Aftermath Confessions Chapter 5 of 7 – Trick or Treat


Author’s Note: As I said before, these stories are hard to categorize… voyeurism, exhibitionism, a threesome, with some light bi-play and a hot wife. If male bisexuality offends you, please don’t read the story. If you’d like to see an illustrated version, send me an email at ************** Chapter 5 – Trick and TreatCarol looked wonderful walking ahead of me into our bedroom, her cute little ass peeking below her swaying shirt tail. The top of her firm legs and inner thighs were visibly wet from a morning full of orgasms and cock teasing.The bed was still messed up from the night before, the scent of sex hung in the air. My mind flashed back, once more, to our unexpected threesome and sharing my wife, and myself, with another man for the first time.Dropping her shirt, she turned to face me. She was a MILF in every sense of the word. At 45, her 5′ 7″ curvaceous frame was perfectly proportioned for her body. Reaching out her arms, she drew me close, pressing my hard upwards slanting cock against her warm moist pussy. I could feel the large dark nipples of her 34D breasts pushing pointedly into my chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.We were here to fulfill our bargain. After a night of sharing ourselves with David, we’d made an agreement to tell all, to share that which we had never shared with each other before. What I would have once envisioned as my worse nightmare, had become a liberating adventure of sexual discovery. Not the least of which was what a wicked, wonderful sexy woman I was really married to.I broke our kiss. “So far, I’ve been doing all the talking and you’ve been doing all the cumming.”Reaching down between us, she filled her hand with my thick 7” cock. “Ohhh. Poor, Baby. Are you needing some relief?”All morning long she’d been bringing me to the edge and ‘forcing me’ to tell her about my time in college with Jeff and Allie.”A deal is a deal. You finish telling me what happened in college and I’ll tell you how Jeff got me out of my wedding dress on our honeymoon.” The very thought of Jeff’s huge 9″ cock buried in my wife’s pussy left my head spinning. “But, before you finish, there’s something I have to ask.” “Go for it.” After the last 24 hours, I didn’t think there was anything we couldn’t tell each other. “When I was… a…. interrogating David this morning, he said you told him that was the first time you’ve ever given a blow job.””That’s the truth.””But that’s not what Jeff said.” My chest tightened. “What did Jeff say?””Well… when I tried to suck his cock the first time…””The ‘first time’, you mean there was more than once?”In answer, she just smiled. “As I was saying, that first time, I couldn’t fit much more than just the head of his cock into my mouth and later he made a joke. Something like, ‘Don’t feel bad, that’s about as much as fit into Paul’s mouth too.”My faced burned with embarrassment. “That asshole.””So, what’s the story? Did you suck Jeff’s cock or didn’t you?””No. Well, yes… but not the way you mean it. I didn’t Karşıyaka escort bayan give him a blow job.”Laughing she pulled me by my cock onto the bed, “Let me see if I have this right. His cock was in your mouth and you were sucking, but it wasn’t a blow job?””It’s complicated…. He tricked me.”Pushing me back on the bed, she straddled my hips, and casually sat done on my cock. “Ohhhh… this is going to be good. Start talking.” Then, reaching back and grabbing my balls she added, “And remember, pace yourself..”*********While none of us acknowledged it, with graduation approaching, we all knew our days were numbered. Honestly, at the pace things were escalating, I couldn’t see how things could go much further without violating the rules of Allie’s game. If I ‘woke up’ even once, the pretext was over and everything ended.On our next to the last time together, Jeff added a twist. “Pretend I’m Paul.”She feigned reluctance. “I couldn’t do that.”But Jeff insisted it was just pretend… role playing. He began fingering her. “You know, like when I pretend to be your stepfather coming into your room at night and playing with your little girl pussy.”She got quiet when he said that. She laid there and I watched as Jeff moved his fingers inside her and her hips began to rotate. After a long pause she moaned, “Okay, Baby… If that’s what you want. I’ll fuck Paul for you.” Then, quickly added, “But only pretend… I could never really do something like that.”There was something about the conversation that seemed staged and, for the first time I wondered just how spontaneous these times together really were. Reaching over, she turned on the desk lamp, illuminating their bed in a golden glow while casting mine deeper in shadow. It was my first unobstructed view of the two of them together and it was breathtaking. She was inclined against the wall, facing me, her legs spread wide, Jeff’s partially buried hand sliding and rotating in and out of her neatly shaved pussy. She looked right at me in the dark, her fingers entwined in Jeff’s hair, pushing one tit into his sucking mouth while she pinch and twisted the large dark eraser shaped nipple of the other.”God, Paul, what are you doing? Stop. I thought you were Jeff. I never would have…” Jeff pushed his hand deeper inside her. “Uhhhh…uhhh… God… Stop…. we can’t… I’m… not.. .that… kind of girl…” Jeff moaned, “I know you want it, Allie… I know you want my cock.””Ohhh… God… Paul we shouldn’t… we… we can’t… “”I’ve seen you looking at it… I’ve seen your pussy getting wet…””No…. No… uhh…. I never…””Don’t lie to me…””Ahhh… Ahhh….Www-hat.. going… to do… to me… “”I’m going to fuck you, Allie. I’m gonna give you that cock you want so bad.””Oh… God… Paul… no… don’t… Please… I’ll do anything… Just don’t fuck me with your big cock… “”Will you suck my dick, Allie… Suck it all the way down? I know you can fit it all into that Escort bornova pretty little mouth of yours. Would you do that, Allie? Would you suck my cock?””Yesss… I’ll suck it… I can suck it sooo good Paul… All the way down.”She groaned as he pulled his hand from her gapping pussy and pulled her head to his cock. She grasped it in both hands and began to pump it.”Let me suck it, Paul…. I’ll suck it for you… I’ll let you fuck my mouth… .but please… Please… Don’t fuck my pussy.” He pushed her head down on his shaft, roughly pushing half his length past her lips. “And will you let me cum in your mouth Allie…. let me fuck it ’till I cum?”Bobbing her head up and down his shaft, she moaned her agreement and began mouth fucking his cock. For the next few minutes I watched her fingers working furiously between her legs as she worked more and more of his shaft into her mouth. I could tell Jeff was close to cumming, when she pulled her mouth off his cock and sat up.Her voice was breathless, “I know you’re going to fuck me… You’re going to force my legs open… and you’re just going… to… to fuck me… aren’t you, Paul!?… You’re going to fuck my little pussy… ” Straddling his hips, her back to him, she spread her legs wide, and looked right at me as she placed his bulbous head into the mouth of her cunt.”Well, just do it then… You Bastard… Fuck my pussy!” And in one swift motion she impaled herself. “Ohhhh… God!!! Paul… Fuck me! Do it! Fucking… Fuck meeeeee!”Grabbing her hips, Jeff began to buck wildly beneath her. “Oh God… Oh God.. .Oh God… I’m cumming Paul!!! Cum with me! Cum with me, Baby… Cummmmmm innn mmyyy pussssssy… Fuckkkkk… “Jeff howled and together we filled her with cum. Afterwards, they got dressed in silence and went back to her place. I laid in the dark and wondered if that would be our last time together. There were only three days of school left. I barely saw Jeff and Allie that last week. The months spent watching the two of them have sex, being so close to her as we came together, had been a sweet torture. Now, the thought of it ending without ever touching her was depressing. It was close to midnight when Jeff called. “Buddy, if ever there was a time not to wake up, this is it. Trust me. You won’t be sorry.”It was only a short time later that I heard Jeff’s key in the lock. When they came in, they lingered just beyond the doorway. Laying in the dark, my heart pounding, it seemed like forever. The sounds of muted whispers and rustling clothes floated in from the next room. There was a long silence, followed by the sound of Allie moaning. A moment later, she was there. The dim illumination of the night light bathed her in a glow, painting erotic shadows across her body. What the dark denied me, my memory and imagination filled in. I knew every inch of her 5′ 9” frame. The angle of her 32 C breasts and shape of her nipples when she got excited, like she was now. The curve of her thighs as they üçyol escort came together. And the beautiful flowery shape of her pussy, neatly shaved except for a small baby-blond patch of hair that surrounded her clit.Even after months of seeing her splayed naked in the bed next to me, the sight took my breathe away. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a woman as badly as I wanted her in that moment. I would do anything, play whatever game she needed me to, if it meant even a chance of having her.Jeff’s bare form appeared beside her. Turning, she opened her legs and wedged the head of his hard cock firmly between her thighs and began kissing him. For a few minutes, they just stood there, framed against the doorway, making out and exploring each other’s bodies. The intoxicating aroma of her excitement drifted into the room like a physical caress across my body. The sound of breathing grew heavy and intermixed with their moans and murmurs. I was on the brink of wrapping my hand around my cock, when she broke their kiss and looked in my direction. Taking her by her shoulders, Jeff walked her to the edge of the bed where I laid sprawled. Looking down at my deliberately exposed cock, her whispered words rode the heated rhythm of her panting breaths, “God, Jeff, I don’t know if I can do this.”Wrapping his hands around her, he began massaging her breasts, kissing her neck, and whispering in her ear. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, Allie.”Continuing to look down at my cock, she moaned and parted her legs as he slowly slid his hand across her body and between her thighs. Soon she was rocking her hips in time with the movements of his fingers. As they spoke, her words were draped in a hushed excitement. His every whisper was a seduction. “He looks sooo hard.””Do you want to touch him, Allie? No one will know… not even Paul.”She bit her lower lip. “But, what if her wakes up?””He won’t, I promise. Watch…” He moved to her side, and with a shock, I felt him take my cock into his hands. “See, Baby. He’s not going to wake up. I promise… just touch him.” She watched in fascination as he began to pump my cock. “You know you want to.”When he reached out and replaced his hands with hers, she didn’t resist. Where his touch had been firm and heated, hers was delicate and cool. He began moving her fingers up and down my shaft.”It’s so hot! I didn’t expect it to feel so hot. Damn, Jeff.””Do you like it, Baby?”She didn’t reply, but when he took his hand away, she continued pumping on her own. I was in heaven. It was everything I could do not to make a sound or move my hips.Jeff moved behind her. From where I lay, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I felt her other hand brush my thigh and the pressure of her weight on the bed, as she slowly bent at the waist over my body. Her mouth was so close I could feel her warm breath against my shaft and the tips of her nipples brushing against my thighs as she began to make little cooing sounds. After waiting so long, it was only a few minutes, before I felt the swelling throb of a pending orgasm beginning to build. I was going to cum. Suddenly, she dropped my cock and stepped back from the bed. “We have to stop. He’s going to wake up. I know he is.”I’m sure a groan escaped my lips, but if either of them heard, they pretended not to notice.

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