Accidental Adultery


It was the summer after my first year of college. I was working as an assistant in my dad’s tiny legal office in, let’s just say the middle of nowhere. I was feeling pretty down because the guy I had been seeing at school had decided that he didn’t want to do a long-distance of the summer. In retrospect, I totally understand since he was going to be interning at Google for the summer and presumably fucking his way through The Castro. I had a ton of time on my hands during the day, especially because my dad and his legal partner were in court all day at least two or three days a week. This was in the pre-Grindr era (I’m dating myself), so one of the only ways to meet guys in a place like that was Craigslist. I had a few friends at college who were into older guys or something else that you couldn’t find on our small liberal arts campus, so I knew the basics but I had never tried it myself. Still, it took me about two days to get curious I wasn’t out in high school and I wondered what kind of guys would be posting craigslist ads in my area. I logged on to Bostancı Escort kill time one afternoon and found the usual mix of stuff, a lot of older closeted guys who were looking for real love and companionship, and a bunch of pervs who just posted dick pics. There was also one ad for a glory hole that someone posted every single week and I’m still kind of sorry that I never checked it out, but I digress. After about an hour I worked up the courage/boredom to post my own. It was probably something incredibly lazy along the lines of: College student home for the summer – twenty (a lie, I was still nineteen)I’m home for the summer and SO BORED would love to meet a hot cool guy to have some fun with.  Hit me up if you’re interested.It got like six replies in an hour, three of which were dick pics and one from the Glory Hole guy. The only one that really piqued my interest was from a guy named “Marc.” who said he was twenty-eight and house-sitting for his parents at a place that was maybe five minutes from my dad’s office. Bostancı Escort Bayan He attached a bunch of shirtless pics that he took in a mirror, I couldn’t see his face but the body looked good, he was slim and sculpted in that not-quite-abs-but-almost-abs way.We chatted a little bit and he seemed to be, in my nineteen-year-old sensibility, not a serial killer. I was allowed to close the office to grab lunch if no one was around so after exchanging maybe twenty emails with this guy I decided to drive over to his place. So after circling the block eight times, devolving into panic sweats, and texting him, “I’m coming,” followed by “I can’t, I’m nervous,” approximately sixty-four times, I finally made it to his door. It was right around the time I was knocking on the door that I realized (somewhat irrationally) that since he was older than me, he might not be willing to let me top. He answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. He was obviously older than twenty-eight but not by much, Escort Bostancı maybe like early thirties which I thought was pretty funny. The house was gorgeous, totally immaculate, and full of interesting modern art. As soon as I was inside he shut the door, grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me into a kiss. I was used to being the dominant one but his tongue was in my mouth almost instantly, it felt like we were wrestling for control. Before I could fully get my balance I felt his hand firmly shoving me to the floor. I sank to my knees on the cool tile floor of his foyer and felt his hand slide to the back of my head, pushing my face into his crotch. “I just got back from the gym,” he said just as my mouth connected with the sweaty fabric covering his bulge. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock through the thing fabric.  My cock was rock hard. I’d never been pushed around this way before, but I didn’t hate it. I reached for his waistband but he slapped my hand away. “Not yet.” He said forcefully, once again pushing my head into him. He could taste the sweat in the fabric of his shorts but I didn’t really object. Suddenly he pulled me to my feet and kissed me again, our tongues intertwined, and moaned into his mouth. I was rock hard and my cock was still trapped behind the slightly too tight black trousers my dad insisted I wear around the office. 

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