Alien Pleasure


Marina Lopez was a woman in her forties who lived alone in an apartment in South Carolina. She worked in a grocery store at the checkout and was bored with life. She fucked her co-worker now and again, named George, in the warehouse when they took a break together.One day, Marina took an hour lunch break with George and they headed to the warehouse and began fucking each other against the shelves. She smoked her cigarette as he pounded into her. Boxes from the shelves above them toppled over to the floor, breaking, just as George grunted and groaned and then cried out as he came Ankara bayan escort deeply inside her.”That was great, cheers, George,” Marina said. She threw her cigarette to the floor and stubbed it out then pulled up her knickers.”Marina, why keep us a secret? Why don’t we be public?” he asked. George was a forty-five-year-old man with a pot belly.”George, this is better,” she replied, pulling down her skirt. She walked away.That night, Marina had a shower and hair wash and then got into bed. A few hours later, she was awakened by this Escort bayan Ankara bright light shining through her bedroom window. Something came crashing through the window and rolled into the corner.Marina stared wide-eyed at the large egg-shaped object that was covered in black slime. She swallowed nervously as she raised from the bed towards it. She gasped as she saw it was moving, about to hatch. Marina jumped back on her bed, terrified.The top of the object burst open and a long, black slimy tentacle came out and then an enormous Bayan escort Ankara alien head. It let out a high-pitched screech and then turned its head towards her. It lifted itself out from the egg and then slivered towards her across the floor. The tentacles moved fast up and over the bed towards her.She leapt off the bed and began to run, but one of the alien’s tentacles wrapped around her left ankle and pulled her down to the floor face first. Marina tried to break free, but another tentacle wrapped around her right ankle. She was now on her back. Her brown eyes grew wide with horror as another tentacle slivered up her legs, while other tentacles grabbed her wrists. Marina was defenseless. She watched with horror as her night robe was pulled apart and her breasts were being massaged by alien tentacles. Marina found herself moaning with pleasure as the tentacle tickled her hard nipple.

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