Alia’s Story


In the Earth year 1981, humanity made the most terrifying encounter with an alien species from a distant planet on the opposite side of the galaxy, travelling through artificially created tunnels in space, the alien species quickly conquered the combined armies of Earth before a full force of invasion resulting in the deaths of millions of humans. Many of those who survived where taken back to the alien homeworld and sold into a live of slavery, decades had passed as earth was little more than a cesspool of rotting corpses and destroyed cities, crumbling into the ground.

I never knew my birth parents as shortly after my mother fell pregnant, my father was sold by his owner to work in the mines, deep inside the aliens homeworld and my mother died when I was only three years old. Under the orders of the alien overseers, I was placed with a family of humans living in the squalor of the slave camps, I was the youngest in a family of five boys ranging from seven to fourteen years old. The early years of my life was not a pleasant one as I was not strong enough to contribute to the family unit where I was placed, eating the scraps of what they had left along with whatever else I could find. By my sixth year, a large and menacing alien male entered the home where I had been placed, I was terrified as often, many of the alien species would purchase humans for whatever purpose they needed and now, it was my turn to be sold for little more than extra rations for the family unit I had been placed with. Terrified of what fate may await me, I had no idea that what my life would become after that day would change me beyond anything a human male or female could have asked for.

The alien species where mostly human looking, the males where large and menacing looking, pale green spot like markings ran down either side of their faces, down their neck and chest towards their gentiles, a slight three point ridge like structure could be clearly seen nose which led towards a slight ridge formation running up their forehead towards their hairline where it disappeared, a dense muscular structure made them appear as if they where twice the size of the average human.

The female of the alien species where more slender, almost human looking in their appearance although with the gentle and pale blue spot markings which ran down their bodies in the same way as the males. Unlike their male counterparts, the females displayed either green, blue or grey tint to their eyes with no nose or forehead ridges which gave them a softer and almost human appearance. Although rarely the males displayed hair on their heads, sometimes they would allow their hair to grow which would publicly denote their rank within the alien structure, the females however, would allow their hair to grow to different lengths to display their own level within their society.

Taken from the place where I had been born, I found myself in a large home, high in the hillside above the capital city of their world where I was introduced to a middle-aged human female, the male who now owned me had specific instructions on how I should be treated as I would be fed, bathed and dressed in the appropriate attire which had already been purchased for me and my mattered and dirt filled hair would be shaved. It is safe to say that by this point, I was terrified beyond my ability to move. I had never known kindness in my life, nor what a smile looked like as the middle-aged woman took my hand gently and led me into a large room where I froze at what I saw. I had never in my life seen such a large amount of food in one place before, especially given instructions to eat what I could. I honestly think that I was sick after eating so much food which tasted like heaven itself. After gorging myself on what I cold, I was allowed to rest on a real soft and comfortable bed for the first time in my life and the morning after, I was bathed and cleaned by the woman, I still to this day have no idea of her name. My hair itself was so badly brittle and covered with god only knows what filth that had had almost fallen out during my long and luxurious first bath in which I was allowed to splash around and enjoy myself for the first time in my life.

After bathing, I was dressed in the softest and most luxurious clothing I had ever seen or felt on my body, the luxury of what I was given made me weep with joy, something that I had never before felt in my life. For the first time in my life, I had clothes and real shoes that fit me perfectly. In the mid-morning, the alien male entered the room with a soft smile on his face as he looked down at me it was then that he did something that shocked me beyond anything I have ever seen of his species before, he knelt down and spoke to me with a gentle tone in his voice as he told me the reason he had bought me.

He had a daughter of his own who was four years old and wanted someone to play with. He told me that I would be given a roof over my head, real food and drink, clothing and anything that I needed if I would be her friend and keep her occupied. That was my job in life from that point onwards, I would be responsible for entertaining someone I had never met. I had never had a friend nor seen Kartal Escort such kindness, but I knew what my role was, even through my limited intellect at the time I knew that if I did as I was instructed, I would perhaps be safe in his household as he had promised me. Taking my hand in his gently, he led me through his household, past the many human servants he had bought to run his house, each of them appeared as well fed and taken care of, I even saw more smiles from the humans as I passed them.

Finally, I entered into the room where a young girl sat by a large window overlooking her family’s home. Hearing her father’s voice, she stood quickly and bowed with respect as he told her that he had purchased me for her as a friend for her. She was a beautiful young blonde haired girl named Leeta, with a comforting smile on her face she walked towards me as her father stepped backwards two steps as she walked around me, examining me as if I was a new toy for her, which in fact I was. It was something in her voice that made me smile slightly as she asked her father if she could keep me and it was at that moment I heard the words which resonated through my mind even to this day. He told her that I was her property now and that she should treat me with the kindness which she expected I would treat her.

I was given a small bedroom off to the left of her own chambers which had been filled with toys and technologies for her to enjoy, but over time I became her favourite toy as we grew up together. We had become fast friends and I am happy to say that I was treated with the respect and kindness that I had never seen before, even to the point where Leeta had taken it upon herself to teach me how to read, write and whatever else I had needed to become her friend and companion, against the laws which regarded human servants. Her way around the laws was a simple one as she had required me to learn so that we may grow together as friends. Over the years, I was granted freedom of my own movements slightly within the confines of the vast estate where I had been living for the years that had followed. I felt that I had become more then her property, I had become her friend over the years. As I grew into a young woman, so did Leeta and I was taken care of accordingly, granted whatever I had needed and when the time came that I had become more then just her play friend, I was granted the role as her handmaiden and placed in a position within what had become my home as her personal servant. No, I used the word servant wrong, I guess you could say that I was her friend, her confidante and the one person who oversaw her day to day activities within the confines of her family estate.

During those first days, I had no name as I was only referred to as Girl, by those of I was placed with in the camps, Teela had given me the name of Alia which in her language meant Beauty and over time she had even given me a birthday, the day I had arrived in her life, a day that we both shared as our birthday. On the day of her sixteenth birthday, I turned eighteen and that was the day that I most feared would approach as she would be sent away to a new school for four years during which time, my services where obsolete. As I hugged her goodbye at the door, she left my life for what I had feared as forever and now I was once again alone at the mercy of those around me and it was safe to say that an eighteen year old human female with no protection would wind up as a pleasure girl in the most terrifying part of their planet. For two days, I remained in what was once our chambers until I was requested to join the rest of the human servants in the main hall of the great house. My stomach had begun to churn with fear over what fate would await me as I stood shoulder to shoulder with the others of the great home.

It was now time for the master of the house to sell off his property and buy new for the next phase of his life, and I was in fact his property. A large, fat and hideous looking male walked along the line up of the human servants pointing certain humans he wished to buy for his own needs and now my worst fears where realised as he stopped before me. His eyes examined my body slowly, stopping at my thighs and breasts slowly before he ran his fingers through my shoulder length black hair and smelling his fingers before he pointed at me. I was terrified as he looked into my eyes as for the first time since I was a child, I froze to the spot, and that is when it happened, the master of the house shook his head as he stepped before me and spoke with the authority of his high position in the alien culture. He told the rich and powerful alien male that I was not for sale as I do not belong to him, but to his daughter. The hideous male was furious as he continued to change his price for me, higher and higher until he had finally given up with his request.

With his new purchases in tow behind him, I could finally breath as he left and the master of the house dismissed what remained of his human servants after requesting that he speak with me in private. He stepped into his large private office, the one of many places in the home where I was not allowed to enter. Kartal Escort Bayan Remembering a past incident when I had entered his office while playing with Teela as a young girl, I froze at the door in fear before he smiled and took my hand and motioned for me to enter his office for the first time in my life. I was twelve years old when I entered his office by mistake, it was the first time I had done so and the last time since. I still remember how furious he was when he saw me looking for his daughter in an innocent game of hide and seek, it was the first and last time I had ever seen real anger in his eyes to the point where he had almost beaten me, only to be stopped by his daughter as she pleaded with him to forgive me by saying that it was her fault. I spent the following two days locked in Leeta’s chambers hiding from her father until he came to me and apologised and begged for my forgiveness and for the first time, he looked at me as if I was his own daughter. I never forgot those days, and I never will.

He made me a proposition that second time in his office as he knew that Leeta had been teaching me against the laws regarding human servants. He was fast approaching the mandatory age of retirement and with his only child away at school, he had no one he could trust to run his large company which dealt in certain technologies. He said that if I agreed, he would continue to protect me as he had since I was purchased and brought into his life and in return, I would become his unofficial assistant until Leeta was of age to take over the family business. My reply came from my lips before I had time to think, I don’t know why I said it but I did. I agreed to become his personal assistant but in return, he would help me find my birth family if I had even had any left, if not then I wanted to know what had happened to them. I expected him to become instantly angry by what I had said but instead he smiled and nodded in agreement and told me that he would do whatever he could to find out.

For four years, he taught me everything that I had needed to know about how to run his business as his health had begun to degrade and during which time, I had taken over his business behind the scenes, requiring only his signature on documents, my I-Q had increased as I was taught more about the business behind the scenes to the point where his business had begun to grow quickly. Four years, six months and an odd number of days after the point where I was given almost full control of his business, his illnesses had overtaken him and the father of my owner, my mentor and one of my closest friends had died in his sleep. The company I had help to build had fallen into turmoil, I could no longer control anything only left with the house in which I had grown up in. with all assets for the company frozen, we where dead in the water until that one fateful day when Teela had finally returned home and my life changed for the better.

Humans had been refused the right to use the communications systems which had linked the planet together, a vast network of computer databases which had lined the planet, although under her father’s authority, I had found a way to communicate with my owner using letters sent along the database where I had informed her of her father’s health under his own name and two weeks after his death, I had lined up what had remained of the family servants to greet the new Mistress of the house, Teela herself.

We had not seen each other in four years, three months and seven days, although I had seen pictures of her which had been sent to her father, she had not seen me since all images of myself had been removed by the alien authorities as I had sent them. I heard the vehicle which had brought her land on the front of the house as eight of the remaining servants stood before the large wooden like doors. My stomach churned with nerves as we all had heard her voice from outside the home before the doors finally opened. My jaw had hit the floor as she entered the house for the first time in four years, her long golden hair flowed in the breeze behind her as she entered while wearing a traditional dress of her people for a woman of her new stature. Practically see-through, her long elegant dress flowed with the breeze as she drifted into the large hallway like a goddess. Her long slender legs seemed to continue on forever only to be stopped by perfectly shaped thighs a slender waist which led towards large breasts which bounced gently with each step she took. For a moment, my eyes fixated on her beauty as she walked towards me with a gentle smile on her perfect lips. I actually remember stuttering welcome home as she walked towards me and took my hands in hers before gently hugging me. I could not believe that the young girl I had known for my entire life had grown into an amazingly beautiful young woman I saw before me as I felt the warmth of her body press against mine.

As she elegantly pulled away from the hug we had both shared, my heart raced as I introduced her to the new members of her staff before her which she greeted with a warm and loving smile to each human male and female before her. Although it was a Escort Kartal sombre affair as she had returned home one year early from her studies, my heart beat faster with her presence.

For the next week, we had continued with the traditional mourning period as dictated by the loss of her father, but something I will say to you right now, when I wasn’t in her presence, I felt empty inside and I had no idea why. As executor of her father’s estate, an alien male had handed over all power of his estate to Teela and granted her the power of his former position, a position which rightfully belonged to her by birth along with the family business, home and everything in it. After searching through the records, Teela had discovered a recorded message which had displayed her father’s last wishes, something which had shocked me beyond believe when I saw what was on the recording.

One third of her father’s private fortune had been deposited in her personal account for Teela’s own use with a further third placed to her account as payment for my ownership after which I would be granted my own freedom from their services along with a further third placed in a private account with my name as holder of the account. To say that I was shocked beyond all reasoning would be the understatement of the entire history of the universe. I was granted my freedom and given enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life and beyond. Far from being furious as I had expected from her at loosing such a fortune, Teela leapt out of the seat that was sat in and pulled me onto my feet as she hugged me firmly as she confirmed what we had both seen together. I was free of a life of servitude, I was owned by no-one and free to make my own choices in life. I was terrified of what may come next as Teela placed the mark of a free woman around my neck, a necklace which denoted that I was free from ownership. I knew what the mark of freedom meant upon their world, although few humans had taken the mark and left the protection of their former masters, they had become preyed upon by those who where still in service of their Varis Masters and once the mark was removed from their bodies, they where sold back into slavery or killed by the militia as if they had escaped their masters, and that was something that I had been taught about by Teela’s father, Jerrod. I had been trained to run her family business and with the last request of her father, I remained in the family home as free human female while I trained Teela to run her own business.

We had once again grown close over the weeks that had followed, to the point where as a free woman, I had right of passage through the family home and the choice to do as I pleased, yet I remained at Teela’s side as her friend and dare I say, her equal? As our friendship had once again reignited. I had no idea why it happened, neither did Teela but it happened and it was something that I would never change or give up.

It had been a long day of running over shipping manifests and design ideas as day passed into night, some of the Varis workers had almost come to accept my presence as a human while Leeta was greeted with the response of her position. After spending thirty minutes yelling at a Varis worker who had refused to accept my presence in the room, the work day had ended and we had both returned home as tears welled in her eyes at the way that I was treated by her workers. She had come to resent the fact that I was still treated as a slave, even though I wore the mark of freedom and more importantly, I was above all of them in her eyes. But that is when it happened for the first time, I had no idea why or passed through our minds, but it did.

As a free woman, I was given the choice of staying in the family home I had known so well, an option which I took and was given the chambers facing what was once her father’s room, now Teela’s own. I had undressed for the night after a long and luxurious bath which I had enjoyed and lay on what was now my own bed while the evening breeze blew over my naked body and through the thin triangle of pubic hair which I had kept neatly trimmed as always, it was my way of unwinding to sit alone and listen to the night. I was disturbed by a knock on my door, looking around for my robe, I found it on a chair as pulled on the luxurious silk like robe and opened my door slowly as Leeta stood on my doorway with tears rolling down her face.

I invited her into my private chambers and watched as she drifted in slowly like an angel made mortal as her thin silk like gown hugged her figure and her hair flowed gently in the breeze. I had never seen her in such a state as she collapsed into a chair near the open balcony and wept like the child I once knew as she apologised for the way that I was treated by her employees. I felt terrible for the way she felt as I knelt before her and wiped the tears from her face as I told her that it did not bother me I was used to the way that I was treated. I don’t know if it was from the way that the light from the three small moons above cast a glow over my face, the gentle smile I had on my face as I looked into her eyes or the way she felt at that moment, but I felt her hands place into mine as she told that no one would ever treat me in the same way again before she moved close to me and I felt her lips on my own and her soft alien tongue separate them gently as her hands let mine go and gently move towards my jaw as we both kissed softly for the first time in our lives.

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