A Weekend Stay Part 1


It was the final week of the summer semester and I was supposed to be flying that Friday night to California to see my parents for the summer. It was going to be fun, and free. Living in Seattle leaves little money for any type of travel and my parents accidentally made my flight for Monday. Which would not have been a problem if I had not given away my dorm already since when I came back I would be moving in with friend at his house. Who left three days before and I was not left a key yet. “Chris,” I muttered to myself and headed over to the table where he and the rest of the soccer team hung out. Arriving at the table I saw Chris. He was the only light skinned guy on the team. He was slightly darker then average and had bright brown eyes that always had a mischievous glint to them. His brown hair, darker then mine, was cut shorter and spiked up at the bangs. He was wearing a tight fitting black shirt wear everyone could see his muscles. He was shorter then my 5’8″ and more lithe but muscles on him made girls and guys want him. They were not over done but just right for his thin figure. I shook hair out of my eyes Anadolu Yakası Escort and stood in my best demanding pose.”Hey Argentinian!” I shouted. Chris’ head jolted up and when he saw me gave me this curious smirk. He got up from his table and walked over to me. “Hey halfy-Nicaraguan. What’s the college sophomore theater major talking to a tiny web design major like me?” Chris asked in a teasing voice. His lips were smirking at me. I rolled my eyes.”Don’t even think about teasing me. For one, I am darker then you, and two, I am about to grace you with my presence,” I said as grabbed his arm to walk with me towards the cafe. Looking at him his faced was shock as he tried to work out what I just said.”What do you mean?” he asked me slowly. Sighing I said, “My parents screwed up my flight so I need a place to crash till Monday.”Chris smiled wickedly at this. “So Nicky needs a favor from me? This is new. And why should I do this?” he asked. I began to give him my puppy dog pout. My brown eyes met his and I turned on the tears. His eyes softened and I knew I had him.”Because Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I need help,” I said in a low, defeated voice.”Okay, but,” Chris said smirking as he pushed me to my knees, “suck my cock.” Grabbing me by the hair he forced my head to his black jean covered crotch. The smell of his musk entered my nose and I felt my own dick begin to stiffen. I held back a moan and tried to control my nearly ready member. “At least let me into your place first,” I said trying to sound normal. I heard him laugh roughly as he pulled me up by my hair. “Okay. My place at six. I have to do some things before then and I want to be an entertaining host,” Chris said. He gave me a hand shake hug and went on his way. I went to get my stuff. At six I knocked at his apartment. I waited for a minute then Chris answered the door in nothing but a small baby blue towel. “Hey, sorry. I forgot and was about to shower,” he said as he let me in. Closing the door behind me I took this time to get a better look at his body. He had a six pack and chiseled pecks. His chest was basically Escort Anadolu Yakası hairless except for a pleasure trail that went down towards his covered groin. In this towel I saw the outline of his dick which was six inches easy flaccid and a patch of pubic hair poking out since the towel barely was on his waist. My dick started to get hard again.”Appraising the goods?” Chris said in a teasing voice wiggling his dark eyebrows. I smirked.”I have seen better,” I said slowly walking to the couch. His face fell for a second then he regained his composure. “Okay, I’m going to take a shower. You’re bunking in my room. I have a large bed so we can both sleep comfortably. Liquor is in the fridge, help yourself,” he said as he walked down the hall to the running water. I nodded and sat down. Turning his television to the music stations I got up and got a Corona. Then with an idea I grabbed one for Chris. Slowly I walked down the hall and went to the open bathroom. The shower curtain was blue plastic so I couldn’t see anything but I put his beer on the counter and stole his towel. I quickly walked back to the couch and drank my beer and closed my eyes. Soon I felt a presence in front of me.”I make it rain! I make it rain!” Chris’ voice said and I felt water hit me. Opening my eyes Chris’ six inch flaccid dick and dark pubes were in front of me, bouncing and hitting me with water. His balls were big and I wanted to suck them but held back my reaction.

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