A Teacher’s Desire Ch. 02


School had started on a Wednesday. It was now Thursday, the second day back from summer break. Samantha had worn a nice dress shirt tucked into matching dress pants. Today was going to be different, Samantha vowed. Nothing was going to get under her skin. She wasn’t going to let her libido or her fantasies get the best of her. She was a teacher and teaching was what she was going to do!

All day Samantha’s classes went accordingly. She taught her students about math and issued homework despite her students’ protests. When lunch came around, Samantha went down to the cafeteria and bought the day’s main lunch: mini corn dogs and fries. She took the food back to her room and ate in peace. When she finished she had to use the restroom. She paused before entering the bathroom as she remembered what had happened the day before. She peaked around the wall and noticed that the bathroom was empty. She sighed and smiled. She did her business, washed her hands, and returned to her classroom. The bell rang and her sixth hour class had started. It was the same routine as her other classes and afterwords it was time for her last class of the day.

As the room filled with girls, everyone took their seats. The bell rang and then the last girl walked in: April O’Rory. She was wearing a tight, beige shirt that perfectly fit her large breasts and a red skirt that looked to be too short for the school dress code. She wore white, knee-high socks and red sneakers that matched her skirt. Her red hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a few loose strands hanging down the side of her face and her lips were glossy with the same bright, red lipstick as yesterday. April smirked and winked at Samantha.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Jones. I didn’t mean to be late. I can stay after class if you need me to?” She bit her lower lip, getting red lipstick on her white teeth, and just barely cocked an eyebrow.

Samantha swallowed hard. Her heart fluttered and she took a moment to compose herself. “Uh, no. It’s okay. Just be sure and be on time tomorrow.”

“And if I’m not?”

Samantha kept her eyes glued to April. She crossed her legs, squeezing them. She’s so tempting, Samantha thought. No! Stop! “I’ll have to mark you up for attendance.” It wasn’t a total lie. That was the protocol for students being late without a viable excuse. She managed to rip her gaze away from April. Samantha stood up and addressed the class. “Okay, let’s get this class started.”

The day had gone on as expected. Samantha had started her first lesson and by the end of class she felt she had done her job appropriately. She had only found herself gazing at April three times throughout the class period. Samantha issued homework and just like all of the other classes, the girls groaned. Samantha smiled a bit at their dismay and when the bell rang the girls got up and left. Samantha felt proud of herself for overcoming her desire for April. She sat back in her chair and looked out at the desks and noticed a piece of paper on the last desk closest to the door.

A lump formed in Samantha’s throat. Her fingers curled and she sat up. She walked to the desk and picked up the piece of paper. Just like yesterday, it was folded. Samantha’s hands trembled. What could it be this time? She slowly opened it and was relieved to not find a picture inside. However, there was a message written instead.

‘I hope you enjoyed my little drawing yesterday. I saw you peek around the bathroom wall during lunch. I know it’s probably inappropriate of me to be flirting with you, but you’re just so gorgeous. I told my girlfriend about you last night after I finished going down on her. She was the one in the bathroom with me. Her name is Bethany. Don’t worry about her, she’s taking Calculus this year. Also, she leaves school early, after lunch. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I’ve been told that I make for a delicious dessert. 😉 -Love, April’

Samantha’s whole body was trembling. Her groin was on fire and she desperately wanted to relieve herself. She closed her classroom door and locked it. She went back to her desk and opened up a drawer. Inside was the note from yesterday. She unfolded it to see the drawing of herself sucking April’s nipple. She unfastened the button at her pants and pulled them down, kicking off her shoes and removing her pants. She plunged her hand in her panties and began frisking herself as she stared at both notes and imagined that April was the one fingering her. It wasn’t long before her panties were soaking wet and she was groaning from the orgasm that was surging through her.

*** *** ***

The following day was Friday. Just like all of her students, Samantha was ready for the weekend. She didn’t have plans necessarily, but the the first two days of school had left her stressed. She didn’t start this new job so that she could fantasize about having sex with her students. That was all behind her. She wanted to start anew! Anadolu Yakası Escort The irony was that she had been accepted to teach at this all-girl school. It was the ultimate way to test her self-control she guessed.

All day had gone great. Samantha hadn’t issued any homework for the weekend as she liked giving her students the weekends off. She figured they probably had enough homework from their other classes anyways. When seventh period Pre-Calculus rolled around, Samantha had to brace herself. This is it, she thought. Make it through this last class and you’re free for the weekend.

One-by-one the desks filled up. They were all occupied except for that last desk closest to the door. The bell rang and April was missing. Maybe she wasn’t here today?

“I’m here! Sorry I’m late!” April ran into the classroom holding her textbook and notebook. Samantha’s eyes went wide as she noticed the two pointed tips poking out from April’s pink shirt. “Bathroom… you know how it is.” April sat down placing her items on her desk. Her face was flushed; her cheeks nearly matched her shirt. Catching her breath, she said, “Please, don’t mark me up.”

Samantha was too busy staring at April’s chest. Her nipples were huge under her shirt. Her mouth watered and her pulse quickened. There was a burning hot fire between her thighs and Samantha wasn’t sure how she was going to make it through the next fifty minutes of class without first putting out that fire. When she finally came to, the class was shouting her name.

“Ms. Jones!!” The class all said together.

Samantha shook her head. “Uh, w-what?”

“Class started…” said one of the girls.

Lauren, Samantha thought to herself. No, Bailey. Wait, is it Lauren? She looked back to April. April blushed and smiled at Samantha. Samantha noticed her own warm, rosy red blush fill her cheeks. Class. Teach!

Samantha stood up and did her best to ignore the feeling between her thighs. She was wearing a skirt today and it would be so easy to slip out of class and tell her students that she had to take a bathroom break just so she could relieve herself. However, Samantha focused on her teaching and did her best to ignore April. Whenever she caught herself looking at April, she quickly looked away without acknowledging the girl. Halfway through the class and the boiling heat between her thighs had subsided and Samantha was just a teacher again. She grinned to herself at overcoming her desire and by the time class had come to an end, the girls were relieved to learn that they didn’t have Pre-Calculus homework.

The bell rang and the girls picked up their items and left the room, all except one. The girl made her way to Samantha’s desk and placed her textbook and notebook on the teacher’s desk. “I was wondering if you could explain something for me?”

The girl was Lauren. Or Bailey? “What’s the matter?” asked Samantha. The girl opened up her textbook and her notebook. Search for a name!

“I’m having a problem with what we learned today,” said the girl. “I never was the greatest in math. I’ve always had tutors.”

“I see,” said Samantha. She scoured the page that the notebook was opened to and didn’t see a name. Samantha pursed her lips. “What is it?”

The girl asked about a specific problem they had gone over as a class and Samantha helped the girl work through it. She helped her better understand what was being done to get to the answer and after they finished the girl smiled and and thanked Samantha. Samantha smiled back at her and then was caught off guard when the girl knelt down and hugged Samantha.

“Uh, okay…”

“You’re the best, Ms. Jones,” exclaimed the girl. “You smell nice, too. See you Monday!”

Samantha shook her head at what had just happened. “That was weird,” she said under her breath.

“Bailey Groff.” The voice startled Samantha. She looked up to see April standing in the doorway. “She’s very… hands-on with her gratitude, wouldn’t you say?”

“What are you doing here?” asked Samantha. “School is over. Go home.”

April walked into the classroom and sat her backpack on her desk. “I don’t have anything to do at home.”

“Well, there’s nothing to do here, either. School is over for the day. Leave.” Samantha picked up a stack up of papers at the edge of her desk. They were the homework papers the girls had had from the night before. She picked up her red ink pen and began grading them. “I don’t hear you leaving my classroom, Ms. O’Rory.”

“That’s because I haven’t left your classroom, Ms. Jones.”

Without looking up, Samantha pointed to the door. “The exit is right there. Go home.”

April sighed. “Why did you ignore me today?” Samantha was quiet as she focused on grading her papers. “Hey, Ms. Jones.” Samantha said nothing. “You want to know why I was late to your class today?” Actually, did Samantha did want Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan to know! She played it off like she didn’t care, though. “Maybe these will entice you.”

Samantha was grading her papers when something light blue landed on her desk and caught her attention. Samantha looked up from her papers to see what had caught her attention. No… Those aren’t… Samantha reached for the bunched up, light blue fabric that had landed at the edge of her desk. Picking them up, they revealed themselves to be panties. Samantha’s nipples immediately hardened and her pussy grew hot.

“W-What are these?” Samantha stammered.

“They’re the reason I was late to your class today. They’re probably still wet.” Samantha examined them and sure enough there was a wet spot in the crotch area. “I have a free sixth period and Bethany stayed long enough after lunch to meet me in the bathroom. She finger fucked me good.” Her voice was dripping with seduction.

Samantha looked up at April. She was biting her lower lip with an eyebrow cocked. God, that seductive look, Samantha thought. “These are, are from to-today?” Samantha was having a hard time controlling herself.

April nodded. She went to the door and closed it, locking it. April strutted toward Samantha. “The whole time Bethany had her fingers deep inside me, I was fantasizing about you.” Samantha’s pulse quickened. “Whenever she kissed me, I imagined that it was your lips touching me.” Her cheeks turned hot. “When she whispered in my ear how much she wanted to lick my cunt, I could only imagine your face down there lapping at me, savoring me.” Samantha’s toes curled in her shoes. April was standing right beside the teacher’s desk. “I can’t stop thinking about you,” April added.

“April, I can’t…” Samantha was surprised to hear herself reply. Don’t give in! Tell her to leave!

“But you want to.” April took another step. She was standing beside Samantha now. Bending over at the hips, April whispered into Samantha’s ear, “And I want you to…”

“You already have a girlfriend,” Samantha moaned.

“But what she doesn’t know—” April moved her head so that she was face-to-face with Samantha “—won’t kill her.”

“Oh, fuck,” Samantha groaned.

April grinned. Without saying another word, she pressed her red, glossy lips against Samantha’s. Everything within Samantha broke and she gave in to her inhibitions. One hand slid around April’s waist landing on her lower back and the other hand went to the back of her head. Samantha pushed her lips into April’s. Their lips smacked with each kiss and both women groaned. Samantha stood up out of her chair, never breaking their kiss and pushed April up onto her desk.

Samantha’s hands left April and she began fiddling with the papers behind her. April giggled mid-kiss. “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get the homework. I really do need to grade these papers.” Her eyes shifted between April’s gorgeous, green eyes and her wet, red lips.

April lifted herself up so Samantha could get the paper from under her and then grabbed the stack that was beside her. “Here,” said April, handing the papers to Samantha. Samantha placed them in her chair. April grabbed Samantha by her shirt and brought her back to face her. “Now, kiss me!”

Samantha didn’t need to be told twice. She went right back to kissing those luscious lips. April grabbed hold of Samantha’s shirt and began pulling it free from her skirt. It came untucked and April ran her fingers along the bare skin of Samantha’s waist. Samantha shivered at the young woman’s touch and within seconds she had her own hands up under April’s shirt. Her fingers traced up April’s belly and landed under her bra. She curled her fingers up over the large mounds and took the soft material in her palms. Does the bra match the panties? She wondered.

April broke away from the kiss long enough to remove her own shirt. She threw it behind her and Samantha was pleased to see that the bra did in fact match the panties. Seeing Samantha’s wide eyes and grin, April said, “What? You didn’t think I’d wear mismatching undergarments, did you?” Samantha chuckled. “Now, let’s see what you wear.” April pulled Samantha’s shirt up over her head and cocked an eyebrow when she saw Samantha’s black, lace bra. “You do dress sexy. I approve.”

Samantha felt her cheeks grow warm. “Thank you,” she said softly.

“I bet you have gorgeous breasts,” said April. She reached behind Samantha and unclipped the bra. “Let’s see them.” Samantha slid off her bra and let it fall to the floor. “Holy shit…”

Oh no! “What?” Samantha was worried. She placed an arm across her breasts. “I know they’re small, but—”

April reached forward almost in a trance-like state and lowered Samantha’s arm. Her mouth slowly fell agape as her eyes threatened to pop out of her head. “They’re perfect,” she muttered. Escort Anadolu Yakası “I’ve had many girlfriends and none of them have had…” She reached forward gently cupped Samantha’s breasts. “They fit perfectly,” she said, astonished. She pulled her hands away. “And, your nipples… They’re so pink. They’re so perfectly shaped. They remind me of… what are those things called? They come with sewing kits. For your fingers. The Monopoly piece.”

“Thimbles?” Samantha suggested.

April just nodded. She moved her head toward Samantha’s breasts, licking her lips, and then took her right nipple into her mouth. April’s hot, wet mouth around her bare flesh was pure bliss. As her tongue went up and over her erect nipple, Samantha shuddered where she stood. Her knees wobbled and she nearly felt like collapsing. April brought her hand up to Samantha’s left breast and began rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Samantha wrapped her arms around April’s head and threw her head back, moaning toward the ceiling.

April sucked Samantha’s right nipple for well over a minute before switching to the left one. Samantha gasped and trembled where she stood. Her pussy was tingling and she could feel the wetness soaking into her panties. “Oh my God,” she groaned. “April, you are amazing.” April rolled Samantha’s other, wet nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Samantha’s hands went down April’s back and she unclasped the light blue bra. Her own stimulation was too much. Samantha needed April right now!

Samantha growled and pushed April away. She pulled April’s bra from her breasts and gazed at them in all of their glory. As if her mouth could be any wetter, she began salivating. “Girls tend to really like my ti—”

Samantha didn’t even wait for April to finish. She pushed April back so that she was flat on her back on top of the teacher’s desk and Samantha fell over her, between her legs, and took a nipple into her mouth. April moaned. Her fingers swam through Samantha’s blonde hair and Samantha ran her tongue over April’s erect nipple. She kept sucking trying to inhale as much of her student’s breast as she possibly could until she couldn’t inhale anymore. Samantha pulled back, allowing the breast to plop from her mouth. She went to the other breast and did the same thing. April was both moaning and giggling.

“I’m glad you like my tits!”

Samantha let the breast fall from her mouth. A single string of saliva dangled from her bottom lip and connected to April’s nipple. “You have amazing tits,” Samantha groaned.

“That’s up for debate,” said April. “Your tits are by far the best tits I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen myself in a mirror.”

Samantha cupped April’s breasts and then pushed them together. She ran her tongue from one nipple to the other. She then took a nipple in her mouth and lightly nibbled on it and then nibbled on the other. April writhed on the desk and moaned, “Ms. Jones…”

Samantha stood up and stared down at her sexy student. She noticed April’s light blue panties just laying on the floor. She smirked. April sat up and grinned. “What?”

Samantha pushed April back down and then lifted up her student’s skirt. April’s beautiful, shaved pussy was there, completely exposed. It glistened as did her inner thighs. Samantha kissed the back of April’s left knee and grinned when the girl trembled. She kissed her way down the leg and to her inner thigh. Samantha could hear April’s breathing; it was ragged as she inched ever closer to her hot cunt. Samantha kissed another spot on April’s inner thigh and then licked her lips. She could taste April’s delicious juices on them. Then, without wasting anymore time, Samantha kissed April’s hot, wet cunt.

April let out a loud gasp. Samantha sucked on April’s labia, savoring her wonderful, salty flavor. April groaned and squirmed. Samantha ran her tongue over that area and then kissed her way down to April’s pink opening. She ran her tongue softly over the spot before plunging her tongue as far into her student as she could. “Oh my God!” April shouted. “Ms. Jones!!” Her hands wrapped around Samantha’s head. She thrust her tongue in and out of April’s cunt. She lapped up all of her juices and swallowed what she could. Some of April’s juices along with her own saliva ran down her chin and her neck. The tip of her nose was pressed into April’s erect clit and Samantha began to slowly move her head back and forth so that her nose could stimulate the bundle of nerves. April cried out, “Ms. Jones… AAHHH!!” Her thighs squeezed tight around Samantha’s head like a vice grip. This made it so that Samantha was unable to move her head back and forth.

Samantha managed to pull April’s thighs from her head and then she ran her tongue up April’s slit. April trembled and groaned and then let out another loud moan when Samantha began focusing on April’s clit. She sucked April’s clit into her mouth and put two fingers inside of her. April balled up her fists and began chewing on the knuckles of her right hand. She whimpered and squirmed. Samantha pinned April’s clit between the roof of her mouth and her tongue and then ran her tongue over her student’s clit. April began thrusting her hips into Samantha’s face, but Samantha only sucked harder and fingered faster.

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