After The Club


Marissa and I have been friends ever since grade school, but like most kids, we grew up, graduated, found jobs in other towns, and drifted apart. So it was pretty exciting for me when she gave me a call out of the blue one day and invited me to be her roommate in Atlantic City. Rents were high, and even though she made fairly good money as a croupier in one of the casinos, she needed some help. She told me I would find a job easily, which turned out to be true.

Well, payday came along, and we decided to go clubbing. Or actually Marissa decided she was going and that I was coming with. It was a wild place, and we had no trouble getting in. Maybe it was the matching tight leather pants I was wearing, or the fact that I had undone one button too many on my blouse.

Anyhow, those club studs were the horniest guys I had seen in a long time. I watched them drooling over my titties and my perfect ass, and every single guy who danced with me had a raging hard-on. They weren’t shy about rubbing it up against me, either, and I had had enough drinks that I wasn’t shy about rubbing back.

At one point I saw Marissa in a corner with one of the particularly hot numbers. He was feeling her up and had a boob in one hand. She just rode his leg, and when she and I got back together at the table, she certainly looked flushed and smelled, well, interesting.

The night wore on. Out on the dance floor, the men would massage my soaking pussy with their big sticks, and when I went back to the booth for a rest, Marissa would massage my shoulders and neck till I was relaxed enough to dance some more. Sometimes, as if not even thinking about what she was doing, she would caress my thigh. Once she grazed my aching breasts with her fingertips, and laughed out loud when it made me shudder. I couldn’t help it — it felt so good.

When we got home at Maltepe Escort three in the morning, I couldn’t sleep at all. I tossed and turned in frustration, and was about to fetch my little friend from my lingerie drawer when Marissa knocked on my bedroom door.

Unlike me, she still looked stunning. She had changed into a see-through black negligee that just highlighted her flawless skin. She had brushed her long hair until it was glossy, and her lips were moist from a new application of bright pink lipstick. Somehow I didn’t think she was just there to wish me a good night.

My friend sat on the bed next to me in a rectangle of moonlight from the window. The moonlight spilled over her titties, and I couldn’t resist any more. I pushed open the negligee so I could get a view of her perfect breasts, so much sexier than mine.

She nodded her approval. “They’re for you,” she whispered encouragingly.

“They’re sweet,” I told her. The areolas were dark in the moonlight. I bent over and took one of her nipples into my mouth, darting my tongue around it. I switched back and forth from one breast to the other, licking off the sweet, musty smell of her sweat from dancing. Marissa leaned back her head and moaned, and our tongues intertwined in a long, slow kiss. We sucked each other’s tongues endlessly, and I ran my fingers all over the warm flesh of her throat, arms, and back. She quivered under my touch, and I sensed that even though she had approached me first, she was very new to this.

Fortunately, I had just enough experience for both of us. I turned her nipples into hard swollen buds, sticking out an inch or more from the surface of her breasts. Under my hands, I could feel her heart leaping wildly. I moved my fingers down her trembling sides to her hips, which were full and fleshy. Of her own Maltepe Escort Bayan accord my friend spread her thighs just a little, and a warm odor of sex, like what I had smelled in the club but much stronger, wafted up from between them. I twisted and tangled my fingers in the thick bush of black curls that covered her sex tantalizingly.

Then I went further. I spread her labia and felt the soft, wet, velvety flesh within. There were gleams of reflected moonlight as the wetness spread over both lips.

She sobbed just once and grabbed my hand. “No more,” she said. “No more, or I’ll come right now.”

“That’s all right with me,” I replied softly.

“No,” she commanded. “I want your tongue to do it.”

“Then lie back,” I murmured. She pulled off the negligee completely and draped it on the side of the bed, and lay back contentedly.

I knelt over her, putting my knees on either side of her head and supported her legs with my arms. Holding her like that, she was completely open and vulnerable to me. Her whole body was quivering now as I stared at her beautiful pussy.

“Please”, she begged me. “Please. Don’t make me wait.”

I bent my head and went straight for her clit, nibbling all around it. Tasty! She whimpered loudly, and I looked down at her puckered little asshole. It was so perfect and inviting that I just had to run my tongue around and around it, and then pressed the tip of my tongue straight into the center of the tight brown circle.

“Oooh, oooh, ahhhh!” she groaned. “No one’s ever done that to me before.” I wasn’t surprised. I burrowed my tongue straight into her asshole as far as it would go, then gave her a lick from there right to the base of her cunt. The ridge of flesh was incredibly sensitive, and my roommate squirmed violently and called out her pleasure. Escort Maltepe Then I pushed my nose right into her slit and darted my tongue far down her vagina. Her honey was fragrant, pungent, the taste driving me mad with lust. I slid my knees back just enough to plant my whole crotch right on Marissa’s face.

By this point she knew exactly what to do. She spread my labia with her fingers and began to suck on my hanging clit. I inhaled sharply, trying not to show my pleasure, as she sucked and licked it all over. I heard muffled laughter as she became the one to make me squirm. She pulled back a little and wet one finger and drove it straight into my asshole. Her nail was sharp enough to feel like it was tearing me open, but I was so busy in her crotch and she was so busy in mine that I couldn’t get the breath to ask her to take it out. Soon it didn’t matter anyhow — I was loving every minute of it, the sharp pain only heightening the overwhelming pleasure. Suddenly she dealt me two fingers of her other hand straight up my cunt, stretching it and playing with it, and rubbing her other finger through the thin flesh between them. Somehow she had become the one who knew exactly what I wanted.

It was all too much. We were shaking violently as we rushed headlong to our mutual climax. My cunt spasmed and gushed as my orgasm roared through me. I thrashed around on the bed, gasping for breath. Beneath me, my sweet Marissa was panting and shuddering as her juices spilled out of her cunt, and I caught them all on my tongue and swallowed every bit. Sighing and murmuring her thanks, my roomie collapsed flat on the bed, and I climbed off her with my last bit of strength and collapsed too, luckily with my head end near her head rather than her feet. In a few minutes, we revived enough to give each other a couple of love kisses, mingling our juices, and I tasted my own familiar flavor on Marissa’s lips and cheeks.

“Now do you think you can sleep?” she asked me teasingly.

“Only if you stay here with me. Who knows when I’ll wake up again, or what I’ll need then?”

She curled up beside me. It was only the first of many wonderful nights.

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