A Night with a Friend


Hi guys

So this is a short story, not connected to my “The Woman in Flat 213” series. I’m still writing the next instalment for that, so please bear with me. But I thought I’d write something a little bit cheerier and more pleasant. Hope you enjoy it.




Sarah lay back in bed, watching the latest episode of Designated Survivor on Netflix. It was a good show, and she enjoyed it. But truth be told, even if it was something very dull, she would have sworn it was the best thing she’d seen all year. She wasn’t watching it for any of the merit that it may have had, nor was she following what was going on in this particular episode. The main reason she was watching it was because she needed to pass the time. Before her best friend, Lea, arrived.

The two girls had been close to each other since the first day of university. She was a naive middle class girl from Kent, and Lea was a friendly young French girl from Nice, both at Cambridge, widely considered one of the best universities in the world. They had been studying history. Throughout their time at that place, they had never lived apart, had taken all the same modules, and had been utterly inseparable. Which was quite strange, because of how completely different they were to each other in almost every way; Sarah was quite brash and charismatic, dated and had sex with many people of both genders, supported Brexit and otherwise voted Conservative at election time. Lea, on the other hand, was very introverted and tended to keep to herself. She was still a virgin, was a supporter of the French Socialist Party, and before she’d met Sarah, had never shared her homosexuality with anyone. Looks-wise, they were both good-looking girls – Sarah was tall and quite toned and muscular, as she had taken up boxing at university, with long, shiny blonde hair, piercing blue eyes. Her boobs were average size, but her bum was the envy of all of the other girls in her gym. Lea, meanwhile, was very short and slender, with a freckled, schoolgirl face, messy red hair and brown eyes. In many ways, the height difference complemented their personalities. But most of all was the age difference – Lea had only been 18 when they first met, fresh from doing her Baccalaureate, while Sarah had spent four years in full time work before going to Cambridge, so she was about 22.

After finishing university, Sarah had moved to London to start working for a major newspaper, while Lea had stayed on in Cambridge to do her Masters. That was a couple of years ago, and Lea was now aged 23, while Sarah was 27. But they still saw each other whenever they could, spoke on the phone and kept sending each other gifts and care packages in the mail.

But the reason why this particular visit was so special to Sarah was related to the fact that she had an interest, and Lea had agreed to be her next participant. And that interest was orgasm torture.

Sarah was quite into kink, and very active in her local BDSM community, attending munches and other meet-ups. But one kink that she particularly enjoyed – exclusively with girls – was tying her partners to her bed, using a set of under-bed cuffs that she had installed there, gagging them and then bringing them to orgasm after orgasm. If she was being very cruel, she would use what she called “The Machine.” It was essentially a large piece of piping on a special board with hooks attached, which could be attached to the foot of her bed, a vibrator attached on the end and pressed against her partner’s vulva and clitoris. Either way, she would have the girl screaming in ecstasy for hours on end, and would never tell them when she was going to stop. This gave her a bit of an edge over them, and as such, she liked to take advantage of it whenever she could.

How long she would put Lea through it, however, remained to be seen.


It was about fifteen minutes away from the ending when the bell sounded, indicating that Lea was at the front door. So Sarah buzzed her in. Once she had gotten up to the flat, the two girls just threw their arms around each other. It had been months since they last saw each other, and all they wanted to do was hug. But after a few minutes, they finally disengaged.

“It’s so great to see you!” Lea said, breathlessly. “I was thinking that it was, er, it was going to be months.”

“Well, I’ve missed you so much!” Sarah held her at arm’s length, and examined her face. “Yep. You definitely get cuter every time I see you.”

“Sarah!” Lea laughed. “You’re embarrassing me!”

“It’s true,” Sarah said, leaning Bostancı Escort forward and planting a kiss on her forehead. “Come, come,” she ushered her in. “I’ve already got the wine uncorked. I’ll pour you a glass!”

The two went and sat back in the TV room, with the wine bottle out, and for the next hour, they just drank and laughed as they caught up, sharing details of Sarah’s new job, Lea’s upcoming deadlines and their favourite topic, politics. As they talked, Sarah studied her friend. She still had the schoolgirl face that had drawn Sarah to her, and the same bashful smile. Her English was better, but she still spoke with that melodious French accent of hers, and occasionally slipped up or hesitated, which emphasised it all the more. There was something almost angelic about her. Sarah knew that if this girl was a virgin, it certainly wasn’t for lack of opportunity – even some of their more curious friends had admitted that Lea might’ve tempted them to stray from the path.

To her surprise, it was Lea who initiated the proceedings.

“Err – Sarah? She said, in a suddenly very nervous tone. “You remember when you asked me if I would like to do… that… err… that thing you like, and I said yes?”

“I do indeed,” Sarah replied.

“I was wondering… Did you want to try it now?”

“Of course! Of course, just let me finish my wine!”

Once that was finished, she got up and led Lea by the hand to the bedroom, giving her a reassuring squeeze as she did so. Her heart almost melted when Lea gave her such a bashful little smile in return. Sarah did sometimes think about her friend in that way, and it was mostly because of things like her smile and her shyness. She was, by far, the cutest thing she had ever clapped eyes on.

“Okay,” Sarah said. “First-things-first, I’m going to need you to take your clothes off, and lie down on the bed. Then I’m going to secure you in place with the cuffs I keep under the bed. When that’s all done, the fun can begin. Do you have any little niggles?”

Lea’s face continued to be a picture of nervousness. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’m just… this is so strange to me… I’ve never… I’ve never…”

“You’ve never done anything sexual before?” Sarah asked. Lea nodded her head. But to her surprise, Sarah gave a warm smile. “Well, that’s good. You should always do something like this with someone you trust.”

Looking somewhat reassured, Sarah began to slowly undress. First, she sat down and took off her shoes and socks. Then she stood up and undid the buttons on her blouse, slipping it off to reveal a plain white bra. She then unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her legs to reveal a matching pair of white cotton panties. The sight of her friend in her underwear was somehow even more heart-stopping than anything Sarah had seen before. So much so that she had to stop her, just to take advantage of the moment.

“Hold on,” she said, stepping forward and placing a hand on her arm. “I need to do something first.” Taking Lea’s head in her hands, she leant forward and kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a full-on kiss at first, but it was a slow, sensual and very long kiss that practically lit a fire inside her. It got her raring to go. But she didn’t stop just yet – instead, she spent the next couple of minutes just holding her underwear-clad friend in her arms and keeping up the kiss. Before too long, she started to slide her tongue into Lea’s mouth, which quickly fought back against this intruder. The kiss quickly became much more intense, as the girls quickly took the tongue wrestle outside of the shared space between their mouths and into the open. This was far better than any kiss Lea had ever had, and Sarah herself hadn’t had many that were better than this one either. Eventually, though, she pulled back, prompting whimpers of protest from the younger girl.

“All in good time, sweetheart,” she said, with a somewhat mocking smile. “You still have clothes on.”

Now looking a little flushed, Lea’s hands went up behind her, unclipped her bra clasp and slipped it off, revealing two of the most perfect boobs Sarah had seen. They weren’t enormous – if anything, they were a little on the small side – but they were so wonderfully proportionate to the rest of her body that Sarah wanted more than to reach out and touch them. She’d probably get the chance later, but for now, doing so would just kill the mood. Plus, she was taken aback again by the next sight, when Lea slid her panties off.

Her pubic hair had been completely shaved off, Bostancı Escort Bayan presumably in anticipation of tonight, and Sarah got a good view of Lea’s little pink vulva, that small mound of flesh that Sarah could not wait to play with. Almost breathless, Sarah smiled and gestured for Lea to lie down. She complied.

Reaching down to each side of the bed, Sarah pulled up a set of velvet cuffs, which were attached on straps to a single large ring under the bed that, when attached to each of Lea’s wrists and ankles, left her spread-eagle on the bed, her pussy completely exposed to whatever Sarah had in store for her. She tested each cuff, and when it became clear that she was now completely immobile, she looked up at Sarah with an expression that conveyed both excitement and, at the same time, more nervousness.

Sarah gave a hearty laugh. “Well, there we are. You are now at my mercy. And you know what? You look even more beautiful in this position…” Idly, she reached down, took hold of one of Lea’s nipples and squeezed it lightly between her thumb and forefinger, tugging at it as she did so. This caused Lea to let out a loud gasp.

“Please, don’t be too hard,” she uttered. “They are very sensitive.”

“I can tell,” Sarah replied, as she began to focus her attention on the other one, gently rolling the nipple in her fingers. Lea’s gasps became moans and she started to struggle some more against her bonds. But they held fast. Deciding to take advantage of this, Sarah leant down and began to lick her friend’s boobs, circling the areolas with her tongue and sucking on them with great force. She also began to fondle the soft mounds of flesh around them. Lea’s breathing became more and more rapid. She was obviously quite turned on by this experience, and Sarah had a feeling she didn’t have a high threshold either.

Then, almost as suddenly as she had started, Sarah pulled away, and smiled as the girl whimpered in frustration. She reached into the drawer and removed a large ball gag, which she unceremoniously shoved into the French girl’s mouth and clipped it in place. Then she got off the bed, rummaged around underneath, and eventually withdrew “The Machine.” It was quite an intimidating device when you first see it, and she laughed as Lea’s eyes bulged. She clearly thought she was about to feel a lot of pain. Making sure she could see everything, Sarah moved to the foot of the bed and attached it right in the middle, so the pipe was level with Lea’s vagina. Loosening the one end, she inserted a large vibrating wand with a triangular head, slid the charger cable down it, then pulled the plug out from a hole on the other side. She then pulled it out and down to the socket beneath her bed. Then she secured the wand into it, and pressed the heart-shaped head right up against Lea’s clitoris.

“Now,” she said. “My dear girl, let’s see how long you can last!”

Reaching down, she turned the wand on.

The effect was immediate. Lea practically jumped out of her skin when the sensation hit her, and the machine made a loud, buzzing noise as its head vibrated. Sarah watched with satisfaction as the younger girl attempted to shift herself away from the head, but the headboard was flat and solid, so there was nothing she could grab onto, and the wand had been placed right in between her legs. Her bonds prevented her from closing them, and Sarah was now deliberately guiding the head so that it was always in contact with Lea’s clitoris. She could see the nipples harden and the growing moisture on and around the wand head. Lea’s moans and breathing became louder and faster. Her strength practically drained from her now, she just lay helplessly as the machine teased and stimulated her. Because it was just her clitoris that the machine’s energy was focusing on, Lea was forced to spend quite a long time being stimulated before her first orgasm arrived, but Sarah loved that fact. When it did finally arrive, though, her orgasm hit her like a rogue wave. She screamed loudly and shuddered violently as it rocked her body, her muscles tensing up and her fingers balling into fists as she tugged hard on the restraints.

Lea’s orgasm was so powerful that it took her a while to come down from it, but it had left her so sensitive down there that it wasn’t all that long for the next one to follow suit. She stopped thrashing around, again, and just lay there weakly as the machine worked its magic on her. By this point, Sarah was in a world of her own. Her friend was now almost completely drained, she was three Escort Bostancı orgasms in already, and she looked so damn lovely like this. She decided that she absolutely had to take this further after the fourth orgasm.

So, to enjoy the moment a little, she leant down and pressed the button on the wand to adjust the speed. Eventually, she found a lovely, slow and steady speed that she knew would take longer to bring her friend over the edge. She heard Lea moan in protest and frustration, but ignored it. This was just too good. Then she reached down and began to carefully play with her breasts again. Desperate for her to go faster and speed up the orgasm, Lea found renewed energy and began to struggle and pull on her bonds again. Ignoring this, Sarah began to toy with her nipples, teasing them with her fingernails and her tongue in equal measure. Eventually, though, she had her eyes filling with tears and muffled pleadings behind the ball gag.

Satisfied with this, Sarah reached down, and adjusted the settings for the wand. Within seconds, she had Lea screaming bloody murder as her final, most intense orgasm of the night hit her.

It took inside of ten minutes for her to recover completely from this. Even after the initial waves of ecstasy had subsided, she was still too weak from the multiple orgasms to even be able to lift her head up. Sarah turned the wand off, and removed it from the pipe – its head was completely soaked with Lea’s love juices. She searched around in her drawer for wet wipes, and used them to clean it. Then she used some more to clean the barely conscious Lea’s crotch. By the time she was finished, and had disassembled the machine, Lea finally found her voice. She rattled off a whole series of thank-you’s and I love you’s in both French and English.

“It was the best experience of my life! Your machine was just so… so…” she couldn’t even find the words.

“Sshh, it’s okay, baby,” Sarah whispered, kissing her gently on the lips again.

“Are you going to untie me, now?” Lea asked.

Sarah gave a laugh. “Nope. I don’t think so.”

Lea was surprised by this response. “But… but why not? We’ve finished, aren’t we?”

“Oh no, we aren’t,” Sarah said. “I was thinking about this for a long time. You’re still a virgin, right? Well, I’ve decided that, since I’ve been one of your first experiences, I’m going to take your virginity as well.”

“But… But that wasn’t in the agreement,” Lea protested. “My virginity is sacred. You really think I’d let YOU take it?”

“You don’t want me to be your first proper fuck?” Sarah teased.

“You? You who fucks anything that moves?” Lea didn’t swear much, which seemed to suggest she’d picked up on Sarah’s tone. “I want someone who actually has standards!”

“Of course I have standards! You’re here, aren’t you?”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, but it won’t get you inside me!”

Eventually, Sarah mock-groaned. “Okay, okay. What is it that you want for your virginity? Name your price!”

“You to be my girlfriend!” was the response.

Sarah was caught completely off-guard by this. Of course she had some feelings for Lea, but she certainly hadn’t considered this. She hadn’t even been aware that Lea felt that way about her. But that wasn’t to say that she wasn’t interested. Still…

“I’m sorry?” She eventually gabbled.

“You heard me. My virginity for your commitment to a relationship with me. Take it or leave it.”

“Do you mean you want me to be your girlfriend, as in, your actual girlfriend that you introduce with that term?”

“For the millionth time, yes! I want you to take me out on dates. To fuck me. To never be with anyone but me. And to do all of the relationship stuff you always ridicule as lame. Or you will untie me and you will never be my first.”

Sarah was silent for a long time. She had to – she was genuinely thinking it through. She wasn’t really a relationship person, and the fact that Lea was actually proposing they get together properly was still very much something she had to get her head around. But, after thinking it through, long and hard, she made her decision.

“Okay.” She said. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“You really will?” Came Lea’s reply.

“Yes,” she said. “I will. I mean it. I’ll even untie you now. We’ll take your virginity another night!”

“Uh uh uh!” Lea said. “You said yes, so now I’m yours.”

Surprised and actually completely turned on by this unexpected confidence that the girl was displaying, Sarah practically tore her own clothes off. What happened next was the wildest, most amazing sex she had ever had.

But it was nowhere near as amazing as the many wonderful years that she and Lea would spend together after that one night, when she had made a seemingly split-second decision that would actually change her life forever.

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