Acts of Infidelity – Polly’s Phd – Part 1


My name is Polly, I am a twenty-five-year-old post-graduate University student at University in Leeds, researching the behaviour of electronic systems under a variety of stresses. Not the sort of subject that gets the boys either entertained or interested, but which should eventually lead to a profitable career in the IT industry.That is my plan, at least.I am still officially unmarried but have been engaged to my long-term boyfriend Ian for over a year. Until all this happened, we planned to get married next April. He is four years older than me and also works in IT, in his case for a large corporation in Manchester.I guess you would probably call us both Geeks. Well, I used to be one.We have to live apart during the week; me in student accommodation in Leeds, Ian in his modern Manchester flat – the place in which we eventually intend to live once my PhD is finished. It’s not a great way to keep a relationship going, but when it started, we told ourselves that it was only temporary. And anyway, it wasn’t as if we had been living together beforehand.I have only had three lovers in my life. The first was the drunken one-night stand at University in which I lost my virginity, the second nearly a year later with the man to whom I am now engaged.And the third? Well’ that’s who this story has been written for.I have to be up front and say now that although I have quite a nice figure and a fairly pretty face, for most of my life, I haven’t been one of those girls who could stop conversations when they enter a room. I just didn’t seem to have the sex appeal that other girls find so easy to project; I could go in and out of most places without men noticing my presence at all, let alone giving me an appreciative glance.These days however, things seem to have changed.I’m average in height, pale and skinny with very dark hair that falls midway down my back when I don’t keep it tied tightly back as, until last year, I invariably did.I have very small breasts too, but my nipples are large and dark; so dark that without a bra, they used to show through my school blouse. This earned me the horrible nickname, ‘Polly Pimples’ at school and made me even more self-conscious than I already was.As you would guess from my current study, I was bookish throughout school and University. Not possessing the self-confidence of other girls my age, I used to dress in darker, less revealing, less noticeable clothes to match my less noticeable personality. I wore little if any make-up and often let my straggly hair fall however it wanted.It didn’t help that I’m an only child. My school was an All-Girls Grammar too, so for years I had absolutely no regular contact with boys and the few I did come into contact with, simply did not seem to notice, let alone fancy me. To be fair, I wasn’t really into them either; noisy, dirty, smelly creatures who told each other rude jokes, leered over girls and had only one thought on their minds.If I had listened more carefully to my friends, I would have seen that girls had much the same wicked thoughts too, but in those days, I was too naive and too focussed on schoolwork to see this.Thrown into University life after seven years in an all-girls school, I was unnerved by the overwhelming majority of boys on my nerdy course, and had little idea how to behave in their presence. So, while my course mates and friends were enjoying the sexual freedom that being away from home brought, I remained steadfastly unattached and with my hymen very much intact.I was so underconfident that even masturbation seemed a daunting and dirty prospect.Fortunately, I did make a good many female friends; enough to have enough innocent fun in my first year, and to have a group of close friends to share a house with in my second and third. We got on well in an undemanding way, me often being a friendly ear into which their various trials and tribulations could be emptied.Most of those tribulations involved boys. I was poorly placed to advise in such matters but listening seemed more important than advising, and I could do that well.Boys however do not appreciate this quality in a girl, so while my housemates were all having their boyfriends (or on occasion, other girls’ boyfriends) to stay overnight, I either studied in my room, or watched TV or went out with the other single girls for a drink or to the cinema.I have to say that seeing my bleary-eyed, tousled friends and their scruffy, unshaven lovers the morning after a night of noisy copulation did nothing to encourage me to join them in this messy pastime. Neither did the pervasive smell of stale sweat and sex that clung to their rooms afterwards.Eventually my housemates became so fed up with my attitude that in my final year, they decided that my virginity had overstayed its welcome and needed to be shed. I must not be allowed to leave both University and my teenage years in the same unsullied, inexperienced condition in which I had arrived.They began to secretly plot my defloration.I of course knew nothing of this, going along with their various Anadolu Yakası Escort plans for visits to pubs, parties, gigs and other events, not noticing that I was being deliberately placed alongside one boy or other who they thought I might fancy, or who they thought might make a move on me.Several moves were apparently made, but I missed most of them completely. The few I did recognise as attempted pick-ups came as such a surprise that I had no idea how to respond and made a mess of the opportunities provided.After a couple of months of this, one of my friends – I never did find out which – thought of David, or Dave as he was universally known.Dave was what I would now call a predatory male. Impossibly good looking and completely unscrupulous, he studied medicine, played rugby for the University First Fifteen and had a physique to match. Tall, dark and muscular, he was rumoured to have a remarkably large cock and was the cause of much giggling among my friends after a few drinks.He also had an attitude towards women that made James Bond look like a serious matrimonial prospect. For Dave, sex was like rugby; every encounter was a tough physical battle, getting himself over the line was the most important thing and at the end of the day, numbers counted.And if there had to be a few casualties on the way, so be it.More than one of my friends had experienced his technique during the time were at University. Fortunately for him, the University provided a steady stream of potential female victims who either did not know about his caveman attitude or knew all about it and simply didn’t care.I fell firmly into the first category. I had literally no idea that boys as predatory as Dave existed, still less that they would be attracted to a girl purely by the idea of taking her virginity, however plain, dull or unprepossessing she might be.The setup was simple; a party in the shared house in which Dave and four of his friends lived. Invite half a dozen more good-looking boys and if possible, more than the same number of girls to allow for a few dropouts on the way.The boys were to be in jeans or shorts and tight T shirts – anything that showed off their physiques. This was easily managed – that was how this group of sport-crazy boys liked to dress anyway.The girls were to be dressed sexily in short skirts, dresses or short-shorts and equally tight tops to show off their boobs – if they had any, of course. This was harder to arrange, but with considerable pressure from our more forward housemates, I and the other shy girls were eventually persuaded to wear clothes much brighter, much shorter and much more revealing that we would ever have dreamt of choosing ourselves.To this sexually charged mix, add liberal doses of alcohol, a little weed, too little food to offset it, a constant stream of loud music and you had the ideal terrain in which predators like Dave could hunt, especially if they were in the market for naive, inexperienced prey like me.No doubt briefed by my housemates beforehand, Dave got me in his sights early on, flattering me, paying me far more attention than any boy had done before, making sure my drink was always topped up and dancing with me whenever the crush of bodies in the house parted enough to allow it.Unused both to flirting and to all the alcohol, I must have been one of the easiest conquests in his rather thick black book. By midnight we were kissing in the corner of the lounge. By half past, we were in the furthest corner of the garden, our mouths pressed together while the improbable number of hands he apparently possessed roamed freely all over my body, under my skirt and for a short time, inside my panties.Drunk, dazed and in awe of this drop-dead gorgeous boy, still tingling and highly aroused by his expert fingers, I accepted his offer to walk me home, accompanied by a bottle of red wine. On the way, we held hands and stopped several times for long, deep kisses in the shadows.The house was empty and in near darkness when we arrived, my housemates all still at the party. I unlocked the front door and turned on the hall light, expecting to go unsteadily to bed after perhaps a goodbye kiss and cuddle in the doorway.I was simply not prepared for the speed and determination of Dave’s assault on my virginity.Not pausing in the doorway as I had expected, he went straight into the house and to the kitchen to open the wine. I followed him, accepted the large glass of red that he immediately poured then after barely two sips, found his arms around me once again.We kissed long and deep in the kitchen, me finally getting the hang of how to breathe with my mouth pressed hard against someone else’s while Dave explored my skinny, bony body.If I had suspected he had extra pairs of hands when we were in the garden, I became certain of it now.From my thighs to my ears, my fingertips to my nose, I don’t think there was a single part of me that he didn’t stroke, tweak, pinch or fondle as we made out in that kitchen, paying Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan extra special attention to my tiny boobs with their large nipples before turning his attention to my already-highly stimulated vulva.His fingers inside my knickers, Dave showed me a masterclass in fingering, within seconds producing the first orgasm of my life induced by another human being. It was only a small one, but it was completely unexpected and the effect on me was profound, making me tremble in his arms.The second was much stronger and shook me to the core.By the time he led me to my bedroom and closed the door, every single part of me had been kissed, touched or otherwise aroused. My mind was in such a spin that I followed him without question, drunk, highly aroused, so far out of my comfort zone that I might as well have been on another planet and had no idea what I wanted to happen next.I need not have worried; what I wanted was completely irrelevant.Dave was unstoppable; he simply overwhelmed any thoughts of resistance I might have had and ignored any signs of reluctance I might have shown, though the whole thing happened so quickly I had little chance of expressing either.Within seconds my dress had been unfastened and my boobs exposed. Dave went to work on them eagerly, cupping what little he could find in the palms of his hands, kneading them, kissing and sucking my nipples.As well as being very large, my nipples are extremely sensitive. Feeling a boy’s mouth, tongue and teeth on them for the first time brought feelings I had no idea existed. I held his head in my hands instinctively as he suckled and nibbled my teats, the new sensations sending my tipsy mind reeling.Soon I felt something going on in my groin too, and dimly realised it was my body lubricating of its own accord.The idea was frightening but turned me on even more.Meeting little or no resistance, Dave changed up a gear. Before I knew it was happening, my dress was around my ankles leaving me only in my half-dislodged bra and panties, being pushed backwards towards the bed.A moment later, the edge of the mattress touched the back of my legs. I wobbled, overbalanced and the next thing I knew I was on my back, my legs were apart, and Dave was over me, kissing my bared boobs, lips and skinny tummy.The sensations were amazing, but paled into insignificance when his mouth reached my groin and he began to tongue my vulva through the gusset of my panties.Although I had heard of oral sex, in my mind it had always involved the deeply unappealing prospect having a boy’s cock in my mouth. The idea that it could work the other way had barely occurred to me, so when Dave’s expert tongue began to work its magic between my thighs, my brain was sent into a tailspin.The incredible new sensations that surged out from my vulva and into my belly, spine, chest and inner thighs knocked me sideways. I gasped and tried instinctively to push his head away, but he was too strong and barely noticed my feeble protests.Instead, he tongued me even more. I began to moan and writhe on the bed, dimly aware that my panties were being eased from my waist and over my buttocks until suddenly they were down my thighs and away leaving my virgin vulva fully exposed.His target now in sight, Dave resumed his assault.If his mouth on my vulva had felt astounding through my panties, the touch of his tongue on my bare slit was a revelation. My first orgasm struck within seconds, the next followed so quickly that I barely had time to breathe and I was gasping by the time the third hit me.Then I simply lost count and the room filled with the sound of moaning and squealing as climax after climax wracked my body, my thighs clamping and unclamping on the sides of Dave’s head, my fingers tangling in his hair.After God knows how many orgasms, I was stunned and could only watch helplessly as Dave stood back and looked down hungrily on my naked body. I looked up at him with hazy eyes as he frantically lowered his jeans and underpants, releasing the first erect cock I had ever seen.I stared at what to me looked like a monster; at its ugly colour and curved deformed shape, still somehow not understanding what was about to happen. It wasn’t until he pulled a packet from his back pocket, tore it open and began to roll its rubber contents down his shaft that it finally dawned on me that this boy was getting his cock ready to stick into my vagina.I was about to lose my virginity.I cannot in all honesty say that I either resisted or protested in the few seconds it took for Dave to mount me and position the head of his cock at my entrance. I can say I did nothing to make his job any easier; my body went stiff as a board and I bit my lower lip hard as something smooth and soft was rubbed up and down my slit until it found the place it was looking for.A moment later I felt his body tense, he pulled a face and something unbelievably huge was thrust hard into my virgin vagina.Now when I say virgin, I mean more than just Escort Anadolu Yakası that I had never had sex before. I mean that apart from one or two medical examinations in my early teens, nothing at all had been stuck into my vagina before that moment.Masturbation had been rare and confined to the outer extremities of my vulva; no boy had ever fingered me deep inside, I barely knew what a dildo was let alone how to use one and thanks to my mother’s old-fashioned advice, I used pads during my periods.Not even a tampon had been inside me, so it is all but impossible to describe the extraordinary sensations that shot like white hot pokers through my body when Dave’s cock was driven into me for the first time.The first sensation I felt was pain; unbelievable pain of a kind and in a place I had never felt before. I yelped and my entire body went stiff. But Dave was not someone to be easily deterred; drawing himself back the tiny distance he had managed to penetrate, he flexed his hips and pushed hard into me again.I yelped again, louder this time.“Jesus Polly! You really are a virgin, aren’t you?” he hissed.I could do nothing but bite my lip harder and nod, my face contorted in pain.“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.I wanted him to stop. I wanted it never to have happened, but now it had started I was quite incapable of communicating this, and instead just shook my head.“Good girl’” Dave smiled.I felt him pull back and thrust again, then again, each thrust producing the same agonising result and bringing his progress to a sudden halt.But Dave wasn’t going to stop this close to his goal. Four, five times he thrust, each one stronger than the last until eventually, and with a strange yielding sensation that made me feel sick, something within me gave way and he sank a short distance into me.That’s when the second sensation took over. Fullness!These days I understand that Dave was indeed very well endowed, both in thickness and in length. Neither of the other lovers in my life possesses anything like the size of that first cock, so it was a huge shock for my virgin vagina to be penetrated by something so large.Sawing slowly but determinedly back and forth, Dave gradually worked his massive cock into my protesting vagina. My body resisted as well as it could, but eventually even it began to understand what was needed and to lubricate with a vengeance.“Mmmm! That’s better Polly. Much better!”By the time Dave’s full length was inside me and his pubic hair was grinding against mine, my juices were in full flow and I felt so full that I thought I would burst.Not in my wildest imaginations had I imagined my first penetrative sex would feel like this; the pressure of his hips spreading my thighs wide; the heat of his body over mine; the smell of his and my joint arousal in my nostrils; but most of all, the huge invasion of my body by what seemed a massive alien creature; all these made my mind spin and my belly churn.And that was before he began to thrust.Although it was wasted on me at the time, I have to say that his technique was first class.Emboldened by my increasing lubrication, Dave began to fuck me properly, moving himself slowly in and out of my vagina at a steady, even pace. My body tried desperately to adjust to the strange presence within it, but as soon as had I got used to one rhythm, Dave changed it either in speed or depth or both.Now I am much more experienced, I understand this technique; Dave really was expert in bed and was trying to make my first time a good one. I should have responded; I should have done those things with my hands, hips and pelvic floor that I was to learn later at another man’s hands, but right there and then, all I could do was lie there and let him use me any way he wanted.Realising that my complete surrender was the most he was going to get, Dave decided to make the most of it, spreading my legs wider, kissing me hard on the lips, biting me on the neck and nibbling my nipples as his cock was thrust harder and faster in and out of my opening, soaking wet vagina.The wailing sounds coming from my mouth were joined by disgustingly wet slapping noises coming from between my legs as his hips collided over and over again with my skinny inner thighs. The feeling of pain was still there, but other strange, unidentifiable sensations were growing stronger too, masking all but the sharpest of stings at my over-stretched entrance.Dave’s grunts and gasps joined mine as his pace increased still further. A moment later he had taken my legs in his strong arms and lifted them until my knees were almost on my chest and his weight was pinning me to the bed.In that undignified position I was helpless, my vulva was completely exposed, the little movement that remained gave me no chance of escape and his cock could reach so deep into my body that I could feel the pressure of its head against my cervix.Entirely at his mercy, I could do nothing but look up into Dave’s face as the pace and force of his thrusts grew and grew.The noises coming from the bedsprings were soon joined by new, unfamiliar wailings as wave after wave of a sensation I could not identify as either pleasure or pain, washed over me. Encouraged, he thrust faster, then faster still. The sensations multiplied, pressure building in my lower belly and loins until I was sure I was going to pee myself and desperately wanted it all to stop.

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