, we started to move in sync with one another. My hand guided the cock as we both fucked this rubber cock. My own orgasm started to build as we fucked harder and faster.

The hotel room was filled with the sounds of our pleasure. Breathing ragged and heavy. Moans of unhindered lust coming from deep both of us. And in that very moment, Corinne and I just exploded into a deep, lusty, feral dual yet single orgasm. I screamed as the pleasure streaked through my body like white hot lightening. I heard Corinne’s pleasure as she rode her orgasm out at the same time. Her hips were bucking underneath her as she also fucked the same dildo. I removed the fake cock from my twitching cunt and began licking Corinne’s clit as her orgasm began to subside. She moaned and uttered something unintelligible as pleasure clouded her mind. Her pussy twitched around the cock as my tongue darted and stabbed her clit with wicked lust. My hands pushed the dildo further into her overworked cunt as another orgasm blasted through Corinne’s body. She screamed as she came. Her hands gripped the bedcovers, bunching them with her fists. Her body thrashed to and fro as the pleasure became almost unbearable. I lapped up her pussy juice eagerly, not wanting to miss any of her sexy taste. We then lay in each other’s arms for a long while sated for the moment. The next thing I knew, I was waking up to an empty bed. I never saw Corinne again. But every time I see my double dildo, I think of her and my pussy begins to twitch.

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